Friday, April 11, 2014

How do your kiddos decorate their Easter eggs?

Happy Happy Friday ya'll. So so happy it's the weekend and very, VERY happy it's suppose to be a pretty one too. I guess I'm just happy all around. ^_^

Now the Chazman may have informed me that he is too old to take treat/goodie bags to school now but he definitely reminded me that he still loves and is young enough to decorate our Easter eggs. Thank goodness he hasn't outgrown everything all at one time....WHEW!!!

We have several ways we like to decorate our eggs and it kinda depends on the mood the Chazman is in with just the way we do them. Sometimes it's just dying them using the ever faithful Paas dye kit.

If we do them that way this year then I'm going to be trying out using my whisk instead of a spoon to do the dipping with. (Yeppers...found that nifty idea off of Pinterest) I think it will be a lot less messy that way but then again....I am talking about the Chazman...hehe  Boys do love to make a mess!!

One year, I totally forgot to buy any vinegar. Had the Paas kit but no vinegar....dang it all!!! No worries though because I thought of a different way to make them and a way I knew that Chaz would love doing. (yes, he takes after his momma....loves crafting) All it took was some glue....several different shades of glitter and lots of newspaper. (that was to capture all the glitter and yes, even young males love using glitter)

Here's one that I want to try out and I think it will be FUN FUN FUN and let the Chazman bring out the artist inside. Decorating using Sharpie pens. How awesome is that? Extremely AWESOME!! Found this on Craft Thyme's blog and many amazing projects can be found there. Go and take a peek!!

Talk about an easy way to decorate some eggs....what could be simpler than taking plastic eggs and some bracelet glow sticks? Not much as far as I'm concerned. When Chaz was really young (toddling around young) we would have loved this easy way. He would want to hide and hunt all day and these would have been perfect for the late afternoon or in the house.

There are so many ways out there to decorate and I hope that these few suggestions will give you some inspiration to try some new ways to do just that.

Now...we love to eat the eggs after we are finished hunting them. I'm sure some are saying "Ewww Regi" but I have been doing it since I was young and well....I'm old and still living..hehe  I would never be able to do the next two suggestions because....well....we all LOVE them right out of the shell. I might make some for a Easter gathering sometimes though. They are really cute.

Until next time..............Hugs,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Need some ideas for some Easter goodie bags?

Well......the Chazman informed me this morning on the way to school that he thinks he is to old to be taking goodies for every Holiday. WHAT??? When did this happen? My little boy is growing to fast!!!

Since I won't be making anything this year (BOOHOO), I thought some of you might be and could use a few interesting suggestions. ^_^

This one caught my eye immediately due to the fact that I LOVE peeps. OMGOSH...I wish they would make some sugar free ones...hehe. This cute idea was posted on Pinterest and once I clicked on the pic I was taken to the website Spoonful. It's a Disney site and much FUN can be found there. They have the HOW TO on this and even a free printable for the "You are one of my favorite PEEPS". Just click on the word Spoonful above to get the free printable.

Here's another cute idea....snicker snicker...that was on Pinterest. No link when ya click on the pic though. Kiddos love jelly beans and when they find out they are really (looking around) bunny poop...well...they are going to love them even more. I wish there had been a link because I don't like not giving credit to who ever had this funny and cute idea. If I WAS being allowed to make some goodie bags this is one that I would so use. Taking some card stock and printing off the cute saying and then doodling one of my own bunnies. Oh well (big big sigh) I won't get to make them but YOU can!!!

Now here's a cute idea and one that I did use in the past for the Chazman and his classmates. I got my bags at Wal-mart and the rickrack ribbon too. I'm sure they still carry it and if not then there's always Hobby Lobby and Michael's. ^_^    I think his teacher was really happy that year that I didn't bring candy but yummy goldfish.

Ok...this will be my last one for today (even though I have several, several, SEVERAL more). This is so cute, ri iight?? Powdered donut holes as bunny tails!! I couldn't find a link to the original but I know that YOU are so talented and can do this one without any directions.

I hope I have helped stir your imagination up a wee bit and that you use some of these ideas. Let me know if you do...I would love to see them.

Until next time...............Hugs,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pinterest addict here!!!

Good Golly Miss Molly.....I have become addicted to Pinterest!! How in the world did that happen? hehe

Thank you for stopping by today to visit and please forgive me not being here under the old Southern ooaks tree as of late. As you discovered in my last post I am working part-time (and making real money...woohoo) and something you didn't that I am also dealing with what might be a tear in my ACL. No fun at all BUT since I have to sit and have RICE (that's not as in rice you eat...although, I do love's Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) I have really been doing a good bit of drooling looking at Pinterest here lately.

Ya'll know how much I LOVE to decorate for holidays and we have one of my favorite coming up. Easter!!!
I love what Easter represents to us as Christians and I also love the fun that can be found in it too. Since I haven't been able to move around as much when I'm home I haven't done as much decorating as I normally do but I have done make the Chazman happy happy and me as well.

Here's my pretty wide ribbon wreath transformed yet again...hehe. All the materials I used to add to my wreath were found at the Dollar Tree. LOVE, love, love the Dollar Tree. Even the pretty lil rabbit hanging above is a Dollar Tree find.

Once you step in the front door you are entering the Regi B&B area. Which is really our front sunroom but it can accommodate a guest, hence the nickname.  Mr Bear gets dressed up for so many holidays and loves wearing his Easter beads. Which are really Mardi Gra that we can use them for so many more holidays than just Mardi Gra. Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

If ya didn't know about the B&B already then here's the proof.....yes I have a bed in the sunroom. ^_^  The bowl next to the cute vintage bunny basket is filled with more Mardi Gra beads in pretty Easter colors. Plastic eggs from several years use are sitting on top.

Our family area......a cute Easter garland with tiny glitter eggs hanging from the mantel is my banner for this year. Here is why I mentioned Pinterest earlier. So many cute ideas and I found one that is going to take me to Dollar Tree to buy several plastic eggs. Just look what Kelly over at Electrically Vintage did with some.

If you look at my mantle and to the left you will see a grouping that is small, simple but holds memories for me.
The tiny glass bunny was my mom's and using it makes me feel as though she is here with us. The hanging egg is one I made several years ago. This one I made using a paper mache egg as the base but I have done them using real eggs. Here's a HOW TO link if you would like to give it a try.....have FUN!!!

Here are two more photos of our home decorations. Can ya tell I love bears? Ummmm, probably just a wee bit, yes?

That's all for today but for the next few days I'm going to be posting about cool things I discovered on Pinterest for Easter. Hope you will come back to visit!!!

Until next time...............Hugs,