Friday, August 31, 2012

Having to keep cotton in my ears...LOL!!!

It seems that my muse is truly causing a ruckus in my studio. She has been leading Santa in a song that is beginning to sound like "99 bottles of caramel frappes on the wall". Of course, it's not THAT song but the old faithful that all my characters seem to enjoy bellowing out...very LOUDLY I might add!!! Oh ya know the song, "I AIN'T GOT NO BODY". They are driving me bonkers, for reals!!! I know you are sitting there laughing at me because you know if I have a muse that sings then I must be bonkers..hehe

I have been working on the wire armature today along with getting the base painted with my special snow mixture. It takes at least over night to dry so it's not tacky. We can't have tacky snow, now can we? ^_^

Once I got the armature made and wrapped I made the middle body section....ya know...Santa's bowl full of jelly!! You will see in the WIP photo how I make my soft body characters. Don't panic though when you see the skinny white arms and bird legs and big green belly, I still have to wrap it up in the yarn. I love using yarn as the underclothing. I finished the felt boots today along with the sweater sleeves too. I think I have gotten a good bit accomplished even with all the singing bellowing going on up in here!!!

I'm thinking of doing some bead work on the boots but haven't really decided for sure yet. Santa's cloak usually hides most the shoes so I'm not sure I want to add that much to something that won't really be seen. Ya know...kinda like the toe issue!!

Until next time..........HUGS,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a rather blustery day" said Pooh Bear!!

It is rather a blustery day here. It was overcast and rainy about an hour ago and now it's blue skies with a few clouds and winds that are making the trees whip and twirl. Some CRAZY weather, I must say!!!  We are feeling a bit better today about the weather but we will see how those feeling are tomorrow when the worse comes a knockin. We did put up the storm shutters yesterday when the hubbikins got home from work. If anything else, they will hopefully keep any tree branches or flying debre from breaking the windows.
I have to admit that it looks weird..kinda feel like I'm in a dark dungeon. HA..see the curtains open. I thought it would help.

I promised WIP photos on the Santa I am currently working on. Remember these are WIP (work in progress) photos which means Santa still needs to see the barber to trim up his beard and OH YEAH, he needs a body.

I have his hands completed with the exception of polishing his nails. His feet are complete and YES I know I didn't give him any toes. Ahhhwww....Mrs. Claus won't be able to play "little piggies"..hehe!! I am going to make boots for him so his toes would have been covered so no need for toes. His base (with my name stamped on my little stamper) will be covered with some of my snow mixture. I won't cover my name though...what would have been the point of stamping it. HA!!

Still have a good bit of work to do and hopefully I can get some of it done this afternoon. Thank you for stopping by to visit. LOVE your visits and comments too.

Until next time...........HUGS,
Regi that I have talked about it, perhaps I should have given him toes....OH WELL!!!! ^_^

Monday, August 27, 2012

Very interesting weekend....VERY!!

Beautiful blue skies, temp 79 and the wind blowing, making the trees sway back and forth like they are dancing to music we can not hear.  Tomorrow is going to be a completely different scene I fear!!  YIKES, our first hurricane since moving to paradise a little over two years ago. I guess I shouldn't complain since they are few and far between but I am praying and wishing that "Issac" will just fade away never to be heard from again. HEY...I can works sometimes!!!

We spent most the weekend getting prepared for the worse. Food for at least three days that doesn't require cooking. Which means lots of tuna fish, potted meat and PB & J sandwiches but to the Chazman...that's a good supply. Enough water to last the three days..Gatorade for the Hubbikins since he is "allergic" to the water.  ^_^  We made sure we had candles (honeydew melon...smells so good....I know, plain candles would do just as good but why not have a soothing fragrance along with the light), batteries, flashlights, ya know all the things necessary. Now if we can just get the nerves to settle down, we will be good. The Chazman is chillin and doesn't seem to be effected at far!! He is excited that school has been cancelled for the next three days. Better to be over cautious than to take chances I suppose. I'm not sure how excited he will stay when I tell him that they will lose part of the Thanksgiving holiday to make up these days but that's a bridge I'll cross when I get there. HA!!

We did find a few treasures this weekend while we were out and about. We haven't been sale-ing the yards as of late and it was good to do some treasure hunting. It helped calm the nerves...oh yes it did!! The Chazman bought a HUGE stuffed reindeer...he is going to use it as a big pillow while watching TV at night...good buy and smart thinker and just imagine..he is mine. ^_^  He also found two dinosaur out GI Joe...HEHE!!! The Hubbikins bought a brand new pair of Niki's for $4 at an Estate sale. YES...I said brand new for $4. I found a carved wooden bear, metal sleigh, tiny heart pill box and tulip cup and saucer. I'm excited about the wooden bear. I'm going to use him as a pattern to make some more bears to use with my Santa series ooaks. The pill box and cup are going to house tiny faeries. I think you can figure out what I'm going to use the sleigh for.

On our way home we stopped at the Robin's Nest. A cute little vintage/antique/flea market. They always have the most wonderful selection of items. Saturday was no different. I bought a cute little porcelain egg. I'm seeing a faerie poking her head out of it already. ^_^  My best find was a lovely vintage wicker sleigh. Perhaps though, the best part of stopping by the nest was that I'm going to be placing some of my ooaks there the end of October. They asked what I was going to do with the sleigh and when I told them they asked if I would let them put some of them in their shop to sell. OH YEAH BABY....of course I said yes. I stood there for a moment...didn't JUMP and say yes right away. I mean...I didn't want to seem to excited. HAHA!! That's not the reason I stood there for a moment though. I was actually in shock. Keep those fingers and toes crossed for me. She has a clientele of interior designers that come and shop with her. I may just have found my niche!!!

Here's my finds: Oh OH OHHH...I forgot about the material. A white linen with a pretty fringe edging and an apron with a very interesting pattern of threads...on the backside, which I'm going to use instead of the front side for a really interesting Santa coat. See, I told you, it was an interesting weekend!!

I hope that YOU had a great weekend too. I have each of you in my thoughts and prayers for this new week. Stay safe to all those living in the Issac zone...keep wishing HE will just go away, quietly!!!

Until next time...HUGS,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally...THERAPY has started ^_^

The Chazman is LOVING school and I have to admit, I miss him something fierce but I am enjoying my therapy again. WHAT? You didn't know that this quirky person participated in therapy. HAHA Relax, I haven't gone complete bonkers YET!! I do think I am a tad bit crazy and when I say it out loud the Chazman will say, "Well yes Mom, you are but with a side of AWESOMENESS thrown in". Such a kind, tender soul I am raising.

Now...what were we talking about? Oh yes, therapy. My therapy is my art. Anyone out there that does dabble in any kind of art knows that this is true. Dive into your art and everything else just fades away....for a little while anyways.

For the past few days I have been working on my Santa series. I know, your saying "OMGOSH Regi, it's a bit early for Christmas isn't it?" takes awhile to design and make the jolly ole elf ya know. Right now I'm working on a pair of hands. I love making hands and I have the perfect object to look at for making the old ones...MINE!! Well, it's true. (hehe) Do you like making hands if you are a doll sculptor? I thought since I am working on some that I would re-share a tutorial I did several years ago on how I make mine. If interested just CLICK HERE.

I only have about another hour and a half before I have to make the walk to go get the Chazman from school  so it's back to therapy I go. ^_^ Thank you for stopping by...I love your visits. Don't forget to leave a comment so I know you stopped in please. I hope tomorrow to have some WIP photos for you.

Until next time...............HUGS,