Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hang in there with me...ppplease

Please forgive me for there being no post this week. We are battling that nasty flu bug here and's NASTY!!   I hope that you and yours are feeling healthy and keeping clear of this gnarly, nasty creature. Wash hands after you touch anything.....drink plenty of fluids.....take a nap for Pete's sake. Be prepared.    

I will hopefully be back working and posting soon. I mean...this Friday is the beginning of February and the Chazman and I need to change from our January/Winter tree to our February/Mardi Gras-Valentines tree.

Stay well and until next time............Hugs,
Regi's bad when two of you are so sick and there's only one bathroom....just sayin!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Gabie and Pumpkin...our new lil babies!!

Well....we just couldn't stand not having a furbaby in the house and for the first time we didn't get an adult cat that needed a loving home. Oh nooooo...we got KITTENS!! That's plural for more than one....yes you read that correct. There were four to choose from...we didn't get all four even though the Chazman wanted all four to live here.....we were chosen by two. Yes...I said chosen because I think the cat picks the human...not the other way around. ^_^  Two seemed very at home while roaming about on their visit so those are the ones that will be a part of our family. Just two days and they are already in our hearts. Meet Gabie and Pumpkin.

Gabie is the beautiful grey and of course Pumpkin is the gorgeous orange. They are such characters already at such a young age. (Born 12-18-12) Just like most sisters, they love to play and I do mean play. It seems they already have a favorite game of "Queen of the pillow".

Gabie says "I will rule this pillow"

Pumpkin using her ninja skills (foot to the face)

Gabie comes back with a ninja flip flop

Pumpkin telling Gabie "Sissie, it's my turn to be Queen"

Gabie told Pumpkin to go stand in the corner..ya don't argue with THE QUEEN

Gabie decides they should both be Queen and take a nap

Nothing like a sisters love

We are so enjoying these lil darlins. They both had baths today and you would have thought I was killing them. I figured they would hide from me when I finished but as soon as they were dry and I put them down they were playing with my toes and meowing at me. They are both going to be talkers. LOL  I'm hoping that I can catch Pumpkin on video when she eats because she does actually sound like she is talking. The Chazman and I both heard her today at breakfast. With every bit she took she would say Nommm nommmm nommmm in a whisper. I kid ya not...she did!!! 

Pumpkin loves to have her photo taken as you can see in this shot.

Gabie is going to be our shy little girl.

Hope ya'll don't mind but I will be showing ya more photo's as they grow into brilliant young ladies..HAHA 

Until next time........Hugs,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

BEWARE...there be a Sea Dragon floating about!!

No where else in the world can the species "Sea Dragon" be found but off the coast line in Australia's Southern waters. Oh yes....sea dragons are real and are relatives of the seahorse. Two species have been documented and are protected, the Leafy sea dragon and the Weedy sea dragon. These creatures move as the kelp and seaweed they love to hide in....camouflaging themselves to look identical to their surroundings. Divers wanting to witness these amazing and beautiful creatures sometimes miss them due to their camouflage abilities. These little sea dragons eat tiny little mysid shrimp or sealice...sucking up their prey through their tiny little snout like harm to humans!!

Far below where you would find these tiny creatures is another Sea dragon....the mystical Spinney Sea Dragon..waiting patiently for an unexpecting visitor to come within his grasp. He unlike the tiny little Leafy and Weedy sea dragons does not have a tiny snout but the full mouth and teeth of his ancestor...the land dragon. Many centuries ago when the land dragon was becoming extinct some took to the water and overtime mutated to be able to live beneath the ocean waves. Still maintaining their strengths and agility and adding new abilities. They live in the coral reefs and some even beyond that...deep deep down. This sea dragon lives among the sea urchins and sea anemones. He, like them, can spread out his fins by his head and lure other fish in.....then SNAP..he has them in his jaws. His home is a shell that he can shrink himself down and pull himself into during the day. He is nocturnal and therefore only comes out at hunt!! Since he is nocturnal, that means he is sensitive to light and that allows him to be able to move gracefully and swiftly in reaction to shadows. Shadows of other fish...swimming very incredibly close.  They have the ability to grow as large as they need in certain circumstances. Perhaps that's why no divers have ever reported seeing they are the divers that are reported missing!!!

Mystical Spinney Sea Dragon

This is my latest sculpt in my Sea Dragon series. He is 5 inches tall and 7 inches long. A strong wire armature makes up his body that I covered in clay...baked and then detailed using several layers of acrylic paints. His eyes are jade beads with red glass vintage beads attached with a bronze head pin. He has been sealed with a varnish. His fins are handmade from vellum papers and then painted using acrylic paints. Fringed yarn was added as an adornment to his fins. His shell is a natural shell...a spider conch shell. 

My artist signature stamped on the bottom

I'm very happy with how this one turned out and am even more excited about designing the next one. I will be putting him in my Etsy shop. Please share with any of your friends that collect dragons. I mean everyone needs a sea dragon for their collection, ri iight?? Ohhh, remember to keep him out of water...they can grow very , VERY large. You have been warned!! ^_^

Until next time...........Hugs,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sea Dragon Grew!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well as an awesome Monday!! It was a quiet weekend for us, not much happened. That's alright though.....because sometimes ya just need a quiet, restful weekend.

I worked on the first sea dragon in a series I'm doing. Remember the WIP I showed ya'll in my late post? Well......let's just say that the dragon got a bit to big for his original shell. ^_^   I think this shell adds more to his personality....don't you?

Hopefully tomorrow I will get him detailed and his fins put on because my next dragon is huffing and puffing and getting very inpatient about coming out.

Until next time...........Hugs,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Art studio has become a BATTLEFIELD!!!

First off I want to "WELCOME" my new friends. So happy that you came to visit and decided to stay!!!
Keep coming to visit, as this year I'm going to be giving away some of my least once a month.  No do this or do that....all that will be required is to simply post a comment. I will pick a post and then say which comment will receive the gift. Pick as in what number "the 5th person to comment on this post will receive a gift." This is my way of saying thank you for visiting and a way to share my art!!  ^_^

Now....let's talk about my title, shall we?  HAHA  Yesterday you will recall that it was my mermaid soul and faerie soul that decided to have it out. (my souls are my muses...I was cursed blessed with several) What a ruckus those two caused too. Remember ya'll left me with clay balls being thrown at me....not not good. I wouldn't leave you!! Well....ok....I wouldn't leave but I have to admit I probably would be laughing so hard that....ummmm...yes...ok...I would help you!! Now while those two were battling it out and being distracted, my gypsy soul decided to take advantage and come out. She reminded me that she loves Valentine's day and wanted to add her flair to my art. I think her addition was quiet lovely...............

Bronze wire was used to make the heart and then attached with silver wire one of my 80 year old vintage red glass beads and a tiny glass message bottle. There is a handwritten note inside the bottle that simply states "I LOVE YOU".  The fish hook earring wire is bronze and they have bronze stoppers on the back so that you won't loose them.

The next pair are two hearts attached. (two hearts together make one heart in love) Bronze wire was used to make the hearts as well as to attach them together.  Then I used some more of the vintage red glass beads and a tiny silver glass bead. The fish hook earrings are bronze with the stoppers attached. I love goes with both gold and silver....or at least I think so.

The last set is one simple heart with the vintage red beads and tiny silver glass bead attached. Perfect for Valentine's...ri iight? Oh who am I kidding...these would be perfect anytime. ^_^ mermaid soul has wandered in and is looking around and I do believe before she can get anything started that I am going to work on my little sea dragon.

Until next time.......Hugs,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mermaid and Faerie battled it out!!!! Ohh nooo's noon here and only 40 degrees and the wind is blowing about 100 mph. Ok it's not exactly blowing that hard (hehe) but it is blowing around 30 and that makes it feel even colder. Brrrrrr!!!

I have put the Faerie Godfather (Godfrey) on hold for a bit. With Ms Peaches having walked out of our lives...I just don't have the "umph" to work on it right now. Ya'll all know me though and know good and darn well that I'm not sitting here twittling my thumbs. Oh NOOOO...well...of course I couldn't be. Do you know how hard it would be to type this post and twittle?

I have gone through my shell collection. The collection I have from our beach walks and souvenir hunting (well some days it's just not a good day to walk on the beach) and pulled out a few interesting ones. My mermaid soul has been whispering lately that she wants to come out and play some. (she was actually threatening my poor faerie muse) I guess you can see who won this battle. ^_^

Aren't these unique and interesting looking? I love shells and have so so so soooooooo many that I really need to share some. I sat and looked at these hoping something would pop out at me. Well...not actually POP out at me...I do clean the shells really good. HA!! Even though it was my mermaid soul that was whispering..she wasn't saying "Do a sculpt of me please". No, she was saying that I needed to do something regarding the sea....the sea and the mystical realm. As soon as I heard thought that....I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

A sea dragon!! This is just a WIP photo showing what I have done up to now on him. He has a strong wire armature. I used foil to bulk him up and then wrapped him in florist tape. I'm planning on making some of his scales look like the points/tips on his shell.

I'm going to cover the florist tape in glue...let him dry and then start covering him in clay. I'm so happy that my mermaid soul wanted to come out and play. Ohhh and I'm in no way saying I promote violence of any kind. I mean how much harm can a mermaid and faerie do to each other. HEY...stop that you throwing clay balls at the artist!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Come and get your Desk Sitters!!!

I want to thank all of those that have left comments or sent me emails about our sweet Ms Peaches. It's amazing how words can make you feel like you aren't alone and that others understand and care. Again....thank YOU!!!  She still has not come knocking on the back door and the Chazman and I believe that she did knock on someone else's door and that was that of an angel. Our furbabies attach themselves to our hearts so fast and when they leave us they leave tiny little footprints that will remain with us forever.

Yesterday was such a dreary day here. Rainy, humid and just your good ole Southern weather. Heck fire, I had on my cotton gyspy skirt and a short sleeved tshirt BUT today is a totally different story. I have on my black warm pants and a  long sleeved shirt and *GASP* I even have socks and my crocs on. I know...I know, it's a shocker. I normally have my flip flops on with socks but I needed a little bit more warmth than that this morning.  ^_^   Now I know that some of YOU are probably laughing at me but when you are use to the humid warmer air even the least little bit of brrr makes us go BRRRRRRR!! (yes I am spoiled)

I spent the day detailing the little desk sitters. I think they turned out rather cute. They make the perfect little companion to sit on your desk at home or work. They can hold their little saying cards, to do list, memos or even a favorite photo.  I use to keep a dragon on my desk when I was working. You would be amazed how many of the men would pick it up and look it over, smile and put it back down. I was a safety/HR director for a transportation company and not many females about....just big, burly menfolk. (that apparently had a soft side for little dragons...hehe)  I love dragons and my muse is whispering that I need to make a bigger one again but that's for another post. Let's see how the DS gang turned out.

These would make great Valentine's gifts or just a little gift to tell someone you think of them. I have posted them in my Etsy shop for $5.50 plus shipping. I ship Priority mail but if you want it sent via First class then send me a message before you purchase and I will change the shipping for you. Each one will have it's own little handmade paper box with a pretty pompom made from vintage yarn.

Now...what to work on today?

Until next time..........Hugs,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Clay Therapy!!

Well...we are still broken hearted here but trying to keep things moving along as normal as possible. Which isn't an easy thing to do seeing how we aren't exactly "normal". Ms Peaches is still missing. I called the vet's office today to see if someone might have picked her up and I called the local animal shelter. No cats with her description at either places. The Chazman after some serious crying time said that he thinks she just missed PawPaw and Nana and decided it was time to go live with them again. Bless his heart...he really feels that way and I think it's a good way to feel considering the circumstances. Children can be so strong!!

I detailed my little cats that will go with Godfrey. The tiny kitten laying on his back will be laying at Godfrey's feet playing with his shoestring. The Moma cat will be sitting on his leg enjoying being held and away from little kitten who kept biting her tail. The yellow tabby will be reaching up to get that good rubbing on top of his head.

After I finished the detailing on these sweet felines I decided that I wanted to play with the clay today. Just roll it in my hands and just let what would happen...happen!! I so needed it just for therapy sakes today. It seems my muse took advantage of me thought and decided we needed some desk sitters. is a WIP photo of the desk sitters. ^_^

There's a little monkey holding a heart, a sweet little turtle, an owl, a grumpy gnome and a dragon. I'm going to make a few little say signs to go with each one so they can be switched out. Of course, the one on top will be a saying for Valentine's. Here's what I was thinking so far......

Monkey: Stop monkeying around and Be Mine!!
Owl: Whooooo loves you!!
Gnome: There's Gnome one that loves you more!!
Turtle: Slowly say, you'll be Mine!!
Dragon: Baby, you light my fire!!

Now some or ALL of these sayings might be changed...hehe...we will just have to see. I love giving little desk sitters to folks. When I was working I would keep one on my would hold my messages I needed to get to that day. I would give one as a birthday gift or just as a "Thanks for the great job" gift. I mean....everyone likes to get a gift now and then for no reason other than "just because". Ri iight??

Well...while the little sitters are basking in the heat of the oven, I think I will go and work on Godfrey some more. I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it if I would finish his pants.

Until next time...........Hugs,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spoon to stir your tea!!

Remember that empty space over my tea pot collection? WHAT?? You don't remember?? Let me refresh your memory a wee bit.

To the left by the light switch. Ahhhhhh, now you remember. Thought ya might with a little assistance. ^_^
I made a cute little paper wall tag to go there and it fits just perfectly. I used a few vintage images, old lace and one of my old vintage silver spoons I had in a bag....just sitting there....doing nothing...just waiting on it's chance to shine again. HeHe.

I have just been waiting to use some of my old silverware and I think this little spoon added just what this tag needed. I mean you simply can not have a tea party without a spoon. Ya have to be able to stir that sugar, milk and honey up somehow.

No more empty spot now and I think I really like my wall above my tea pot collection. Even the Mad Hatter is considering how much he likes it too!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

So sad!!

It's Saturday and the sun is shining, there's a light breeze blowing and it's a nice 72 degrees outside. Why oh Why am I so sad then? Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of my Daddy's passing. (time does not make the hurt go away) Yesterday also is the day that my sweet Ms Peaches decided to disappear. She loves to sit on the back deck and soak up the sun.....lay where the squirrels think she's going to pounce on them (pounce no....if they get to close...catch yes)  She is always sitting at the back door come dinner time but not yesterday. We looked everywhere in our back yard...several times over. The Hubbikins even walked the neighborhood with a flashlight trying to find her for me. I went to bed hoping that she would be sitting at the back door very unpatiently waiting on breakfast. She wasn't!!

It's kinda strange that I am working on Godfrey, the cat protector at this time. I got his sweater made and his little hat. I sculpted three cats...well...two cats and one kitten to go with him. Here's a WIP of the felines.

Perhaps as I work on getting these little guys detailed and praying that my sweet cat finds her way home..she will!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

Friday, January 11, 2013

According to the's FRIDAYYYY!!!

This year is going by so fast. I mean, can ya believe it's been two weeks already. Ok ok almost two full weeks but close enough AND it's FRIDAYYY!!! The Chazman is home today...the teachers are in school. (it's a teacher/employee work day..and here I thought they worked Mon-Fri already..hehe) SO with that being said (about the Chazman being home) I had better get to work on this post because I won't have use of the computer for long. (unless he decides to sleep in and that means sleeping til around 10)

I finished the last two of my vintage tags for our January/winter tree. I think they turned out pretty dang good, if I must say so myself. Yes yes I know...I just did. HA!!!

This little sweet guy walking his little doggie out in the cold and not minding it one least little bit. I made another of my beaded snowflakes or "Winter's Teardrops" as I like to call them. Used some of my colored pens to add a bit of color. Little man was to blahhhh being in black and white with those beautiful colorful wings. I just had to add some color to him....just had to I tell ya!!

Here's the last of the four tags and isn't she adorable. Ya best be shakin those noggins "yes yes". ^_^   I have been seeing folks posting old photos of kiddos on horses and that's what gave me the idea for this tag. I love being able to use all of a photo, like the butterfly wings. Little man had the top part of the print and little miss has the bottom. Would never know though, would ya? I used several different vintage images for this one. The pony (so cute) The little girl is one and her hat, coat and hand warmer were another. I added a pretty blue silk ribbon/bow to her collar and added an inspirational saying that I so love " Spirit...the vital principle or animating force within living beings" (I encircled it with some bronze chain) I also added some German glass on the hat and hand warmer. It's hard to see it on the computer but it looks so pretty when the lights shine off of it on the tree.  Speaking of the tree, I guess it's time to show it to ya'll........

The Chazman and I are so enjoying having it still sitting in the corner and winking blinking at us at night. The little bear on the ladder is holding a crystal in his hand and is getting ready to hang it on the tree. I have been using that ladder (which my parents gave me yearszzzzz ago) ever since Chaz has been in this world. He said he wants it in all the decorating we do throughout the year too. So I guess Ted E is going to be a very busy bear climbing up and down that ladder this year. ^_^

Did ya notice in the first tree photo my teapot collection and the Mad Hatter sign I made? Let me show you a closer photo...don't want ya to miss seeing it.

I love making little signs and I will decoupage this one later on so it will last for a longer time. The print is an image of one of the illustrations from the children's book, Alice in Wonderland. Well....ok...I guess ya probably already knew that. DUHHH!! I added the Cheshire cat sitting in the tree, the teacup full of flowers that's Alice's cup, the strawberry shortcake (I mean what's a tea party without sweets, ri iight?) the cute little extra teapot, the little Mad Hatter label and the sign that states " We're all quite made here!! You'll fit right in".  Since I collect teapots and my own original Mad Hatter is sitting with them, I just had to make a sign. I noticed now too in the photo of the tree and the teapots that there is a blank space in between the Mad Hatter sign and my mermaid soap sign. I guess I know one thing I will be doing today....making something to hang there...HAHA!!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to visit with me and I hope that you will do so more often this year. If you see something that I have made and would like some instructions, just ask and I will email you the how to's or even do a post about it. I love to share...sharing is a very good thing!! Also, I have decided that 2013 is going to be a year of giving. I will without announcement except in the post that will let you be "THE ONE" give the number of the comment for that post that will become "THE ONE" to win something that I have made during the year. I think it will be fun and hopefully get more to come and visit with me. I like my visitors and yes...I will stoop to bribery to get them to come. hehe

Until next time...........HUGS,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two down...two to go!!

I am having SOOOOOOO much fun playing with paper. I forget just how much fun I have until I decide to play with it again. Mine isn't as awesome as some other paper artist I know but I like it and for now...that's what counts. Of course, I really like it when you like LIKE IT...ppplease ^_^

I had four tags to make to put on the January/winter tree and I finished two of them late yesterday....almost a third one. One day I hope to be able to purchase some of the actual paper products to make these really POP but for now I am blessed that I can just make these. (I need to start several pickle/glass jars and label them for what I want to buy...hehe)

Let me show you the two I did get finished before I babble ya'll to death....hehe

Do you like them? Say yes...HA!! The top one is my favorite so far. I wonder why? It's because it's one of the sea....I love the sea/ocean/lakes/streams that surround us here. I added some of the shells from one of our beach walkabouts and one of my little clay turtles (can't forget our sweet turtles) and even added one of the tiny glass vials that holds some of our beautiful warm, white stuff. (sand people...beach sand) What could be any better than standing "By the crystal sea & Dreaming".

 The second one is "precious" I think. See...I even let you know by stating it right on the tag. hehe   I pulled out some of my vintage lace, buttons and string for this one.   I thought the button kinda looked like a snowflake...ri iight? The lace made a perfect little collar for her. I wrapped a tiny bit of my colored string around the bottom and made one of my pompoms for it. The background tag is from an old sewing thread ad and ya'll know how much I love to sew.

Now some might be asking why I'm doing the vintage tags for a January/winter tree. It's ok...go head and ask. (sitting here waiting for someone to ask hehe) Oh good...someone asked..thank you!! I don't know why but January and winter make me think of vintage or olden times. If you live where it really snows (if you are like me and NEVER get snow, look at a photo. HA) just look out the window. Snow makes such a magical place where you really couldn't tell what time period it was....that is if ya didn't already know.  I know...I'm weird...but I'm good with it!!

Until next time........HUGS,