Wednesday, August 28, 2013's Wednesday already???

Please forgive the time delay (HEY...I only missed a day this time) I have been a bit under the weather after my sweet, darlin son shared his tummy virus with me. Dang it all...I so need to teach that boy that he does NOT have to share everything!!!

Since the Chazman was sick for two days and then I ended up with it late Monday afternoon (and still am not feeling much better) I haven't been doing a whole lot except for doing the horizontal pause.(that's napping for those that don't know..hehe) I did get some sculpting between those pauses that is. Here's two WIP photos for you. The funky, whimsical skellie head is a candelabra....or at least I hope that's what he turns out to be. The white thing on the right is going to be a spell book and the open book is well....a open book with an owl sitting on top. I know...I's laying down at the moment but it won't be when the piece is completed. At least I hope it won't...if it does then that means the owl found the mouse juice..hehe.

I wanted to ask some of you how you go about doing some of your armatures...that is if ya don't mind me asking and if ya do then just don't answer....BAHAHA!!!  I normally use double wire for tall ones like the skellieabra and then twist them together, fold them in half and twist again. After all that twisting I wrap it in florist tape. (I like white but I only had green, so green it was...this time) After all the wrapping I apply a thin layer of regular school glue and let it dry completely. After that then I apply the clay. So far it's always worked and held up really well. I am curious as to how some of you do them though. I know....I know AGAIN....curiosity killed the cat....and to that I say...MEOW!!!! hehe

Until next time...........Hugs AND before I go I want to say that I hope each and every one of you are feeling AWESOME and healthy and do everything to keep those nasty germs away from you and yours. ^_^


Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Happy Monday!! (it is Monday, ri iight??)

Happy Monday to all. I hope that it's going to be an outstanding week full of adventures or at least filled with projects that you are so wanting to start OR finish.  I know that I have several projects I hope to finish this week and some I want to get started on. I will have to squeeze them in between some beach house cleanings this week but I CAN DO IT....oh yes I can. (telling myself that I can get those houses cleaned...peep talk ya know!!)

Saturday as I stated in my last post had no cleanings being done. YEA!! It was raining, of course, but we still had some fun places to go. We have a great flea market here and well...with it raining it seemed like the perfect time to go back and visit. Soooo HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that we did too!! I found some treasures that had my muse not just singing but YELLING at the top of her wee lil lungs that I just had to purchase. Sooo, being the good artist that always (mostly) listens to her muse, I did!!

I love what I found....don't you? The vintage wooden carousel horse is going to have one of my Santa ooaks sitting on him. The bigger trunk I do believe is going to be holding toys that the elves have been busy making and maybe even an elf digging through them..hehe Can't ya just see little elf legs poking out and...ok ok enough for now. The small chest looks like it would belong to a witch in training and the "Kisses" clay pot would be perfect for a lil witch kissing booth ummm pot. The other two wooden boxes are going to become bases. The glass cats were a purrrrrfect find. I'm thinking of a lil witch that didn't quite perform her spell just right and ended up making her cat invisible. OMGOSH...I can only imagine the trouble ummmmm I mean I can only imagine how much more trouble Gabie and Pumpkin could get in being invisible. (trembling) Owwww!!

Now....I'm off to paint some of the pieces I have baked already and then work on a few more pieces that need to be baked and then sculpt a witch or two and then do some sewing on the little tooth faerie helpers and then...ok that might be enough for today, eh?

Until next time..........Hugs,

Psssstt....I also found two round wooden bases at another one of our local flea markets plus an added bonus. When we walked outside and I was getting back in the car I looked down and there was a giant dragonfly. Poor baby wasn't alive and the ants were all over him. I poured water on him to wash him off and his two biggest wings came perfect condition. I'm thinking they would look sweet on one of my lil witches.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

WIP photos on some of the 2013 Halloween ooaks.

It's Saturday and we aren't cleaning today...soooo that means treasure hunting time if the rain holds off. I did want to POP in and show ya'll some WIP photos of some of the props for two of the ooaks in the 2013 Halloween series.

The two books in the upper left corner are going with one sculpt while
the rest of these are going with another. 

 Tiny scrolls in the front. Unicorn horns and two tiny glass vials. The one with the
twisted topper will hold the horns. The other one has a band of what looks like
dragon skin around it and that will hold dragon's breath.

I love making little spell books. I'm hoping to cover this one with tissue
paper to make it look like an old leather covered book.

 Close up of the witches little wooden work bench.

Hat head!! I mean every witch needs some place
to hang her hat.

Hope everyone has an AWEsome Saturday. Go out and have an adventure...make some memories. It will help your muse to sing loudly too.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Friday, August 23, 2013 muse is singing and singing and singing!!!!

WOW....I wish that ya'll could have see me yesterday. I know you would have laughed or giggled or possible even both. Make sure when you envision what I'm about to tell ya...that ya won't be drinking anything. Ya it don't come snorting outa your nose or anything..hehe.  As soon as I got home from taking the Chazman to school, my muse started singing up a storm and man oh man did she ever have me running around in circles. I mean real circles peoples and running...really running!! I started the day out sewing and then would JUMP up with needle and fabric in hand and keep sewing while I would go and collect things I needed to use to make jewelry...pieces I wanted to make that just POPPED into my head.

My sewing hand. (my machine decides NOW to act up)
Cat and frog are all sewn up. Monkey is being worked on. Dragon still waiting his turn.
All will be painted when all sewn up!!

 Yeppers....I sat my sewing down and started right on making jewelry pieces. Why you ask? Because my muse told me too of course. (and for the fact that she would NOT stop singing. Have you ever heard a faerie muse sing? They hit those really HIGH pitches) I worked on jewelry for a bit and then JUMPED up AGAIN and ran to the back to work on some cards to put the jewelry on.

I decided to use some of my doodles for these instead of the pretty lady I have been using. Once I got those printed off then up I would JUMP again and start back sewing.

 I felt like a mad woman I tell ya....truly MAD!!! (not mad in a grrrrrr angry kinda way but mad as mad hatter) I couldn't seem to concentrate on any one thing for long periods of time. My muse just kept on singing and singing and singing and I just couldn't keep up!!!

I was so relieved when it was time to go pick up the Chazman from school. I mean "WHEW" I so needed to just sit and chill a bit. I know truly know what the saying "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off" means. Now you would think sitting in a car with it raining and patiently waiting that I could have gotten a bit of a rest but NOOOO, my muse whispered to get pen and paper out and start jotting down some notes for clay ideas. OMGOSH!! I wrote down 7 different ideas for a Halloween witch series. As soon as the Chazman and I got home I had to, of course, sit down and start sculpting. I started working on some clay spell books.

Now.....did ya picture me jumping up, running around, busy busy doing this and that and being dressed like the mad hatter? HEHE (hope it made ya smile) I'm going to be jumping and running around again today and I hope I will have the strength to show some more WIP photos come tomorrow.

Until next time...............Hugs,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Should I introduce myself???

Perhaps I should take this time to introduce myself. HI...I'm Regina better known as Regi. I'm a whimsical, quirky artist that babbles in a little of this and a little of that. HEHE

Now...I could have started with..."Now that my broken arm has healed" but that wouldn't have been the truth. A good reason to have been gone from here for awhile but just so not the actual reason why. The real reason was due to LIFE. Yes, it has just been the excuse of LIFE!!

My muse has been yelling singing up a storm to me for the past month and it's not that I have been desperately trying to ignore her but....have you ever had times when there is so much you want to do that you just don't know where to begin? That's me at the moment!!

I'm working on a little of this and that with the sewing of some of my tooth faerie critters. There are going to be several cats, frogs, dragons and monkeys. OH MY!! (hehe) They are going to be donated to the Christmas Angel program here. I so believe in paying it forward and this amazing organization has helped with the Chazman's Christmas for the past couple of years. I'm also working on some pretty lace and fabric flower barrettes and pins. Also for the Christmas program. (will post photos soon)

While I'm sitting here working on these items, I'm also soooo wanting to work on some of my Halloween characters and jewelry pieces. Can ya believe that there are only 71 days until the boys and ghouls get to come out and play? (Disclaimer: I was so not calling girls, ghouls. Just making a funny..HAHA)  I also want to start working on some of my Santa serie pieces too. Yes's only 126 days til that special holiday too. Scary, eh?

Until next time...........HUGS,