Saturday, April 30, 2011

What an amazing weekend so far......

I just love our town and the surrounding area we live in. Always, and I do mean, ALWAYS something fun to do. With most of them being....YEPPERS...I'm fixing to say that "F" word again. FREE FREE FREE!!!
(Now shame on all of ya'll that thought I was going to say something else....ya'll know "THAT" word isn't even in this old gals vocabulary. ^_^)

To start our free weekend off right, Friday night, we went down to the Gulf Shores Public beach area and listened to some good music by a local group called "Top Hat and Jackie". What a fun band of musicians!! This was our first time seeing them and I sincerely hope not the last time. The singers are married (according to Top Hat for at least 100 years but he said it in a very loving way) and their voices harmonized so well together. I guess anyone that has been together for a hundred years should sound good together...LOL!!  In addition to the awesome music we were treated by the Gulf Shores fire department with several fire pits and what do you do with fire pits....roast marshmallows of course. As soon as we were ready to eat some of the awesome tasting flaming treats we simple walked up to a table and two very sweet ladies gave us each a stick and a bag. In that bag was not only the marshmallows but two pieces of chocolate and four graham crackers. What can you make with all these yummy ingredients? S'Mores!!!
Talk about Joe Cool!!! He loves roasting marshmallows. Haven't decided if it is the roasting itself and getting to play with the fire OR the eating of them. Perhaps both...LOL  The sunglasses were to keep the heat from getting to his eyes or at least that's what he told me. I think he just wanted to look COOL!!!!
Apparently my lil man LOVES S'MORES!!!! He has one in each hand. Take a bite of the left one....take a bite of the right one. Just of them is mine. I just needed him to hold it so I could hold the camera and take his pic.....although I do remember having a bit more s'more before I handed it to him. Hummm!!
Daddy didn't eat any s'mores (just meant more for the Chazman and ummmm me..hehe) He did enjoy the music and listening to the ocean and feeling the cool breeze blowing.

Now everyone that knows us, knows that Saturday mornings are spent combing the area for yard sales, estate sales and any interesting junk ummmmm I mean treasures we can find. It was so beautiful out this morning so that meant a few good sales were going on. The Chazman found a few PS games (3 for $3), the hubbikins found him a work tshirt (.50) and a beach shirt (1.00). Momma (that's ME) found three wonderful items that I can use for my ooaks and I only spent 2.25 for all three.
Can't ya just see a tiny faerie standing in the teapot?
Large table runner...perfect for several Santa coats.
Full suede jacket with lambswool inside....I see some Native American ooaks!!

Hey Regi...what an awesome weekend so far, I bet you are saying. is what has really made my weekend far. While we were coming home from our treasure seeking we decided to go pass Heritage Park to see if anything was going on. Right across the street from the park is a lovely restored Bed and Breakfast called the Hotel Magnolia. It seems that they were having a 100+ year celebration today. Free music and a tour of the B&B. I have been drooling seeing this home for most of my life. When I was growing up and coming to the beach on family vacations we would drive pass it. It wasn't a B&B anymore then but just a kinda run down place (late 60's early 70's). Having the gift to see things the way they could be (even when I was young I was blessed) I knew that this house could be a wonderful Southern mansion. I always told momma that "I'm going to live there one day".  Ohhhh the dreams of a child. 
Isn't it a true beauty? One of our Southern homes restored to all its glory. I was so excited to get to take a tour. Once inside and looking around we were told to make sure that we signed up for a raffle they were doing today. The raffle was to give away invitations to stay at the B&B for a night at the 1908 rates. Are you ready for this.....the rates back then were $1.25 for a regular room and $1.50 for the suite. I think the hubbikins and I had a walk race to the table to sign up. We never win anything so we had almost decided to go ahead and leave before the drawing. I'm so happy that we didn't. They pulled a name out of the bowl and it wasn't one of ours. (happy for the one that did win but a bit sad too) then they started pulling out more names. They were pulling names out for as many rooms as they had. Nope...ours didn't get pulled. UNTIL...she was pulling the name for the suite. OMGOSH....OMGOSH...OMGOSH...she pulled my name. My childhood dream is going to come true even if it is just for one night. Once she handed me the invitation she also informed us that we would also be treated to breakfast. I don't know who is more or the Chazman. Hubby told him that he would be staying with his Aunt on that night and he replied "Ohhh I don't think so". I had to laugh and of course we will all three be going. They will supply an air mattress but I have a feeling he will be right in the middle of the bed with us. Here is a pic of the suite....don't drool now!!
We are home resting (and so I can calm down from my excitement) for the afternoon and will continue our weekend in the morning when we go on our beach walk and swim. I hope that you are having an awesome weekend as well. If not...then maybe you should think about moving to a community that has so much to offer. Ours has plenty of room!!!

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Bunny FooFoo

I have been watching a few fellow artist that make clay sculpts and then add flocking to them. They look so darn cute. I have flocked a few times in the past and really enjoyed it but "Man Oh Man"  had I ever forgotten just why it has been such a long time since I have done it. It has nothing to do with the fact that it is time consuming. I have tons of that wasn't the problem. I don't mind taking the time to cut up the yarn I use to flock with. Nooooo....the problem was I forgot just how much trouble I get myself into when I have glue on my fingers and tiny pieces of yarn. OMGOSH...what a sight. Really!!! It got so sticky in the studio that I just started laughing. Everything I touched ended up with tiny pieces of yarn on it. My hair may never be the same again.

I have got to practice with doing it again because it is something that truly can't be rushed to make the lil critters look right. So with no laughing on your end (and yes I can hear, really I can) and no, I am not showing photos of a sticky me is my lil flocked critter. Little Bunny FooFoo!!!
All of FooFoo is flocked with the exception of his big bunny ears. Those are wire with yarn wrapped around them. (like I do with my dust them more strength and makes them bendable) For not having done this in awhile I think he turned out pretty darn cute. Ri iight??

I may attempt a few more....a cat....a dog....or even perhaps a llama (I do have some real llama hair that I have been wanting to use.) I want to do a few larger pieces and flock or apply hair/fur to them to use with my Santa or Faerie characters. Lots more practice though....LOTS MORE!!!  I even thought about doing a tutorial...if anyone would be interested. I promise to keep the sticky fingers at a minimum.

Until next time.....HUGS,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break is over!!!!

WOW...what a fun week with the Chazman!! It went by wayyyy to fast though so we are counting down til summer break is here. YEA!! I just love having my lil guy at home with me but I am so happy that he loves going to school too. He was looking forward to getting back I think...he has made some really good friends and he was ready to find out what they did over the past week as well as tell them what he did. Ohhh to be young again.

Yesterday was a BLAST!!! We met up with my sister and her family for the Easter brunch over at The Hang Out. What's "The Hang Out" ask? Well, it's probably one of the oldest establishments here on the coast. Been around since the 50's (yes that almost makes it antique but we so won't go there..ri iight??)     It of course has been updated over the years and is a really cool place to go eat and play. Yeppers, I said play. They have games outside, a HUGE sand pile, a small bungee jump (one that let's the kiddos jump up and go higher and higher) a bubble maker and for the adults an awesome stage and sound system to hear some really awesome bands play. Of course since it was Easter...there was a surprise visit from the Easter bunny himself and a HUGE egg hunt. Our group of kiddos had a blast....take a peek

Now that the break is's time to get back in the studio and get some work done....or play done...depends on who I'm talking to and who's asking...hehe!! I have so many whisperings from my muse since she apparently  had taken a break too. Don't ya just hate when that happens. I know I do, she is a constant chatter bug for a week or two after. Mermaids and babies seem to be her favorite topic....perhaps merbabies even. I know I have been collecting some beautiful shells on our beach walks of late and I think it's time to start using them. What do you see when you look at them?

 I did finish up another gypsy corsage this weekend. I love finding inspiration in the things that surround me, especially our town. Foley has some beautiful gardens and landscaping scattered all around the Uptown area and a few weeks ago in the flower beds on the corners they had some awesome looking plants. I grew up with them in my great grandmother's and grandmother's gardens so I knew what they were. Do you know what these are called?
They are called "Hens and chickens" and aren't they pretty and so so unique. The botanical name is Echeveria. One of the simplest plants to care for because they don't need care. Just water them once a day, once a week, it doesn't matter because they will thrive no matter what. I wanted to capture them in a corsage with a Southern Ooaks twist of course. Here is my "Hen and chick" corsage.
Mine even has mother hens face in the middle....LOL!!! It has such a Springtime look to it and like all my corsages it won't fade or wilt....ever!!!!

So I  guess it's time to push away from this computer and get some work ummmm playtime in today. I hope that you have a wonderful Monday and until next time..........


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

To me and my faith, today is a day of remembrance. Remembering what my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did for me...for all mankind. He died for our sins, came back to life and is now waiting for us in heaven. 

It is also a time to be with family....following long traditions laid down many years ago or even beginning new traditions to be followed in the years to come.

I hope that this Easter Sunday is a blessed one for each and every one of you. 

Until next time......Hugs,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sleeping Gypsy Corsage

I am so enjoying making my ribbon and fabric corsages. Not to mention my hand sculpted face beads that I am making to go with them. I just love combining two different art forms. Don't you?

This one is called "Sleeping Gypsy". I used a multi-colored silk ribbon to make the main flower. It had such lovely hues of blues, greens and purples. Colors that just scream gypsy!!! The leaves are made from simple cotton fabrics in two different shades of green. The tiny peony flower is made from a tan silk ribbon with glass seed beads added. The faux stick pin is of course made from one of my hand sculpted face beads which has been detailed using acrylic paints. Her hair is made from a vintage piece of fringe lace. Her head piece is made from vintage tiny pearls and crystals. The stick pin has vintage pearls and crystals along with silver beads. A tiny silver angel charm is attached to the bottom. I thought the angel was a nice touch. Who wouldn't want an angel watching over them while they slept!!

Being one that loves to wear earrings I just couldn't resist the urge to make a pair to match the corsage. They are made from the same vintage pearls and crystals as the corsage, along with tiny silver angel charms. I like making my dangles long but still not touching your shoulder...that drives me wild. ^_^  Makes me feel as though someone keeps tapping my shoulder. These hang from your pierced ear hole at about 3 inches.

I will be putting these in my Etsy shoppe along with my other gypsy corsages. Now ya'll know I just have to put a plug in here....these would make great Mother's Day gift....don't ya think?

On to the next ooaks....until next time.....


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

YOU have been missed!!!

This will be a short post as I am busy....busy in the studio working on faeries, mermaids and letting my gypsy soul dance about. I just wanted to say to all my wonderful friends THANK YOU for not leaving while I have been away. Our computer finally fell completely apart and thank goodness for a wonderful, genius BIL that put it all back together. I promise some exciting new characters from under the old Southern Ooaks will be making appearances soon.

Until next time......HUGS,

Friday, April 1, 2011

I hear that song again...."I ain't got no body"

I love bunnies and rabbits and all things that hop along....yeah...even those lil frogs. HEY..I'm the mom of a very much so little boy!!!  Thank goodness he hasn't come in with one in his pocket yet but then that would be a completely different story than the one I'm telling...well for today that is. ^_^

I had a friend request that I do one of my dust bunnies but to only do the head and to make it so it could be worn on a chain. I love making my dust bunnies so I just couldn't resist making one that was just a head. I think he turned out rather cute and will probably be making a few more to put in my shoppe. Let me know what you think....

Of course, being the whimsical artist that I am, I just had to make it a bit bigger than most necklace pieces. I think anyone wanting to wear a whimsy should have it big enough to be seen and receive that "'s so cute" reaction. Just sayin!!!!! His ears can be gently bent into several different positions so that makes it even more me it does...but then I'm a complete whimsy myself.

Time to HOP along and work on some more bunnies. Ohhhh I made a funny....hop....bunnies...get it....Yeah, yeah...I am easily entertained. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.....until next time,