Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you heard of the Angel Program?

Times have been so hard for so many in the past 6 months to a year that live here on the coast. We are very thankful to live in such a loving and caring community. I didn't know just how caring until I discovered an online site called Freecycle. Have you ever heard of it? If you have then you know just how wonderful it is and how it works. If you were like me and have never heard of it then you should go and have a looksie. It is a site that lets you "offer" things to others that you no longer need plus you can ask for a "want" for something that you are in need of. Everything is free because the saying is true "One man's junk is another man's treasure". The best thing is that when you join (yes, that's free too) you are signing up in your area....not one that is far away.Of course, I signed up for it (HEY..I'm not a complete dingaling...ummm  I heard that...LOL) and discovered that they offer a Christmas program. I have never, ever had to sign up for any help....always hated to because I knew there had to be others out there worse off. I did however sign up this year..or Christmas morning was going to be mighty small for my Chazman and I am and have been making sure that all of our hard times haven't affected him as greatly.  He was accepted and I'm so happy and thankful and just overjoyed. See what I meant about such a caring community. I started reading more and more about Freecycle. I discovered how they are able to help so many children (infants up to 18 yrs) with Christmas. They have a program called the "Angel program". People donate new or gently used items that are put together for the kiddos. I was so happy that Chaz was in the receiving end that I had to do something to be in the giving end as well. I couldn't go buy anything (if I could then I wouldn't have had to ask for help) but I sure can make a few things. I have been working on some jewelry items....mostly for boys...they said that was one area they were having the least donations. I'm hoping to get a few more things done and even a few hair accessories for girls with supplies I have on hand. Here is what I made over the holiday.
Nothing to fancy but I do hope whomever gets them will like them. I did some of these for my teenage nephews last year and they liked them. least I had some of the same aged ones give me the confidence to do them as gifts to others. I'm still working on a few more. It's not much I know but it will be a gift at a special time made from the heart. Giving feels soooo good!!!

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi

Saturday, November 27, 2010

After the turkey....

It's always so nice to be with family during a holiday and this Thanksgiving was no exception. My youngest sister only lives about 20 minutes from us, so after a morning of cooking my share of the was off to her house we went. It was a day filled with sitting around talking.....eating some gooood food....sitting around because we all felt like stuffed turkey's ourselves and talking some more and then once we all felt like we could get up and move, we went outside to play some awesomely fun Corn Hole. Some friends introduced us to this game a few years ago and talk about something that gets you moving, laughing and having an awesome time. I have to admit that I thought our friends were calling it Corn Hoe (ya know how those Northerners talk...kinda funny ^_^) but come to find out after going online to find directions on building us a set that they were trying to say Corn Hole. Now I know why they looked so funny and laughed every time I said the name of the game. It's a simple game....a long board with a hole cut in the top middle and you throw these bags filled with corn. The object is to get your bag into the hole. You get points for your bag landing on the board too. Sounds too simple you say....well....wait until you try it....not so simple!!! Playing this game together as a family was something that we all enjoyed and it will be one of our family Thanksgiving memories and I'm sure something that is going to become a tradition. What better way to work off all that turkey and dressing and sweet potato casserole!!!

Yesterday I finished the second teachers gift for the Chazman. I do hope that both will like wearing their Santa pins. They could also attach a ribbon to the pin and have a Santa ornament. Here is the second pin.

So......How was your Thanksgiving? Any new traditions started? Let us know....we might want to add a few new ones to ours next year. Until next time...........Hugs, Regi

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today is a very GOOD DAY!!!!

I soooo can not believe this. I was sitting here drinking my coffee and reading my email when one popped up from BHG. I figured it was one of those "Thank you for your participation in our latest photo contest...However, you were not selected as our winner this week". Not that this would bother me because I was so honored that two of my ooaks (one of a kind sculpts) photos were actually chosen TO participate in all of the 100's of photos that were submitted. Was I so wrong when I opened that email. Another one of my ooaks has been selected to participate in this week's "Thanksgiving Decorating Photo Contest".
Santa and the Mrs.
I designed this ooaks to show Santa in another Holiday setting. Yes, you guessed...Thanksgiving!!! No one makes better pumpkin pies than his Mrs. I had so much fun with this one.  I'm one of those that "Truly Believe" in Santa and love to show him in other settings. This one had some fun moments that I shared with you here as my muse sat whispering to me. Let me recap some of the process for those that are my "new friends and for those that might have missed or forgotten. Click on the title below each photo to go to the original post.


I hope you enjoyed the look back at how this ooaks came to be. I am so proud of this grouping. It has been to a Holiday exhibit last Christmas at the Harrison Brothers Musuem. It is in the Foley Trim-A-Tree Christmas event this year (and for sale by the if coming through Foley, please stop by the Foley PAA Art many wonderful many awesome gifts to be bought) Now, it's getting a chance for so many to them in the BHG photo contest this week. So, please go and vote. Vote each day until the 28th. Share with YOUR friends on Facebook. The more votes the better Santa's chances are of winning this week's contest. What would I win you ask? The winner of the weekly contest gets $100 and the chance to move to the Grand prize contest, which is $1000 and a chance for the photo to be published in an issue of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. How AWESOME is that. Now, what are you waiting on...GO VOTE!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Chazman is so EXCITED!!!

The Chazman is so excited that this is going to be a short week at school. Unlike some of the other counties in Alabama where the kiddos have the whole week off, ours have to attend Monday and Tuesday. There don't seem to be any complaints from them...they don't feel like they are missing out. Since we live in a coastal town we have to set aside a day or two here and there in case of bad weather. You know, those mild winds we can get every once in awhile..ok ok not so mild but shhhhh I don't want them to hear me. Plus our kiddos get out on Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras when most others don't.

Part of his excitement is that tomorrow has been set aside as ALABAMA or auburn day.      Which means that the kiddos get to wear their favorite team shirt or at least the colors of their favorite team. Can you figure out which one the Chazman roots for?  A's not that little bitty word you can hardly read. I can't type it any bigger because it is considered a very bad word in our household...well according to his daddy anyways. I have to admit that I do root for Au....umm oops, almost typed it, that other team when they aren't playing Alabama. But mums the not tell his daddy. I have to root for them quietly. OK let me get back to my main topic. My lil man is growing by leaps and bounds and I kid you not, I literally mean LEAPS and BOUNDS. Must be something about the fresh salt air because he has outgrown all of his clothes since we moved here in June. I know it's all a part of "growing up" no pun intended but that means we are having to buy clothes a bit at a time and OMGOSH it seems that sweatshirts and even tshirts for college teams are a bit pricey...for us right now anyways. He does have a nice red shirt that he wears for Alabama and since I don't want him to feel left out tomorrow with all the other Alabama fans showing their pride I made him a special pin. 

He loves it and that makes me big!!! He said that it was better than any shirt that just said Alabama on it. I just love this kid...always knows what to say. Thank goodness he loves one of a kind things his mom makes and also doesn't mind being one of a kind himself.

Until next time......ROLL TIDE and WAR EAGLE ummmm I mean...Regi

Saturday, November 20, 2010

One to go HOHOHO!!!

I just love painting my ooaks. Adding all the details. Shading in the wisdom lines...some folks call them wrinkles...I say  wisdom lines AND I have earned each and every one of mine, thank you very much  ^_^.  Coloring their mouths and cheeks to bring out just a hint of blush.  Bringing some personality through by the color of their eyes and adding a tiny bit of glimmer that is surely to catch YOUR eye.

The first of the two Santa pins I am working on is complete. I am rather proud of him. He turned out well and jolly. He is wearing a hooded cape that has a wool yarn attached around the rim. I made a tiny silk rosette attached to a felt leaf with a pair of jingle bells and then I attached it to the hood. Dangles of light rose crystals and glass sead beads hang down from the silk rosette. Look closely and you can see a little twinkle in Santa's eye.
 I love making any shape, form or fashion. My pins are not small and I know it's so hard to judge by a photo just what the size of something is. The one I just completed measures 4 inches long and about 3 1/2 inches wide. They look beautiful worn on a jacket, sweater or even a plain sweatshirt. You could even attach a ribbon to the pin on back and hang them from your tree....instant Christmas ornament.  Or perhaps attach one to a bow on a Christmas wreath to hang upon the wall. I love making gifts for people, especially ones that can be used several different ways. I think this will be a gift that the Chazman's teacher will remember and get to enjoy for many years to come.

Now...on to the next!!!  I have been considering making a few to put in my Etsy shop. Do you think they would sell? Let me know what you think, please. It's a Santa Pole......hahaha...get it!!! OK...I think I need to get back to work.

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gift making time..HOHOHO!!!

I made myself a New Year's resolution the beginning of the year that I was not going to wait until the very last minute to start making any gifts that I wanted to give for Christmas this year. Yes..yes..I know...sit there and laugh..we all make resolutions with the best of intentions that we know good and darn well that we are gonna break or totally forget about making.  BUT after sitting up into the wee hours of the morning last year on the last day of school before the Christmas break to get teachers gifts done, I promised myself...NEVER AGAIN!!! I think I was a zombie for about two days after that...just roaming around the house muttering to myself....well..ok..I might do that all the time.....but anyways you know what I'm saying. Don't you? I know I'm not the only one to burn the midnight oil on a project and then swear a solemn oath that "this will never happen again".  You don't have to admit it but I know there are a few of you out there that understand.

In keeping to my resolution and perhaps to keep my sanity, yesterday I started sculpting some Santa faces that I'm going to turn into pins.  They're going to be gifts to the two teacher aides that are in the Chazman's class this year. Now keep in mind that these are just WIP photos....I still have some smoothing and wrinkling to do but I wanted to show you what I have been up to and to prove that I can keep a New Year's resolution. least one of them. The other ones I ummmm didn't keep well ummm I will just make them again this year and do my best to keep them. Ya believe that...ri iight??

I think I captured the Jolly Ole Elf himself in both of these faces. The first apparently is having a wonderful giggle and the second is a sweet and caring smile. (which really means that Santa really does check the "who's been naughty or nice list) I always detail more than I know I need to on Santa, which might be silly to some since his chin is going to be covered in his beautiful beard but I know what's under it and it just doesn't seem right to send him out into the world without a chin. AND yes Jennifer (you know which J you are...hehe) he does look a bit creepy without his eyes painted. I promise they will be painted as soon as they are baked.

Until next time.....Hugs, Regi

Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa for Daddy in BHG photo contest

 OMGOSH...I so can't believe this. Another one of my ooaks has been chosen to participate in another photo contest at Better Homes and Garden. The Holiday decorating contest. This one would be so wonderful to win...well..ok....actually either one would be so wonderful to win but this ooaks is very special to me. It's my "Santa for Daddy" ooaks. My Dad was my biggest supporter when it came to my art and my quirky ways. He would praise me.....give me encouragement....and just tell me like it was. I had sculpted three different Santa heads and three different sets of hands and had taken them to the nursing home on a visit with him and my mom. My Dad looked at all three and laid one to the side....then he did the same thing with the hands. My Mom looked at the other two not knowing that there was another set. When I started to gather my things and give and get my "hugs" my Dad pulled me closer and whispered in my ear "Baby, I want you to make a Santa for me with this head and these hands but I want you to keep it and always remember when you look at it that it was made just for me by one very talented artist" My father passed away in January 2007 and never got to see the finished piece. My lil man, Chaz, tells me that isn't true when he hears me tell someone the story....he tells me that Pawpaw gets to see him everyday as he is looking down at us and keeping us safe. Now you know why this particular ooaks is so special.

I hope that you will click on the BHG Photo Faves link below and vote for Daddy's Santa. You can vote each day until Nov. 21st. I would so greatly appreciate it. Until next time.....HUGS, Regi

Vote Here at BHG

BHG Photo Faves

I am so excited. I entered the Better Homes and Gardens handmade ornament contest on their website this weekend and today I received an email that my ROLL TIDE weebie has been chosen to be in the running for this week's winner. How AWESOME is that? The weekly winner wins $100 and then gets to go on to be one of the ornaments that has a chance to be the Grand prize winner. That prize is $1000 and a chance for the ornament to be in BHG magazine. Talk about an amazing Monday and most think Monday's are bad. Oh nooooo....not me anymore!! 

I need your help in this please. I need votes...lots and lots of votes. I would be ever so greatful...honest I would and if you ever need a vote for something then I will return the favor. I'm just so excited. Did I say that already? Oops...probably did..hehe!! Go vote and then share with your friends. Remember to go vote each day until Nov. 21st. I'm sure your friends would love to see all the cute ornaments that have been entered but just make sure you tell them to vote for me...please!!!

Just click on the link below and VOTE!!!! BIG BIG HUGS!!!!  Regi

Vote Here at BHG

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trim-A-Tree Event

Last week I posted this happy Santa face on Wordless Wednesday. Today I'm here to tell you just what this Santa has to say....

First, let me tell you about the organization that is sponsoring this amazing event. In 1966 twelve people got together and decided that Foley and Baldwin county needed to be introduced to culture in the form of the arts. The first cultural event was a live symphony performance. That was just the beginning and the PAA has been going strong ever since. Performances, exhibits and festivals that occur here in Foley and surrounding areas in Baldwin County are due to all the hard work and planning of the PAA. Our schools benefit greatly from programs that they offer, such as the Artists in school programs, theatre, dance, poetry and even mime. There is even a Scholarship and Merit Awards program that the PAA sponsor. 

Foley is blessed to have others that help support the PAA and that enables them to continue to strengthen our cultural enviroment. Support from local businesses and the city itself. Local artist help by becoming guild members and placing their works at the art center. The PAA can then use their proceeds of those consignment sells to help aide in their wonderful events and programs.

Now that you know a bit of the history and that there are many events and programs sponsored by the PAA let me tell you about the one Santa is talking about. It's the annual Trim-A-Tree Christmas Event. It always starts the second Friday in November and runs through til the 22nd of December. The doors of the gallery open up at 10 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. There really are some amazing artist works to be found, that range from paintings (oils, acrylics and even crayons...yes I said crayons....amazing) there are baskets, gourds (painted and natural) coastal art (shells, sand and drift woods) Christmas ornaments adorn some beautiful Christmas trees (look closely for there are so many to choose from) knitted and crocheted scarves and items, purses, signs, birdhouses, jewelry and of course those whimsical ooaks (one of a kind sculpts) from Southern Ooaks. There is surely something for every person on your Christmas shopping list to be found at the Foley PAA gallery.

If you are planning a winter get-a-way to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or even Pensacola make sure you come through our little town of Foley and visit the gallery and some of the other local shoppes around it. I promise, the trip will be well worth it.

Just to entice you a are some of the artist's works that can be found during this amazing event. Please respect the artist works shown here and do not copy in any form. These photos belong to the PAA and their artist. I am posting with the permission of the gallery director. Now scroll down and enjoy and plan that little trip to see us.

Until next time........Hugs,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jumping up and down with Excitement!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo excited. I received an email this morning from Doll Collector magazine. My sweet gal, Batilda...the Batty Witch Faery is going to be featured in the Fantasty Artist Round-up article in the Feb/Mar 2011 issue.  What an honor? Did I tell ya'll just how excited I am? Well, OMGOSH...I am just sooooo dang excited my ears are burning. Wait.....doesn't that mean someone is talking about me? Let them talk...nothing can bring me down today. ^_^

Until next time......BIG HUGS,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Halloween Weekend....

Halloween has come and gone but oh what a treat it was. Our fun started on Thursday with the Uptown Foley Fall Market and Halloween street trick or treat. For the Halloween trick or treat our town shut down two streets and the shop owners pulled out the tables and games and the kiddos had a real spooktacular time. The Chazman had a totally fun time and man oh man did my lil phathom get the looks. I can't imagine why....can you???

One of the tables set up at the Halloween street party was filled with pumpkins. Carved pumpkins...painted pumpkins and just plain ole cute pumpkins. Anything a pumpkin could was on this table. It seems that some of the folks from the South Baldwin Medical Center held a contest and the winners of that contest were brought to the street party for everyone to judge. I wish I had taken a picture of all of them but after the one we thought should win...well..I saw no need. HA!!! I know...I'm bad and not being fair but wait til you see it.
Not only was it a spectacular pumpkin carving but it tells that story of just where pumpkin pies come from. Are you ready? Do you want to see?   WARNING: This is NOT for the squeamish!!!  Here is is.......
Is this not the most hysterical pumpkin you have ever seen? Look closely up under the potty chair. Yes..yes..the perfect pumpkin pie. Now....I bet you never look at pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving the same way again...EVER!!!!

How was your Halloween? I hope it was a blast. Hope you have candy to last for several months and I hope that no one climbed to many walls from trying to eat all that candy in one sitting!!!

Until Next time........HUGS,