Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Projects

The weekend officially starts on Friday afternoon...or at least around this old Southern Ooaks it does. I always look forward to the Chazman getting off the bus and as he is dancing walking up the front walk and singing "It's's Friday, chachacha", I know the weekend has begun!! Silly goose...I know...but ya gotta luv him. Well, you don't have to but believe me...if you met him you would. Anyways, this Friday I was given a surprise by my sweet Li'l man. This AWESOME chalk painting!!! I do believe the artistic genes have been passed down. Isn't it awesome? He calls it day into night. I have it hanging right over my art desk. What better item to look at and have my muse sing a complete symphony.

As I stated in my last post, I worked on several designs and projects at once on Friday and continued with them throughout the weekend. You know that I'm making things for the Angel program and this weekend it was spent making for the little girls. I hope that they will like some of these. I mean..who doesn't like to smell fresh flowers. Of course these you can't smell but you can wear them. Some are clipped to barrettes...some to pins and some to hair clips. The hair clip ones you can slide the clip off and slide them onto a headband or even a ribbon and wear as a necklace. So let's take a walk through the garden.
Ohhhh, I almost forgot. I was working on some more painted shells on Friday. Another mermaid (a good friend was given the first mermaid one) a snowman and a penguin (look close at this will see where the snowballs come from for the penguin's snow cones..hehe) and one that the Chazman requested (one with a snow scene and Ms Peaches, our cat) I think these will look pretty attached to a wreath. If anyone is interest in them, please feel free to email me or leave a comment here. I have several more that are just sitting here, staring at me, waiting for me to paint.

I have been thinking about painting some of the bigger ones that I have. I have to find a really strong glue that will hold against a shell so I can make a pretty hanger for them. Any suggestions on what type of glue? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance...I know I will get one or two...ri iight??

I also spent some of this weekend working on a medallion mold. I had designed one with a mermaid that will have natural shells attached. I finally after working the clay and "SQUISHING" the clay (several times mind you) got one that I liked. It's hard making molds.....everything is inside out. Did ya know that? Or perhaps I just make it harder than I should. But worked out for me. Yea!! Here is the first baked piece using the mold.

So...that was my busy weekend. What creative thing did you do this weekend? I'm off now to start on some wrist cuffs and hemp bracelets...can't forget the fella's in the program. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Until next time..........Hugs, Regi

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sooo...whatcha doing?

Sooo...whatcha been doing today? I have been working on several things at one time. YES...I said several things at once...can you believe it? I mean I hardly ever do that and for good reason too. I'm always afraid that I will combine my projects into one. That so would not be a good thing.....most of the me. It's actually a bit scary to even think about it. (shhhhh...don't let my muse hear us...she might decide it just might be fun to see what I do)

My first project of the day: I used the last of my clay to make a sleeping mermaid. I was so excited because I had made her base months ago. I wish that I hadn't glued the shells together though because I really needed the one she was going to be sleeping in to be able to go in the oven with her. Then I got to thinking..(that was my first mistake...hehe) I said out loud (yes..I talk to myself and actually answer myself at times but shhh don't tell) "Ahhh Ha..I'm sure with all the shells that I have that I had another shell that will be just the same size as the one on the base.  So I dug into my big wooden shell box and found one. Perfect....I thought. I used it and wasn't the same. Oh bother!! The shell I used didn't let her lean enough and her tail didn't wrap under like the other. Sooooo..what did I do? I hate to tell you...cause it was dumb but then everyone knows I can be a ditzy doodle at times and today was one of those times...for reals!! (I have always wanted to use that phrase...I love when my firend Jingle does) I took the mermaid out while she was still warm....thinking (there's that word I shouldn't be using) and put her in the base shell and tried to gently..apparently not gently enough make her "fit" into it. She slowly molded to the shell and I thought "WHEW" not so bad and then comes her tail. Arggggg....if I had a plank I would have so made her walk it....or hop it..which ever the case may be.

My muse...after her hysterical laughing fit....whispered that perhaps I should paint some more tiny shells. I'm working on two, one of a snowman with a penguin and the second another mermaid. I will post pics for you after they are all finished. I'm sure I will work on more than just two in a bit. My mind is still numb from doing something so dumb earlier.

I'm also working on some fabric flowers for some bobby pins. The Angel program is helping us this year with the Chazman's Christmas and I want to give back. I can't buy anything (if I could then I wouldn't need the help..ha) but I can make things. I'm also going to make some of my fabric corsages, some wrist cuffs, some hemp necklaces and some Bohemian bags. I will post pics as I get them complete.

So, as I asked in the beginning....what have you been doing today? I so hope that your day has been better than mine.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LOVE my Custom Jewelry tags!!

I love designing my ooaks (one of a kind scultps) and my needle felt characters and even my ornies BUT my biggest enjoyment comes from letting my gypsy soul dance around free. One of the ways I do that is in making my fabric flower corsages. So many uses for them...really...there is!! I would never, ever fib to you. They can be attached to a cloth purse....I mean who doesn't like the Bohemian/gypsy look sometimes. They can be worn on a dress to give it a romantic look or even worn on a tshirt to just make you stand out as unique. One way that I love to wear them is when I wear one of my light wool shawls. I love shawls. They can dress up even the simplest outfit. I like to wrap them where one side is crossed over up high on my shoulder and then pin the corsage to keep the shawl in place. Here is my latest corsage with a matching pair of earrings.
**Notice the silver tag hanging from the leaves**
Well...we are going to talk about that now!!

I always get so many compliments when I wear one of my corsages and let's admit it...there is no greater way to promote oneself that to wear your own designs. I think mine as a bit different than some that you see but I like making sure that everyone knows which ones are mine. The way I do that is with a small silver tag.

If you come and sit under the old Southern ooaks from time to time then you know of the amazing company that I'm about to tell you about. It has some of the best charms, beads and tags. So many different ones to choose from that I can spend an entire afternoon just drooling looking at them. They are the place to go if you are a jewelry designer/maker or even one that just loves jewelry. The place I'm speaking of is the Charm Factory. The folks at the factory offer quality pewter as well as sterling silver charms and findings at probably the best prices around. *HINT HINT* FREE shipping in the U.S. for orders over $25. Some of the items you will find with them are, of course, the sterling findings, charms and tags along with alphabet beads, bracelets, Twilight inspired jewelry, Pave', and custom jewelry tags (my favorite) and some lovely European Lampwork beads. Now with already having said that the custom jewelry tags  are my favorite, let me tell you why. They are a great way to distinguish your work....put your own unique mark on it. Can we say, advertise..advertise..advertise? What better way to get you out there than to have someone that loves your work be wearing it and showing it off to others and your name or logo be right there. Also, the Charm Factory makes ordering them so easy and they will always make sure that you love what you order. No waiting for long periods of time to receive your order either. They are FAST!!! So fast.

What are you waiting for....go and check them out. Just have that drool cloth are so going to need it!!

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi


Monday, November 14, 2011

Hidden Object!!!

Somewhere in this hidden object puzzle is a mom....ME!!!  Not really...just kidding witcha!!! HEHE  Although, I am cleaning up the Chazman's room, most lovingly referred to as the "DISASTER AREA" as of late and if for some reason you don't hear from me in a day or two...well....please call out the search and rescue team.

Until next time....hopefully....HUGS, Regi

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tiny Shells from the sea......

My muse has come back with a vengeance and I'm soooo happy!!! (wiggling finger to come closer....I'm making her a jar so I can put her in it at night so she can't disappear on me again but shhhhh don't tell her)

When I was making the sand dollar ornies and was going through our stash of seashells, I discovered quiet a few small ones with a natural hole on the top. Some of them I used for the cording with the sand dollars but I still had some left....just sitting here on my desk...just needing something done with them. So I did something with them!!!

I painted them....well....not all of them...some more will be painted soon though.  I'm thinking these sure would be cute hanging on a table top tree or a wreath or perhaps a few hung from the center of a big ribbon as a grouping. So many possibilities!! I have a few more ideas for some...want to hear them? Of course you do and if you don't well you are going to hear about them anyways. That is unless you click off this post but now who would do that? I mean really....I'm entertaining...ri iight?? For those that are still are the ideas...let me know what you think:

Penguins standing in snow
Snowmen standing in snow
Rudolph laying on the beach
Santa in swimsuit
Fish swimming with bubbles

Now I would love to hear some ideas and I might even use them....that is if ya don't mind. Do keep in mind that these are tiny shells. Let me show you........

That's what I'm up to of the things. I'm also working on a fabric rose corsage to wear with my gypsy shawl. I just love that I'm being creative again. Soooo what are YOU doing today? Nosey Inquiring minds want to know. ^_^

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sealife pieces for Trim A Tree event!!

I had so much more I wanted to do for the TAT event but head is a pounding and I can barely focus so I think it's time to call it a wrap. I hope that some of my items will be a hit and sell. I know times are hard for everyone BUT I think with that being's a good year to buy from local artist. Yep...that sounds mighty good to me. Doesn't it to you?

I made some of my mermaid tail charms and I didn't attach any chains or ribbons or cords to them. It will keep the cost down for me and for whom ever purchases one. It seems that everyone has a certain preference for what they like so I thought it a good idea just to factor that out and let the buyer decide later on.

Remember the WIP teaser of the three seahorses on my previous post? I was going to make a bracelet and earrings with them but just ran out of time to do one of my macrame bracelets. Well.......ran out of time and steam ..hehe) I made the earrings I had planned and in place of the bracelet I made a keychain.

I love working with my shells and doing anything with regards to the ocean. We have quiet the collection of shells from our walkabouts too. I have noticed when being out and about in town that some of the women are wearing the larger medallion necklaces. I thought medallion...shells...clay....yep....I can make one and I did. Hmmmm...actually I made two. Again...I didn't attach a chain or ribbon or cord to the medallion. The opening in the top will allow the buyer to use any of the three.
This kinda has a Chinese look to it,doesn't it? The red on the shell is not's actually colors in the shell.
I have had these sea glass beads for some time and have just been dying to use them. They just add so much to this piece...or at least I think so. Please tell me it does and I'm just not so POOPED that I just think it does..LOL!!

Now my last sea item is one that I was so afraid that my clumsy fingers wouldn't be able to do. Natural sand dollars. I sealed them and attached German glass to the front.....makes it look like someone just picked it up from the beach. Surprise..Surprise, I didn't break any of them. I really was worried. The sealer gave them some added strength. I attached a shell to the rope tie along with the legend of the sand dollar.

I know that it's hard to read the attached card so I will type it again for's really a very unique legend.

The Sand Dollar

One of nature's most unusual shells.
The five splits in the shell represent the five
wounds in the body of Christ.
The Easter Lily design has, in it's center, a
five pointed star, the star of Bethlehem.
On the back is the outline of the Poinsettia,
the Christmas flower.
When the shell is broken open carefully,
five perfect replicas of a dove can be found,
These are the doves of Peace.

I love this legend and I do hope that folks won't try and break them open to see if the doves are there. Believe me...they are there!!! 

I'm excited to have pieces in the event and I hope it's a good year for all the artist that have their works in it too. I already have my Alice characters and my Faerie Races series there. I'm also going to be taking Santa and Chester, the mermaid twins, the Man in the Moon by the sea, my needle felted mermaid and Gypsy the Fall faerie. If you are in our area anytime from November 10th through to the 23rd of December, please go by and see all the amazing and wonderful works by our local artist. I'm sure you can find something that just screams "TAKE ME HOME".

Until next time....Hugs, Regi

If you are new to the old Southern Ooaks and don't know about TAT (Trim A Tree) then click HERE to read all about just what it's about. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you come back often. I LOVE my visitors!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Football Mascots for the TAT event!!!

I know that in my last post I said that I was going to be working on some penguins...WELLLL....for some mascots kept popping in my head. I'm sure it was my muse singing to me and we all know how irritating persistent she can I put the one Li'l penguin aside and started working on some mascots.

I wanted them to represent the animal counterpart of each teams gets confusing with some of them...mascot one thing but team called something completely different...but after some research (who knew there were other teams out there besides Alabama and Auburn...hehe... Of course y'all know that's not true. Who can grow up in the South and not know about all the teams. I mean really folks!!) I set out to do some sculpting. With the old Hubbikins being such a HUGE Bama fan I figured I would start with that one.
Now he and I don't see eye to eye every weekend. I do LOVE Bama but I also LOVE Auburn. I know...I are probably saying the exact same thing that he does...."You aren't a true BAMA CAN'T like two different isn't done". Well guess what...I so can and I so there!!! I have to admit that some of the time I do it just to aggravate him and it soooo works, but I do love Auburn. The folks there are friendly and it's just a great football town. I guess you know which ornie is next....AUBURN!!
I have some friends that are just the sweetest folks. I actually consider them so much more than just friends. They are family!! Deb is a big BAMA fan (probably more so than the old Hubbikins but shhhh I won't tell him that to his face..I'm not that brave hehe) but Sam, her Hubbikins is one of those Tennessee fans. I just had to sculpt one of their cute hounddog. His photo turned out a bit hazy because I couldn't keep Ms Peaches away from it. She so doesn't like dogs and apparently that goes for clay ones as well.
Now, with us living only about 25 minutes from Pensacola (that's in Florida ya know..the place with the 2nd best prettiest beaches....LOL) I just had to do a Gator. The Chazman has already put in an order for a Gator...not that he is a Gator fan but he thought it was "AWESOME" (his words...not mine). He also wants one that has a body and not just a head. He said his LEGO men could do battle with it. Hmmmmm, wonder just where he got that so vivid imagination from?? Psssstttt...come closer....his birthday is the 13th and I think he is getting LEGO's...he loves LOVES loves LEGO's. I guess I should make the Gator for him too...I mean the LEGO men have to have something to battle, ri iight? OK...back to the post and the Gator.
In researching, I discovered that the mascot for Georgia is a bulldog. OMGOSH...they are so ugly they are adorable. Now...I have a very sweet friend that I have known since we were youngins ( well I was a youngin and she was a wee sprout)and we just recently reconnected on Facebook. See...Facebook can be a good thing...LOL Anyways....her Hubbikins is a BIG Georgia fan so I decided I just had to make one for Georgia.
I'm hoping that those that come to the Trim A Tree event (starting this Thursday by the way) will fall in love with one of these. I mean what a great gift for that football fan that has everything. I'm going to tell Ms Bonnie that I will be more than happy to take orders. Fingers crossed!!!

I worked on these Friday and Saturday and when I had them finished and was taking photos I realized that I had forgotten to do one that I had designed out already. It might have been a good thing that I did forget at the time because I'm sure it would have ended up smashed into a gazillion pieces or thrown in the trash. I bet you can guess which one I forgot......
Yep....LSU...which by the way has been officially declared a very BAD word in this household. "Honey, it's just a football game." That's something I won't be saying to him out loud either...due to the FEAR factor.

In seeing all my ornie groups on the table, I decided that since I had six mascots then I needed 6 beach Santa ones and 6 Bear Bottom ones. are the extras for those groups.
Santa with a natural shell
BB and his friend Polar, making snow chains

Now it's time to work on some jewelry pieces but before I's two WIP (teaser) photos........
Good luck mermaid tail charm
Seahorse charms

Until next time....HUGS, Regi

Friday, November 4, 2011

Much Better Ornie Photos..YEA!!!

I guess after a whole night of letting the batteries camera took much better photos this morning. SO let me show you the Beach Santa ornies.....AGAIN!!!
Santa and Hank
Santa and the Pine Palm tree
Kowabunga Santa
Santa and his Rudolph floatie
Santa and his Cheeeeseburger

The following ornies are some of my Bear Bottom designs. I just LOVE bears....don't you?? Okay...not real ones...welll....actually I do like real ones but at a very far distance. They look cute and "cuddly" but I'm sure looks can be very deceiving so I'll stick to my stuffed and clay ones.

BB and pal...Free Snow Cones
BB and Sugar Plum Dreams
BB and Wreath
BB and old fashioned ribbon candy
Aubie and Al BB Caroling
(yep...I painted their scarfs and Al's cap Auburn and Alabama colors)

Now it's on to making some penguin ornies. I just love penguins...they are such comical characters ya know. Then I'm going to try and work on some natural sand dollar ornies....they are so delicate...we will have to see if these clumsy fingers can work with them...hehe

Until next time....Hugs,Regi

Thursday, November 3, 2011 can be a pain in the........

I can be a big pain in the times!!! I finished the Beach Santa's today and started to take pics and noticed that they wouldn't focus and then "POOF" my camera shuts down. Batteries!! I just charged them two days ago. I think I actually heard a tiny giggle when it cut itself off and I started mumbling under my breath words that I really don't think anyone here needs to read. shouldn't and I actually am not sure what I said....I mumbled!!

Perhaps I can tease you with the fuzzed ones and then hopefully....fingers crossed...I can retake them tomorrow and you will get to really see them. frustrating....although I have to admit, that most the time it's just simply the operator.

Santa and Hank
Santa and Rudolph floatie
Santa and Cheeseburger
Kowabunga Santa

It seems that the Santa and Palm tree is the one that the camera shut down on. (I have told ya'll about our ghost, ri iight?) Hopefully tomorrow I can get better photos of the Santa's and get ones of the Bear Bottom clan as they are completed too.

Until next time......HUGS, very frustrated Regi

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WOW...Santa got a SUN BURN!!!

The annual Trim A Tree Christmas event is just around the corner and I'm frantically trying to get some new things done. WHAT??? You don't know what the Trim A Tree (TAT) is? You must be new to the old Southern ooaks house OR you are as forgetful as I am these days. HEHE HEY...I did put myself in with that statement and if the shoe fits...well...Wear it!!!!! If you are new or just need a reminder simply click HERE to read all about it.

Since times are so hard for everyone I thought perhaps some of my ornies would be a good selling item. Simple to make and not expensive. I thought that since I do live in a coastal town that some of them should be of that theme. I started with these three yesterday. Keep in mind they are not baked or painted yet. I guess you could say they are NEKKID..kind of!!!
This is the jolly main old elf himself. (that's Santa for those that don't know) He is standing in the his old timey suit tank with his Rudolph swim ring. 
Here he is again...standing on coconuts so he can reach up to put some Christmas decorations on a palm tree.
Here is Santa with one of our local beach dwellers...HANK!!! Hank is a Heron that loves to take walks on the beach in the early mornings AND have his picture taken. One of our local gents, Steve Jones...who by the way does more than just get up early and snap some amazing beach shots but also does so much for and around our community and is such a great asset to all of us....thank you Mr. Jones....and to Mrs. Jones for sharing you with all of us!!!!  Steve gets up each and every morning and does a walkabout on the beach and wouldn't believe the postcard photographs he takes. It seems though that HANK has become a favorite. Such a character....let me show you.
Hank and one of his buddies!!
A morning he was camera shy apparently!!
Enjoying the waves!!

So you see...I just had to do an ornie with Santa and Hank. It seems though that Hank had other ideas. I don't think he likes being included with anyone else. (Did you happen to notice in the photo with his buddy that Hank was walking away?) I put the piece in the oven to bake and checked on it several times. All was going great and then my last check as the timer went off and OMGOSH...Santa got a horrible sun burn and oven stripes. Argggggg....I so could not believe what I was seeing. Do you think that Hank tried to fly away or worse...pulled a Heron ninja kick on the old guy? I mean if I didn't know any better I would believe that he had completely pushed Santa off their sand base and in doing so pulled him right out of his feet and smacked him right on the oven rack. Poor Santa. There will be a moment of silence please............

Now....I'm going to do another ornie of Santa and Hank and this time Hank had better behave himself or I might just forget he is a Heron and cook him up like a turkey!!! 

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi 

P.S. Keep fingers,toes and eyes crossed that this one turns out...pplease!!!!!!

P.S.S. I just had to share this now. I sculpted another Santa and Hank early this morning and Hank totally behaved himself this time. (had to give him a serious talk before he went into the oven though)
I'm doing my ornies in sets of 5....not that they have to be purchased as a set...individually will do too. ^_^  So I also sculpted two more this morning so Santa and Hank could share their sauna oven time with some friends. We love going to the beach and watching the guys wind surf. Now doing a small sculpt with a kite above would make it to heavy to hang on a tree BUT a Santa on just a surf board...well... KOWABUNGA Dude....that would so work.
I also wanted to do one that could make you think of two things here in our area. First that might come to mind are those AWESOME FRG#2 (that's Fish River Grill #2 for those that aren't locals here...the best place to eat here in Foley) Hurricane burgers that Ms. Diana and her crew makes. YUMMY!!!!  The second thought you could have might just be of one of Jimmy Buffet's famous songs "Cheeseburger in Paradise".
Now....on to my Bear Bottom ornies and then perhaps some real sand dollar muse is singing up a storm today. I just hope she is about finished with her 100th rendition of Cheeseburger in Paradise....LOL