Friday, July 31, 2009

Santa's beard and hair....

Finally in the weeeee hours of the morning I finished with Santa's beard and hair. I take a good bit of time in applying hair...more than I should I'm sure...but I want it to look as real as possible.
I used lambswool.....sheared of course...I just can't bring myself to buying or using any other kind. I know that others do but it's just a personal thing on my part. I'm going to place his head on very's so much easier to dress and costume my ooaks when they don't have them attached. That always make me think of the saying "He would lose his head if it wasn't attached".

Red Flannel Shirt.....

The red flannel soft and comfy to be wearing on a long winter night. Who would need such a shirt?? Why Santa would of course!!!! The flannel in this ooaks is actually a piece of vintage fabric. I was fortunate enough to find a box of vintage fabrics at an estate sale about a year ago. The young woman that was selling it said it had been her grandmothers and sadly out of five granddaughters not a one of them sewed. The box was a treasure found, that was for sure, for not only were there fabrics that you just can't find anymore but there were old wooden spinning bobbins with the yarn still on them. One of those has my muse just a singing.....a elf or a faery all tangled up in the yarn.......but that's for another story ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Santa is coming along.....

I have Santa's red flannel shirt done and trying to decide if I want to make a full size one....FOR ME...hehe!!! He is getting his "DO" and beard done now. It still amazes me how after all these years of sculpting that Santa takes on such a different look when his hair and beard are in place.
I'm going to start on his trousers while I'm waiting for his hair to dry and as soon as my batteries for my camera charge then I will post some WIP pics for everyone to see. Chester is just "hanging" around...patiently waiting for Santa to sit in his chair and check him out....make sure that he is up to Santa toy standards. With me looking at him now I see some more things I need to do to him....a never ending story. I think we can always find something else to do to one of our just have to know when to walk away...yes that's it...walk it now....Chester..will you stop staring at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Free Giveaway...18x24 Poster from Broken Teepee

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WOW...what a wonderful giveaway that Broken Teepee is doing. Can you imagine a 18 x24 poster of something that you love hanging in your room? Or maybe one of that beautiful sunset that you took on that last vacation? Or perhaps that favorite pet? I think that anyone could think of something that they would like imprinted on a poster to show off....remember...or just to have a conversation piece hanging around. Go check it's worth a looksie!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Santa is coming along....

I can't believe that another weekend has come and gone. I guess the saying "Time flies when you're having fun" is so true!!!!! I worked on finishing the needle felting on the body and then started on his outfit. I decided that his wee feet looked cold so I started there. I made him some thick warm black socks and some fur lined felt slippers. (Chaz wants me to make him a pair now..LOL) The socks are actually cut from the top of real socks and then stitched to just the right size. I made the slippers out of flat felt....cut out the shoe pieces....stitched together with a blanket stitch all the way around and then lined them in warm fur. We can't have Santa's feet getting cold now...can we?

I'm working on the outfit itself now. I have chosen a handsome brown/black/red/white plaid for his trousers. A soft red flannel for his ruffled shirt and a green/black sock for his sweater. Yes, I said sock for the sweater...LOL!!! It is amazing what you can use for doll clothes. Of course, it is a new sock...not a smelly stinky used one. I would never do that or at least I would never tell anyone that I did ;) Hugs, Regi

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Starving Artist way of doing things ;)

After spending a few days on Santa's he can't sit and look at me and sing..."Iiiiii ain't got no body".....LOL.....I finally finished with it. I do my soft bodies a bit different than most doll artist....I think. I don't use a body glove...which is a wonderful item to use when doing the soft bodies....I have used them....but having to save pennies these days I just don't have the fabric to make any so I use what I have. For some reason I always seem to have batting laying around..LOL!!! So that's what I use. Wait...wait.....let me explain.....please stop that laughing...listen use what you have on hand....ROFL!!!!!!!!! I make my wire armature first....then I take loose batting fibers and place them on the armature. I usually start with the torso. After I have all the batting in place I stitch it in just a few places to hold it on there. I then take a whole piece of batting (like you would use for a quilt backing) and place it over all the loose batting. I then stitch a few places to hold it in is the tricky part (or maybe I should say...sticky part if not careful) I needle felt the full batting to the loose batting. Yeah...I's a bit weird and unusual but then again I am weird and unusual ;) It makes for a really strong soft body when you finish the needle felting. Just for me as you can see in the photos I try and do some detail work. No one will ever see it but I know it's there and it makes the clothes fit better....well to me...but then there comes in the weird and unusual thing again...LOL!! After I finish with the torso I work on the legs...doing the same thing. After the legs are complete then it's on to the arms. I needle felt a bit more loose fibers on the shoulders so that any shirt or sweater that I make will fit like it is suppose to. Just thought I would pass on another starving artist's way of doing things!!!!!

Look Santa has a four pack and a where else can you find a MAN like that to love.

In this next photo he looks like he is waving at you but he isn't...well...I guess he could be BUT he isn't...LOL!!!!! I have his hand placed where it will be when he is completed. He will be holding Chester up. Chester was designed by the elves for a little boy that asked for a playmate. Chester is almost as tall as the little boy he will be going to stay with. So Santa will be holding him up and Chester will be sitting on the arm of the chair.
OMGOSH....Santa is trying to climb over the chair....I don't think he likes me showing him to all the world.........NEKKID!!!!!! Really I just wanted to show you his cute lil hiney....HEY...he needs that hiney to make his pants fit right ya know.

I hope my little notes on how I do some of my doll making is helping others. I love to share my knowledge and yes of course my weird, unusual and quirky ways. I think that's one thing that makes the artist community so wonderful. From the starving artist to the famous ones....we all believe in sharing our gifts with one another. That's a good never know what that sharing might just spark our muses to start whispering about. Just the simplest thing can spring a new idea into forming.....from a few words that had no idea that it was hidden amongst them.
Happy Doll making....I'm off to dress this poor nekkid man!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Santa and Chester

I want to thank everyone that has joined my blog group...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! ;) This is such a fun way to post what you are doing so others can see or ummm just post to yourself to keep up with what you are doing...LOL!!!!

I'm working on the Santa today that goes with Chester. Most of today and probably through the weekend I will be making his wire armature and soft body. I have found that needle felting the fibers to make his body give him even added strength. Takes a bit longer to do but I think it is worth the effort.....Santa does need to be able to stand the test of time!!! The above photo is a WIP (work in progress) of Santa's head...hands and feet. I still have some detailing to do on the head. I plan on making felt slippers for his feet....he is after all taking a break and inspecting a new toy for a special lil boy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIP photos of latest ooaks

It's the middle of another week. I have been busy in my studio working on my latest ooaks and truly let the time just slip on by. I have never been one to keep up with time...tell me you will see me in a few and I don't even wonder if that means a few minutes...a few hours or a few days. ;) That's not to say that I'm late when I do have a time table...if I promise I will do something in a certain amount of time then I do unless of course I just tell you "in a few" LOL!!!!!

Above are some WIP (work in progress) photos of my latest sculpt. It will be titled: Santa and Chester. Back to sculpting!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Friday ;)

I can't believe a week has come and gone already. Time is going by way to fast for me. Summer is almost over and Chaz will be going back to school. He is so excited....we have a First grader!!!

He informed me today that once school started that he wouldn't require (require...he actually said require) his booster seat any longer...he was a big boy...LOL!!!!!! They do grow to fast...he will be sitting in the driver's seat before we know it.

Daddy and he are at the neighbors this afternoon so I have the house all to myself. Kinda feels a bit weird to be honest with you. So I'm taking the time to do paperwork, play with the clay and write on my blog. Now if you knew me you would get kinda tickled that this shy person even had the nerve to start a blog all her own. I want it to be my selling station.....and a way to share some of my "trials and errors" in creating dolls. I hope the first tutorial I posted will be a help to someone. I plan on doing a few more along the way. I'm one that is always finding a way to use things that I have on hand and that most others will have on hand too. With the economy the way it is right now and so many having financial difficulties there is no reason that we still can't have our "therapy" time (crafting time) by using our imaginations and using things we have instead of going out and buying. Craft tools that is....listen to my voice...oops read my need to buy ooaks...dolls....faeries...Santas and an assortment of can't resist!!! I'm happy to report that I have two followers already and noooo they aren't related to me and I didn't even have to pay them to do it. ;) I do appreciate them so pass me along and let others be followers. I promise to give you all a quirky but fun adventure. Hugs,Regi

Rosebud...A Captured Faery

While working in my garden one day I saw a host of butterflies flittering about. It's not unusual to see butterflies I know but these were swooping down all in one place. I got up from my knees and went to see what all the swooping and flittering was about. I looked down into my lantana and there was the most beautiful pink butterfly I had ever seen. As I leaned down to get a closer look I pulled back in surprise. This tiny creature wasn't a butterfly at all but a wee little faery. She didn't move...she just stared up at me with huge gleaming eyes. I started to walk let her be but the real butterflies would have no part of that. They flittered and fluttered in my face so I couldn't even see to walk away. I went back over to her and leaned down and placed my hand next to hers....she stepped onto it...complete trust in her eyes. I noticed then that one of her tiny wings was broken. I quickly took her inside...mended her wings and made her a baeutiful cage for her to rest in. The cage wasn't to capture her or keep her in but to merely keep Ms. Peaches our cat OUT!!!!!
Price: $ 95.00 plus shipping
Rosebud is one of my fully sculpted ooaks made from Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face is detailed with acrylic paints. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool (sheared) Her wings are organza silk...embroidered for detail and tiny crystals and glass beads adorn the tips. Her outfit is part clay and part organza.
Her temporary home is a brass cage that has natural moss and silk rosebuds placed in the bottom. The top has been adorned with silk roses, greenery and ribbons. A felt padding is on the bottom of the cage to keep from scratching your furniture.
If interested in this ooaks, please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking..please check back often. Hugs, Regi

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gypsy, the blackberry thief

Price: $ 125.00 plus shipping

Fall...the beautiful time of the year. Cool crisp breezes blowing through the sunflowers that are growing tall with their heads turned toward the sun. Trees expressing themselves by showing off all their colors of yellow, green and red. The pumpkin patch with all it's fat, plump fruits spreading themselves over the ground. The blackberries just perfect for picking and filling up a basket for a delicious pie.....wait...where did the blackberries go?
This is Gypsy....she is a very sweet faery but she just can't resist the sweet taste of the fall blackberries. Of course she can't eat them all by herself so if you sit down by the pumpkins and the sunflowers she is surely to share a few with you.
Gypsy is a poseable sculpt. Her face, torso, hands and feet are hand sculpted from Super Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. Her eyes are hand painted using acrylic paints. Her hair is Tibetan Lambswool (sheared). Her outfit is made from silk ribbons and pure blend wool yarns. Her belt is adorned with glass beads and stones. She has a choker necklace made from yarn and glass beads. Her wings are preserved butterfly wings that have been decorated with glass beads and stones and tiny gold embellishments. She is holding one of the blackberries that she swiped.
She sits upon a fat juicy pumpkin (made from vinyl) that has silk sunflowers on top. They make the perfect faery seat you know. Gypsy is removable and her arms and legs can be moved to gently pose.
If interested in letting the tiny little thief come live with you,please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking and please check back often for new ooaks to be added. Hugs!

The faery races....

If you walk every so softly amongst the ferns, just pass the garden wall, you will hear what most humans are never priviledged to. Every faery, pixie and creature is overflowing with excitement for the day is near. The day of the annual faery races. Where faery and creature join together to see who truly is the fastest....on land....air and open water. Joining together as a team...being loyal to the end. Who will be crowned the winner this year?

This is Henry...he is the leader of the snail patrol. Don't let the name fool you...remember we are amongst the faery realm dwellers. Henry is a ooak design sculpted out of Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. He has a strong wire armature underneath. His eyes are handset and hand painted using acrylic paints. His outfit is made of pure wool blend yarns and felts. His hair is a wool blend yarn. His wings are made from preserved butterfly wings and then adorned with feathers and beads. His companion and ride is Sammie the snail. Sammie is a fully sculpted ooak design made out of Prosculpt clay. He has a strong wire and paper mache armature underneath.
His eyes are black seed beads and is shell is a natural shell from the beaches of Gulf Shores, AL.
Their base is made of pine, painted and then covered in natural elements such as moss and acorns. It is also adorned with silk plants.
Price: $ 125.00 plus shipping (this is per sculpt)

This is Chamie...she is the Queen of the fern garden and the winner of the faery races for the past 100 years. Chamie is hand sculpted out of Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. Her eyes are handset and hand painted using acrylic paints. Her outfit is made from pure wool blend yarn and dyed silk. Her hair is pure wool blend pulled yarn. Her wings are hand sewn using silk and then embroidered and adorned with natural tiny precious stones. Her faithful companion is Sebastin....a turtle but not just a mere turtle...his legs have the power to carry him from fern to tree in a blink of an eye. Sebastin has a strong wire and paper mache armature underneath a fully sculpted body made from Prosculpt without the use of any molds. He is painted with acrylic and fine MICA powder paints. His eyes are handmade, handset and painted using acrylic paints. He wears a fine top hat made from a natural acorn top. Their base is made of pine, painted and then covered in natural elements such as moss and acorns and adorned with silk plants.
Price: $ 125.00 plus shipping
If you are interested in either one of these ooaks, please emal me for additional information. I do thank you for looking and please check back often as there are more to join the races.

Needle felting....

This is Savannah and Benjamin....Benjamin being the bunny...of course. Savannah is one of my ooaks. She is fully sculpted with Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face and eyes are hand painted using acrylic paints. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool (sheared) She has a tiny beaded choker with a tiny silver dragonfly charm attached. Her outfit is part clay and part organza fabric. Her wings are made from printed organza and then embroidered to give details. The tips have tiny crystals hanging on them. She is reading a book to Benjamin. "The tales of Benjamin Bunny" It is a real book with a real story inside. Benjamin is one of my needle felt designs. He has a strong needle felted body underneath his furry fur. They are attached to a tiny star shaped paper mache box. (The box can not be opened) Price: $40.00 plus shipping

This is BoBo....I designed him from one of God's lil creatures. He is a Golden Tamarin...lovingly called a Lion monkey. He is completely hand done by needle felting. Wire armature underneath and poseable. I couldn't send him off to live with my niece without making him some bananas. I made him a little beach bungalow to live in but didn't get any photos before I took him. I plan on doing more of God's lil creatures soon.

6.jpg" border=0>
This is baby FooFoo. She is a hand done needle felt of a floppy eared rabbit. Her tiny mouth is open so she can hold her carrot pacifer all by herself. I felted her for my six year old...he my be a boy but he loves his furry critters.

Needle felting is so much fun...with the exception of sticking your fingers with a really, really sharp needle that has tiny little prongs on the ends. BUT even with finger sticks...ok ok even with A LOT of finger's a great craft to know how to do. There are no boundries to what you can design with this art form. I tried my hand at it years ago and gave it up due to all the finger pokes and sticks...LOL...but recently picked it back up again. It's an art form that everyone can learn and any one with a good imagination can master. I DO NOT recommend it to any child under the age of 12 and then please please with adult supervision only. That's just my opinion of course but what parent would want to hear there child scream "OUCHIE... that really, really HURT".

Thank you for looking...I hope you will check back in soon as I plan on adding more needle felts to sell.

Santa's Hands..the starving artist ways

After being told to get up from the computer...LOL...I was able to work on my Santa hands for my newest ooaks. I have received several compliments about my doll hands and thought I might pass along how I do them. Mind you, I'm not a teacher or one of the great doll artist... yet ;)...but I think that I can show how you can use everyday supplies that even a starving artist has on hand. So, here goes, my first EVER tutorial. I hope it helps someone with the making of hands.

Materials Needed: 22 gauge wire....wire cutters...floral tape....toothpick....sculpting tools (what I use: large doll sewing needle, wooden knitting needle, sculpting tool, stiffened paint brush) sculpting clay in flesh and in transparent (not going to mention what kind...we all have our favorites)

It's always best to make the head first so that the hand proportions will be correct. I myself make the hands a bit larger than life because that's how I see Santa. Cut six pieces of wire. Five are for your fingers and one is to make a small holder for the fingers. Wrap this piece around a toothpick to make about 8-10 loops...keep them close together. Make sure to leave some of the ends makes it easier to hold onto when removing from the toothpick.

Hold the toothpick at one end and one of the long pieces of wire in your fingers and simply twist the toothpick until the wire slides off. Of course if you use a different gauge wire then you might have to use something other than a toothpick to make your holder. I have just discovered that the toothpick is perfect for the 22 gauge. Trial and error...we all know that phrase ;)

Take your five pieces of wire and place them inside your holder. Crimp the holder to lock the wires in place. Spread the fingers apart. Take about 12-15 inches of your floral tape and wrap around the holder first and work your way up to the palm area. Stretch the tape as you go so you will get a nice snug fit. Wrap it around the palm and then start wrapping around the base of the fingers. Like a basket weave pattern until all the tape is gone. Cut the wires to the desired lengths. I like to take the tips of the fingers and gently bend the ends down and then crimp. This helps you not to get stuck and to keep it from poking through the clay so easily.

Take your flesh colored clay and make a thin roll twice the length of each finger. Take one and fold it in half and place over one of the finger wires. Smooth the seams on each side until the finger is shaped and secured to the palm of the hand. Repeat this for each finger. Shape two pieces of clay into a balls about the size of a quarter. Flatten them in the middle and place one in the palm of the hand. Gentle push with your thumb to give it a palm look. Place the other in the front of the hand...make sure you place this at the base of the fingers (this helps make knuckles) and against the inside of the thumb. Make another ball about the size of the bottom of a acrylic paint bottle. Roll the ball into a cylinder shape and cut in half. Place a piece on each side to make up the wrist and partial arm. Smooth and blend until no seams show. Remember, these are Santa's hand...a man with some age so if there are a few imperfections then it will just add to the aging of them. Using your sculpting tools and looking at your hands make the details for the knuckles, wrist and fingers. I like to add vein lines to mine. Look at your hands also in the position that you are going to place Santa's in.

Don't forget to give the palm some detail. I like to make sure that his hands look real. I do this even if they won't show. I love to do as much details as I can to bring my Santa's to life.

Here is where the large sewing needle comes in. I use one of the big needles I use when making teddy bears and large cloth dolls. Take the eye part and gently push back the cuticle of each finger. Again, look at your own fingers to see what they look like. Take the transparent clay to make the fingernails. Roll a long piece out and cut tiny pieces off. Shape the piece into a tiny fingernail. Make sure you blunt cut the tip before you place on the finger. Take your sculpting tool or stiffened paint brush and gently push the nail into place. Once you have all the details of your hands complete, it's time to bake. Bake according to the clay manufacturer's directions. Once hands are cooled then if you need to you can file Santa's nails...just in case he got a hangnail during baking. I put several coats of varnish over the nails...make sure that each coat is thoroughly dry before adding another coat.

Great day of playing...

Today was a wonderful day in the studio.....playing with the clay and playing puzzle games online with Chaz. It can really get frustrating when your six year old can figure how to get to the next level of a game in less than five minutes after you have been trying for over thirty. I was doing so bad that he finally told me to just get up and let him play by himself....of course I got a big hug and kiss and told that "It was alright mommie...not everyone can be smart" OMGOSH...I know he did not....ROFL!!!!!!! It worked out.....after I finished crying....from laughing so hard. He stayed up here with me and played games and I got to sculpt. There just can't be any better times that that!!!!


Momma and baby, a OOAKS in the Angels of the Sea Series

There is a coral reef just off the northern shore of a tiny, far away island. Hidden amongst the coral, from any who happen to dive there, is a spot that holds a wondrous creature. Most don't know they exists...or that the long told seafarer's tales of them are not just mere myths.

To see even one would be an exciting event but to see two would be a magical adventure. Come dive with me off this northern shore and I will show you a haven that will take your breathe away. The mermaid's of a mommie and baby.

Mommie and baby mermaid are fully sculpted ooaks with strong wire armatures. Both are sculpted from Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. There faces and details are painted using acrylic paints. Their tales are painted with acrylics and fine MICA powders. Mommie's crown and necklace are hand made from pink quartz. Both of their hair is Tibetan Lambswool (sheared). Mommie can cradle baby in her arms or baby can nap in his own shell.

The base of this sculpt is a conch shell that was found at a adventure at one of Alabama's beautiful beaches. It is adorned with other real shells, silks and mosses.

If interested in purchasing this beautiful mermaid sculpt, please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking....keep checking in as more sculpts will be added.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sabrina...the tiny spellcaster, a OOAKS in the Witch Series

Hocus Pocus...nooooo....Pocus Hocus...ohhhh me oh my what spell did I cast...I turned my cat Prince into a frog at last....I need that spell book I need it right now...oh wait..silly's underneath my foot I see!!!

Sabrina is a fully sculpted ooaks made from Prosculpt without the use of any molds. She is only 4 1/2 inches tall. Her eyes and detailing are done using acrylic paints. She is sitting on top of three spell books that are all sculpted out of Prosculpt clay. The one in her hand is also a sculpted book. Her wand is a real piece of wood. Her outfit is part sculpted and part fabric. Her wings are hand sewn and embroidered with tiny glass beads in the tips. Her hair is dyed Tibetan Lambswool. (sheared)

If you are interested in letting Sabrina come and cast spells at your home, please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking...please check back often.

Batilda...batty witch, a OOAKS in the Witches Series

I was sitting on my porch one moon lite night and heard a rustling noise coming from my garden. I quietly made my way over to it and peek down under the azalea bush and much to my surprise I saw a tiny bat....not just any bat but a batty witch. She looked up at me and very softly said, "Look into my crystal ball and I will tell your future".

Batilda is made using a strong wire armature and then covered in a soft body. Face, partial torso, hands and feet are hand sculpted out of Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. The eyes are handmade, handset and then painted using acrylic paints. Her outfit is made from vintage fabrics. Her hair is Tibetan lambswool (sheared) Her crystal ball sits upon a real Sterling silver plate. The old tree truck is half preserved wood and half sculpted clay to enhance it's "creepy" appearance. Her wings are hand sewn, embroidered and then decorated using tiny seed and crystal beading. She is a true OOAKS (one of a kind sculpt) and will not be remade.

If you are interested in letting Batilda come and live with you, please email me for additional information.

Warning: Artist will not be responsible for any crystal ball readings that don't come true.

Until next time......Hugs,

Witches and things that go bump in the night...

I have a series of witches, mummies, and things that go bump in the night. I love to decorate for the holidays....any and every holiday. I use the excuse it's for my youngest son but when he is grown and on his own I will still be decorating. That is if I can still get around to decorate..LOL!

I will be adding more to this series a bit later in the check back often. Remember, keep those covers close so if you hear a creak on the floor...UP the covers go to hide and to be seen no more!!!!!!



accomplished something in the studio today..

Well...Mr. Skinny Minny Santa got fat really fast...LOL!!! I think he turned out pretty good. I only got him sculpted today....tomorrow he will get baked and painted. I didn't think I would get to him today but I also got the head sculpted for the marionette he is going to be holding. Again, sculpted not baked. Santa will have company in the oven tomorrow ;) I'm working on the wire armatures for Santa's hands tonight so maybe I will get the hands completed tomorrow. I so love working in my "therapy" room...some days the walls should be padded...LOL!!!!



working in studio

Today is going to be a work a play day...noooo a work day...OMGOSH...I have so much fun working that it feels like play time. Isn't life grand? ;) I'm working in a Santa head...he looks really funny right now....Mr. Skinny minny and buck just amazes me how they start out looking one way and end up looking so different. Folkes that don't clay may think this sounds weird (ok ok I admit...I'm a bit weird...LOL) but I'm not the one that decides how they turn out...each sculpt let's me know just what they want to be. That's why some will never be shown...they are just to dang SCARY!!! They do get to serve a purpose though...I get to use them to take out my frustrations...Squish..Squish!!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yoshi Yuan..Fire Lily Dragon, a ooaks in the Faeries and Dragons Series

In Private Collection

A little dragon is born into the faery realm deep in the forest every two hundred years. They are born with great power and strength, honored and revered to bring good fortune and wisdom to those that call upon it. The faery realm was mesmerized by not only it's powers but also by it's passion.

In the year that the great warrior Princess Mingmei Yong was was her dragon. Light dances over the entire faery realm forest at this wondrous birth. It has been a long time since such a magnificent dragon was born. She is a brilliant gold, as brilliant as the sun shining down with soft scales of forest green. Her wings are enormous yet soft with the suns glow and the forests color, so as to hide her when she is called upon in flight. Her eyes are the deepest jade....the faeries have believed for years as has so many in our human world that jade is the sign of "Purity". Her heart stone is a carnelian agate, brilliant red with deep black veins running through it. This is a true sign to the faeries that a queen had been born. The agate stone is believed to be a "peacekeeper" soften anger. There was a warmth emanating from her heart stone, perhaps for all the faeries and forest creatures to embrace. With all the signs this dragon posses the one and only name that could be given to her....Yoshi Yuan, good shining peace. She was to be the bringer of Peace, but every faery knew, especially Mingmei Yong, that once called to fight the Elfin wizard and the dark ones that Yoshi Yuan would seek out to destroy. Not the dark ones themselves but the dark emotions inside them that had caused this never ending battle and restore the faery realm to it's peaceful and harmonious ways. Until the time that she will be called upon. Yoshi Yuan sits amongst the tree roots, sopping up the sun's warmth, watching over the forest and all it's tiny creatures. She knows that she has been given a special gift...she will reign over this world for much longer than any other before her.

Is this all just a myth? Be it true or not, it still holds a spell over all of us who are fascinated by the tales. For those of us that hold the magic in our hearts, well, we know what the answer is.

Yoshi Yuan was designed for my niece.....Year of the faery 2008

Faeries and Dragons

I have believed in faeries and dragons ever since I was very young. Who can ever really say that they never existed or might even still exist today. The folktales and legends had to get the idea from somewhere. Was it only their imaginations that created such wonderful mystical creatures? I believe that if you believe strongly enough in something that you might be given the sight to see it...if only for one brief moment. That's why I design my faery and dragon characters. To help bring some life into the old stories of long ago and to make you ponder the age old questions.

Could they have lived so long ago and could they be hiding amongst us today? but tiring ;)

WOW...I can't believe that I did so much on my first blogger day...;) I think I will take some time now to go and sculpt. I need to work on some Santa and elf heads and what ever else pops out of MY head to come out and play. Have a wonderful afternoon and check back in often.



Red..the painter, a ooaks in the Santa and his helpers series

**He has been in my own collection but I think he wants to go a visiting..hehe

If you could peek through the frosted windows at the North Pole you would see such a sight. All the tiny wee folkes making busy busy plans. There are hundreds of them...each having their own special task that Santa himself has given them. This is Red, the painter. He has such a talent for painting just the right toy with just the right colors. Take a peek....he is finishing up part of the alphabet train.

Red has a strong wire armature that is covered in a needle felted body. His face and hands are sculpted from Cernit clay without the use of any molds. His face and eyes are painted using acrylic paints. His hair is needle felted from carded dyed wool. His outfit is handsewn from different fabrics. His tiny elf shoes are made from felt and topped with tiny bells. His work station is sculpted from Prosculpt clay and then painted with acrylic paints. All his painting supplies are sculpted from clay and then hand painted. the alphabet train piece is made from wood and then the scene is hand painted. The table and train are attached to the wooden base but Red can be removed. He might want to sit close to you ;)

If interested in having Red come live with you, please email me for purchasing information. Thank you for looking and remember to check back as new pieces will be added from now until Christmas. Hugs, Regi

Santa and his helpers Series

I have such wonderful memories of Santa Claus and all the magic that surrounded him. My childhood memories as well as the ideas in my quirky mind. I'm one that still believes in the magic and always will. I have visions of him and his tiny work crew preparing all year long for that one special night in the children's lives. I design ooaks Santas...using vintage fabrics and furs when I find them. I don't think that Santa only wears a coat of red...he has many different coats of color. I also design ooaks of his elves. I am getting an early start on my Santa making this year so please check back to see if I have added a new one. Hugs, Regi

Mimzie and Whikit, a ooaks in the Angels of the Sea Series

Price: $ 125.00 plus shipping

Mimzie is a young mermaid who loves to explore with her pal, Whikit a bottled-nose dolphin. If you ever dive down to explore for yourself you might feel a "swoosh" go by. No worries, it is just Mimzie and Whikit having one of their races. They spend all day playing and looking for something to get into...ummm...having adventures I should have said ;)

Mimzie is a fully sculpted ooaks out of Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face, eyes and detailing are hand painted using acrylic paints. Her tail and part of her torso are hand painted using fine MICA powders. Her hair is pulled wool. She wears a headpiece made from amethyst stones. She holds a starfish made from Prosculpt clay. Whikit is a fully sculpted ooaks out of Prosculpt clay. He has a strong wire and paper mache armature for added strength underneath. He is handpainted using both acrylic and MICA powders. Their base is wooden which is adorned with real shells, pearls and silks.

If you would like to have Mimzie and Whikit come live with you, please email me for purchasing information. Thank you for looking at these two characters...and I do mean "characters". Hugs!!

Seagreen, captured mermaid, A ooaks in the Angels of the Sea Series

Price: $ 95.00 plus shipping

I designed this mermaid to remind us of the dangers that some of our fishing practices cause. A mermaid is a fictional being, unless you believe, but there are real creatures being caught up in fishing nets. They are mangled and or killed. We need to pay closer attention to how we use our we harvest our food from the sea...protect all living things that might become entangled in that harvest. If we don't then more than just the mermaid may become a fictional being for our children.

Seagreen is fully sculpted from Cernit clay without the use of any molds. She has a strong wire armature underneath. Her face is hand painted using acrylic paints. Her tail is painted using fine MICA powders. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool (sheared). She hangs in a jute fishing net attached to a sculpted wooden beam. The beam has a wire armature underneath and is sculpted out of Prosculpt clay without the use of any molds. The seagull and the wooden barrel are sculpted out of Prosculpt as well.

If you are intersted in letting Seagreen come live with you, please contact me by email for more purchasing information. Thank you for looking and save our planet. Hugs, Regi