Monday, November 23, 2009

Ooaks going to the Musuem Gift Shop

We are all so excited about our new adventure. We = me, the Chazman and the ooaks. So many hours have been spent bringing these characters out into the world and they are finally going to be able to reach out in it.
Harrison Brothers in Huntsville, Alabama....HERE WE COME!!!!

Here are the ones that are making the first trip. If all goes well then more will be added all through out the year. Those will include some of my Animal the Rabbits and the Bears. My faery series will make an appearance later on as well. I'm not going to tell right now about all of if you are ever in the Huntsville, Alabama area go take a stroll down South Side Square and you will find us there. Ask for the Southern Ooaks collection.

Of course my weebies are coming along too. They even have a tree of their very own for them to hang around on while visiting there. Excitement...excitement so much excitement in the air. Please forgive if this is the last post for a week but we are going to be busy busy. Trips time being spent with family. I hope that you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you in another country, I hope that your day is a special one as well.  As always, thank you for looking...remember to check back often and until time next....


Black leather and fur

My last Santa is completed that is heading to the Harrison Brothers Musuem Gift Shop. He turned out to be a mighty fine gentleman. I don't know what it is about me and songs and sculpting these days...this one is called Black Leather and Fur but the whole time I was sculpting I was humming Stevie Nicks song "Leather and Lace". Which is probably what inspired me to put a antique lace collar on him which I just now realized no one else can see because of all the fur. That's alright though, I know it's there.

In doing this piece I certainly found a deep respect for the 18th century shoemaker or any shoemaker that made our shoes by hand. Santa is wearing a pair of hand made soft leather boots. I think I worked on those longer than anything else with this ooaks. It was well worth all the time and effort and stuck fingers and knuckles and chin. Yes, I said's hard pulling a needle through leather and when ya have to give it a good hard yank...well...I learned you had better remember which direction the needle is pointed in. No worries, my chin is fine...maybe next time I should wear a safety face shield!!!

Santa has his bag stuffed full of toys. I have always imagined his bag being like the one Mary Poppins had. Open it up...not a big bag either and keep pulling toys of all sizes and shapes out...the never ending goody bag. Wooooo, wonder if I could ask for one of those for Christmas?

For this special delivery Santa has a wooden rocking horse and a set of paint so the child can have a horse of many colors when they are finished. A trumpet...a soccer ball....wooden blocks...a special book...some candy and of course a few surprise gifts. WATCH might just be a Jack in the Box when you open it. Those elves love a good jump and giggle!!!!

Santa stands 12 inches from his base to the top of his head. He has a strong wire armature covered in a soft body. His face, hands and feet were sculpted from Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. His face and hand details were painted using acrylic paints. His hair and beard are lambswool. His cape is made from a soft leather fabric lined with black faux fur. His outfit is made from a vintage piece of fabric and the cuffs of his sleeves and pants are detailed with the same faux fur. His shirt collar is a antique hand crocheted piece. His clothes can not be removed...if you gently lift his beard you can see part of the collar. His belt is made from the same vintage fabric and embellished with gold sequins and glass seed beads. His boots are hand made from a soft black leather and have a silver buckle on the outside of each. Santa is holding two stuffed Ted E Bears....a drum and a antique Christmas book (which on the back page I have signed for you). His bag strings are beaded with three antique crystal  beads. His base is pine that has been stained green and then the top covered in my snow mixture. The bottom has a piece of the soft leather from his coat attached so as not to scratch any furniture.

I have so many other Santa ooaks just waiting to be brought out into the world but they will have to wait a week or so. As always, thank you for looking...check back often and until the next time.....


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wiggling toes....

I sure wish those were my big ole feet...just sitting around....doing nothin but wiggling my toes, but it's not...LOL!!!  I have been busy, busy in my studio, getting a few more ooaks completed to take to the Harrison Hardware Musuem Gift Shop next week. The excitement I feel about this wonderful new adventure is well just plain old EXCITEMENT. I understand the expression "words just can't explain" because words just can't explain how excited I am. Did I tell you how EXCITED I am? 

I did take a break this morning to go with the Chazman to visit the jolly old man. Yes, Santa himself and Mrs. Claus. She completely caught Chaz off guard when we walked in the door and she immediately said "Hello Chaz, it's so good to see you".  He just smiled but when we were coming home, this child had a million questions. Thank you Mrs. Claus...I now have a means to keep this boy in line...LOL!!!!  It was a wonderful visit and one we look forward to it each year. Ms. Suzannah at Suzannah's Photography here in Tallassee invites Santa to come to her studio so the children can come and see him. Of course, you better make sure you have been nice and not naughty because Santa makes all the boys and girls take the "Naughty or Nice" test.  He puts Rudolph's nose on yours and if it lights up like Rudolph's then you have been a good boy or girl. Thank goodness Chaz's nose lit up bright...bright...bright. He is such a good boy and I'm so proud of him....all year round. Suzannah does so much for our community and I want to take this moment to say "Thank you". You are truly a blessing to our town.

I am presently working on one of my smaller Santa sculpts. This one will have his bag of toys thrown over his shoulder. I'm making a few of the Victorian toys for this piece. So with that being said...I need to get busy, busy again. Tomorrow I will post photos of all the ooaks I'm placing in the shop. I am just so ya didn't know that!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Memories from Christmas Past....

I can remember going to see my Grandparents at Christmas time and my Grandmother always having that wonderful Christmas candy sitting on the coffee table in her special glass bowl. All the beautiful colors....reds, greens, yellows and a combination of all three mixed together. The kind shaped like strawberries or had the design of a pineapple on them. My all time favorite was the ribbon candy. Ohhhhh, it was so good!!!!!

This Ted E. was designed with that particular Christmas memory in mind. He has his supply of ribbon candy and you might get him to share at least one piece. Just be wary if he should let out a low growl...that means, "Not today, it's all MINE".

He is a fully sculpted ornament made from Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He has been hand rubbed with acrylic paints to give him that old look. His eyes are seed beads. His collar is a white ribbon trimmed in silver. The candy ribbon is also made from clay. His base has been treated with my famous snow mixture. He has a gold wire hanger that has been shaped and has tiny frosted beads attached. He can also be a desk sitter if you detach the hanger. (as can all my weebie ornaments)

Remember when all you wanted for Christmas was a puppy. A Puppy to call your very own. It didn't matter if  it might chew up your favorite shoe or make a mess every now and then until he could be potty trained. You just wanted to wake up Christmas morn and find that cute lil fella sitting there waiting on you.

Santa found a surprise sitting in his hat the other morning before going to the shop to oversee the making of the toys. Santa loves all creatures, great or small and this fella was loving him back. Puppy kisses and puppy breath. What a memory!!!

Santa and puppy are fully sculpted out of Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. Both are hand rubbed with acrylic paints. Santa's eyes are hand painted and puppy's are seed beads. Santa's suit has been sealed with a glitter paint. Puppy's chew toy is also made from clay and hand painted. The base has been treated with my snow mixture. Santa has a twisted gold wire hanger with a jingle bell attached.

Now most folks at Christmas and winter time, think snow. However, there is another white substance that can be played in. All year round too, not just winter time and Santa loves to play in it. It's the white sand found at our lovely Alabama beaches. Well, ok ok most beaches have beautiful white sand but ours is the BEST!!!

Santa and his crew took a day to go visit the beach. Fun in the sun, relaxing listening to the ocean waves break on the shore and OH MY what the elves had in store for the biggest elf of all. Santa was buried in the sand. His belly wouldn't stay covered from all the laughter and giggles. I think just for this day his name should be Sandy Claus...HOHOHO!!!!!!

Santa is fully sculpted using Sculpey clay and without the use of any molds. He has been hand rubbed with acrylic paints. The sand is made from my snow mixture and then covered in german glass and bright white glitter. The star fish is also made from clay. The three tiny shells are real shells. He hangs from one of my twisted gold hangers with clear glass beads attached. He looks really cute detached from the hanger and just sitting on the desk.

I am presently working on a few more ornaments. I do plan, if time permits, before I head up to the musuem to sculpt another Santa. Anyone that lives in the Huntsville, Alabama area should really go visit the Harrison Hardware Musuem. It is a fantastic place to find hidden treasures and one of kind gifts made by local, Alabama artist.

As always, thank you for looking and until next time......


Monday, November 16, 2009

Rocket Man....HOHOHO!!!!

Santa in his flying machine...HOHOHO!!!  I had that song by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Rocket Man, in my head the whole time I was doing this ornament. As you can see, Ted E Bear had to poke his head out of the bag just to see what was going on. Of rocket can stay airborne without the proper amount of flames coming out the tail end. This weebie is a full sculpt using Sculpey clay designed without the use of any molds. Santa is adorned with fur around his hat and jacket sleeves. The entire piece has been dry brushed with acrylic paints and then sealed with a sparkle paint to give it that old world look.

Lil Quin decided that he had had enough with trying to put up the lights. It was dessert time and what better one to have than snowcones. Quin loves his snowcones...he even made a few extra if you would like to join him. Quin is fully sculpted out of Sculpey clay and designed without the use of any molds. He is hand rubbed with acrylic paints. His eyes are seed beads. His base is covered in a snow mixture and then coated with german glass. His snowcones have been treated with the same mixture.

I just love these lil bears. I am a Bear collector and always have several in my own decorations. This lil guy is bringing home a Christmas wreath for his den. Ted E. is sculpted out of Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He is hand rubbed with acrylic paints. His eyes are seed beads and his collar is a burgandy ribbon with gold metallic thread running through it. His base has been snow treated as most of my weebie ornaments.

Ted E was tired after his tromp through the woods to find his Christmas wreath. Here he is with his warm fuzzy bunny slippers on and his favorite blankie. This Ted E. is a full sculpt made from Sculpey clay and then hand rubbed with acrylic paints. His bunny slippers and blankie are also made from clay and then hand painted using acrylic paints. His eyes are seed beads. His cap is clay with tiny jingle bells sewn on to it. His base is the same snow mixture as all the others.

I am in the process of making more ornaments as well as a few smaller Santa sculpts. These are all going to the Harrison Hardware Musuem gift shop in Huntsville, Alabama. If you are interested in one before I take them up, please email me and let me know. Chaz and I are planning a day trip on the 24th to deliver them.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to look and for those of you that post comments, well, it just warms my heart. Until next time.....


Friday, November 13, 2009

New Weebies...

It's so exciting when an artist, well this artist, sells one of their sculpts. Do you know what the first thing we do after the sell? Make a bee line straight for the nearest craft store and stock up..Michael's, here I come.  Of course, I don't do it everytime but it's nice to go and look and see all the wonderful items just waiting to be purchased...BY ME!!!  My hubby was so sweet and took us to town last night, yes, to Michael's. He is good to send on a mission. I just tell him what I'm looking for and off he goes....Chaz trailing right behind him. I do mean "trail" because less face it..he is his mommie's son....he loves to look at supplies...each and every isle. Makes for quite the adventure really. Anyways, I can trail off on a tangent very easily...please forgive. Joseph found a ribbon that looked like the Houndstooth for Alabama and being a HUGE Bama fan it didn't take him long to spot it. It made the perfect collar for the Elephant ornament. This one was special ordered but if you like him I can make another.

I had a request to make some of my weebie Christmas ornaments. Last night I sat down and started designing. Meet Mobie...he is a young snowman and loves to play. See that big grin...those little arms spread out for a happy greeting but be cautious because he loves to throw snowballs. This snowie could have snowball fights all winter long and never tire of the game. His grin and out stretched arms are misleading....he is telling one of the children "Ohhhh come play...I only have few snowballs left".
Of course, you can see that he has a stock pile of them, ready for play.  Mobie is a full sculpt using Sculpey clay and was made without the use of any molds. His body has been dusted with a fine MICA powder to give him that snowy glow look. His nose is a clay carrot and his eyes and buttons are seed beads. His hanging wire (which can be removed to make him a desk sitter) is curled and has a purple glass bead. His hat is made from felt and his scarf is made from chenile. His base and snow arsenal are also made from clay. The base and part of Mobie are covered in german glass to give them the fresh snow look.

This lil fella is one of the penquins that I do. I LOVE penguins...they are such simple creatures but can have the biggest personalities. Quin is trying his best to help decorate with lights. I don't think he is having to much luck with the tangled mess he has made. Quin is also a fully sculpted ornament and is made from Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. He is handpainted using acrylic paints. His base has been treated the same as Mobie's with the german glass. His eyes are seed beads. His lights are tiny plastic replicas. He hangs from a twisted gold wire with one of the Christmas lights attached. His hanger can also be removed to make him a desk sitter.

If you would be intetered in ordering one of the weebies, just leave a comment with your email addy or send me an email with the word weebies in the reference line. As always, thank you for looking and check back as more weebies will be added.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...

Jingle Bells...Jingle great to be a cat.
To live up North with the Mrs. Claus and grow so big and fat.
To taste the pies and cookies too without her saying shoo.
What fun it is to be the cat that gets to be with Santa too.

This is Jingles....Mrs. Claus cat. I can tell by the way he is licking his paw that he actually got a taste of that scrumpous pie before Santa did. Well, a fingertip of cool whip. He loves purrrring around the parlor because he knows that's Santa's favorite spot.

How could she not let him get a taste here and there....just look at those BIG BLUE eyes.

I think Jingles filled that vacant spot quite nicely. He is one of my needle felted creatures. He has a wire armature to hold his shape. He was felted using wool fibers and has a felted overcoat of fine lambswool.
His eyes are baby blue glass beads that have been painted as well. This piece is finally complete. YEAH!!

Now to move on to my next ooaks....I think it's time for Santa to be checking those list. Soooo..ya better be good....HOHOHO!!!     


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Presenting Santa and Mrs. Claus...BUT WAIT, I see another character......

Santa is sitting on his favorite antique parlor stool, reading his paper and suddenly he smells what he has been waiting on since his trip to the pumpkin patch. Mrs. Claus brings in her first baked pie of the season. Ohhh, the wonderful pumpkin spice aroma feels the home with all the memories of past, present and future seasons. Santa puts his paper down, gives the Mrs. a big hug and grin and  "POOF" a bright of the elves snaps a photo of him and Mrs. Claus. A photo to place in their scrapbook. Such simple things make such wonderful memories.
While looking at this piece from all angles I decided that the tiny spot, right there, behind Santa's stool needed something. I'm working on one of my needle felted creatures and I think she will just fit purrrfect there. Can you guess what she is??
I'm very proud of this ooaks. It turned out even better than I had imagined it would...and that's a GOOOD thing. From this ooaks came an image of another. One of Santa and Mrs. dressed in traditional Christmas clothing or perhaps them dressed in fine leather capes and taking a sleigh ride one winter's afternoon.
This piece is for up for adoption. If you are interested please contact me and I will get back to you. However, I am taking it up to the Harrison Hardware Musuem gift shop on the 24th at which time it will have to be purchased through them. I'm very excited to have been accepted into this wonderful that lets you discover some of Alabama's history and past. I'm equally excited to get my wee ones up there and out where the public can see them and enjoy them. Even if it is for a bring back a memory lost or forgotten..these ooaks need to spread their wings.  Hugs, Regi

Price: $225 plus Travel Fare

Note: This ooaks is back at home and up for adoption. Their journey to the Harrison Hardware Museum was so exciting over the holidays.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Santa is complete...

Santa is all dressed and I think he turned out even better than I had originally designed. Santa stands at 11 1/2" tall. His pants and vest are made from a vintage wool blend fabric. The pants and vest are both trimmed in a multi-colored jute cord that matches the wool. His shirt under his vest is made from thermal material. Santa has to keep warm to ya know!!!  Santa is made with a strong wire armature covered in a soft body. His face, hands and feet are sculpted out of Prosculpt clay with out the use of any molds. His face and hands were painted using acrylic paints. I don't know if you can see it in the photos but I always add a tiny fleck of glitter to give him that "twinkle" in his eyes upon completion of painting them. His feet are covered in actual tiny socks and handmade soft suede leather house shoes. Tiny glass seed beads adorn the flap of the shoes. His beard and hair are lambswool (sheared only). His glasses are handmade using 20 guage gold wire.

Santa and Mrs. Claus make the perfect couple. I have enjoyed doing a piece that has included both of them. I am presently working on the stool that I plan on having Santa sit upon. Mrs. Claus will be standing beside him. The more I look at them standing next to one another though while I work on the stool... hummmm....the more I like that pose. I think I hear my muse "singing" to me...another Santa and Mrs. Claus ooaks in the near future.

I can just see a "real" couple posing for this photo. To have lived happily together for as many years as Santa and Mrs. Claus would be a true "gift".

This piece has come along way since the beginning. It amazes even me, the artist, how different a piece looks once it is completed. This one still isn't totally completed but I hope to have it done by this time torrow, so check back same time...same blog!!!

Thank you for looking. I LOVE all my faithful followers and appreciate even the passerbyer that stops to look. Until the next post....


Monday, November 9, 2009

Mrs. Claus is Complete...

There isn't anything like the wonderful aroma a fresh baked pie can fill a home with. Let it be a spiced pumpkin  pie and the "Oh me.....oh my......sure do love pie" song can be heard being hummed until that first slice is cut. Mrs. Claus is famous for her spiced pumpkin pies and if you just happen to be visiting the day she bakes one, then get ready for a belly and heart filled time.

Mrs. Claus stands at 10" tall. She has a strong wire armature and soft body. Her face, hands and shoes were sculpted using Prosculpt clay and then painted using acrylice paints. Her outfit is one of my designs and hand sewn. It is not removeable. Her spice pumpkin pie is made from Prosculpt and then painted using acrylic paints. The band around the pie plate was painted using fine MICA powders. (these powders give the look of metal or a shiney effect) Her dish towel she is using to hold the fresh baked pie is hand sewn as well. This is not has been permanently attached.

Mrs. Claus really turned out well. I enjoy costuming my pieces and spend probably more time on making them as I do the sculpt itself. Her apron is a sheer dark blue and really brought out the dark blue lines in the striped skirt fabric. Look closely and you can see her wedding band. There is a tiny crystal for the diamond.

She looks just as beautiful from behind. Don't you think? I decided not to use the cap that I made for her. It just didn't seem to go with this particular sculpt. I think I will keep it and use it on one in the future. Maybe one with "mother and I...taking a long winter's nap".

I have started on Santa. His wire armature is complete and I'm getting ready to "fatten" him up. As soon as I get a bit further along with him I will post a WIP.  I also have all the wooden pieces glued together to make his stool he will be sitting upon. I have a beautiful deep burgandy fabric I'm going to be covering it in. So let me end this post and get back to working on the jolly old man.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

WARNING....This post contains brief Nudity!!!

GOTCHA....made ya look didn't I?  I'm the quiet and shy type but I do have my days. Hehehe!!!    I'm devoting my studio time to Mrs. Claus this weekend. She is coming along very nicely. The first photo is  Mrs. C modeling her thermal "bloomers", which no self respecting North Poler should be without. Let's keep it a secret from the jolly ole man that she was just wearing her slip top for this photo shoot.

Here she is in her silken blouse, adorned with a crochet collar and tiny silver heart broach. I have had this vintage striped fabric for some time and have just been wanting for the right time to sew with it. I think it made a beautiful skirt for Mrs. C. I still have more to add to her outfit and am presently working on those.

I'm really getting very anxious to see just how this piece is going to turn out. As artist, we always have a picture in our heads...that gets put to several drawings and then when we start to work on it, it magically takes on a mind of it's very own. Replacing some of the design ideas we had and putting something different in it's place.

Hugs, Regi

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Weebie Christmas Ornaments

I posted a WIP (work in progress) photo of the Alabama and Auburn Christmas ornaments yesterday. Today they are complete.....Roll Tide and War Eagle!!!  Each ornament is sculpted by molds are ever used in my ooaks. They are hand painted with acrylic paints using a rubbing technique that gives them that old fashion look. Each one has it's own hanging wire that has been shaped and a glass bead of the team's color attached.

Don't you know a Alabama or Auburn fan that would love a special team ornament? How big of a fan are you? Orders are being taken now and only so many will be made this year. Place your order today.

Price: $15 plus Travel Fare (that's postage for you normal folks....LOL)

As always, thank you for looking and remember Pass me around!!!  Hugs, Regi

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The end of a good day....

Today was a very good day all around. My studio time was well spent and so much was accomplished. If you have been reading my post then you know that I made more of the weebies...ornaments this time. Also, Santa got his beard, hair and glasses completed today....that made Mrs.Claus very happy. I think she was getting tired of not seeing her jolly ole elf as well, himself. I'm hoping tomorrow will be spent putting this piece all together.

While working in my studio today, I heard that little voice chirp "You've got mail" and much to my surprise it was from a friend that I have been talking to online for about two years now. She has been such a wonderful friend, always there to listen and give some wonderful advice. She wrote that she was going to be coming to Tallassee today to speak at one of the churches and wanted us to meet. I was so excited. This friend is one of the strongest Christian women I know. She doesn't boast that she is....she doesn't have to.....her faith and how she lives tells you....her joy and her love for others speak with a heart so full that you know she is acting on HIS behalf and her "stories" all her wonderful stories, tell you that she lives for Christ.  Her name is Jackie Orvatez and she finally put all those wonderful stories in a book. "Jesus, A Yankee, A Rebel and a Harley".   I think now that my studio work is done for the day....the house is quiet and's a good time to go read. Sweet dreams, Regi