Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tsk..tsk..I missed Wednesday WIP!!!

Well....alrightie always I'm a day late because I forgot to mark my calendar off!!! I have been thinking all morning that it was Wednesday. life rotates around my calendar and all my lil notes. If I don't post it then my brain won't remember it and even then if I don't mark each day off then I won't see the post it and therefore whatever I needed to do doesn't get done. How sad...ri iight? BUT it sure does make life interesting. ^_^

Since I missed Wednesday and doing a WIP post then I'm just going to pretend that this is Wednesday and do one now. My muse apparently had taken a vacation while I have been under the weather but she is slowly getting back to whispering in my ear. Here is what I have been up to...well...since yesterday.
I know the lil guy and the head look funny and why you may be asking. Can you tell me why?? They are missing their ears of course. I'm making their ears out of the fluffy yarn I make my dust bunnies with. The lil guy is going to be attached to a pin but can be removed and worn on a chain or a pretty ribbon. The head poor dear...I bet he is sitting there thinking "I AINT GOT NO BODY" going to be one of the dust bunny heads that can be attached to a chain or a pretty ribbon. I'm sure you have figured out the two items on the left are carrots and the three items on the right are going to be some of my German glass colored Easter eggs. It's good to be back sculpting!!!

Until next time.................HUGS, Regi

P.S.  We are still having "ISSUES" with this dang computer but are working on it...hummmm...did I do a post it for that? ^_^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm still here...I think!!!

I just wanted to hop in really fast before this crazy computer decides to act up some more. Our system crashed and we lost everything. It seems to just be limping along and not very reliable but ya have to deal with what ya have....ri iight??  I miss everyone and hope to be back to posting really soon and to introduce some new ooaks characters.

Until next time....HUGS, Regi

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm a Soul Monkey Minion!!!

I'm a Soul Monkey Minion...the Chazman is a Soul Monkey Minion...the hubbikins is a Soul Monkey Minion and YOU can be a Minion too!!!! What's a Soul Monkey ya ask? WELL...let me tell ya. It's one of the best bands in our area..HANDS DOWN!!! Their music far reaches any others that I have heard in a long time. This group of rockin and blues souls is not afraid to do songs that most others won't do....others just think they are to hard to sing. (waaahh..big babies) NOT Soul Monkey though....from classic rock like Elton John and the Beatles to classic blues like Eric Clapton and B.B.King....and the transition from one to the other is flawless. There is no way that you can just sit and listen...OHHH will catch yourself swaying and matter who might be watching. (yes..even shy me does it) This group is so versatile that on top of doing classic rock and blues....they even will throw in a few modern POP songs, dance music and even a great country ballad or two. Not to mention that two of the guys write music themselves and of course they throw a few of their originals in the mix. These guys should be out touring...for real...I'm not kidding...they are that AWESOME!!! Although I do think they could be making a trip around the world, I'm happy that they stay close to home. They perform at local events here in Foley and the surrounding areas....have a few places they can be found at most weekends when no events are happening and they even play weddings and birthday parties. Just a group of 4 L.A. (that stands for Lower Alabama..hehe) guys that stand out due to their love of music, excellent vocals and the rockin good time they give to all their minions. Give them a listen HERE.

We are very excited that Soul Monkey is going to be playing at one of our local events here in Foley next Saturday, the 19th, at Heritage Park. The Third annual "BBQ and Blues" cook off event. This fantastic, FUN event features some of the local "cooking" talent getting together and showing off their stuff. Yep....part of the name..."BBQ".. good old fashion Southern cooked up just right BBQ. I know there are going to be some finger licking good times. I'm so glad that I'm not a judge...I so wouldn't be able to pick just one. Of course the "Blues" part comes in with the awesome music that is going to be happening during this all day event. Soul Monkey will be hitting the stage around noon and playing until 2. There will be a few other good local performers and I will be listening and enjoying them too but you will only find me swaying and a dancin when I become a Soul Minion. Ohhh's going to be an awesome day my friends. If close by...come and sit a spell....lick those fingers and sway to the music. It starts at 10am and ends at 6pm...Heritage Park located right on the corner of Hwy 59 and 98. Main road through Foley....most know goes directly into Gulf Shores and the could make a weekend of it...what could be better than fun, food, music and the beach. The cost is $10 for adults and that means you get to eat as much as you want....honest....really...all you want......for just ten bucks. Where else can ya eat good BBQ all you want for that? Kiddos 10 and under get to eat free...yeppers...I said FREE!!! They soooo don't know the Chazman and BBQ...they gonna be in big trouble...LOL!!!  There will be children activities...chances to win some awesome prizes....a silent auction. I have donated one of my ooaks for the auction. Mimzie and Whikit!! I thought a mermaid would be appropriate since we live so close to the beach. The money will all go back in to the community so I'm very honored and proud that I was asked to participate. Now see....there's another reason to come on down. Bid on Mimzie!!!
I have been looking forward to this event for months and I do mean months. I just love my Soul Monkey...yes..they are mine....all mine...mine mine mine!!!! OK maybe not mine but I do love them. ^_^  OK....snap out of it Regi...get back on track. I have been working on a pin set that I can wear. Noooo...I didn't do a monkey dancing around...although I thought about it. I decided that since it was really all about the BBQ that I would do some of my piggie clay beads. If you are one of my sweet friends that comes to visit often (and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart) then you know of which piggies I am speaking of. I finally completed the set here it is.
I will be wearing my piggie pin with my piggie earrings and have my hair pulled back with my matching hair barrette and licking my fingers due to all the wonderful piggie ummm I mean BBQ that I will be enjoying. So I shouldn't be to hard to find....LOL!!  So bring a blanket, some chairs. a good appetite and come for a rockin good time and become a minion too.

Until next time..........HUGS, Regi

Monday, March 7, 2011

Arggg.I'm getting OLD!!!

I know that I haven't been posting as much as I usually do and the only excuse I have for am feeling the old age bug. Yep...that old age bug has bitten down and hard. Arggggg....I hate it...ok wait a sec, we aren't suppose to hate so let me rephrase...I really, really, REALLY dislike it. This nasty little fellow has been laying dormant for awhile and I'm hoping after his short (very short) stay this time that he will be gone for another 10+ years or so. So I'm sure your asking what kind of nasty lil critter this bug is....ri iight?

I have had issues with one of my eyes for far back I can't remember not having them BUT (and I stress BUT) I haven't had such a flair up in years. I don't like keeps me from designing and I really DO NOT like that at all. I guess I could still try but OMGOSH talk about coming out with some whimsies for sure.....hummmm maybe I should try it. ^_^

I have been attempting to work on some of my flower/ribbon corsages and although this one I have been doing over the past week...I finally completed it. YEAH ME!!!! See there ya nasty bug..I can still SEE to!!!! With this one I used my mermaid clay face bead. I have been collecting some vintage ribbon in blues and purples and they were just screaming to be they were. A friend a few years ago sent me a few beautiful sea glass beads that she had tumbled so one of those was used as well. What better way to use a sea glass bead than with a mermaid. Also used were some of the vintage pearls from the 80 year old wedding veil, along with some glass, silver and crystal beads. Some natural sea shells too.
I added some tiny barely 1 inch dangly earrings too. Tiny silver, vintage pearl, glass beads and crystals were used. Just the perfect little accent to go along with the pin. I think she turned out swimmingly...get it....swimmingly...mermaid...HAHAHAHAHA.  She can be found in my Etsy shoppe.

I have a few other pins I am working on. Those that saw last Wednesday's post will know which clay face beads I am using.  I also am working on a design for a gallery event down here too. I will post some WIP photos as I go with it.....perhaps they will help someone else in their clay endeavors. This little nasty critter may slow me down BUT he won't stop me.

Until next time..........HUGS, Regi

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I hugged the mailman....AGAIN!!!

I think my lil neighbor across the street is starting to think that the mailman and I have something going on!! @_@ Although....before she would come outside and always look down but NOW she always tries to get my attention with a big smile and a friendly wave. Makes ya wonder, huh? Thank goodness we don't get our milk home delivered. Ya know the old saying when things happen. "It was the milkman"  LOL  OK.....maybe that's just an old Southern thang..hehe

I was so excited to receive two more of my OWOH thank you gifts. Ohhhh dear...just two more to go and then no more mailman hugs. ^_^  I always wait until the Chazman gets home to open them....he gets almost as excited as I do. Keyword there being....ALMOST!!! The first one he opened was of course the one in a box. (Kids means MORE goodies) OMGOSH....what a wonderful surprise when he opened it up. It was from Pat over at The Wigglebutt Blog. She is an amazing clay artist....really......she is AWESOME!!! The Chazman and I have been following along with her for some time now.....we adore her dragons. I love all of her work but those darn cute little dragons will just steal your heart away. Now that I have made ya want to go and visit with Pat, let me show you what was in our box.
Look at all the "goodies". I have been collecting items to do some Geisha ooaks with and Pat has added to that collection with the big medallions on either side of the card with one of her darn cute little dragons. Can ya guess who snuck off with that!!! The card not the medallions..hehe!! She sent us some of her clay big leaves and some smaller ones. Two beautiful clay with a world on one side and the words "One World One Heart 2011" on the other. Yep...the same person snuck that heart too and of course ALL of the candy Pat had put in the box. (Thank you for thinking of the Chazman always warms my heart when someone sends him something too)

The next one he opened was one I have been patiently waiting on. Well ok I have been patiently waiting on ALL of my OWOH gifts...who wouldn't...huh huh!!! This was the gift I received from Betty Lee over at Artists & Crafters Supply Community. 
  Two body butter bars (try saying body butter bars 10 times really fast...gonna giggle) of my very own...which means I will have to hide them when I'm not using them. They smell just like Baby powder. I LOVE that clean and fresh. I can even put them in the sweet lil bag that came with them to hide store them when I'm not using them. There was also a wonderful lip butter.  I already know that the Chazman will be taking it from me though. Poor baby is just like his momma (that's ME) he has dry skin and very dry lips. This one is all natural and unscented which he told me real fast like, that it was telling me that it was his because that was the perfect MAN lip balm. OMGOSH...get out!!!!! ROFL Thank you Betty Lee for OUR gift.....we will both enjoy it!! Now if I can just find a good hiding spot.

Until next time................HUGS, Regi