Friday, July 31, 2015

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Well this old chickie didn't make the June EWWL Horror character challenge deadline BUT it doesn't mean I'm not going to finish this piece.

I had put him/them in my art cabinet and had kinda forgotten about them with everything else that's going on but every time I passed by it I had this overwhelming feeling I was being stared at. Oh yes....he/them was giving me that "Finish us NOW or pay artist person". Bahahahaha

Yesterday and today I have been working on his block base. Painted it orange and then dry brushed black on edges and then put a light coating of orange glitter paint over that. Why does glitter not show up in images on here? LOVE glitter even for horror items!!  I placed black and white old movie poster signs on each side. This was for a vintage horror character and the first time I saw the movie it was one of the black and white ones so I thought it very appropriate. I added a coating of varnish to protect them. The top of base is one of my gold scrapbook papers.

Now today I'm hoping to get most of him/them costumed. I'm getting really tired of being stared at!!!!!

Until next time........

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  1. So NEAT Regi! I'm loving what you did with that block! Can't wait to see!