Friday, September 28, 2012

Santa on a Schtick...hehe

I'm working on a new ooaks in my Santa series and this one is called "Santa on a Schtick"..hehe   Noooo, I won't really call him that. Although, it is a Santa on a stick....a candlestick!! I just couldn't resist the temptation to say it like I see...I'm a huge Jeff Dunham fan and I love his character, Jose Jalapeno.
You know...Jose....Jose Jalapeno....on a schtick!! OK OK I will stop now.

For the base of this piece I painted a wooden candlestick with acrylic paints. I used colors that are in the fabric I'm going to use to make his cape hood. I love these festive. Don't you think?  I am sculpting Santa's head and thought I would take a WIP photo to show you. He is looking rather JOLLY, if I must say so myself.

He's looking at you!!

Hopefully, I will get him finished and baked tonight so that I can detail his face with paints, get his beard on and make his hood. Right now...I have to walk to the school and get my Chazman and wouldn't ya know, it's pouring down rain. Guess we will "DANCE" in the rain on the way home. ^_^

Until next time.........Hugs,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Muse whisperings

My muse has been whispering to me and she has several designs she is insisting that I consider. Who am I to argue with my muse!!! I mean really...would it do any good? I don't think so. ^_^  Some design ideas being tossed about are: Santa riding a polar bear....Santa riding on dolphins....Santa's head on a candlestick. NOW...that just did't sound right...hehe!! It's meant in a good way...ya know...just a bust of Santa attached to a candlestick. Now..that sounds better....much better.

To give my hand a bit of a rest before I do start my next Santa piece, my mermaid soul has come out to play.  
A friend sent me some beads made from aquamarine and NOTHING evokes thoughts of the sea as much as this precious stone.

The beautiful round beads on the top are made from polished aquamarine. What do you think of when you see these? I think of mermaid tears!!

These look like a waterfall...can you see the mermaid sitting underneath it? I used tiny blue lace agate stones and two of the polished aquamarine in this set along with glass square beads.

Time to get busy so muse will stop flying around and buzzing in my ear. Besides, Ms Peaches is back to opening my ribbon drawer. I think the kitten  has come out to play for awhile. ^_^

Until next time.........Hugs,
Regi (and muse and Ms Peaches)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Must be one heck of a tale!!!

Tick tock...says the clock 
It's time to log in those names 
the names of all the good boys and girls
 and of course the naughty ones as well. 

Far up in the North Pole there is a hustling and a bustling going on. Christmas is not so far away and there is so much work to be done. JJ...the little keeper of the book is extremely busy with all the tales he has to tell. What book you ask? The Naughty and Nice book...oh's real!!! JJ learns of stories, good and bad, of all the little children all around the world. Once he knows the stories, he jots down the child's name on the Christmas list ledger and rushes to Santa to tell him the tale that will let him make the decision of which column that must be checked. 

JJ finds Santa sitting in his favorite chair in his cozy, warm reading corner and climbs upon some books so he will be close enough to whisper the stories directly into Santa's ear. The first tale is one that will surely delight his boss and sure enough all around the Pole you can hear Santa's laughter as he rares back to let out a huge belly shakin roar. 

Santa and JJ are the latest in my Santa series for 2012. If you have been following along with my WIP post and photos then I hope you will be happy with how he turned out. This piece sits right at 10 inches...from base to the wispy tips of Santa's hair. The base is a piece of pine that I gently etched into to make it look like an old worn wooden floor. It was then white washed with off white and green acrylic paints.

Poor JJ he thinks he has to SHOUT so we can hear him...hehe!!! Santa's vintage rattan chair, ottoman and books are permanently attached to the base. 

JJ is standing with one foot on the book and one foot up on the chair arm. Santa is helping to brace him so he doesn't fall. JJ is carrying the latest Christmas List Ledger in his leather satchel and will give it to Santa to check off once he has told him all of the tales. (ledger is actually permanently attached to the inside of his we will just pretend that he gives it to Santa)  JJ stands right at 6 inches and is one of my wire armatures wrapped in wool yarn. His face, hands and feet were hand sculpted and then attached to the armature. His costume is completely  hand sewn and he is wearing tiny little felt elf booties.

Santa, if standing would be 10 inches. He is one of my wire armatures wrapped in a soft muslin body. His face, hands and feet were also hand sculpted. His costume is completely hand sewn and he is wearing hand stitched leather booties. His glasses are hand twisted wire.

I am so proud of how this piece turned out and am so hoping that during the Christmas event he will be attending that someone will adopt him and take him home for years of enjoyment. 

Until next time..........HUGS,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seems I have a little helper ^_^

My latest Santa piece is coming along and hopefully I will get it finished this week. Whew...I'm getting so slow but at least I can still work so no complaining. Friday, I found out that I have Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the elbow...Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. They wanted me to do physical therapy but since I have no way to get there I couldn't do it so they gave me some exercises to do at home and if not better then I am to call back. Fingers crossed they help!! Now back to Santa...hehe!!

I got the little elf completed and am now working on his little leather satchel. I'm putting black seed beads on the sides and then I'm going to put some dangles on the upper side by the straps. The check list of the naughty and nice list that need to be recorded in "THE BOOK" will be in his bag. Next, I'm going to paint the floor motif on the wooden base and then hopefully get this piece all put together and finished. YEA!!

I thought I had a ghost in the room with me while working..hehe!! I keep my supplies in the drawers of my desk and the bottom left one kept coming open. I would close it and it would open again after awhile. Not much but enough that I knew something was up. When I looked closer I noticed that there was ribbon poking out of the draw and POOF..there was my ghost...which wasn't a ghost at all but my sweet Li'l cat, Ms Peaches. Seems I have a little helper....or a little mischief maker!! ^_^  I took some time to stop and play...she is getting old so I love when she acts like a "kitten" again.

When the drawer was opening..see why now..hehe

"Who MEEE...I no do it...ok ok me do it"

Purrrrrfectly happy cat

Until next time............Hugs,
Regi (and Ms Peaches)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazing Weekend..for reals!!!

I hope that YOU had at least half as a good of a weekend as we did. I mean if you did then you had one amazing weekend...for reals!!

Ours started out with one of our treasure hunting adventures Saturday morning and treasures we did find!! It's awesome that the Hubbikins and the Chazman both keep an eye out for items that I can use with my ooaks. (one of a kind sculpts)  We went to the Robin's Nest and found a few items that I can most definitely use. (thank you Hubbikins and Chazman) If you live in the area or are planning a trip down to the beach then you really should check this cute little thrifty chic Boutique out. It's located at 15885 B Highway 59, Foley, AL. The proprietor, Robin Ellis, really has some of the cutest items and all of them are true treasures. Here..just look for yourself.

Cute...ri iight? I told ya so. She has the building next door too and all along the outside are units just filled with all kinds of things. Some you have to go through carefully or you might just miss a treasure. That's where we find the things for my ooaks. I love to wander through the inside many pretties!! Oh..OHH.. OHHH...the weekend of Thanksgiving Robin is going to have her Christmas open  house and some of my ooaks will be visiting. Just thought I might mention that little tid bit of information. ^_^  I hope you will make some time to stop by and visit.

Here are the goodies we found at the nest plus some we found just out and about. The burgundy linens, the tiny baskets and the amazing trunk are our nest finds. It seems that this was the weekend to find bases for the ooaks too. Bases I so needed!!

Isn't the trunk a beauty? I love that it is covered in leather. It's going to make a great prop for Santa or elves or antique toys or perhaps all three. ^_^

Saturday was also the Hubbikins and my 11th year anniversary!! Time sure has flown hard to believe it's been 11 years already. He surprised us by taking us to eat at a new place....Felix's Fish Camp. Yes..I said US....the Chazman goes where we go...always!! I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most...HA!! I think it was the was...all three of us. The place sits on the Mobile Bay and our table looked out over it....perfect dining view. The lights on the bridge going over the bay was just far enough away that it looked magical. The people there are AWESOME.....everyone smiling and our waiter was the BEST!! The food was AHHHHmazing!! They even gave us a certificate for free dessert the next time we go plus 10% off.  My birthday is next month...Honey...are you reading this? Hint hint..hehe!!

Sunday we decided to go on one of our beach walkabouts. We LOVE living so close to the just recharges us to be near her. Getting to sit on her shore and listen to the song of her waves hitting the shore. I'm sure I have said that before....not rubbing it in...just stating facts..hehe.  The water was crystal clear and I mean crystal!! The Chazman and I love to walk out and just let the waves lift us up and with the water being so clear we saw that we weren't the only ones enjoying the water. There must have been hundreds of fish swimming with us. Each time the small waves would come you could look and see even more fish coming in to enjoy the water. They would bump into us or swim in between our legs and that caused us both to start giggling. Soon though, those giggles turned into a AHHHH of pure delight because not even eight feet from us a devil ray jumped out of the water. Seems he was enjoying all the fish too.

This is not a photo I took but one I googled so you could see just what a devil ray coming out of the waves looks like. Can you picture this guy about eight feet from you? Scary but oh so thrilling at the same time. We saw him several more times during the day and each time was just as thrilling as the first time. He wasn't the only creature enjoying the overflowing of fish either. The dolphins were having a blast!! They were far off from us but close enough for us to watch....clap...and giggle our enjoyment. My little camera will not take far off shots worth a toot but one of our local photographers, Michelle Stancil, was blessed to have caught some of these comical characters playing Saturday morning. Michelle definitely has "the eye" as she gets some amazing shots of our area.

I could sit and watch these guys all day long. Thank you Michelle for letting me use your amazing shots. ^_^

It was a perfect skies...crystal clear water.....comical and amazing creatures galore and time spent together as a family. The Chazman and I walked the shore to find shells and you wouldn't believe what else we found. Can you guess? Ohh alright, I will tell you....a butterfly. I kid ya not....they were EVERYWHERE yesterday flying around. This little guy had flown to close to the waves and apparently gotten caught. He wasn't alive and I just couldn't leave him there now could I? Besides, my muse started singing about faerie wings.

Now...see what I meant about if your weekend was half as good. It was a super fabtabulous one here and I am so thankful and blessed.

Until  next time.............HUGS,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Naughty or Nice Book..which one are YOU in?

I'm making progress on this piece...thank goodness!! Santa has his beard and hair attached...oh yeah...and his head is finally where it's suppose to be...on his shoulders. ^_^

Such a handsome fella!! My Santa's are a bit on the whimsical side and well...that's just because each one has a bit of me inside. I LOVE being a whimsy!!

I worked on some of the props for this piece too. Two books....oh yes....the naughty and nice books. One I did as an open book. Oops...elf just had to get a foot in the photo I see..hehe!!

The other as a closed book. Even made tiny bookmarkers to go with them. Santa's going to be busy sitting in his chair going through these books. Make sure you remind your wee ones that "Santa is always watching".

There is also a list of the names that need to go into the book this year but before that can happen one of Santa's elves tells him some stories of the children on the list. Some funny, some kind and some where that child will "DEFINITELY"  be receiving a stocking full of coal. 

I'm also working on the little story telling elf today. He has been wrapped with his wool yarn underclothes over his wire armature. Just finished one of his tiny felt elf shoes and as soon as I finish writing this then I will do the other one. (he is standing to the right of me just a tapping his foot...I think he is a bit impatient)

See now he has his hands up and is hollering at me to hurry up. Silly elf!! I guess I should go and help him out. I mean...I sure wouldn't want to be standing around in my underclothes and one shoe on either.

I have a favor to ask of's not a hard one....please put me in your thoughts and/or prayers for this afternoon. I am finally going to the doctor about this arm. I know..I know...I should have already gone but it's at the point that I am losing feeling/control in it and that is affecting my doll making AND I can't have that. I need my therapy!!!

Until next time............HUGS,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love a man in leather!!

WOW..this week is going by fast...matter of fact...time is going by extremely fast these days...EXCEPT that it seems to be taking FOREVER to finish this Santa piece. You're scratchin that noggin about now, ri iight? How can time fly but still go slow Regi? Well...if I knew the answer to that then I would be a genius and that I am soo not!! Haven't you ever worked on a design and it seem to take more time than it should. That's time in slow motion!!

I have been working on his costume and am really letting him ROCK with his velvet pants with beads going down the sides. Santa can be a styling kinda guy.....right down to his genuine leather boots. Gotta luv a man in leather...hehe!! I forgot how hard it is to hand sew leather...WOW. Talk about a work out but I enjoyed changing up from the felt boots I normally make him.

Don't ya just love his suspenders? He is going to be sitting down and with his jelly belly I knew you wouldn't be able to see it BUT he needed something to hold his breechers up. ^_^   Notice that Santa has realized that his head is missing? He is patting where it should be...poor fella.

The first head I made looked really funny on him and my muse wouldn't stop laughing SOOOO I sculpted one that looks just right. I know right now it doesn't look like the Santa we all know and love but just wait until his hair and beard are grown attached. See the little chair in the back? That's the one Santa will be sitting in going over his books of the girls and boys. Which book will YOU be in? The Naughty or Nice one?

Until next time...........Hugs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


OMGOSH....No more having to listen to that song...HA!!! Well...ok I can still hear a very tiny voice singing it (the elf) but it's so low that I can drown  him out by turning up the radio. ^_^    Santa has a body and a sweater. YEA!! I have been working on him all day and it's a mighty S-L-O-W go I must say. (having a few issues with my left arm so I have to take breaks here and there but all's worries)

In between working on Santa I designed two different pieces of jewelry. One from my Hippie/Gypsy soul and one from my "I have no clue" one..hehe!!

Here's the hippie gypsy one. I have had this turquoise medallion for years and decided that since I didn't wear it that I was going to use it in one of my designs. I really love how this piece turned out.

Here's the "other" one..^_^  We live in an area that has some mighty proud Who Dat fans. You do know who that be...ri iight? HAHA.....the New Orleans Saints of course. I don't really ever use the antique bronze colors but I do believe I might start. Pretty cool huh?

Well, it's almost time to head out and get the Chazman. I'm sure I will work on Santa some more later this afternoon. I will try and get you a WIP photo then. (my batteries are charging...they were charged already...not sure what happened...or perhaps I don't want to know)

Until next time.............Hugs,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Treasure Galore!!!

It's MONDAY...can ya believe it? The weekend just kinda, sorta, swooshed on pass. Hope yours was a good one. I know that mine was...I found TREASURES on Saturday!!!

Our local National Guard has about two yard sales a year and we always find such interesting items. See the two pieces of fabric? They will make wonderful Santa capes...don't ya think? Actually the deep red will make several traditional Santa suites. I already have some white faux fur to trim them in. I know that the other piece is a bit BRIGHT but I love making capes that are different and unique for the jolly ole elf to wear.  I mean...ppplease...can you imagine having to wear red....every...single...year. ^_^

I'm thinking of making a few Santa heads and the candle holders will make perfect bases. Don't you think Santa would look so festive sitting on a mantel among several different heights of candles. The chest I plan on painting Santa's toy shop on and perhaps make a few vintage toys to place inside. The wooden doll stands I'm so happy I found....don't think I need to tell ya what I will use those for..hehe!!

I couldn't believe the luck in finding this vintage bracelet....well..actually the hubbikins found it. Aren't I GOOOD? I have trained taught him to look for props and things to use with my art. Of course, I'm going to take it apart and I'm thinking one link will make a beautiful belt buckle for Santa or even a broach that pins his cape at the neck. So many possibilities!!

This is the one thing that I am sooo happy that we found. Isn't it a beautiful sleigh? Can you see Santa sitting in it with his bag overflowing with toys for the good girls and boys? Oh yes...a great find for sure.

Sunday afternoon was a quite one. I made the little elf that goes with my latest Santa piece. Well, ok he is singing THAT song "I AINT'T GOT NOOOO BODY" but at least I sculpted his head, hands and feet and got them baked. Santa's head, hands and feet were baked too. I hope to get their armatures made so I can keep the singing down to a minimum.

So what was YOUR weekend like? Thank you for stopping by to visit....ya know I LOVE your visits!!!

Until next time................HUGS,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

OMGOSH...I am dancing all around with joy and glee!!! I have not been able to post since my last post on Tuesday. It was on Tuesday, ri iight? Yes..I think it was. Whatever.....I can post now...YEA!!  For some unknown reason my blog didn't want to be bothered apparently. That or my muse had some plan to keep me from posting so that I would continue to keep working on my jewelry and Santa piece. NOW..that I would believe...little minx!!! Ha

Let me catch you up with just what I have been working on since Tuesday. Let's start with my jewelry pieces, shall we.

I knew it was going to happen eventually.....two of my muse's souls were going to come out and play at the same time. This piece is evidence of that. Mermaid meets Bohemian.

Here's one of my keepsake necklaces. One that pulls the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic. Well...the two oceans don't really come together but this pieces holds a treasure from each. The tiny vial holds sand and a shell from one of our beach walkabouts and the pretty piece of glass is a piece of sea glass a friend sent me from Oregon.

Another keepsake necklace but this one has a very pretty piece of crackled quartz. The tiny vial holds some of our sand along with tiny pieces of sea glass. The little turtle charm is one of my handmade clay ones that I covered with German glass to make it look like the little guy was crawling in the sand. Love our turtles!!!

It seems I have a little bit of pirate in me soul too. Arrgg maties...ready to wear a lucky skull? It is lucky...well..for YOU it will be. I guess it wasn't so much so for this ancient pirate. I'm loving using my tiny vials with some of our sand enclosed in them. Of course, I had to put a stone with this fella...a black onyx!!

I've been working on a new Santa piece these past few days too. Isn't he handsome? Say yes...Santa is listening!! ^_^  This piece is going to have Santa with a few of his elves. Apparently one of them said something that Santa found quiet amusing.

I just finished his hands a little bit ago. I'm hoping to get them baked tonight so I can start on his armature. I really like taking WIP photos. I get to show you what I'm working on AND it gives me a chance to see them in a different perspective. I see some areas I need to work on before they are baked. Mrs. Claus will be very happy that Santa has his wedding ring on. (I forgot to put one on the last one....I bet one of the elves had it)

I am so happy that I finally was able to post and share with you. I miss ya'll when I can't talked to ya'll. Now, go and have an awesome weekend. Mine will be spent at home since the Chazman isn't feeling very good. Poor baby....bad cold!!

Until next time...........HUGS,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mermaids and Faeries dancing about

It's been a morning of mermaids and faeries dancing my head...that is. ^_^  I do believe that I have been blessed with several quirky mermaid one, my faerie one, my Bohemian one and my gypsy one. I love when they want to come out and BOY have they ever been here lately.  I have designed three mermaid pieces and one faerie far!!!

Remember I told ya'll yesterday that I had made some of my mermaid tail charms but smaller and I would show them to you today? Well...I'm showing them to you. HeHe!!  I love the colors purple and green together. Kinda reminds ya of Mardi Gras. The glass beads add a touch of style to this memory keepsake necklace along with the tiny vial filled with sand from our beach as well as a tiny little shell. A sterling silver starfish charm finishes it off. It's hanging from a ribbon and hemp 18 inch necklace. (there is a 2 inch extension chain attached as well) So you can judge the size of this piece...the glass vial is only an inch tall.

Here's another one but in green and blue. Another favorite color combination that just brings the sea to mind. Tiny blue and green glass beads, vial filled with sand and a shell and a sterling silver star fish make this piece one any mermaid would love to wear. Of course, it would look simply MARVELOUS on you too.

Last but not least is a bright beautiful yellow mermaid tail charm. Sometimes photos just don't capture details very well. The fin part of this one is covered in German glass and just shimmers when the sun hits it. It has tiny green glass beads along with tiny Swarovski crystals. Of course, it has the keepsake vial too.

My muse started whispering that I was not letting my faerie soul come out and play and she had something she wanted me to make. I found these beauties at an estate sale some time back. Vintage Swarovski crystals that when the light reflects off of them you have a beautiful rainbow effect.  I added some glass and silver beads along with silver dragonfly charms....What says "faerie" any better!!

Now I'm off to work on a cuff bracelet....or perhaps start another Santa...or...OHHH so many things being bounced around in my head. So much fun to have such a vivid imagination!!

Until next time......Hugs,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Agate Stone and Clay Turtle Charm

Yesterday I posted about making clay molds to make clay charms. They are turning out AWWWESOME!! I have never made molds before and I'm sure there is some technical way of doing it better than I am BUT it's working for me and that's what counts. I never use molds for my character ooaks and never will but I think making molds for charms is a smart idea. Each piece of jewelry will be different but I might want to use some of the same charms on them. That is alright, isn't it?

I have been sorting out beads today....I kinda turned my bead box over in the desk drawer. Thank goodness it was in the drawer and not on the floor or I would be picking up beads forever more. HA...that rhymed!!

Once I got most sorted out I decided to make a bracelet using my memory wire and of course, one of my clay charms. I loved the turquoise turtle beads so much that I made a mold of one so I could make a charm.

I love how it turned out. See the little turtle...cute...ri iight? The bracelet has two shades of glass green beads and two agate stones along with a faux pearl. I couldn't just stop at the bracelet so I made a pair of earrings to match.

I also made some more charms today but you will get to see them as I use them. I haven't painted them yet as I want to wait and have them match what beads I use. I also made three mermaid tail charms...made these smaller than I normally do and I will put these on a silk and hemp rope ribbon necklace. (photos tomorrow)

Hope YOU are having a fantastic Monday. Thank you for stopping by today. I love your visits and *HINT* comments.

Until next time.......HUGS,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful Sunday!!

What a glorious day we are having here in our little coastal town. The past few weeks have been OH SO STICKY and HOT, HOT, HOT but today it feels like Fall is in the air. I does. It's 12:25 in the afternoon and it's only 79 degrees and it actually feels like 79.  I was able to open up the back door and let the cool fresh breeze in this nice. That is until Ms Peaches started bellowing and I do mean BELLOWING to go outside. She actually sounds like she is yelling "OUT" I quickly closed the door!!!

This wonderful weather is making the Hubbikins the TV channels that is..HA!! The Chazman is being an Overlord and making his minions dance all around. Don't sweetie petie isn't becoming some wacky monster..he is playing a game. At least I think he is playing the game. He is in there giggling about the minions singing and dancing....some mean Overlord huh? Meanwhile, I am sitting in the back doing a load of laundry (fun fun) and making some clay molds (really FUN FUN..for reals) for some charms I want to make.

This is just a few of them already baked. I have a few more baking as we chat along with some of the charms I already pressed into these molds. I want to use them with some of my mermaid/Bohemian/Gypsy pieces I have in mind. A few more keepsake necklaces and some bracelets. I hope they work the way I'm seeing them in my head.

Here's some of the beads I have picked out to use. Not all of them together..well..perhaps not but I really love all of these. I didn't take the main ones out of the bags so that they would be a mystery until I get the pieces complete.

So...what have you been doing this glorious day? I'm so happy that you stopped by to visit with me...I love when you do.

Until next time........Hugs,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

HOHOHO...It's Santa Claus!!

FINALLY....I finished the Santa piece I have been working on for over a week. I normally get them completed in about 3 days but I really shouldn't complain because I did stop and work on a few other things here and there. ^_^

If you have been visiting then you know that my mermaid soul has been peeking out in some jewelry pieces I have been designing in between working on this Santa. Soooo..before I show you how Santa turned out let me show you one other of the mermaid pieces I haven't shown you yet.

This is a keepsake piece. The tiny little vial holds some of our beautiful white sand along with two tiny shells. Yes...found right on one of our beach walkabouts. The last of my turquoise turtles (sad face) was used to represent that these little guys actually hatch right here on our beach. I thought it needed something else so it wouldn't look so plain. I think the sterling silver starfish did just the trick. (I made two of these and sold one already...dang I wish I had more turtles..hehe)

Now...last but definitely not is my newest jolly ole elf himself.....SANTA!!! Such a handsome fella.

Santa stands at 11 1/2 inches. In one hand he is carrying his bag full of toys for all the GOOD girls and boys. (Have YOU been good this year...HA!!) Peeking out is a teddy bear with two tiny candy canes. Noo, you can't eat them...they aren't real!! A bright red drum for that little drummer boy or girl. (all kiddos love to make noise, ri iight?) Also in his bag is a set of wooden building blocks that mysteriously spell out PIE.
Hmmmm, wonder if that is a hint that Santa wants pie this year instead of cookies. ^_^  In the other hand he is holding a cute little stuffed Ted E Bear and a big book (a real book) of the story "The Night Before Christmas".

The Chazman said that he loved him so that means it has been stamped by the Southern Ooaks approval department. ^_^

Now it's on to the next Santa design. My muse has been whispering the words "Merry Halloween and Happy Christmas". She and I must have a conversation about just what in the world she is thinking.

Until next time.........HUGS,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My mermaid soul is coming out!!

I love living by the ocean and receiving all the inspiration she can whisper to me. There isn't anywhere else that I would ever want to live. So many creatures call this place home as well and one that we share the beach with and that has always fascinated me is the sea turtle. May through October is a time when you might just get the chance to see hundreds of momma sea turtles coming to nest. (I would love to witness just one...I'm not greedy) Thousands of tiny baby hatchlings take their first steps...right here...on our sandy beaches. They have a great group of caring folks that help these little guys and I'm hoping that once I have a vehicle that I can volunteer too. (check out their site HERE) Until then though, I think my love of the turtle is what brought out my mermaid soul to design some pieces that would celebrate these awesome creatures.

Two little turtles crawling out to sea..the one in the back said..."HEY...wait up on me".  Cute, ri iight? I am so enjoying making these. Here again are the little turtles made out of turquoise with silver and glass spacers along with a tiny Swarovski crystal.

These little guys just couldn't part with their shells. Fancy smancy shells huh? I have some really pretty and unique Turkish charms and have been saving them and I'm so glad that I did. Perfect for these earrings.
These have already sold to...YEA....thank you Beth ^_^

I have two more little turtle beads and I'm thinking of making necklaces with them. My muse is still whispering to me about those though. Have to listen to the MUSE!!! do. She will drive me bonkers if I don't. hehe

Matter of fact she totally wouldn't leave me be until I made the bookmarkers for the library. It was a good thing I was motivated because my book was due back and I was making the trip, sooooo...I hit two birds with one stone. OMGOSH...not that I would EVER throw a stone at a bird.

 Here's one of the bookmarkers. It's my pencil doodle I showed you yesterday. I decided to use my gel pens and I think it turned out rather well. I really love putting the vellum paper over drawings and giving it that watery look. One of my mermaid designs just looks swimmingly with it. Get it..swimmingly...mermaid. HA!!

Here's the other one I did. If you have been visiting with me for awhile then you might recognize this doodle. It's the one I did after the oil spill....Hearts and Hands!! It was just a pencil doodle but I thought it needed a bit of splash of color.  I made eight of each and I so hope that who ever picks one up to use will enjoy it!! muse is not so gently tugging on my ear that it's time to get to work. Hope you have a great day today and that your muse is whispering to YOU!!

Until next time...........HUGS,