Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Peoples!!!

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls....BAHAHA!!! I love vintage postcards and just had to share this one with all of you. What says Happy Halloween more than the moon and a black cat, I ask. Ok perhaps a witch or mummy or even that crusty old man Dracula but to me these two are what pop in my head. ^_^

I do hope that if you have a black cat as a family member that you will keep him/her inside tonight. It's sad but some folks hurt our furbabies that just happen to be the symbol of Halloween. Piwacket is not fully black but she is enough so as always she will be inside. Of course, she stays inside all the time anyways so she won't know the difference. Ri iiight??

The Chazman was VERY happy when I picked him up yesterday at school. His volcano was a bubbling hit. HAHA!! He loves when they have projects where they get to make things and what's more up a boys alley than a volcano that has to erupt. I so wish I had taken pics of him working on it but he said that I couldn't, so I didn't but really wish I had. Ho hum!! I did get to take one of him yesterday though. Yea!!!

 It's "Say No to Drugs" week and they showed their team pride yesterday. RTR Babyboy!!
He didn't paint pink snow peoples..hehe. That's what happened after the lave flowed.

He did a good job, yes?  He did the work...I did "help" a little bit but he did the majority of it and was very proud of himself. I was PROUD too as he's showing that he has the artistic genes as well. I know with them he will always be able to calm himself by doing something with his hands and mind. Just hope his muse isn't as pushy and vocal as mine. Bahahaha

Like I said...I didn't get to take WIP photos but I can tell ya how he did it, just in case you might need to build a volcano one day too. (or someone you know might need a wee bit of help making one)

Materials Needed:
heavy cardboard
old pie tin
soda can
heavy duty tape
hot glue (supervise please if young hands using)
white tissue paper
Decoupage glue
Sponge brush
Acrylic paints
paint brushes
Christmas pine tree garland

Ingredients for Lava:
red food coloring
liquid dish detergent 
baking powder (not soda but powder)

The Chazman started with cutting out a piece of heavy cardboard from a box we had on hand. This he used as the base for the volcano. He then took the pie tin and turned it upside down and criss crossed cut about three long slices in the center. (make sure if a kiddo is doing this that they wear gloves during this stage or you do this part...the tin can cut) The slices were then pulled under to give a nice tight fit for the soda can to rest in. Before placing the soda can in you will need to cut the top...this is where the lava ingredients will go. I added some tape around the edges so that the Chazman could work without getting cut. the can in the middle of the pie tin. Using the heavy duty tape, tape the tin to the cardboard base as well as running some of the tape down all of the sides of the can and attaching it securely to the board as well. When finished you will be able to see what looks like a pyramid with crystal clear walls but remember.....we are making a volcano THIS time. Now the FUN begins!! Chaz took the cardstock and crinkled it up and then opened it back up some and hot glued (SUPERVISED of course) it to the tape. He did this until all of the clear walls were covered. He would crinkle each piece making what looked like boulders or rocks poking out all over. Some areas he let have a smoother look.  Make sure that the hole in the top of the can is not covered while doing this step. Chaz built up around the hole like a volcano would actually be. He chose Mt Jefferson in Oregon as his inspiration and had a image pulled up to look at as he was building it. Once he was satisfied with how this part looked he took the decoupage glue using the sponge brush and begin at the top spreading the glue over the boulders. He then placed a sheet of tissue paper over it and did this all around the volcano and the base. Applying glue and then tissue paper. He would push it in certain areas to help form the mountain. Once all was covered in tissue paper he applied a thin layer of the decoupage over the entire piece. It was set aside overnight to dry.  The next day the Chazman began painting his Mt Jefferson. The reason he used the white tissue was so that he would have the appearance of snow. He used a dark green and light green on it to make the mountain look as though it was covered in trees. He used a tiny bit of brown to hit up the peaks a bit to make it look like rock sticking out from the snow. Once the green paint dried he used white paint to bring the snow down the mountain. He took the pine tree garland and cut it into small pieces (trees) and bent the bottom end up at an angle. He then hot glued these to around the base to make it look like a forest. He really thought this out and I'm sooo proud of him. 

We found the "formula" searching online and of course we had to experiment with it some to make sure it worked. HAHA!! For the size of soda can we used (12 fl oz) the final lava potion was this: (take another can to measure because if this project is being transported you do not want it in an open container. I put all the liquid ingredients in an empty bottle with a twist top...the powder I put in a baggie) 

Fill can to about 1 inch from top of can with the vinegar. Add about 4-6 drops of food coloring and then 2 tablespoons of the liquid detergent. When you are ready to make the eruption simply add about 3 tablespoons of the baking powder and the lava will begin to come up up and flow!!!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday work!!

Good Morning peoples!! Hope you're having a good middle of the week. Only 1 day, 12 hours and 19 minutes remaining until Halloween. ^_^

I decided to start working on some of my Christmas gifts. Those that come and sit under the old Southern ooaks tree know that I make most of my gifts for my nieces and nephews and "gulp" great nieces and nephews. Nooo, I'm not niece was just really, really, really young when she had them...Bahahaha!!

I'm starting with my sweet niece Lauren. No worries that she will see this as she never comes to sit under the old ooaks tree. Not that she doesn't love my art...she does. It's just that she is a 17 year old that is doing her own thing these days. Just my luck though...she will THIS time. If so, all I can say is "Merry Christmas...I love you".Ohhh and "Surprise".

She really likes the steampunk look so I thought perhaps a necklace....a monocle necklace....a steampunk monocle necklace. Get the idea? Hehe...I think ya might.  I must admit that I got the idea when I was making the monocle for the witch ooaks I just finished. I had an old pair of reading glasses that finally decided to break on me and you know how much I love repurposing items so I just had to use them for this project. Add that to some watch pieces and we come!!

Whooooo's this cute lil fella? Isn't he a hoot? Bahaha..I love how the pieces kinda speak to me and this lil owl just kinda jumped out from all the pieces. He will be the focal on the monocle.

I'll be adding other watch pieces and natural gem stones around the edges of the eye piece. Since it's a reading glass lens then she might even be able to use it for reals. Wouldn't that be awesome!! I can't decide if I'm going to put it on a chain, a piece of leather cording or ribbon. What do YOU think?

Until next time.........Hoots (ummm I mean Hugs),

Monday, October 27, 2014

It's almost Halloween!!!

Happy Monday morn to ya!! OK...I've been a listening to my Celtic music, can ya tell?  ^_^

It's hard to believe that Friday will be October 31st. Time truly is acting like a witch right's FLYING!! Ok ok perhaps I've also had WAY too much caffeine this morning whilst listening to my Celtic music. What can I say, I'm a real WITCH if I don't get my coffee. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

Do you do anything special on the 31st as far as dinner goes? The Chazman loves for us to have Halloween themed food that night. It's something I started with him when he was about 4. He was very, VERY scared of anything Halloween until then so we kinda played it down. That was HARD peoples as much as you know I love this time of year. I love my Chazman man sooo much more though so it had to be done. (sigh)
He was asking me this morning what I had planned for this year's dinner so I guess I had better come up with a few things. Yes??

How about some Twice baked mummies?

Perhaps some Tarantula tacos??

Or one of our favorites...mummy dogs!!

Here's three easy and yummy ideas from the Betty Crocker website. I have done all three of these in the past and let me tell you....they were a hit. Pssst....they are easy and fast to fix too which I'm sure YOU will need if you have little ones begging to get out and start Trick or Treating. We don't want them going out with grumbling, empty tummies though......for two being that it's not healthy and two hopefully, fingers crossed, they won't eat so much junk ummm I mean candy if they are full. Yeah, I know...RIIIGHT!!

Until next time.............Hugs,