Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He wants his MUMMY!!

I did it again...didn't I? Let almost a week pass by without posting. Betcha thought those twenty-five li'l mummies took over my studio and started wrapping ME in crepe paper huh? THEY DID..THEY DID!!                  OK, well...perhaps they didn't really (thank goodness too because they sure were eyeing my hot glue gun) but do you know how it feels to have twenty-five pairs of eyes just sit and stare at you? I'll tell ya how it feels. It feels extremely...CREEPY...that's how it feels!! I swear I think that some of them actually turned to look right at me. Oh yes...I was just sitting here working on their crate (ok it's really a hand painted box to look like a crate) and several of them....Oh wait...they did turn to look at me...cause I turned them. HEHE

The Chazman is so excited about taking these to his classmates. He wanted to take them today but I told him he had to wait until tomorrow for their HALLOWEEN party!! I think that I'm going to have to make a new box crate before we do any other projects for his class as this one is starting to look like it really has been shipped back and forth from Egypt AND possible buried in the sand...under the pyramids. Not to mention it has been to the North Pole and back several times. I bet those elves played "kick the box crate" with it too. Oh Oh...and the Easter bunny...I'm sure he..well...let's just let that one go. A new box crate it will have to be. I had to use this one, one more time though, since I still haven't been able to get my ink cartridges because DANGGGG...they cost as much as a new printer. Now that really is a bit frightfully SCARY!! Thankfully, I had a few things already printed off and in a drawer....so....I used them.  It so pays to be a pack mouse (didn't say rat...mouse sounds cuter. Don't ya think?) Here's the box crate the mummies will be traveling in tomorrow ummmm I mean arriving in from Egypt. ^_^

Yeah yeah....I know...you're thinking "OMGOSH REGI, those postage stamps are HUGE". Like I said...I used things I had been saving and they ARE postage stamps from Egypt. I have to confess that when I printed them off I didn't want them to be so big. I get carried away working and trying to swat my muse away long enough to do something and then I get side tracked and (oh look out the window..two little squirrels chasing each other) What were we talking about? Oh yeah..the big stamps. See how easily distracted I can get..hehe  When printing them off, I forgot (imagine that) to change the size..so BIG FREAKING HUMONGOUS STAMPS got printed!! I don't like to waste anything so I saved them. YEAH ME!!

I have been wanting to use this cute little mummy and am so happy that I can now. The Chazman really liked him and wanted him on the box. He didn't care how or where but he wanted his mummy!! The little tag with him says "BEWARE....Open with EXTREME Caution".  HEY....if all twenty-five mummies jump out at once and start eyeing the kiddos.....I did warn them!!

Now as to this picture. It's a bit fuzzy looking, is it not? I think we heard something knocking on the box crate...the mummies want OUT and they want out NOW!! They made the box shake so my picture came out this way. Yeapers..that's what happened. It did...I kid ya not!! After we took this one, the Chazman picked up the box...whispered something to it....gently shook it and then put it in the closet.

Until next time...............Hugs,
Regi, The Chazman and the twenty-five Li'l Mummies

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slowly working....very S L O W L Y !!!

This is how I am feeling these days....S L O W...as a turtle!! I can not believe that I let yet another week get pass me without posting. Good Grief!!! On top of being slow my camera has decided to put itself in hibernation and not work. It had better enjoy it because I am going to figure out how to wake it up..oh..yes I am!!

My last birthday was Thursday. YES..I said, LAST one and I mean it, darn it. I'm getting very forgetful and I'm hoping that it will just go on by from now on without a care. I mean let's face it I'm not getting any younger (and I'm falling apart where my super glue won't hold me together anymore) and I sure can't say I'm 29 any longer. 29 + 25 is more like it and OMGOSH....that makes me ancient. So....starting next year, the 18th is just a happy for everyone day. GOT IT? GOOD!!! ^_^

My SIL and her family (nine of them all together) came for a visit this weekend. YES...to help celebrate my birthday. Geez Louise...no one would let me forget about it. They brought me a BIG cookie and sang to me and I loved it!!  Our niece came with her family and this was the first time that my two great nieces and nephew had ever seen the ocean. We thought that perhaps the 2 year old would be afraid but WOW...she is part mermaid. She loved it. I wish my camera had been working because she had me crying I was laughing so hard at her. The seagulls would walk close to her or fly over head and she would start squealing..then they would start their laughing sound they make and then she would start laughing and trying to chase them. So cute. We all had a blast going places and just being together. It was a great birthday gift having them all here.

The Chazman and I caught a bad tummy bug Sunday afternoon and spent Monday trying to coordinate bathroom time. We only have one bathroom and normally it's not a problem but Monday it was!! He felt better by Monday night and well...this ancient one is still feeling the effects. Thank goodness though I have the bathroom all to myself. ^_^

Today, I'm hoping to work on my Santa and Polar Bear piece. I have so many more I need to get done. Wish me luck...I'm going to need it.

Until next time..........HUGS,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Santa's going North!!

Good Morning or Good Afternoon...depending on what time it is when you are visiting ^_^.  Here, it's morning so GOOD MORNING and Happy Hump Day!!!

Today I'm going to be working on "Santa and the Polar Bear". The Polar bear I have ready..well..not really..that's not true...I have to make his riding blanket and harness. THEN he will be ready. I sculpted Santa's noggin (that's his head for those that don't know..hehe) yesterday and am planning on getting it baked up and detailed this morning.

YIKES....it's zombie Santa!! Nahhhh...he always looks so creepy until I get him baked, his eyes painted and his beard on. The Chazman will turn him completely around when he comes in the studio to play a game on the computer. He REALLY creeps him out!! I guess with it being Halloween month I decided that I would be tricking the Chazman. Last night he was playing his game and naturally Santa gets turned around. Chazman had to get up and go to the ummmm library...yeah yeah..the library (code for bathroom) and while he was gone, I got up and ran on quiet little mouse feet...hehe...and I turned Santa back around and actually sat him looking right at the computer screen. OMGOSH....talk about a "HEY MOM" when the Chazman came back in the studio. You see...I had quietly snuck back into the family room and was reading my book when he came out of the library so he had no idea I had been back there. I walked in and asked him what was up and he was just sitting WAYYYYY back from the desk and pointing. I'm not very good at lying and well...I busted out laughing and told him I did it. He didn't talk to me for awhile after that...imagine that ^_^

My muse is whispering that she wants him to have nice warm mittens on instead of just doing his hands like I normally do. She reminded me that he is riding in the cold....on a Polar bear...in the snow!! I guess the mittens might be best. (plus it will keep her out of my ear and buzzing around)

Until next time..........Hugs,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whatcha doin?

I'm rather nosey curious, aren't I? I admit it...I am...but HEY if ya don't ask ya won't know!! What have I been up to, you ask back? Well...let me tell you ^_^  I have been working on more Halloween tags for here at home. I'm trying to really decorate for the Chazman this year...he is really getting into the whole decorating theme. LOVE IT!! I made tags for containers I have in the kitchen.

You'e already seen the Vampire Blood decanter but I decided to offer some real treats too. The large jar in the back..yes..the one with the blue top...it's tag says "Bat Ears...Dried and Salted" (To improve your hearing)  It has dry roasted peanuts in it. See...even this quirky whimsy can come up with a few good ideas, ri iight??  The smaller one that is obviously empty at the moment WILL have some malted milk balls added to it. It's tag says, "Bat Droppings" hehe.

Here's Mummy Bear with his friend Hap the Happy pumpkin. (yes...the Chazman has to name then all) and the tag that goes with this grouping. Poor bear must have eaten the honey even though it plainly stated it was "POISON". Silly old bear!!!

Love my little ceramic pumpkin with it's ring of ghosties. It was my grandmothers...she gave it to me over 30 years ago. The glass vintage container sitting with it holds...drum roll please...dadadadadadadada...(taking breathe)....dadadadadadadad....."Fur of the Were Wolf". HEY...ya never know when that stew might call for a pinch. ^_^  BLECK!!!

I love vintage and old things...can ya tell? Huh Huh...can ya? This glass stopper bottle was my great grandmothers and for now it's holding "Wanda's Witches Brew". The owl is one of the vintage Halloween postcards that I have on file....printed out on cardstock.  Decorating can be so easy!!

My dang printer ran out of ink so I had to make these by hand but that's alright because they actullay go better with the white ghosties. The tall glass container has red twizzlers and the sign says " Bloody Skeleton Bones". The open glass container will have chocolate wrapped eyes and it's tag says "Fresh Plucked Eyeballs" and the last container will have homemade peanut butter roll cookies and it's tag says "Witches Warts". HEY...I could use some of the Werewolf fur to make them look like warts....just kidding!! I'm afraid the Chazman would eat them anyways. YIKES!!

The Chazman loved them all when he saw them this afternoon after we came in from school. Of course he wanted to know where all the goodies were that went with the tags. Ahhem...I will have to get some and make sure that I have lots of extra. Ohhh have ya'll met the Chazman yet? Here he is. Can you guess which one is him?  HEHE

Until next time..........Hugs,
Regi and the Chazman!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Shipping!!

I did it yet AGAIN!!! Let time fly on past!! I didn't realize that my last post was last Wednesday...YIKES!! I do so appreciate YOU stopping by to visit with me and I sure want to be here when you do..so please forgive!!

Not much going on under the old Southern Ooaks trees since Wednesday except drawing out twenty-five stinky feet, twenty-five blue, blue eyes and twenty-five candy container toppers. Then having to cut out twenty-five pairs of stinky feet, twenty-five pairs of blue, blue eyes and twenty-five candy container toppers. Did I happen to mention there were TWENTY-FIVE of each to deal with. WHEW!!! The Chazman has a big class this year. I'm soooo not going to complain though as I have the feeling this will be the last year to make them for his classmates. That doesn't mean I can't make them to give out at the door next year..hehe!!

This is what twenty-five of each looks like...that's a whole lot of drawing, water coloring, outlining and then cutting out. Again...WHEW!!!!  I mentioned in my last post that the Chazman had said that some classmates didn't want to tear their mummies so I made a topper for them this year. One side (tab) will be glued to the holder and then I will put a small string tie on the other side so that they can just untie it to get to their "TREATS".

Figured since I made them where they can keep them that they needed a way to remember just where their TREAT came from. Mummies live in sarcophagus or perhaps in dark caves so I thought the bats appropriate. Now...all I have to do is get them all wrapped up...HAHA...get it....mummies...WRAPPED up!! I just kill myself sometimes with my quirky sense of humor. ^_^

Since this month is the month of my birth. (not celebrating it anymore...to ancient) I am having FREE SHIPPING in my Etsy shop starting today until October 31st. You want to go look....you want to order something...you just have to have something..oh yes YOU DO. (is my subliminal message working?) When placing that order (you just have to have) simply enter FREEFLY for free shipping.

Until next time..............HUGS,
Regi AND the twenty-five stinky feet, twenty-five blue,blue eyes and the twenty-five candy container toppers.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Treat or Treat Smell those feet!!! ^_^

I made these cute Li'l Mummies last year for the Chazman's school Halloween party and they were a BIG HIT!! I thought that I would reshare with ya'll on how to make some for your kiddo's party this year. Make these and they will be screaming "I LOVE MY MUMMY" ummm I mean mommy ^_^

Isn't he a cutie? Soooo simply to make and I'm going to prove it to you. By request of a friend (one that doesn't want to be named...I think she plans on making them and wants her child to think she did it all on her own...LOL...I don't mind...I love to share) I'm going to do a tut for you. OMGOSH...a tut....on a mummy....get it????  Tut...Mummy.....King Tut!! OK so I'm quirky...ya knew that already...let's get started.

Here are the supplies you will need. Most you may have on your messy desk already. You will need.......
Card stock paper
Fine point marker
Watercolor pencils (small brush) or crayons
Crepe Paper (or creepy paper as the Chazman calls it)
Toilet Tissue holder
Assortment of Candy

Now.......... if you aren't one to save those empty toilet tissue holders (GASP...I can't believe that everyone doesn't) then no worries. You can make some using your card stock paper. A toilet tissue holder is a tad over 4 inches long...that makes a good mummy body....so here's what you do..
If you do have ONE toilet tissue holder then place it on your cardstock paper and mark the length or if not then take a ruler and mark off 4 inches. 
Cut your paper and then roll around the empty holder or if no holder then just roll up until you think it looks like a toilet tissue holder. Imaginations people...imaginations!!! ^_^  You can tape the seams or glue them. Me personally...I would tape them...much faster!!!
Since this is a "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet" mummy then we need some stinky feet. I like to do one original pattern on cardboard (that way I can keep it for future use) and just trace the outline and fill it in where I need to. This is if you are doing several of something...which I am in this case.....24 to be exact. You are more than welcome to copy and save my pattern and use if you like. Remember..I like to share!! To make your original pattern, take your holder and place it on the paper and trace around the bottom. Then simply add some toes. Also, something I did a bit different with my original pattern this time was to add three tabs to it. Add one at the back and two at the sides so that you can glue or tape them to the roll a whole lot easier. Repetition sure does make you readjust things..hehe  I go over my pencil tracings with a fine point marker. Then I use my watercolor pencils to add some "age" around the toenails. For the eyes I just do a bubble (make sure you measure on the holder how big you need to make the bubble) and then draw my eyes inside it. I use my watercolor pencils to add some color to them. Crayons will work just as well for this...especially if little hands are helping you. 
After you have cut out the feet and bubble face....you place the feet on the holder. I like to add a small piece of paper under the feet inside the holder to give it some support for when you add the candy. Don't let it come out on the side with the toes...there will be enough support for that side. I then take a piece of the crepe paper and glue it across the feet and up the sides of the holder. Turn over and glue on your bubble eyes. 
I know everyone has their way of doing things but I always like to give the right way  suggestions and tips that I have come across. Do not open the crepe paper...I mean...yes you have to open it but do not take the wrapper off of it. It is easier to use if you cut the center and pull the paper out like a tissue box. I pull about 3 arm lengths out when making one mummy...seems like a lot but wrapping a body takes some paper. Even the small bodies..^_^ Also, if you don't just happen to have any laying around, I found mine at Wal-Mart in the party section for .97  If you have a Dollar Tree close by you can get a double pack for $1...even better!!
Now back to mummy. Take the end of your long piece of crepe and fold into a triangle and put glue on it. Place just inside the holder off to the side. 
Now place the candy inside the holder. I put about 4 different kinds inside...it's really all up to you but you don't want it to heavy. Once the candy is inside then you take the crepe paper and wrap it twice around the openings...start the wrapping at the bottom and going up the other side to the top and back over. You can pick up the mummy while doing this but sit it back down once you have it started so that you can tighten the paper some around it. Be gentle!!
Once you have wrapped the openings then you can start to wrap the body. I wrap one time all around the holder with the crepe paper flat. You will have to twist the paper near the eyes. We don't want to cover up his eyes...now do we? Once you have wrapped the body completely then you will take the crepe paper and fold it in half and start to wrap it again. The folding makes it look more like mummy wrappings. Keep wrapping until you get to a small tail that will hang over the top of the mummy.
Take some glue and apply to the top and then press the tail over and let it hang down the side. I like to cut it and make it look like old strips of wrapping.
Mummy should look like this...or close to it. Now he would be great to give like this but the Chazman wanted a tag with the saying "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet" on him. So I sat down and drew out a tag...a simple one and you are more than welcome (AGAIN) to copy and use mine. I ran mine through my printer so it is two sided. One side with the saying and one side with the cute scrapbook Halloween paper print. (the one behind the finished mummy pic) I also aged the tag..well..it is going on a mummy!! I just tied it around the mummy and it's that simple.
Don't ya think it's an easy project? Ok ok...maybe if you copy and paste and take all my babblings out then it would be but I just have to babble.

New note:  The Chazman said that some of the kiddos didn't want to tear it open to get to the candy  last year. They wanted to keep their Li'l Mummies....Ahhhh..made my heart swell ^_^.  I'm thinking that this year I will make just a circle for the top....make sure it has a long flap piece on one side to glue to the roll. Wrap it in some crepe paper by itself before attaching to the roll. Once mummy is all wrapped...take and poke a hole in the top piece on the opposite side of the head and the top of the mummy and pull some twine through and make a bow. That way they can flip the mummy's top, eat their candy and keep their mummy intact.  I have "GULP" twenty-five (25) Li'l mummies to make this year. I'm happy to do it because I know there will be a time coming (soon) that the Chazman will think he is too big for mummy mommy to make things for him to take to school!!!

Even newer note: It seems the Chazman does NOT think he is too old just yet for mummies to be made to give to his classmates this year. I told him (very excitedly) that I would love to make some and how many did I need to make. He said "Ohhhh only about 35". Good Golly Miss Molly...today is September 25th (2013) so I had better get started.

Until next time.........HUGS,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween..Halloween..it's looking like Halloween ^_^

Well...I didn't get not one of my project done that I told you about in my last post. You never know how the weekends are going to go around here. Any one else have that issue? Calling it an issue and not a problem because...well...it's not a problem that I don't get to play in my studio when other things take priority. The Chazman wasn't feeling well AT ALL this weekend.....so he wanted to do a lot of cuddling on the couch. That was fine with me because (looking around to see if he is in ear shot ummmm I mean vision shot) he thinks he is getting to big to sit with mommie these days. I didn't like that he wasn't feeling well but I did enjoy the cuddling time.

I'm very proud of my young man. He wasn't feeling a whole lot better this morning BUT he went to school like a trooper without any complaining. Except that he said he wished that he had an on and off switch for his nose. Poor baby....bad cold!!!

When I came home from walking him to school I decided that I was going to put up some of the Halloween decorations. I actually ended up making some and sitting and remembering some of my old ones that I have made over the years.

Happy Halloween greetings......as you walk in our front door. This is one of my had to sit down and remember some past Halloween memories....AHHH!!  I made this wreath the month before the Chazman was born. It's held up rather well for nine years (almost 10). The BooBears (that's what I call these) are made from cardboard that I reinforced by coating the backs in glue, letting it dry and then running them gentle over a candle flame. Then buffed them down and painted the front with acrylics. Here they are up close:

Witchie Poo Bear...she needs a bit of work or perhaps a new hat...LOL!! I just don't have the heart to do it since this is a keepsake.

Skellie Bear

Batty Bear

Boo BooBear

I didn't do a whole lot of decorating to the front porch (or my B&B as some call it..hehe) but I did put my candy cauldron and one of my ooaks witchie poo on a table by the front door.

The wall in our eating area I normally have my vintage signs hanging on...and my tea pot set out. I decided that I was going to add to some of my tins or even make a few new ones.

Welcome to the Witch Tea Party!! There are the witch sisters. They are some of my ooaks that I did several and I do mean SEVERAL years ago. The Harvest moon sign is one of my vintage tins and I thought with it being a moon that it would still fit in with the Halloween theme. I had found this cute paper image some time back (and of course my feeble mind can't remember where) and thought it would look cute flying across the moon.

My other tins didn't quiet fit the theme so I started making some to fill in the spaces on the wall. Here they are:

Simple but cute...ri iight? I had fun with this one. It's hard to see in the photo but I added some German glass to the charming witch's hat and to the face and neck of her cat. Then I made a charm with a cat and crystals.
The cute, adorable little witch sitting on the top is one that I won (last year I think...that feeble mind thingy again...sorry) from my very talented friend, Wendy, over at BLISS ANGELS. YOU have got to go and check out her blog....AWESOME!!!

Notice this is different than pic..I finished it after I took the pic..hehe

Here's another image I found some time ago AND don't even ask me from where because I just can't remember. (shaking head and wanting to cry) My memory is getting sooo soooo bad people...what were we talking about? Ohhh, yes the tea party. I added a good bit to the original image.

Now...before you say it, I know that this isn't a sign..it's a wreath. HA!! I wanted to do something a bit different to just add somethin somethin!! One of my black vellum butterflies and a vintage paper doll. Isn't she a doll ummm I mean pretty. I added to her cape a ribbon and a small matching piece of ribbon to her hat. I'm really thinking of making a felt mask to put in her hand and perhaps do a real broom to cover the paper one. I LOVE THIS!!!

Now I have more to do and will show you more pics as I go...that is if you want to see. I hope you do. I love when you come and visit with me here at the old Southern Ooaks tree. 

Until next time...........Hugs,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Important Message.....

Until next time............Hugs,
Regi  (and NOOOO..that is not me..I don't even own a cell phone..hehe)

Friday, October 5, 2012

WHAAAAAT? It's Friday you say??

Holy Moly..where did this week go? I'm happy that it's almost the weekend though. We are suppose to get a cold (ummmm for us that would really be a cool front..hehe) coming through and our temps are going to actually make it feel like FALL ya'll....YEA!!! The Chazman informed me this morning on our walk to school  that we WERE putting up the Halloween decorations this weekend. Then he sweetly added "Please momma". How could I say no?

I'm hoping that I get to work on a few projects my muse has been totally and completely BUGGING me about. She even grouped some items together that she wants me to use.

Interesting grouping, ri iight??  Now I see three different projects going on here and my muse knows good and darn well that I can only work on ONE at a time. (Remember...I'm the one that can't chew gum and walk at the same time..hehe) I think she is trying to get me out of my little "BOX" and handle more projects at a time. I really so need to learn to do that too. I have two Christmas open house events starting in November. OMGOSH...that's next month...TIME....pppplease slow down some..purty please!!! Then I have been asked to have a booth at the BBQ and Blues even that happens (THANK GOODNESS) in March. Now that is one event I am sooo looking forward to. I mean please...selling my ooaks....eatin some awesome Southern BBQ and listening to live music....can ya think of anything more freakin awesome!! OK...taking deep breath..I need to calm down. (didn't help that Hells Bells by ACDC was playing while I was typing this part..HAHA)

Now...let me break down what I think the three projects are...or are going to be...that is if muse doesn't throw something else in there.

L@@K it's that mooning Polar bear from yesterday again...^_^  He was a find at an estate sale....poor fella was so beat up and such a mess but I could see past all of that. He cleaned up really good...well...after some buffing, puttying and white washing that is!! One of my Santa ooaks will be riding this sweet one. I can BEARLY wait to get started. Ohhhh HAHA...get it...Bearly...and it's a ...ok ok you get it!!!

I have been working with my memory wire and making tiny little bracelets. Now this one might just get the beads removed and used with this polished beach glass bead, one of my tiny glass vials and this beautiful sterling silver fish charm and turned into a necklace. I might just leave it be and make a few more to go with it and hang the fish as a charm.....or redo it and add the beach glass.....or fill the tiny vial with beach sand and tiny shells and hang it from the bracelet. At this point I'm not sure which one will win out. What do YOU think?

Now...I bet you are saying "OHHHH REGI....we so know what you are going to do with this one...it's a Christmas theme". Well..if that's what you said or thought...you are WRONG!!! HA It's going to be a Halloween theme piece. Yeppers...I said Halloween. Don't believe me...well then...I guess you will just have to check back with me throughout this new coming week to see just what a tiny book, some string and some tissue paper can become. Sooooooooooo...

Until next time...........Hugs,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Completed Santa Candlestick!!

WOW and WOOT WOOT.....I finished Santa on a stick!!! Doing the happy dance...oh yes I am!! Ohhh..Hi there, didn't see ya come in. HeHe  I guess ya can tell that I am just so happy to be finished with this piece. NOT that I didn't enjoy making him but I have sooooooo many ideas being bounced off me by my muse that I needed to finish him. (before she started throwing things at me ^_^)

I think he turned out to be a handsome fella. He looks more like the old German Belsnickle character than our traditional Santa. I love him though!!

Won't he look handsome sitting on a mantle or foyer table with green, burgundy and gold candles surrounding him?

Now...it's on to the next ooaks. Wander which one my muse will insist on my starting? Thank you for coming to visit....

Until next time............Hugs,