Friday, March 29, 2013

Shaylee picked out her tea cup and saucer!!

Shaylee came and picked out her tea cup and saucer. She is a pretty little thing and I wanted ya'll to meet her before the Chazman and I set out on our morning to clean a condo. (fingers crossed that there were NOT any messy spring breakers in this one...ppplease)

Cute...ri iight?  Shaylee and her cup sit right at 6 inches. Shaylee is one of my fully sculpted clay faeries with a strong wire armature underneath. She was detailed using acrylic paints and her eyes were hand painted on bone beads. Her hair is dyed pulled wool yarn and her wings are made from vellum papers. Her outfit was sculpted from clay and then hand painted using acrylic paints. Shaylee is permanently attached to her teacup.

I had fun with this one and still have several more vintage tea cups for even more faeries to come and claim. It seems my muse has been taking inventory of my glassware and she has discovered a small bathtub. Hmmmmm, wonder what she will be whispering will go in that?  ^_^

Until next time...............Hugs,

Keep those fingers crossed for us...pretty please!!!  hehe

Thursday, March 28, 2013's Gaelic for???

I so love Celtic/Gaelic folklore, especially when it comes to faeries, elves, sprites and nymphs. My muse she is a whispering about a pretty little faerie that is coming to choose one of my tea cups as her own. Shaylee is her name...that much I have gathered from all the chittering and a chattering my muse is doing. It means "Faerie princess of the fields". I do believe she will be happy here as we have several wild flowers growing that need some tending to.

Until next time...........Hugs,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buttercup is complete!!

It seems my muse wanted me to pull out my old night owl self and finish Buttercup. What's a Buttercup you ask? If you read yesterdays post then you will be in the know..hehe!! I do believe she turned out rather adorable....just sitting there.....sighing....and waiting for her wee fae babe to be born. I placed her high up on a shelf so that Gabie and Pumpkin couldn't reach her. They haven't learned yet that faeries are off limits in this  household....along with butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs.

The vintage tea cup and saucer sit right at 2 1/2 inches and with Buttercup's beautiful butterfly wings the piece measures 5 inches. The wings are not real but they are an image of real ones I printed off on vellum paper. I love using vellum paper for wings.

You can really see her cute little chubby cheeks from this angel along with her tiny pointed fae ear. The tiny purple flower is for the babe when he/she is born to lay on.

As you can see...Buttercup is patiently (NOT) waiting for her wee one to get here. She is a garden fae and so loves being out tending the new blooms but for her safety she must be content to sit in her tiny tea cup for now.

Buttercup is one of my full clay sculpts. She is permanently attached to her tea cup. The tea cup is permanently attached to the saucer. She has been detailed using acrylic paints. Her hair is dyed angora wool yarn. Her eyes are bone beads that I hand painted using acrylic paints. Her tiny bodice is some of my vintage lace with glass beads sewn on. Her skirt is made from a pretty green shear ribbon. I added some sparkly faerie paper around the base of the tea cup.

I have several more vintage cups and saucers and my muse is just a whispering in my ear that more faeries are coming to claim them.  ^_^

Until next time.............Hugs,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Any one for a cup of tea?

I love teatime and tea sets and tea cups with saucers. Oh heck fire...I love teacups without saucers too. The best teacups though are the ones that the tiny little Southern ooaks faeries make their resting places in.  I'm so fortunate that these wee little characters find their way into my studio after they finish tending to the spring gardens.

Buttercup is one of those wee ones that discovered a tiny teacup and saucer that she has laid claim too. I don't mind at all and find it an honor that she wants to live inside a teacup here in my home. She won't be living in the teacup by herself for very long though it seems as she looks as though she might have swallowed a fall pumpkin..hehe!! Yes....a tiny lil fae baby will soon be born.

WIP photo of Buttercup

Buttercups wings and teacup

Now...I must get back to tending to Buttercup. She really is doing some fussing at me since I let you see her NEKKID!!! 

Until next time............Hugs,

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My sculpting muse..she be a HOLLERING!!!!

Oops...did I do THAT...again? Oh yes I did...I let another week slip by without posting to all my wonderful friends that stop by to visit with me here under the old Southern Ooaks trees. I enjoy your visits so much so I had better get my hiney in gear and design some things so I can post...ri iight??

Spring is here....YEA!! Yeah yeah...I know I'm a day late but HEY...spring is here!! I love when all the flowers start blooming and things start to change to all the lovely hues of green. The butterflies and dragonflies start to come out of hiding and that gets me faerie muse to singing and quiet loverly too I might add. She has been whispering of some tea cup fearies, some garden faeries too and some more characters from my faerie race series. Do you remember Charme and Sabastin?

I'm going to do some of the smaller fae riding on some forest creatures that join in the race this year. I am still so proud of these two...being in Doll Collector Magazine (Feb/Mar 2011) They are at the Foley Performing Arts gallery just waiting to be adopted. I'm really thinking of bringing them home soon. I miss them!!! I would love for them to sell but then again..these were my first published pieces and I'm kinda attached to them.

Spring is a wonderful time to be living on the coast too. OH HECK FIRE...who am I's a great time anytime to live on the coast. At least here on the southern coast. ^_^   It seems my muse discovered a mermaid grotto that she wants to share with everyone so be ready for the mermaids to come a visiting here before to much longer. She also has been whispering about some hair accessories with the mermaid in mind.

Sculpting and designing won't be done as much right now. I'm really excited to be working this spring and summer. I know that some are either laughing right now or shaking their heads. Those that know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about condos and beach houses. I love to clean and getting to here the waves hit the shore and smell the salt air while I'm doing it just makes it that much better. Of course, I could do without the seagulls laughing at me....silly birds!! I will get back in my studio as my muses will NOT leave me alone for to long if I don't. Plus....this gal can't go without her "therapy" for to long either.

Until next time........Hugs,

Ooohh ooohhh OH....if any of my fellow artist friends know where we can get the wood base and glass domes to cover them for not a whole lot....hook this quirky chick up...would ya?  HUGS

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sculpting, Designing and Condo/Beach house cleaning

It's going to be a VERY interesting spring I must say. I was happily working on some jewelry pieces when my friend that I'm working for cleaning condos and beach houses gave me a "frantic" call. I do mean "FRANTIC" too. She asked if I was busy and before I could even answer (yes..she was that frantic) she asked if I could go and help Ray (that's her husband and partner in the cleaning company) with a project at one of the condo units. A project...I LOVE projects so of course I said yes. Now the project was trying to weed through all the mess that a group of spring breakers left behind in the unit. OH MY GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY what a mess!! I started working after the spring break last year so I haven't a clue as to how WILD some of these folks can be. Now I know that they come down to have a good time...I mean I know it's the beach....but they really should stop and "think" before they do some of the things they do. I won't go into details but I will say that we had to throw out all of the towels. (just use your imagination)  EWWWW!! Rest assured that they WON'T be renting any future condos from this particular owner again either.

I was only gone for about an hour and a half. I was just there to help clean up the not normal mess and then the ones assigned to clean it did their thing. I did quietly ask Ray who was in the houses I was cleaning this weekend and he looked at me and smiled and said...SPRING BREAKERS!!! Again....OH MY GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY....I'm going to really earn my money this weekend.

Like I said in the beginning...I was working on some of my jewelry pieces. My mermaid muse was in my studio today and was whispering some really good ideas. I made a pretty pair of earrings...they hang about 2 inches from the silver fish hook. Dyed (green) pearls, a piece of polished jade, glass beads and tiny pieces of green sea glass will surely bring your mermaid muse out to play.

I finished the macrame bracelet I was working on when I got home from working on the "project"...hehe. I used natural hemp and dark green hemp to make the bracelet and then added one of my mermaid head clay charms along with one of my clay turtle charms attached to a natural shell with a pearl. Glass beads are woven into the bracelet as well as strung on the side dangles. I finished it with one of my twisted square knot closures. It is adjustable to fit a small wrist or a larger wrist.

Now tomorrow I'm sure I won't be working in my studio as I am cleaning a beach don't be surprised when you hear from where ever you are "OH MY GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY". It will only be me...^_^

Until next time............Hugs,

Ooohhh.....for those that have been reading my post for awhile and know about Gabie and Pumpkin, our kittens, I thought you might like to see some new photos of them. Here's two....their two favorite places to be during the my lap....and sitting on the arm of my chair...patiently waiting for me to turn my head so they can pounce see what I'm working on.

 Had to put my arm across or Gabie was going to get a real close up..hehe
OMGOSH....I just noticed that Gabie is sticking her tongue out..hehe

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Therapy time...for reals!!

OK I know that some are probably thinking "OMGOSH...I knew Regi was in therapy". HAHA...very funny too. If I really think about it I probably do need to be in therapy with a honest to goodness therapist BUT the fact art is my therapy!! It calms me, soothes me and even helps to take my mind off the things that life just wants to put in my way. Yeppers...that life getting in the way thing AGAIN!!

I love all of the different medians that seem to roll in and out when I need them the most and right now it's my macrame art that is keeping me from getting all twisted up inside. Who woulda thunk it? Twisting rope and twine can keep ya from feeling all twisted up inside....and WOW...does it ever!!  I just finished a really cute Bohemian inspired macrame bracelet that probably could easily jump over to my mermaid inspired work. I used a tree of life charm as the focal point on this one and wove some of my aquamarine pieces into the branches. Matter of fact, all of the beads on this piece are aquamarine with the exception of one. I love using this precious stone. Did you know that aquamarine is the birthstone for March? Now ya do!! The Bohemian inspiration is the tree of life along with what some believe wearing aquamarine can bring. It can bring a clear mind which aides in perception and the ability to make decisions with confidence. The mermaid side of this stone is like the endless wash of waves on the shore bringing to mind the sounds and smells of the sea. This always reminds us to stop and enjoy the beauty that is all around us.

The star bead in the middle is the only one that is not in the aquamarine family.  

I used my twisted knot closure on this piece. It holds strong from being worn and that's important to me. It can fit a small wrist up to a larger one. Know anyone that is having a birthday this month? Wouldn't they just love to receive a special one of a kind bracelet?

I'm working on a mermaid inspired one now. It will be done with black cording, pearls, charms, natural shells and one of my mermaid clay charms. I'm just so relaxed right now and loving what I'm doing today. How about YOU? What are you working on? I hope it's something that takes you away from the everyday and let's your imagination soar.

Until next time............Hugs,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BBQ and Blues time!!

I promised myself and YOU that I was going to post every day this year but it just seems that life can get in the way and not let you do everything you plan to do. Sooo, with that being said...please forgive the few days that I didn't have anything witty or goofy to say. Of course those that know me know me know that I can always come up with witty and goofy things to say...hehe. Life just kinda stepped in front of me and that's all I'm going to say about that. (no one wants to hear boring yatta yatta talk)

It's almost time for the Vernal Equinox and I know that we all look so forward to it. I know that WE do...cause it means that events in the area start happening. Did I hear someone tap on the screen and ask what the heck fire is a Vernal Equinox?'s SPRING!!! March 20th will mark the first day of spring for this year. The time when our days stay lighter longer, temperatures rise and we see the rebirth of flora and fauna. WOOT WOOT!! It also means BBQ and Blues time here and we so look forward to this event every year.

This will be the 5th annual BBQ and Blues and I guarantee that it's going to be even better than the last 4 years. This event is all about who thinks they are the ultimate grill master.....of course...they have to be willing to prove it. It's a cook-off event with three categories that each team could be named best Q, BEST SAUCE or ANYTHING BUTT. Get it.....BUTT....pork butts...BBQ....ok ok you get it. The best thing is that you get to enjoy all the awesome food being prepared for the judges PLUS some of our local musicians will be there to entertain while you enjoy that ohhh sooo good BBQ along with some St Patty's Day green draft beer. Yes..I said green...not as in not brewed long enough but as in the color green. I have to admit that I pass on that and drink some good ole sweet Southern tea. HEY..they should have a sweet tea contest..just sayin!!  You don't have to worry about the kiddos being entertained either because there will be tons of activities geared just towards them. They also have a silent auction and I have donated one of my Santa pieces....Santa and the Polar Bear.

I hope that he brings in some good money for the Chamber because all the money that the silent auction raises goes back into the community. We live in such a wonderful should come and visit, especially this coming weekend!!

I have a good friend that she and her hubbikins are some of the hard working folks that make this event happen. Matter of fact, her hubbikins, Gene Moore, is the artist behind the poster for the event. Such a talent he is. I bet your saying to yourself  "yeah yeah...of course Regi would say a family member is talented" but he isn't a family member. Well...actually he and Shannon are....not blood relations but family members of the heart.  Shannon came over the other day to pick up the Santa piece and I showed her my BBQ pin and one earring. earring. AVAST...that would be making me a pirate then and mes no such a thing....this week anyways.  Arrg arrg arggg!! She really liked it and wanted to know if she could borrow it for the event. I'm giving it to Shannon as a gift and I even made her a new pair of earrings to go with it.

I'm always happy when friends come to visit and really, really happy when they come to visit and ask me to make them something special to give to a friend. Shannon really likes my little desk sitters and asked if I could make......get ready for it......a little pig. Well....seeing how I would be making her piggie earrings I knew that I would be in a piggie kind of mood and be very happy to make one.  I think she turned out adorable.

She will look so cute sitting on a shelf with a photo, postcard or favorite saying. I hope Shannon's friend just goes oinkers over it. HAHAHA....sorry..just couldn't resist.

Until next time..............Hugs,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Did ya know elephants love Easter?

I hope ya'll are ready for either a totally relaxing weekend OR a totally crazy weekend because it's FRIDAY folks....oh yes it is!!! The weather is suppose to be really nice this weekend and I have a beach house to clean tomorrow soooo we will get to go shell hunting afterwards. I mean....we will be there already and there's no good reason not to...ri iight??

I have been reading a really, really, REALLY good book for the past few days. (Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness) I just needed a little bit of me time. Oh who am I kidding. I'm one of those that once I pick up a book you have to pry it from my fingers to put it down. Ooohhh who am I kidding again...all the Chazman has to say is "I'm getting kinda hongry mom" and I'll put the book down lickety slip. HeHe   I do have to put it down from time to time to stretch a bit from sitting so I worked on some of the Easter clay charms. I didn't like the way the little bear turned out so he is in a box waiting until my muse tells me how she wants to use him. (can't stand throwing any of my clay away) The rabbit and the elephant charms turned out cute though. I attached them to a child's hair twist and boy oh boy...or should I say girl oh girl...they would look so cute for Easter.

I only made these three BUT if there's an interest in them then I would be happy to make more. I could make them into charms on hemp bracelets or even a pin that could be worn on a shirt or maybe in a fabric flower corsage.... possibilities are endless.

Now...I hope you have a fantastic weekend and until next time.................Hugs,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday!! is Tuesday, ri iight??

Happy Tuesday...the sun is's behind a cloud...ooohhhh there it's shining.'s gone again..hehe  Seems Mother Nature can not make up her mind today. One of our "AWESOME" local photographers, Steve Jones, caught Mother Nature having one of her "I just can't decide" moments on his daily beach walk this morning. Steve has captured some amazing photos of our beautiful area and I think you would love to take a peek at them. Just visit HERE to see more of his work.

So you can see I'm not just making up this peek a boo game with the sun at the moment. Would I kid ya about something like that? Oh nooooo...not muah!!! Stop pointing that finger at me...ya know I wouldn't...well...not often anyways. HA!! Thank goodness the sun shone brightly this weekend for us but I have to admit it was a bit chilly. We didn't let that stop us from going on a beach walk though. HEY...that's what hoodies are made for and sweatpants and thermals and thick socks. Yes, yes..I told ya it was chilly!!! Our beach has been undergoing a sand restoration and if you take the time to sift through the sand they blew up on the shore then you can find some wonderful treasures the ocean gave up. The Chazman and I definitely took the time to sift through and here's some of the beautiful shells we found.

These are called Olives and I bet ya can guess why..hehe!! Do you see the sewing pin? I put that there in some of the photos to give you something to judge the size of some of the shells. Tiny little shell there and just think that most folks just walk over them or on them. It's the perfect little size to put inside one of my glass vials, don't ya think?

 These are called Whelks. You don't find the big ones complete very often but even the broken ones are so pretty and can be used to add to your beach decor. There's another tiny one!!!

These little beauties are in the Nautilus family. I would so love to find a BIG one of these. Wouldn't have to be as big as the one Dr Doolittle rode in (although that would be AWESOME) but a nice size one would be great.

This is a Canarium shell and probably the biggest one we found (The Chazman found this one while digging a hole in the sand..hehe) It's three inches long and the photo does not do the colors running through it any justice.

These are Moon shells and I love these. I see dragon snails coming out. How about you? We found one that was perfectly could see the spiral on top but I think that it just couldn't form itself into a shell. My camera wouldn't pick it up but it is a pretty little thing.

These are Auger shells and I have no clue as to why the photo came out a bit fuzzy. I know that my faerie muse said that these were not shells at all but (looking around) unicorn horns. Perhaps she was trying to keep anyone from seeing them. ^_^  She has given me some inspiration though...hmmmmm!!

These are wing oyster shells. I have been collecting these for a good while now. These in the photo we found this weekend though. Of course since my faerie muse jumped in about the auger shells my mermaid muse had to put her inspiration on these. They are really mermaid scales!! See where this might lead?

Of course no beach walk would be complete without finding some of these scalloped lovelies. Yes..these are called scallop shells or as the Chazman calls them 'FAN" shells.

Now all of the above are just a few of the shells we found. We love to find the broken ones that show all the beautiful twist and curves that are inside some. I found this one right when we were leaving and I'm so happy that I looked down.

Isn't this beautiful?  The twist inside....the perfect spots on the outside. I see a mermaid tail curled up and I'm hoping what I have envisioned....I can sculpt.

WOW....I'm writing a novel today aren't I and I'm not finished just yet either..hehe!!  I promised to show some photos of this month's Holiday tree. If you haven't been following me long, let me explain, in short version. The Chazman and I wanted to keep our Christmas tree up and decorate it for each Holiday during the year. Was that short enough? HAHA  Here's this month's....St Patrick's and Easter!!

Simple but pretty I think and the Chazman loves it. That's really what counts...making my little man happy. How do you like the Mardi Gras beads we twisted and used. Purple, blue and pink for Easter and green and gold for St Patrick's. Each year we will add more to our monthly trees but for now we will enjoy what we have.

I also worked on some cute clay charms to put on some hair twist for little girls. I have them sculpted out and am going to get them bakes and painted today. Wait....I think perhaps a little kittie got hold of the bear...his nose looks a little smushed. Ohh I need to resculpt him and hopefully, I will have them listed in my Etsy shop by tomorrow.

 I'm listing this cute little rabbit too. Come and shop...please and send friends...lots and lots of friends...hehe

Until next time..........Hugs,

Friday, March 1, 2013

In like a lion..out like a lamb...Happy MARCH!!

Can ya believe that March is already here? I have heard of time flying but this is CRAZY people..CRAZY!!!
The Chazman and I took all the February decorations off of the tree last night so that we can put up the St Patrick and Easter ones for this month. Of course ya know I will post photos as soon as we get it all done.

How do you like my updated page? I'm enjoying changing that each month too. I so adore "The Cutest Blog on the Block" many great backgrounds and extras. That's where I got the falling hearts last month and the falling Easter eggs for this month. AWESOMENESS...I know...I know!! Go on over and take a look around. I'm sure you will find something you like love!!

Yesterday my studio was filled with several of my muses. I LOVE my muses but they can really run me over if I'm not careful...hehe  They whisper....I listen...I design and yesterday....well....I kept designing. ^_^

Faerie inspired bronze 18 inch necklace with a 2 inch adapter. A Swarovski crystal hangs from the adapter. The medallion has faux diamonds (ya didn't think the faeries were going to give away their real diamonds did ya? hehe). Hanging from the medallion is an aged bronze ball charm with tiny bronze beads and more of the pretty Swarovski crystals.

Faerie inspired Dragon necklace. Silver dragon charm hanging on a black 24 inch hemp rope. I used a silver toggle clasp with this piece and added some of my twisted knot macrame to match the dragon egg. She is carrying's a she...she told me so ^_^ one of her dragon eggs. I love these beads...made from quartz and in the agate family. (Quartz is a wonderful healing stone if you need some extra "Balance" in your life.) On either side of the egg are glazed glass beads.

Mermaid inspired memory bracelet with green hued glass beads and one of my clay turtle charms and tiny glass vials filled with some of our beach sand and some tiny sea glass pieces. Sadly, we don't have sea glass here :( but a friend on the Pacific coast side sends me some from time to time. Oh wait..dang it...I should have told ya a mermaid brings it to me from her travels. Yeah, that's where I get it from. ^_^

My Bohemian muse decided to jump in too. (see...I told ya that my studio was filled with muses) Beautiful earrings for the beautiful YOU!! Bronze fish hook earrings with bronze safety back stoppers. Tiny bronze beads with Swarovski crystals with a focal bead of  burgundy and swirls of color.

I guess you could say that the Easter bunny hopped in for a moment or two as well to give me some inspiration. I fell in love with these acrylic beads. I don't normally like acrylic beads but these...well just kinda grabbed at me. They look like the hard coated Easter egg candy I use to get in my Easter basket. These are brown with golden highlights running through them. Add the foiled green brown glass beads and PRESTO, you have Chocolate and Mint earrings..hehe!! I used the bronze fish hook earrings with the bronze safety back stoppers and put tiny brown glass beads between the two main beads.

My little Faeries were the dominant ones in the studio (obvisiouly) and I'm very thankful for their inspiration and guidance. This lovelies are hung on sterling silver fish hook earrings with rubber safety back stoppers. Amber colored glass hearts twisted with silver wire give it that faerie appeal. Hanging from the heart is a tiny round amber bead twisted with silver wire and a small three strand of my vintage pearls.

All of these pieces can be found in my Etsy shop and remember I have FREE shipping. Yes...I said FREE!!

Until next time..........Hugs,