Sunday, June 30, 2013

OMGOSH...I am becoming a cat lady!!!!

Thursday afternoon while the hubbikins and I were sitting out on the deck after he got home from work, a stranger popped their head out from under the deck. Talk about jumping...oh yes I did!! (remember the little snake that came a calling not to long ago?) I didn't stay scared for long though because it was a beautiful calico and she wanted some loving. Such a sweet baby and because of that we started calling her Babygirl...she actually comes to us when we call her too. Of course, she's still here...I just had to feed her. (knowing that she would probably stay with us but not telling the hubbikins that little tid bit of info) She hung around all night and come Friday evening a friend was with her. A beauty of a solid black cat with the biggest eyes I have ever seen. She is a bit skittish but after feeding her she slowly comes up to us. We are calling her Boo (because if ya say BOO to her she runs...hehe) and the Chazman is calling me the crazy cat lady now.

Now Gabie and Pumpkin (my inside furbabies or the Chazman's hairy sisters as he calls them..hehe) love watching Boo and Babygirl. Love watching as long as the screen door is between them that is. Not sure how the four will get along but we will probably just enjoy our two newest family members for as long as they want to hang around outside. They love laying under our fig trees and chasing the birds away. That's a great means we will have tons of figs this year. A sweet friend (thank you Kimmie) gave me a delicious sounding recipe to make fig preserves. We are so excited to try it out. A mommie and Chazman project!!! I think Boo and Babygirl are earning their keep so I hope they stay with us. It's always great when a cat(s) pick YOU for their home.

What a weekend, eh? I was going to complain about the crazy HOT and HUMID weather as it got up to 99 here yesterday but I'm not going to because I read last night that it got up to 127 in Las Vegas yesterday!! WOW...I'lll take our 99 any day over 127. Now that's HOT!!

Most that come to sit under my old Southern ooaks tree know that we clean beach houses on the weekends and this weekend was no exception. Yesterday I really felt bad for the folks that had traveled to the beach because it was nasty weather. (rainy, hot and humid but not complaining....just explaining) It did clear up as far as the rain in the afternoon but we are suppose to get hit and miss thundershowers for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed that they are few and far between and happen fast and move on. Yesterday on our clean the folks left behind a few goodies...we like goodies!! We brought home 4 of the frozen bags of Margaritas, 4 frozen bags of Pina Colada, two plastic freezer containers (hubby can use them in his cooler for his drinks) veggies, eggs, yogurt, two beach chairs, toilet paper, paper plates and a bag of unopened ice.
Today on our clean the folks had left us a fresh pot of coffee and an ice cream cake PLUS she had washed and dried all the towels for me. Now those are the kinda folks I like!!!

Now, I'm spending the afternoon relaxing (yes I will probably have one of the Pina coladas....yum) and doing laundry. I want to get it all done today so that I can sit and visit with my friend that is coming to pick up her jewelry she ordered tomorrow. I showed ya'll the bracelet on my Thursday post so I won't show ya again but I am going to show you her necklace that I finished and didn't show ya yet. ^_^

She wanted the black hemp rope and the metal pansy medallion with vintage pearls, like one of the bracelets I made for her earlier. I'm really happy with how this turned out. She can wear it three different a choker, a short necklace or as a long necklace. That way she can wear it when she is dressed up or if she is just in a tshirt and shorts. Of course, I had to make a little paper box for her to keep it in. I used one of my broken shells as the embellishment on the top. I have all of her pieces made now and she told me last night that she plans on keeping me busy a little bit later on...which is fine by me!!!

Until next time.......HUGS,
Regi (the crazy Cat lady..hehe)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting all tied up in knots..hehe

I'm going to have to stop apologizing for not posting because it seems it has become a habit...LOL!!! Time truly is passing on by rapidly and I'm just going to have to hang on and enjoy the ride. I just hope that you hang in there with me and do come to visit because I will swing on the old Southern ooaks tree as much as I can. YOU make me want please keep visiting and THANK YOU!!!

When these old eyes will let me, I have been working on a new sculpt as well as trying to finish up the last two pieces in the jewelry commision I have. I did finish the bracelet this morning and I really love how it turned out. I wasn't quite sure how the small natural hemp would look but I think it looks amazing.

Of course as with all my jewelry pieces, I made a cute little gift box to place it in. I normally make the box out of white cardstock but this time decided to use some bright colored blue cardstock that I had. I added a paper flower with a small acrylic flower bead in the middle and one of my vellum butterflies.

I love making my little paper boxes and they are so simple. If you are new to my blog and would like to learn how to make one for yourself, simply click HERE. I like to put tissue paper inside the box or I like to make my own filler. Making your own filler is really easy. All you have to do is cut some thin strips out of paper and then fold them like you would a them up and PRESTO...paper filler.

For those that have been visiting for awhile and have met my sweet gals, Gabie and Pumpkin, I thought I would give a small update. They are at that VERY rambunctious stage but also that very, very curious stage. I have had to move all of my craft supplies out of their reach (and sight) plus keep my desk drawers taped shut. Yes... yes, the lil demons darlins can open the drawers. I keep my hemp roping, beads and other small craft supplies in them and they LOVE to pull them out. I don't know if they are trying to make something or just enjoy making a mess...hehe!! When I'm working on one of my postings or just trying to catch up on reading some of your blogs, they are right here with me. I swaney that they actually read along with me and Gabie even tries to move the mouse for me. So love these furbabies!!!

Well, it's off to work on the necklace and perhaps get some clay in my hands too. What are YOU working on today? Something fun I hope.

Until next time......Hugs,
Regi (Gabie and Pumpkin)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Need some input from you ...pplease!!

Soooo, it seems yet again I have let Father time swoosh on by. I really do need to tie a rope around his waist so that he can't move so fast, eh?

I'm working on a few things at a time...WAIT WAIT..don't go into shock. I know that I normally work on one thing at a time but for some reason my mind needs more than one thing to focus on at the moment. ^_^
I'm working on a new mermaid piece and all I'm going to say about it at the moment is the name...The Nanny. (hope that's enough of a tease hint that you will want to come back to visit just to see what it is)  I'm also working on two commissioned jewelry pieces...a twisted hemp necklace (using the metal pansy and vintage pearls) and a natural hemp bracelet (using the metal pansy and vintage pearls) Working on these two different things lets me twist and squish. What could be better therapy? I mean...really...what could?

I hope that YOU have been keeping busy and letting the creative juices flow. I would love to hear about whatch been doin!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Oh oh ohhhhh....I wanted to get some input on something. I'm planning on doing a few children's short stories using my whimsical mermaids as the main characters. I mean they do seem to find some interesting adventures, ri iight? What do you think? Let me know...ppplease!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seahorse love....Nerissa and Nixie

The ocean is a fascinating world and if we could only see everything that happens beneath the waves. It's an enchanting realm filled with delight and wonder.....more than most of us could even begin to imagine. If only our world above the waves could get along together as well as the one below the waves....every creature great and small living in harmony and peace...caring for each other...protecting each other and loving each other as all families should.

Two such creatures that share the sea and are totally devoted to one another are Nerissa and Nixie. A sweet, tiny little mermaid and her constant companion, a seahorse named Nixie. Ohhhh, the adventures these two have together. Hunting for old shipwrecks and gathering up treasures galore.

Narissa and Nixie are one of my original Southern Ooaks designs in the mermaid series. Each one has a strong wire armature underneath their fully hand sculpted bodies. Narissa's face was detailed using acrylic paints along with fine MICA powders. Her eyes, hand painted on bone beads. Her hair is dyed pulled wool yarn. Her tata covers are natural shells found on one of our walks on the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. Her tail was detailed using fine MICA powders mixed with a glaze that gives it that wet look. Nixie was detailed using acrylic paints and sealed for protection. Both sculpts are attached with a wire base to a natural sea urchin. The white bottom base has been covered in German glass to give it that sandy look. They sit at 5 inches from base to the tip of Narissa's flowing locks.

These two sweet characters will be available in my Etsy shop. I have free shipping in the US and will ship everywhere else the lowest I can. I hope these two whisper to you.......take us home!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seahorse love WIP

I know I am posting a bit late today but wanted to show ya'll what I'm working on. A new mermaid piece and noooo, it's not a broken shell one...this time..hehe!!! This one is called seahorse love. The focal piece is the natural sea urchin that the seahorse and mermaid are attached to.

We did not find it on one of our beach walks but last week when the Chazman and I were playing tourist for the day. We finally went to a really cool place called Dino's that we have been wanting to wander through since we moved here. (three years ago...about time we did, eh?)  They have all kinds of neat items and the sea urchin was one of those cool items we purchased.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh to be above the waves....

Broken shells are something that the ocean pushes up on a gift to us humans. Most of us just walk pass them, thinking since they are broken that we don't really have a use for them. We like the complete, whole shells and all their beauty. Notice I said "most" of us because "some" of us do love the broken shells and all the beauty they offer. Each one does truly have it's own story to tell....if you just look closely and listen.

The ocean floor is filled with shells of all types. The broken ones before they are tossed onto the shore serve a purpose for those creatures that live beneath the waves. They are used as homes, hiding places, game pieces and anchors. Yes...I said anchors. Anchors for perhaps the most beautiful creature that dwells beneath the waves....the mermaid. One such mermaid has her very own broken shell and one she plans on keeping for a very long time. Her name is Mariroe and she longs to know what's above those waves she sees wisping underneath into her world. Her shell fits her perfectly...she slides into it and it becomes her way of sitting in one place...looking up at the waves and dreaming of what lays above.

Mariroe sits just at 5 inches (that's with her beautiful platinum blonde hair). She has a strong wire armature underneath a fully hand sculpted clay body. Her tail was detailed using fine MICA powders as well as golden glitter in spots. Her face was detailed using acrylic paints and MICA powders. Her eyes are bone beads that were hand painted using brown and gold acrylic paints. Her hair is pulled wool yarn. She has a vintage pearl necklace as well as having a vintage pearl in her hair. She is attached to her base by her broken shell that has a wire running inside and that is curled and attached to the clay base. Surrounding the base are natural shells, coral and a sand dollar.

Mariroe will be available in my Etsy shop. I hope that you will take the time and stop in to visit it sometimes when you need that special, unique, one of a kind gift. (or just want something special for yourself)

Until next time.............Hugs,

Friday, June 7, 2013

WIP post on newest mermaid in a broken shell

Here is a few WIP (work in progress) photos on my newest broken shell mermaid habitat. I think I have her story too but that will be for the "she's finished" post. ^_^

Until next time.........Hugs,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Looking through broken shells

Good morning Afternoon...hehe  It's still morning but almost afternoon so I will wish ya'll both!! I have been going through my shell collection the last few days and pulled out some of the ones that I think will make a pretty mermaid habitat. I'm so excited to use these little beauties with one of my ooaks so that they can shine outside of the ocean waves. I will be adding a base to each one and adding even more shells...some of the small ones we have found on our beach walkabouts. I hope one will speak to you and tell you to bring it home!!

These are the first ones I'm going to be using. Both photos are of the same shells...just turned over so you can see both sides. Aren't they pretty? Can't ya just see little mermaids enjoying swimming around and inside them? I know that I can. ^_^

Until next time..........Hugs,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Faerie muse inspired jewelry

I'm so blessed to have several muses that sing to me (blessed unless they all want to sing at the same time that is..hehe) My faerie muse came to visit with me and brought such inspiration along with her. I told ya'll yesterday in my post that I had found some gemstone beads while hunting for something else completely and it seems fae wanted to use them for her inspired designs. I'm very happy that she did!!!

I love these beads and taking a picture of them NEVER does them justice. (of course, it could be the camera and the photographer..just a wee bit) The dark ones are in the green hued family and are called green cube shell beads. They look like they have a rainbow inside when the light reflects off of pretty. The pink ones are pink coral and the two green ones are dyed water pearls with a hand blown glass bead used as the focal bead. The other side of the focal bead has some coral color in it and it will turn around..when it wants to. ^_^   I made this using memory wire so it will fit any wrist.

I do believe this one is my most favorite bracelet I have ever made. I used jasper beads (the green flecked beads), bone beads (the tiny off white beads), goldstone (which is a manmade stone and is the brown with golden flecks) and the focal bead on this one is a river stone. came from a river!!  A true earth faerie designed this one...can't ya tell? It is also made on memory wire and wraps several times around your you have several different bangles on.

This was made on two strands of memory wire. The silver piece is one whole piece and very unique. I do believe my faerie found this one and decided to sneak it home. I don't really know where it came from but I like it. Don't you?? I used jasper beads, black acrylic beads and did the closure using green hemp rope and a twisted square knot. Would look very elegant with a dress or equally as good with a pair of jeans and a tshirt. (or shorts and a's getting fairly warm here)

These can be found in my Etsy shop and I hope you will come and shop sometimes when you are looking for that unique gift. (or just something special for yourself)

Until next time..........Hugs,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boho glass bead bracelet

Today I'm working on some BOHO jewelry pieces. One is for the friend I am doing some pieces for and the others will go in my Etsy shop. I went on a mad hunt for some black beads this morning and found some of my gemstone beads that I had totally forgotten I had. to find treasures...AGAIN. HEHE ^_^

Here is the commission piece.....a blue and black hued BOHO bracelet I made using memory wire. The focal bead is a hand blown glass pretty!! (and before you ask...NOOOO...I did not make it myself. Fire and me DO NOT go all...just sayin)

She requested that each piece have it's own little paper box. I want to make each one a tad bit different. (that way I can hopefully remember which jewelry piece is in which box) I like to use tissue paper or some kind of filler in the bottom so that the piece doesn't jiggle around to much and wouldn't ya know it...I didn't have any of either. Not a problem though cause I am the queen of reusing items...oh yes I am!!! I always have leftover paper when making the boxes and I keep them. Well..ya never know when ya might need a small piece of I did today. I cut it into thin strips and then folded each tiny strip into a small fan and then opened it back up. Instant filler!!

For the top of this box I did one of my small butterflies. Printed an image off onto vellum paper...added a small wooden bead in the center and tied it to the top of the box. So simple yet so pretty, ri iight??

Now back to more beading for me. What are YOU working on today? Something interesting I bet!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

Monday, June 3, 2013

Working on commissioned pieces of jewelry!!

A friend that has bought several pieces of my jewelry has commissioned me to make several more pieces for her. I love when my art helps bring folks into my life as what happened this time. She commented on some ooaks that I had made and we started talking back and forth and discovered that we live almost right around the corner from one another. Small world, eh?

I just finished one of the bracelets she of my hemp ones....the one with the pansy and the pearls.  She wants another one just like it but the roping in rose color. (someone has notified me that they are hopefully going to buy one of my teacup faeries and I so hope they do. I need to make a supply run)

I made one of my paper boxes to put the bracelet in and made one of my paper flowers with a button in the center as a decoration for it. I love making these little boxes....such fun!!

After I finish this post then I'm going to start on a memory wire bracelet she has ordered. Well....actually I think a horizontal pause is going to take place first and then I will work on the bracelet. ^_^

Until next time...........Hugs,