Friday, August 21, 2015

Kiss the frog they said........

Happy Friday peoples!!! School has started back and that means some kind of normal route has returned. Notice I said "some kind" Bahahaha!! I'm still trying to figure out how to balance working and keeping at my art but adding "some" normal route can only help to balance it all out, ri iight??

My muse has been so busy whispering to me about new ooaks she wants me to get started on. I thought that we had decided on beginning a new Santa. Apparently, I was sooo wrong. I didn't know that I was suppose to change directions until I was writing to a friend (waving at Johanna....hope you're feeling better) and telling her about the vintage carousel horse I was planning on using for the Santa piece. Once I posted a picture of the horse, my muse saw something else and immediately started pestering me. Hate when that happens. Don't you? Ummmm, your muse does do that to you too, yes?

 Beautiful horse isn't it? I can't wait to start on the Santa that will be riding it. However, like I said, it seems I'm going to be using the little blue jar that has the word "KISSES" on the front and starting another ooaks (one of a kind sculpt) before I get to start on Santa.

Y'all know I love to write stories or poems to go with my ooaks. All of my characters have a story behind them. My imagination really lets their story or poem bring them to life and I feel as though I need to share it as well as the piece itself. I'm also starting a new way to do my COA (certificate of authenticity) when someone adopts one of my characters. I'm going to put their story/poem in a little handmade book. Like getting two pieces of art with one. Here's the poem that is going to go with the little KISSES jar.

What's all that noise?
That noise, that noise

It's coming from town square
It's floating in the air

Don't they know there's something amiss?
Oh no, they're in perfect bliss

Witches are a missing
Makes me feel like hexing and hissing

I'm going down to see
Then hopefully the noise will let me be

Not mention
I need to find those witches
To many town folks are superstitious

What's that I see?
A booth set up for KISSES?
Hmm, this could be rather delicious

To find a prince you kiss the frog
SMACK...I think I just discovered
the witches epilogue

To kiss the frog
Not a prince to be
but rather a change to HIS identity

Soooo, can you picture where this ooaks might be headed? I've already started on it by getting the armature made for the witch. Her body is wire wrapped in white floral tape. I just had to "fill in" some important areas so that when I wrap it in yarn they will pop out. HEHE  Such a shame that I can't take away some areas from my own body so easily. Muahahaha!!! 

I'll be posting some WIP pics as I work on this piece so follow along. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. I'm an artist that loves to share with other fellow artist about the way I do things. We can learn so much from each other. Sharing is a very good thing!!!!

Until next time,

P.S.  Johanna....sending healing thoughts my sweet friend. Get better SOON!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

No more Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde :(

Let's all take a moment and just shhhhh!!! (tapping fingers on desk for moment to pass..hehe) It seems that Piwacket (my pesky at times lil kitty) decided that poor Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde did not need to be completed.

Do NOT let the shining angel light fool ya peoples!!

I came into my art studio.....well, that's what I call it but it's really my back room that serves as laundry room, art studio, computer room, reading room....yesterday morning and found the gruesome discovery. OMGOSH....gruesome it was too. Poor him/thems (affectionately named by my friend Johanna) was laying on the floor with *GULP* their head laying over to the side and bite marks and pieces chewed completely off. Horrible I tell ya peoples...simply horrible. Needless to say, him/thems was put to rest. Dang kitty!!!!

Now if you come and sit under the old Southern ooak tree then you know that I'm a member of a really FUN group called EVeRy WiTcH WaY LaNe. Psst...they also have a blog so go and visit AFTER you finish reading my post of course. Each month we have a challenge and August's challenge is to pick our favorite Halloween catch phrase, saying,quote or poem. Patrick even said that we could write our own poem if we so chose to and well....that's what I did!!!

Hocus Pocus Nooooo Pocus Hocus
Ohhh me Ohhhh my
What spell did I cast?
I turned my poor cat 
into a frog at last.

I love my cat and NOT
this dang frog.
This thing ribbets and
belongs in a bog.

My cat, my cat, my beloved pet
This major mishap has my
stomach upset.

I need that spell book
I need it right NOW
Oh wait, how did I forget
The spell book is under 
my foot, my pet.

I've got it now
The spell that I need
Hocus Pocus and abracadabra
Turn that frog back into my cat
Ohhh me Ohhh my
NOW it's a bat.

Not only did I write my own poem but I also did a tiny witch sculpt to go along with it. Meet Tabitha and her cat ummm I mean bat. Muahahahahaha!!!

Tabitha sits right at 6 inches from the base of her spell books to the tip of her wings. She was completely hand sculpted from clay. Her face detailed using acrylic paints. Her hair is pulled wool yarn. Her bodice is clay, her skirt is tulle and her sleeves are black lace. Her hat is made from felt with a tulle bow. Her wings are some of my embroidered ones made from a black silk scarf, wire and has beads on the tips and bottom of wings. Her books were made from clay and then painted. Her wand is made from a tiny piece of wood. Her poor cat ummm bat was sculpted from clay and then dry brushed with black. Cat/bat's eyes are black beads. 

I had so much fun with this challenge and am hoping that I can participate in many more in the future.....without any mishaps. Bahahahahaha!!!  Please follow along with this fun group as at the end of each challenge the pieces are put on the blog for sale. Yeppers, YOU could own a unique piece of Halloween art peoples. There are some amazing artist in the group and a range of mediums are used. 

Until next time..............Hugs,

P.S. For those that know, keep me in your prayers as this Tuesday is my appointment with the surgeon. I must admit that I'm a wee bit nervous. Okay....okay...I'm a BIG bit nervous. ^_^

Friday, July 31, 2015

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Well this old chickie didn't make the June EWWL Horror character challenge deadline BUT it doesn't mean I'm not going to finish this piece.

I had put him/them in my art cabinet and had kinda forgotten about them with everything else that's going on but every time I passed by it I had this overwhelming feeling I was being stared at. Oh yes....he/them was giving me that "Finish us NOW or pay artist person". Bahahahaha

Yesterday and today I have been working on his block base. Painted it orange and then dry brushed black on edges and then put a light coating of orange glitter paint over that. Why does glitter not show up in images on here? LOVE glitter even for horror items!!  I placed black and white old movie poster signs on each side. This was for a vintage horror character and the first time I saw the movie it was one of the black and white ones so I thought it very appropriate. I added a coating of varnish to protect them. The top of base is one of my gold scrapbook papers.

Now today I'm hoping to get most of him/them costumed. I'm getting really tired of being stared at!!!!!

Until next time........

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thank YOU!!!

I want to thank YOU for being one of my prayer warriors this summer. It's been a rough summer and I would NOT have made it through it if I hadn't of had YOU in my corner. Some are smiling and some are shaking their noggins at me. I haven't told many but perhaps to strengthen some of those prayers and because I trust those that visit under the old Southern ooak tree I need to explain a bit more.

In May I had to make a trip to the ER. I thought it was a BAD case of food poisoning. Those that know me know that it must have been bad for me to make a trip to the ER. Argg!!! I normally just suck it up or cowboy up as my Daddy use to say. That wasn't happening this time around. It seems it wasn't food poisoning but a bad case of colitis. While I was there they did a CAT scan on me. Funny but no cats were involved. I had this picture of them letting hundreds of cats run all up and down me....Bahahaha!! Anyway, they discovered that I have a rare SAA (splenic aortic aneurysm). Yeppers, a time bomb waiting to go BOOM!! Yes, I'm joking and probably shouldn't be but I have to at this point. I've cried too much about this. Stressing even more is the last thing I need to be doing. Still waiting to be sent to a surgeon for this but at this point they just aren't sure how to handle this that will give me the best chance at survival. I think I would rather NOT have known about this!!

Due to the colitis I had to go to a GI and he decided to do a colonoscopy and EGD on me. What FUN that was peoples!!!  The colonoscopy found polyps but they were benign. Thank the LORD. Unfortunately the EGD was another matter. Biopsies came back that I have Barrett's. It's where the cells of the esophagus start turning into intestinal cells. Those cells can become cancerous....adenocarcinoma. Yep again, I'm a bit worried and scared. They will do a EGD every year to monitor cells and hopefully catch any that become cancerous.

Now I have PROOF that I'm one very weird person. SAA is rare and Barrett's is normally a man's disease. Geesh, pooh and piffle!!!

I had to stop working for a bit and that's really hurt us especially with all the medical bills coming in from all of this and I know more is coming. We have insurance...good insurance but that still doesn't cover it all. Before you say anything I'm not asking for anything. Well, ok maybe I am. I've listed a variety of my one of a kind and unique art in my Etsy shop. For those of you that visit here I wanted to offer a special discount coupon you can use. At checkout use code HELP4REGI and you will receive a 20% discount on your purchase. If you are one of my neighbors (live in Foley, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach) and send me a message before you purchase I will remove the shipping cost and deliver to you personally so that I can give you a BIG "Thank you" hug. I LIKE hugs!!! If not from here don't panic when you see shipping. I ship everything Priority mail and it will arrive within 3 days to you. If you don't want me to ship that way and just send regular mail then message me and we will figure out new shipping for you. YOU must message before you purchase though. ^_^

I'm wanting to go back to work but for now it's going to have to be part time so pppplease keep your fingers crossed that I can find something. I have a family to help feed and one is 12 and is eating us out of house and home...literally!! Bahahahaha

Again, thank you so much for helping me get through all of this. Your continued prayers and healing thoughts are GREATLY appreciated peoples.

Hugs and tons of love,

Just click on sidebar to go directly to my Etsy shop. Hopefully, I will be adding some new items shortly. I'm thinking Halloween and more Christmas!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hairy chest men...Oww La La (snicker snort)

Happy July 1st peoples!!! I hope that you are making BIG plans for the weekend coming up. Plans that include family, friends, BBQ and sparklers. ^_^

I'm slowly coming along with Dr.J and Mr.H. His underpants are completed. (couldn't let him be NEKKID now could I?)

His face(s) are painted but I'm still going to do a bit more to them I do believe. Perhaps some blush for the doctor and some green (green with envy) for the mister. My muse is whispering that perhaps I should make a monocle for the doctor. Should I?

The doctor is going have on a high collared Victorian lace shirt and the mister is going to have an open shirt. (He's such a devilish gent ya know) Since the mister's is going to be open I thought his hairy chest should be showing. Now I do so love a man with a hairy chest...oww la la!! But Mr.H.....well....not so much. BAHA!!

I'm going to work on his ummm their hair this afternoon after I get home from work so I did a few pieces that need to dry so they will be workable by then.

The doctor's hair will be a stylist smooth look but the mister's hair is going to be bit of a mess. Yet another challenge in this challenge.

Until next time............

Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy last Monday of June peoples!!!

Wowzers.....can ya believe it's the last Monday of June? I feel as though I've been caught up in a time warp that's on the fast track. To where? Not sure....but I do so love an adventure. ^_^

I've not been doing to much except working and visiting with the vampire den here of late. (that's the lab peoples, for those that didn't know) I don't normally ask and I won't go into details but a few healing thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated if you could. Thank ya kindly!!!

I did work on the June EWWL (go visit if you aren't familiar with this AWEmazing group of artist. Blog / Facebook pages) vintage horror character challenge some this weekend. I would love to work on it before I leave for work in the mornings but I'm afraid I'll let the time slip up on me. OH HECK FIRE....I know I would let it slip up. BAHAHA!!! I can just see the expression on the bossman's face when I say that I'm late because I was "playing" with dolls.

If you are new to sitting here under the old Southern ooak tree then let me explain what character I picked for this challenge. I chose Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for my piece. I have always been fascinated by that story and it's one of the reasons that I started to follow a path into psychology. One day I want to go and finish and get my degree. I'm wacky enough to be my own case study...hehehe!!  Now...what was I talking about? Oh yes....Dr J and Mr H. Since the story is the tale of "split personality" I didn't want to make two separate men. I'm making one man with a different front and back. Now in planning this piece I must admit that it has caused me to really have to snatch my muse up by her wings to come up with how to do the arms and feet. I decided to do the arms with one in front of the character and one behind the character. OR would that be one behind the character and one in front of the character? HAHA!! Arms decided upon and now for the feet. That one my peoples took some time in figuring out how one set of feet would work for this piece. I stood every which away trying to figure out what would look best and even had the Chazman posing for me some. I finally decided on a ballet position....the first position....which is where the feet are turned outwards. I think it will work. Hopefully it will work!!!

Here's some WIP images of where I am at the moment.

Love making hands. I made them both be lefties. No, it wasn't a mistake. There's a reason to my madness......I think. 

I did the feet as just a basic foot pattern since I'm going to be making the leather boots for him umm them. 
Him/them was so excited about finally getting baked that they slide onto the glass yelling "Yeah baby". 
Okay...not really but I think that's what it looks like. Bahahahahaha!!!

Dr. Jekyll side. Got the legs wrapped to fill them out and working on his underpants now. 

Mr. Hyde side. See why I made two left hands now? So that it looks as though the character has his other arm behind him. 

I'm planning on working on him/them when I get home from work this afternoon. I like the part I'm getting into now and that's making the costuming. Victorian ruffled shirt along with scruffy open shirt. Interesting, eh?

Until next time..................


Sunday, June 21, 2015

A WIP on EWWL June challenge

Happy Sunday peoples. I hope that all the Fathers out there have a wonderful and very Happy Father's day!!!  A Happy Father's day to my love and the Chazman's Daddy. We are so blessed to have him as ours. He works hard and does without so we can have the things we need and loves us with all he has to give.

I worked on my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde piece some yesterday afternoon. Working on it and still in the planning phase apparently. BAHAHA!! Does anyone else do that as they are working? I was going to do two different pieces and let them be standing back to back. After going back and reading some of the original novella I decided that I wanted to stay with what the story was really about....split personality. One person with possible multiple personas residing in the one body. Making of two different pieces is out!!

 I still have some major tweaking to do with it before it goes into the oven but it's getting there. I think you will get just what I'm going for though.  Remember.....these are WIP ("work in progress" for those that didn't know) and I'm still working on the face(s).

 Dr Jekyll. I broadened his nose and chin and smoothed out his lips some.

Mr. Hyde. I puffed out his cheeks a bit more to give his smile hopefully a more sinister grin. 

The two faces put together. I like Mr Hyde's profile but not the Doc's. His needs to be pulled back some. He will be wearing a victorian lace collar so the jutting of his chin won't show as much but I'll know it does. That drives me bonkers sometimes....even though something will be hidden in the costuming, I still know it's there. 

Until next time.................

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Which vintage Horror character do YOU like?'s the weekend peoples!!! I hope that you have plans to get up or get out (or both) and do something FUN this weekend.

I'm hoping to do some treasure hunting today. That's going to yard sales, flea markets and such for those that don't know. Ya know the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure" and I have to totally agree. Ummm, most of the time that is. ^_^

I'm planning on working on yet another EWWL (EVErY WiTcH WaY LaNe) challenge. This is such a fun group. They do a monthly challenge with each month being different and then put the finished pieces on their blog page to sell. Those of you that are Halloween lovers would LOVE this group AND their blog....just sayin!!

This month's challenge which I'm sure y'all have guessed by my title is "Vintage Horror" characters. I LOVE vintage anything and when ya add the horror factor in, then, well, I'm one happy camper indeed. Just not one of those campers at any of those haunted, scary camps.....with a guy in a mask and with a big knife and scary, creepy music going. Bahahaha!!!

Once again my quirky whimsical muse wanted to do one that perhaps others wouldn't do. I know my first thought was of Frankenstein's monster or the king of hickeys....Dracula. I love those guys but decided that I was going to do another character that was both handsome and creepy. Can ya guess?

Well, did ya guess right? I have always loved this story and I think it's one of the reasons that I studied psychology in college. BAHA....a decision of what to study based on a horror story. Only me peoples...only me. The original story was written in 1886 by a Scottish writer named, Robert Louis Stevenson. (probably heard of him, eh?) He was always intrigued by how personalities could affect us, being both perhaps a good and evil side. His story had such a strong impact that when someone referred to a person with "split personality" that they would also use the term "Jekyll and Hyde".

My muse is just a humming with so many ideas for this piece. I'm even going to use this movie poster in my piece. My thoughts are running to doing a clay bust piece with the handsome Dr. Jekyll as the front and then when you turn him around.....there is the creepy Mr. Hyde. I'm toying with doing a full body as well and doing the same thing with the faces. I'm sure it will tell me soon which it wants to be.

If you come and sit under the old Southern ooak tree then I bet you remember the latest clay piece I have been working on. It's been sitting in one of my bins for awhile because it just couldn't decide what it wanted to be. That problem is no more peoples.

Meet Dr. Henry Jekyll....the handsome, debonair and reputable doctor.

Meet Mr Edward Hyde....the evil, dastardly villain. 

I hope that you will check back in to see the progress on this new piece. I'm kinda excited myself to see how it's going to turn out. ^_^

Until next time.................

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No more stinking cute lil rocking horse BAHAHA

OMGOSH.....I've finished my EWWL (Every Witch Way Lane) Halloween Flea Market swap piece. Hold please,  while I do the happy chachacha dance, will ya?

If you've been following along then you know just what I'm talking about. If not then slide down to the bottom of this post and look at a few of the latest past post. ^_^

Just in case you don't have time right now to go look at the past post and you're scratching that noggin wondering what in the world I'm talking about then here's what's been happening. I started with my swap partner sending me this cute lil wooden rocking horse.

Very cute indeed BUT this group loves Halloween so the cuteness just had to go.....far, far away!!! I must admit that I had to do a day or two of thinking and scratching MY noggin trying to decide just what I was going to do with this piece.

I thought "Ahhh Haaa" I'll paint it black and then do a Day of the Dead painting on it. Ya know, horse skeleton bones showing and then a pretty skull face painted. Once I had it painted black though I decided that idea would be something that everyone would probably think of and I wanted to be my quirky, whimsical, total unique self and do something different. Yeah. yeah, y'all already know I'm a bit weird.

Just like a light bulb going off I knew exactly what this lil horse really wanted to be. A DRAGON!!! I thought about covering in clay but decided that would take a whole lotta clay plus make it awfully heavy for shipping out to my next swap partner. I love working with paper so paper it was. Do ya like the scales? In one of those past post I wanted YOU to go look at I did a "How To" on making dragons scales. *HINT: dragon scales can also be made into corner bookmarks.....just sayin!!!

After the tail was complete I started on the body. When I make my clay dragons I don't do the individual scales like the tail but do the larger overlapping scales. I think this worked out good for the paper too, yes?
I went ahead and doodled what I wanted the face to look like along with the ears and horns. Some of the face got tweaked a tiny bit but it was a good tweak.

I started to paint the face but once I did it just didn't POP to me enough. So of course, that meant I just had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and see what I might could find to give this dragon that "POP" he needed. Ohhhh, did I ever find what I was looking for. Awesome glass dragon eyes!!

Once all the wrapping was done (bet he felt like a mummy for awhile....hehehe) I painted the whole piece red. Perfect color for a fire breathing dragon. Added the eyes, eye lids and rhinestone embellishments.

Close up of face. 

It's hard to see on the computer image but once everything was completed to this point I washed the whole piece in a orange glitter. Not a whole lot but enough to give it a dragon sparkle.

Now since this is a FIRE dragon he needed some flames coming out of that snout. He also has beautiful flames wings as well. Once I decided it was a fire breathing dragon which meant that he had the ability to scorch peoples then he was surely a fire breathing man eating dragon.

I covered the rockers in a creepy spider paper and then attached a chalkboard label (so that the wording can be changed) and of course added the bones of his victims. Well......they shouldn't have gotten close enough to be scorched and eaten.....DUHHHH!!! ^_^

I'm very happy with how this piece transformed and so hope that whoever my swap partner is for the trading that they will like it too. However, I will NOT be held responsible for any scorching this lil guy may do once he leaves here. 

Until next time.............

Monday, June 15, 2015

WIP on dragon....almost complete.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and did something fun, adventurous or creative. Or perhaps you just stayed indoors, curled up with a good book and lived in another time and place. Any of those things done would have made for a very nice weekend indeed!!!

I'm still working on my EWWL Halloween Flea Market Follies swap, the dragon. This weekend I gave him a good glittering of orange and used red crystals as part of his scales. I really like how the dragon eyes turned out. He's definitely not that sweet little rocking horse anymore, eh?

I have a doctors appointment in the early A.M. (I've decided that this old age thing really is for the birds) and then it's off to work I go (HiHo HiHo) but I do plan on working on his wings when I get home and hopefully do the embellishments on the rockers as well.

Until next time................

Thursday, June 11, 2015

WIP on EWWL swap piece!!

Good Golly Miss Molly but I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should have done a simple Day of the Dead painting on this rocking horse. What was I thinking? Well.....ummmm....I was thinking of dragons. BAHAHA

Since I work part-time and am dealing with a few medical issues I'm only getting to work on this piece for short time periods. I still have until the 25th to "get er done" so I'm not panicking........YET!!!!


I do have all the under scales on and the skin painted red. The little white tabs on the legs are claws and will be painted too. I mean, seriously, what man eating dragon would have such white claws, ri iight? I'm going to highlight the scales with orange and some other detailing but I'm not giving that away at the moment. I know, I can be so baddd!!!

I made a trip to our local Hobby Lobby (SO SO SOOOOO happy that we have one now in our little town. The hubbikins, not so much. HEHE) and found some really cool items to use for this piece. 

I'm going to use the papers on the rockers and then the skeletons will be disassembled and dem bones attached over the papers.

Y'all should have been at Hobby Lobby when I spotted these AWEmazing dragon eyes. I actually did a little happy dance right there in the aisle. Oh yes, I did peoples!!!

Now, I'm going to work on the dragon for a bit before I have to finish getting ready for work AND if I'm not completely POOPED by the time I get home this afternoon then I'm going to work on it some more.

Until next time..................

Monday, June 1, 2015

WIP on EWWL Halloween Flea Market Follies Swap

Having such FUN with this swap project. I was able to get all the under scales completed on the body and also got started on making some of the tiny scales. The horns and ears are sketched out but I'm going to paint them before I permanently attach them to the piece. The face I'm planning on cutting out the individual pieces to give it a little bit of depth. After looking I think I'm going to droop the upper eyelid to give it a more menacing look. I mean this is a MAN eating dragon peoples!!!

After work this afternoon, I'm going to do the under scaling for the legs and then start attaching the individual scales to the body. Want to come help? Dragons have LOTS of scales!!!

Until next time............

If you want to follow along with the group and all the projects click HERE.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dragon tales ummm I mean tail.

Wowzers peoples, please make sure when you are using the Amazing Goop that you are in a well and I do mean very WELL ventilated area. That stuff can make ya dizzy really, really fast. Don't know about YOU but this old gal is dizzy enough all on her own. ^_^

Since the "GOOP" was giving me somewhat of an issue I had to work on the dragon's tail in stages but I did finally get it completed. I added a few more small side scales to it to make it look a bit more dragonish!!

Can't wait to paint it. Well, ok I mean I will have to wait but ya know what I mean. Bahaha

The extra side scales made a difference if I do say so myself, yes?
The underside of said tail. Or I guess you could say "part of the belly of the beast". 

I've already opened up the back door and rolled out the windows so that hopefully today I will only be as dizzy as my normal state is without any further assistance. It's time to add scales to the body. Muahaha!!!

Until next time...............

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scales can be tricky!!!

OH MY but scales can be tricky little things. I'm not talking about the kind that we step on to see why in the world our clothes are starting to shrink either peoples. Bahahaha!!! I'm talking about the kinda scales that are attached to a dragon. YES....I said.....DRAGON!!

If you are one of my favorite peoples (thank you for always visiting by the way) that come to sit under the old ooak tree often then you know that I'm working on a project for a swap that I'm participating in. The EWWL Halloween Flea Market Follies swap.  So many talented folkes in this group!! Check it out when you get some time. NOT YET though...stay here and finish reading and then you can. ^_^

I'm working on the tail this morning since a dragon's scales overlap each other from the bottom to the top. Makes perfect sense too because I'm sure it would be VERY hard to fly if they were the other way around. No aerodynamics at all backwards unless of course it was a backwards flying dragon that is. Wait.....I'm getting way off my subject for today. Like I was saying before my imagination took flight (ohh I made a funny. Get it? Flight...Flying...Dragon?) I'm working on this dragon's tail piece. I decided to use heavy cardstock which I will paint once all the scales are laid down. I thought that perhaps YOU might be interested in just how I'm making the tail piece. I mean just in case you might want to make a dragon for yourself. It would be a fun project for a rainy day....just sayin!!

 First thing you have to do is decide what size you want the scales to be. My first one measures 5 x 5 and the remaining scales I'm using a 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 plus a few smaller ones for the tip of the tail. I'll probably use a 6 x 6 as the final one that will attach the tail to the body.

Take the square piece of paper and turn it facing you where the shape looks like a diamond. Fold the bottom tip to meet the top tip and crease gently.

Open piece back up and with still facing you in the diamond shape fold the bottom tip up to the center line you just made with the first fold. Do the same for the top tip.

Once tips are facing each other in the middle then fold bottom up to top. This should be easy since you already have your fold line there to guide you.

Now take left corner and fold over to meet the right corner. Crease along outer section gently. This creates the guide line you are going to need in the next step.

Open piece up. Easy so far, yes? If you do follow along with me from time to time then these steps probably seem VERY familiar to you from a past post. One where I showed you how to make a paper corner bookmark for your books. Love when you can do one thing for several projects. ^_^

Now take your finger and place on guide line and fold the left side over and gently crease. Do the same for the right side as well. Flip it over and you should have a tiny pocket. Open it up enough to fold the flaps inside.

Image to show what flaps inside should look like. 

Now at this point you have that bookmark I was talking about earlier but we are going to go one step further to turn it into a dragon scale for this tail.

Simply take the left corner and right corner in your fingers and push them together to form a scale.

I'm sliding each scale inside the previous one but not all the way in. It's starting to look like a dragon's tail!!!

Once I have the tail the length I need then I'm thinking of running a wire through the middle of all the scales before I glue them together so that I can bend it.

Now back to making scales. I hope you enjoyed this "How To" and can use it for either making paper bookmarks or even for trying to make a dragon of your own. Which ever you choose.....just have FUN!!

Until next time............


If you're new here and want to see what my item I received in the swap is and that I'm having to change then click HERE.