Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy last Monday of June peoples!!!

Wowzers.....can ya believe it's the last Monday of June? I feel as though I've been caught up in a time warp that's on the fast track. To where? Not sure....but I do so love an adventure. ^_^

I've not been doing to much except working and visiting with the vampire den here of late. (that's the lab peoples, for those that didn't know) I don't normally ask and I won't go into details but a few healing thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated if you could. Thank ya kindly!!!

I did work on the June EWWL (go visit if you aren't familiar with this AWEmazing group of artist. Blog / Facebook pages) vintage horror character challenge some this weekend. I would love to work on it before I leave for work in the mornings but I'm afraid I'll let the time slip up on me. OH HECK FIRE....I know I would let it slip up. BAHAHA!!! I can just see the expression on the bossman's face when I say that I'm late because I was "playing" with dolls.

If you are new to sitting here under the old Southern ooak tree then let me explain what character I picked for this challenge. I chose Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for my piece. I have always been fascinated by that story and it's one of the reasons that I started to follow a path into psychology. One day I want to go and finish and get my degree. I'm wacky enough to be my own case study...hehehe!!  Now...what was I talking about? Oh yes....Dr J and Mr H. Since the story is the tale of "split personality" I didn't want to make two separate men. I'm making one man with a different front and back. Now in planning this piece I must admit that it has caused me to really have to snatch my muse up by her wings to come up with how to do the arms and feet. I decided to do the arms with one in front of the character and one behind the character. OR would that be one behind the character and one in front of the character? HAHA!! Arms decided upon and now for the feet. That one my peoples took some time in figuring out how one set of feet would work for this piece. I stood every which away trying to figure out what would look best and even had the Chazman posing for me some. I finally decided on a ballet position....the first position....which is where the feet are turned outwards. I think it will work. Hopefully it will work!!!

Here's some WIP images of where I am at the moment.

Love making hands. I made them both be lefties. No, it wasn't a mistake. There's a reason to my madness......I think. 

I did the feet as just a basic foot pattern since I'm going to be making the leather boots for him umm them. 
Him/them was so excited about finally getting baked that they slide onto the glass yelling "Yeah baby". 
Okay...not really but I think that's what it looks like. Bahahahahaha!!!

Dr. Jekyll side. Got the legs wrapped to fill them out and working on his underpants now. 

Mr. Hyde side. See why I made two left hands now? So that it looks as though the character has his other arm behind him. 

I'm planning on working on him/them when I get home from work this afternoon. I like the part I'm getting into now and that's making the costuming. Victorian ruffled shirt along with scruffy open shirt. Interesting, eh?

Until next time..................


Sunday, June 21, 2015

A WIP on EWWL June challenge

Happy Sunday peoples. I hope that all the Fathers out there have a wonderful and very Happy Father's day!!!  A Happy Father's day to my love and the Chazman's Daddy. We are so blessed to have him as ours. He works hard and does without so we can have the things we need and loves us with all he has to give.

I worked on my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde piece some yesterday afternoon. Working on it and still in the planning phase apparently. BAHAHA!! Does anyone else do that as they are working? I was going to do two different pieces and let them be standing back to back. After going back and reading some of the original novella I decided that I wanted to stay with what the story was really about....split personality. One person with possible multiple personas residing in the one body. Making of two different pieces is out!!

 I still have some major tweaking to do with it before it goes into the oven but it's getting there. I think you will get just what I'm going for though.  Remember.....these are WIP ("work in progress" for those that didn't know) and I'm still working on the face(s).

 Dr Jekyll. I broadened his nose and chin and smoothed out his lips some.

Mr. Hyde. I puffed out his cheeks a bit more to give his smile hopefully a more sinister grin. 

The two faces put together. I like Mr Hyde's profile but not the Doc's. His needs to be pulled back some. He will be wearing a victorian lace collar so the jutting of his chin won't show as much but I'll know it does. That drives me bonkers sometimes....even though something will be hidden in the costuming, I still know it's there. 

Until next time.................

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Which vintage Horror character do YOU like?'s the weekend peoples!!! I hope that you have plans to get up or get out (or both) and do something FUN this weekend.

I'm hoping to do some treasure hunting today. That's going to yard sales, flea markets and such for those that don't know. Ya know the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure" and I have to totally agree. Ummm, most of the time that is. ^_^

I'm planning on working on yet another EWWL (EVErY WiTcH WaY LaNe) challenge. This is such a fun group. They do a monthly challenge with each month being different and then put the finished pieces on their blog page to sell. Those of you that are Halloween lovers would LOVE this group AND their blog....just sayin!!

This month's challenge which I'm sure y'all have guessed by my title is "Vintage Horror" characters. I LOVE vintage anything and when ya add the horror factor in, then, well, I'm one happy camper indeed. Just not one of those campers at any of those haunted, scary camps.....with a guy in a mask and with a big knife and scary, creepy music going. Bahahaha!!!

Once again my quirky whimsical muse wanted to do one that perhaps others wouldn't do. I know my first thought was of Frankenstein's monster or the king of hickeys....Dracula. I love those guys but decided that I was going to do another character that was both handsome and creepy. Can ya guess?

Well, did ya guess right? I have always loved this story and I think it's one of the reasons that I studied psychology in college. BAHA....a decision of what to study based on a horror story. Only me peoples...only me. The original story was written in 1886 by a Scottish writer named, Robert Louis Stevenson. (probably heard of him, eh?) He was always intrigued by how personalities could affect us, being both perhaps a good and evil side. His story had such a strong impact that when someone referred to a person with "split personality" that they would also use the term "Jekyll and Hyde".

My muse is just a humming with so many ideas for this piece. I'm even going to use this movie poster in my piece. My thoughts are running to doing a clay bust piece with the handsome Dr. Jekyll as the front and then when you turn him around.....there is the creepy Mr. Hyde. I'm toying with doing a full body as well and doing the same thing with the faces. I'm sure it will tell me soon which it wants to be.

If you come and sit under the old Southern ooak tree then I bet you remember the latest clay piece I have been working on. It's been sitting in one of my bins for awhile because it just couldn't decide what it wanted to be. That problem is no more peoples.

Meet Dr. Henry Jekyll....the handsome, debonair and reputable doctor.

Meet Mr Edward Hyde....the evil, dastardly villain. 

I hope that you will check back in to see the progress on this new piece. I'm kinda excited myself to see how it's going to turn out. ^_^

Until next time.................