Friday, March 26, 2010

A warm Southern Thank ya!!!!!

I'm busy working in the studio today....thank goodness!! I have missed it something fierce but other things have kept me from hearing my muse.....but today she is singing quite LOUDLY!! We are trying to scoop up some of those Dust Bunnies.....catch some leaping froggies.....rock a baby mermaid to sleep......keep Alice from drinking that shrinking potion and get some of the ooaks packed for their journey to the Art & Soul Gallery in Washington.

I wanted to take this post to say thank you to all my wonderful followers. I have had so many to join my blog and that just warms my soul.  So many have become "friends" too and that's so hard to find these days. Folks that come by and leave a note, give encouragement or just tell ya like it is and to me, that's being a true friend. Of course telling me like it is in a sweet, kind way is most appreciated as I do tend to cry very easily...hehe!!!
Thank you thank you thank you....for each and everyone one of YOU hold a key to my heart for just taking the time to share in my whimsical world.

Until next time.........


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Checking In....

Just wanted to check in and let ya know that I am alive and kicking. Well...let's just say alive..maybe not kicking..LOL
There are some things going on around the old homestead that 
have taken up a good bit of time...time away from all of you, 
and time away from my studio. I'm hopping hoping to get back 
to work this week on some characters that are just screaming
to come out and play. I hope that YOU are doing great and all
things are well and good.

Until next time...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mad Hatter..

  March Hare...March Hare, you cranky ole rabbit....
Look what you have done to Dormouse simply out of habit...

You gave him that potion again did you not...
the potion that shrunk him
made him tiny and bound
and now fast asleep
in my tea pot he's found.

Oh my mind's in a quandry
what shall we do
for it's tea time
in 30 plus 2
March Hare March Hare, you cranky ole rabbit
you're fixin to see an angry Mad Hatter!!
Mad Hatter must have his tea...for tea time is precisely at 6...not sooner not later but right on the dot...I pity poor March Hare for filling him with anger...for everyone knows the Hatter is madder than any old Hare.

Mad Hatter is one of my ooaks to celebrate  "Alice".  He has a strong wire armature and permanently is in a sitting position.  His body is wrapped in wool yarn and then dressed in his finest clothes. All of which were sewn by hand using vintage fabrics. His face, hands and feet/shoes were sculpted using Prosculpt clay. His eyes and details were hand painted using acrylic paints. His hair is llama's wool. His top hat is made from felt.  Dormouse and the teapot were sculpted by hand out of Sculpey clay and then painted using acrylic paints and fine MICA powders. Hatter's seat is a paper mache star box (which has been sealed closed) and covered in an old Alice in Wonderland print. It has a fine covering of German glass, a yarn border and felt bottom. Hatter sits from top to bottom at 9 inches. He can be removed from his seat and sat where ever you like.  


Hatter will be going up to the Art & Soul gallery in Washington. I'm so excited about him making the journey. I know that he will just beg someone to take him home with them, just make sure he doesn't have any of those potion bottles with him...LOL!!!!

Until next time....


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faery Baby Keepsake!!

 I love making keepsake items. A special item handmade for someone to mark a special event in their lives. This newest one is for a baby shower. The new arrival is due to make an appearance in April. WOW...that's just next month. My, my how time flies!! This is a commissioned piece. I don't make these ahead of time because I try to  have them reflect something of the person it's being given to or something that the person giving it wants it to be.

The person placing the order wanted one of my wee faery keepsakes. I was in a quandry though, as I usually use preserved butterfly or dragonfly wings for these and I am completely out. HEY....have you ever looked around for wings....they don't just appear ya know...LOL!!  I decided that since the paper bug has bitten me so hard that I would do paper wings. I found a beautiful vintage butterfly image and printed it on card stock....cut it out...embellished it and...POOF....beautiful one of a kind butterfly wings. I also did another card stock butterfly image but didn't embellish's going to be the announcement card to go with the keepsake once the new arrival arrives!!!! It sits on a twisted silver wire with a tiny dragonfly charm attached.

I made a clay base that looks like a tiny tree stump.....washed it in acrylic paint to give it that old porcelain look. Then I used silk flowers to adorn the base with. The baby fae is a fully sculpted ooaks. Her face and details are painted with acrylics. Her hair is dyed lambswool....a pretty purple hue!! She is napping laying on top of the flowers. She is a tiny 2 1/2 inches long. The complete sculpt from base to wing tip stands at 5 inches tall.

If you ever need a ooak keepsake, keep me in mind and as always, thank you for dropping by. Until next time.....


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Pup for Pawpaw Pete!!

I love animals and I have needle felted a few but I have never done one in clay. That is until NOW!!!  A friend asked if I would do a sculpt of a Bloodhound. Her Grandfather is getting ready to celebrate his ?? (promised I wouldn't tell) birthday this month and she wanted to give him something unique and one of a kind. Bloodhounds are his favorite so she asked me to do one. WOW....I was so nervous doing this piece but now that he is complete....well....I'm most proud.  He is completely hand sculpted in clay. I reinforced his legs and head with wire. He has been hand painted with a washing technique that I think gives it an old porcelain look. He has a real leather collar on and his tag is a silver "Footprints" in the sand charm. Pap is a preacher so I thought it was quite fitting. Pups catch laying at his feet is a Mallard duck. Completely hand sculpted and painted using acrylics and fine MICA powders. I hope Pawpaw will enjoy his Pup.....Happy Birthday!!!

Until next time....


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Tea Party has Begun...

Do you think that in 1865, English Author, Lewis Carroll had any notion that a novel he wrote based on some of his friends, companions and places during his time would still be read by children and loved by adults over 145 years later? Such a classic, I don't think, has ever been written and still adored by so many. Don't know the classic I'm speaking's about a young woman that falls down a rabbit hole to find a world beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. Her name was ALICE!!!!

I have always loved this story and all the amazing characters it brought to life for me. I decided that I wanted to bring some of those characters to you in some of my ooaks. I have a love for rabbits. So my muse decided that is where I should start.  Some might be guessing that it is the little white rabbit that runs around, poor dear, always saying to himself "I'm late...I'm late" but my favorite rabbit of the story is the March Hare from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party chapter. Such charming and yet so stuffy at the same time. To let you read just how his personality was, here is a short portion taken from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party:

"There was a table set out under a tree in front of the house, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea at it: a Dormouse was sitting between them, fast asleep, and the other two were using it as a cushion, resting their elbows on it, and the talking over its head. `Very uncomfortable for the Dormouse,' thought Alice; `only, as it's asleep, I suppose it doesn't mind.'
The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it: `No room! No room!' they cried out when they saw Alice coming. `There's plenty of room!' said Alice indignantly, and she sat down in a large arm-chair at one end of the table.
`Have some wine,' the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.
Alice looked all round the table, but there was nothing on it but tea. `I don't see any wine,' she remarked.
`There isn't any,' said the March Hare.
`Then it wasn't very civil of you to offer it,' said Alice angrily.
`It wasn't very civil of you to sit down without being invited,' said the March Hare."

Without any further hesitation here is Southern Ooaks version of the March Hare.........................

March Hare is a very distinguished fellow. With his Velveteen vest and fancy bow tie. MH stands at 7 1/2 inches tall and can stand on his own. He is one of my gently poseable ooaks. He has a strong wire armature covered in linen colored eyelash yarn. His head and paws are hand sculpted from clay, baked and then washed with an acrylic paint to give him that old porcelain look. His eyes are black bone beads.  His outfit is completely hand sewn. His bow tie is a vintage pearl drop and rhinestone earring clipped to a celery colored silk ribbon.  His lettuce head cup and saucer were sculpted from clay and then rubbed in acrylic paints.

He comes with a antique Colclough English made Bone China cup and saucer. A lovely sweet pea pattern with purple and green hues. The edges on both the cup and saucer are slightly scalloped and rimmed in gold.
March Hare is being so kind as to bring you a cup and saucer of your own to enjoy the Tea Party but be quick for his mischievous side will take over and your cup will end up as his seat!!!!

I am very excited by the fact that I have been contacted by Susan Yaranon, curator for the Art and Soul Gallery located in Bothell, Washington. They want to display and promote my whimsical characters. March Hare is one of many that will be making the journey to this awesome gallery. It's located in The Country Village and looks like an amazing place where my ooaks will be right at home. Well, that is until someone wants to actually take them home with them. Go take a peek at her on the Country Village in green above and then click shops and then click Art & Soul gallery link. I'm so excited!!!

Until next time....


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Find the Golden Egg!!

 Do you remember those wonderful Easter egg hunts where all the children took baskets in hand and searched high and low for eggs? Oh the joy and excitement to be the one that found the most eggs or even better, the one to find the Golden egg. For the Golden egg held a treasure.

Julee from Mommy's Memorandum is hosting such a hunt. Only this hunt isn't for the kiddies...well, not the small ones's for us grown up kiddies. It's what she calls her Easter Hop. Here let me have Julee explain:
Every day during Mommy's Memorandum's Easter Hop (Monday, March 15 and Friday, March 26) one BLOG will be the "keeper of the Golden Egg".

All blogs are eligible.

Mommy's Memorandum

Mommy's Memorandum Easter Hop!

Place the "Mommy's Memorandum Easter Hop" blog button (above) on your site. Then, place your blog's URL in the McLinky below.

Readers will be seeking the "Golden Egg Blog" to earn a mystery amount of BONUS entries for the giveaway featured that day by visiting blogs and clicking on the button.

Each night, starting on Sunday, March 14, I will use to select a number. If your blog is in that number slot, YOUR blog will be the "Golden Egg" Blog that day. I will contact the "Golden Egg" Blog, the day before their "Golden Egg" day  with further instructions.

**REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR BLOG TO THE MckLinky for your opportunity to be selected as the Keeper of the Golden Egg!** 

MckLinky Blog Hop

What are you waiting for....add your name to the list and let's get to "HOPPING"....what a great way to have new visitors and maybe a few new followers added to your site. Not only could you find a Golden Egg but you might just find some new friends along the way.

Hugs and Happy Hunting,
Regi have to go check this out...

I love to go up to my studio...have a cup of coffee and sit and read all the wonderful new post that my fellow bloggers have done. I have several that I follow faithfully...some are encouraging...some are informative..some are inspirational and some are just plain old entertaining. I have one that I go to just for the giggles and smiles she always seems to give me, just what I need to start my day off smiling. Her name as we know her on her blog is Jingle and she had the most wonderful post today. She made this cute little shy creature and then let us see into her world of adventure. She also had a link to this amazing site, Everything Etsy , and they are having this awesome PARTY!!!!! Just click on the "I made it! at Everything Etsy Banner and you have your invitation to come join the party. So come along.....


Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun project weekend!!!

This weekend was one that I just needed some "wind" down time and I do mean "wind way down".  As with everyone in the country, the economy has taken it's HUGE bite out of us. Life goes on and so do we.

I LOVE my weekends because it's family time. We don't go anywhere but out in the backyard but we make it a fun place to be. We had a fire in the hot dogs and marshmallows this time around and OMGOSH Chaz gave the "sad" face...hubby was burning some of the old wood from a past project that wasn't appropriate for cooking over. Next time time!! We stayed out until it was just to chilly to be out which means as soon as the sun went down...we went in!!! What can I say...I'm old and get cold easy...LOL!!

Chaz didn't want fun time to be over so I asked him to come up to the studio with me and play. He loves to craft and I needed him for a project I wanted to do. I have this wonderful new friend, Julee, and since she was so kind as to let me be one of her featured artist last month I'm doing something special for her.I have been working on a pressie box...nooo, I'm not giving away a secret...she knows she is getting one just not what HER gift will be. When I get pressies in the mail Chaz is always so excited to have something in the box just for him too so I thought it would be nice to send Julee's crew something and let them be excited. Julee has a young son and I wanted to do something fun for him and something that he might could keep...a keepsake so to speak. I sat and thought and thought and knew I wanted to do something boys came to me..a frog. What little guy doesn't like frogs? Now my thing was what kind of frog. Here is where Chaz comes in. He is already an amazing whimsical artist. He has been drawing or doodling since he was big enough to hold a crayon. SO I asked him to draw mommie a frog. Rippert was born!!!!
This is Rippert on paper. I want to thank the artist, Chazman, for letting me cut this out and use it as a pattern for W's frog.

Once upon a time in the enchanted forest of Chazmainia, there was a cool and refreshing pond. This pond was hidden from humans but open to all the forest creatures, elves, gnomes and faeries around. This was a busy little pond. There were big goldfish having a spitting contest.....there were dragonflies swirling in the air and birds trying their best to catch them. Right in the middle, amongst the lily pads was one happy, smiling blue and green toad frog. Rippert was this handsome frogs name and he was enjoying this bright, happy day watching all the other creatures play. Rippert was not just any ole toad either. He was the best friend of the tooth faery. He enjoyed his time he spent with her. Sitting on the lily pad with her sitting on the tip of his nose and she was always telling him stories of the boys and girls that hid their teeth from her so she could find them. She was amazed at all the little teeth she had to find these days and she so needed some help. Rippert "HOPPED" up and said..."Ohhh, I would love to help you with the little children...what can I do?"  He and tooth faery sat and pondered until at the same time they both said "I/YOU can be the holder of the tooth until YOU/I  can get there". They sat and laughed and giggled. Rippert was so excited that he would be getting to help...he hopped up and grabbed his lil snail pouch and off they went. Now his job was to be a pal to the child he was given to....when the time came for tooth faery to come he would let his child put it in his pouch and then he would sit on the pillow or bed and wait for his human to drift off to sleep so that the tooth fairy could come and collect the tooth. What a frogtastic time Rippert would have....he was so excited and tooth faery told him she already had a child picked out for him. Rippert was ready to begin his journey and adventure with his new little human. He knew there would be fun...and cuddling and good times until that first little tooth whispered it was ready to come out.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall...noooo.that might be a bad idea..Rippert might just gobble me up  I wish I could see little man's face when he receives his Rippert. I hope they both will have some "hopping" good times together. 

What a fun weekend spent with my lil man....and look what we did together!!!!!!!!

Until  next time...

Regi and the Chazman (ohhh yes and Rippert)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tips and Info on How to do Blown Eggs...

First...we DO NOT want our eggs to look like these!!! Old things just fascinate me so I had to share this photo of Dinosaur huh?  Note for the Chazman: Nooooo, mommie did not walk the earth at the same time as the dinosaurs!!

The very first thing you need to know is how to hold the egg...yes yes I know you place it in your hand and hold it...well...that's only part of it. Eggs are very fragile yet at the same time do have a bit of strength and you don't want to have to battle with one and end up cracking it before you even get started. Always hold the egg
lengthwise....this puts it and you in a position where the next steps should give you the results you want and NEED.

Let's get started...shall we:

1. Use room temp eggs...this makes the insides less stiff and much easier to remove. White eggs are good but brown eggs (yard eggs) are a bit stronger.

2. Make a hole with a needle/hat pin. (Yeah...most don't even know what a hat pin is but my teacher was 70 at the time and that's what she used) You will need to make a hole on each end and try to line them up..makes it so much easier when blowing the insides out. This step is a little harder than it sounds. Like I said in the beginning...eggs=fragile yet strong. I use a tacking has a larger tip on it and is T-shaped on the top. I can get a better grip on it and slowly twist it in a circular motion until the tiny hole appears. A friend gave me a very good tip on this part...heat makes it a bit easier. DO NOT rush in
doing this step. It takes time and patience.

3. Once you have your holes in both ends take a long needle (I use a doll making needle) and pierce the york. Gently cover both ends where the holes are with your fingers and very gently shake the egg to loosen the insides.

4. Now it's time for the FUN part. Hold the egg in between both hands and with your mouth start blowing through the hole (one on top is usually the best one to use) Keep blowing until you feel confident that all the insides are outside. This takes a lot of breath...kinda like trying to blow up that stubborn balloon that just doesn't want to be blown up. TIP: You can try using a 3cc syringe without the needle. (but what fun would that be...I so love turning pretty shades of red, purple and blue)

5. Once you feel that all the insides are outside then it's time to give this little egg a bath. Squirt or run COLD water into the egg. Why cold you ask.....remember that egg is a protein and if you put hot water in then you just cooked whatever remaining insides where left. That could be the cause of one stinky egg in time.. PeeU!! You need to do the "Bath" several times. Fill it up with cold fingers over the holes and gently shake...then blow out the water the same way you did in step #4.  (you might not like turning all the pretty colors and used the just kidding...any way is good)

6. After a bath what do we do....we dry off and little egg is no different. The original way I learned was to place the eggs back in the egg carton (with large holes placed in the bottom of each cup) and let them sit and drain for 2-3 days in a warm place. With today's newest technology we have a faster way...LOL!! You can do this new fangled way two different ways. A) place egg in the microwave on several paper towels for 15-30 seconds or B) you can bake them in the oven at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. I crumple reynolds wrap up around each egg so they don't roll around. Cooking in the oven I believe makes them much stronger.

7. Once the egg has cooled down to room temp I cover in SoBo glue or Decoupage and let dry overnight. This helps strengthen and seal up any small cracks that may be in the egg. Make sure you poke a needle through the top so you will have a place to put the ribbon for hanging. (if you want to make an ornamental can also make or buy a pretty egg holder to place the decorated egg in if you don't want a hanging one but you will need to keep the top hole open until the end)

8. Once the egg has sat overnight you are ready to decorate. This can be done any many ways. Paper napkins...yes I said paper napkins. Ever been to a tea or party and the napkin was almost to pretty to use, well those work great. You cut out the designs on the napkin and you have a pretty piece to apply to your egg. Tissue paper is another great item. You can cut it or hand tear it to make your designs. Tissue paper in a solid color works great too by crinkling it up and then placing on egg...kinda gives it that crackled effect. Another great source is this little tiny box you are sitting in front of and reading my blog on.....yes..your computer. There are some wonderful free vintage sites you can go to, find some really great images to print out and use. Just make sure that it's alright to do that....most of the free sites I have found do not mind as long as it is for your use and some don't mind what you do with them. Just ask if you have any doubts. Like my Great Grandmother use to say "If there is ANY doubt...then there is NO doubt". 

9. Now that you have your design all figured out it's time to decorate your egg. I LOVE to use decoupage,it's a great glue and sealer at the same time. I like to draw an egg on paper the size of my actual egg and place my design out on it.....if you are familiar with decoupage then you know it dries fairly quickly. Take your image and cover the back in the decoupage or glue (just make sure it dries clear) and place on your egg. Gently smooth with your finger to remove any air bubbles. If using tissue paper I usually gently pat the paper down. Do this step with each image you want on the egg. Let it sit and dry for about 30 minutes. Once dry, cover the entire egg in the decoupage or glue and let dry overnight. (This might be one good reason to keep that one hole on top so you have means to hang egg so it can dry even)  Now for the really fun step but only if you want to add some "Bling" to your egg. You can do several different can  a)put glitter in just certain places...highlight an area and make it POP....or  b)cover the whole thing in glitter or German glass. For both all you have to do is cover the area in the decoupage or glue, sprinkle the glitter and then let it sit overnight to dry.

Now...I hope that my "simple" tips will help you try this wonderful craft. Now it's time to let you go and try for yourself. Have fun....use your imagination and let those eggs become a lasting keepsake!!!! I would love to see what yours look like if you do try this....I'll show you mine if you show me yours ^_^

Until next time.....


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vintage German Glass Egg..Paper Mache

After thirty many years since doing this wonderful art form, I think my Vintage Easter Glass Egg turned out rather well. On the back of the egg I used a great vintage violet flower print and an awesome dragonfly print (have to add that faery touch) which had the hues of purple in it's tiny wings. On the front of the egg I did in vintage type "A Joyous Easter" and put a few violet flowers on to follow the overall feel. Added some of my hand twisted silk ribbon and flowers and WAHLAH a Vintage Easter Egg.


In going through my art journal that I have been keeping for over....well, let's just say years...shall we...I found my notes on doing the blown eggs. If anyone is interested in knowing how to do that just comment and I will post the directions for you in another post. Don't want to bore anyone...LOL!!! I plan on trying my hand AGAIN at doing some of the blown eggs and then decorating them. The real eggs have such a delicate look to them.

As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope that you will come back often...I so LOVE my visitors and especially those that leave comments. hint hint  I'm working on a pressie box for a very special friend so I need to get hopping and get it done so I can get it in the mail. What are you working on today? Would love to hear all about it!!  Until next time....


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A long forgotten Art!!!!

Once upon a time there was a tiny egg. Nothing special about it until my muse brought it to me and insisted that I do something with it. Upon turning the egg over and over in my hand I finally asked her what she wanted done...she in turn whispered...Make it something unique!!

Until I started doing my Easter sculpts this year,I had not thought about this art form for a very long time.  It popped back into the fore front when I did my Vintage White Rabbit.  Do you see the eggs she is holding? Those are painted and then covered in tiny, tiny glass beads. Some call this type of bead, German Glass.  Years ago a very sweet woman that lived across the street from us taught me how to make the most beautifully decorated eggs and yes, she used 
German glass. She would take an egg (a real one that had been blown..the insides removed) and glue prints of flowers, butterflies and whatever whatnots she had at the time. She would get these prints from tissue paper, paper napkins or even from a magazine. (a very old magazine where the pictures were  just sephia...she would color them in with watercolors.) She would cut out which ones she wanted and then carefully and gently glue them onto the egg. After they had time to dry she would put on another coat of a glue mixture and roll them in the glass. The end result was just breathtaking. Eggs made to last forever in beauty!! 

This is what my muse wanted me to do. It has been a very long time since this lesson and I think I did a good job with the tiny eggs you see in the photo above. I'm now working with doing this art on larger eggs. Not blown ones as this clumsy artist could never get the hang of doing that. Instead I am using paper mache ones. I'm using for my cut outs to decorate the eggs vintage prints. I'm so excited to be making these again. They are lovely and unique. I will be posting photos soon....this art takes awhile to complete and somethings just can't be rushed. I hope you will check back with me to see these lovely pieces.

Until next time....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wabbits, Wabbits everywhere..

All my friends that have been reading my blog since the first of the year know about my New Year's Resolutions. Yes, yes I know...everyone hates to make them because we always and I do mean ALWAYS seem to break them. Well, out of, let's just say several, I have managed to keep one. The resolution to have Holiday ooaks completed BEFORE the actual Holiday it goes with and not during or after!!! Here are some of the rabbits (or wabbits as Chazman would sound like he was saying) that I have designed for the Easter Holiday. To see more photos of these adorable, if I must say so, rabbits just go sit under the old ooak tree at my shoppe and look to see what can be found. Visit often as new pieces are being added on a regular basis.

This first little one is from my weebie collection. (small, usually under 4 inches tall or short I should say) They can be desk sitters (a gift you give someone or yourself to keep on a desk to remind you just how special you or the someone you give it to is), keepsakes (special gifts that mark an event...favorite team mascot) or an ornament(Christmas time or any Holiday time that you decorate with a can do a tree for almost any Holiday and if you see one of my weebies that you would like to have as an ornament just let me know so I can make yours with a tiny hanger)

This lil wabbit is a Dust Bunny. He is only 3 1/2 inches tall. Clay head and paws..wire armature body wrapped in no just's just fuzzy fabric to look like dust. His wings are made from two types of paper. The back of them for added strength is made from cardstock that has a printed old book page and the front of the wing is a real vintage piece of paper from some old book pages that I won during the OWOH event from a very whimsical and entertaining friend, J Ingle, better known as Jingle from Just Jingle. (you should really go check out her blog..she will have you smiling and giggling) DB is holding a tiny sign that reads "Some Bunny Loves you". Nice thing about signs is that you can change keep that in mind of you would like to order one and have a different saying. Just please keep in mind...tiny weebie meanes tiny weebie sign..LOL!!!

This next wabbit is one of my Bulbz characters that reside in the Resyculbinz township. Not familiar with the place, well, all the characters that reside there have bodies made of used light bulbs. Yes, ya read that right.
I love to find ways to reuse items...what better way to use a light bulb!!! This Victorian Beauty has a face and paws made from clay and a body made from a strong wire armature. He is then covered in vintage fur...oh it's just faux fur...from a poor teddy that had seen it's better days. His collar is made from a silk ribbon. His egg is of course an Easter egg. I put a light covering of vintage MICA flakes on him...I think it adds to the old world look. He stands up all on his own and you can gently pose his legs so he can sit down. Well, wouldn't you get tired of standing holding a great big Easter egg for to long? When standing from top of head to feet he is 5 1/2 inches but add those great big bunny ears and he stands at 7 1/2 inches tall.

This beauty is one of my Holiday ooaks. She has a clay face and paws....strong wire armature covered in a faux fur fabric. She has been washed with an acrylic paint to give her that old look. She is holding a pair of tiny Easter eggs covered in german glass and strung with tiny rose colored crystals. Her collar is a silk ribbon adorned with tiny silk ribbon roses. She stands from tip of head to feet at 4 1/2 inches but with those big bunny ears she is 6 1/2 inches tall. She too can also be made to sit...but gently!!!
I hope you enjoyed looking at my newest HOP on along and have a wonderful afternoon.

Until next time...