Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Morning Glory...Butterfly Faerie

Tiny little butterfly fluttering about
tending the garden 
with a bright morning shout

Morning Glories a opening
raising sleepy little heads
knowing that the morning
brings sunshine to their beds

Tiny little butterfly fluttering her wings
is in fact a tiny faerie 
listen to her sing

She goes where she pleases
and pleases as she goes
Tiny little faerie
shhhhh...no one else knows

My sweet Li'l Morning Glory is now complete. I could keep on rhyming....just look at those cute little feet.  Ok...I will stop or at least I will try. Once I start rhyming it's just so dang hard to stop. There...that last sentence didn't rhyme. Ha!! 

Morning Glory is one of my partial clay sculpted faeries. Her body from waist down and her arms are part of her strong wire armature wrapped in a soft wool yarn. Her chest/bodice is made from clay to look like butterfly wings. As always, she is completely hand sculpted...no molds....ever!!! I used a vintage lace to make her Victorian puffed sleeves. (both at her shoulders, wrist and around the legs of her tiny wool jumper.) Her shoulders and leg cuffs are adorned with glass seed beads. She is hand painted using acrylic paints....even her tiny fingernails and toenails. Her eyes are tiny bone beads hand painted and her hair is made from feathers. The wings are one of my butterfly designs...made from silk ribbon and glass seed beads. Her flower she is holding is made from clay and then hand painted using acrylic paints. She sits at about 5 1/2 inches with her feathery hair. Hey...a girl's gotta have some poof in her do, even a tiny faerie!! 

I used a vintage porcelain figurine of morning glories blooming as her base. I love to find these at estate sales and antique malls. I can remember my great grandmother, grandmother and even my mom proudly displaying their porcelain pieces. I want to find a way to bring them back to life so they can again proudly be displayed.

Without any more words I will just let the photos show you more. Thank you for stopping by to visit...you are always welcome here under the old oak tree. Please come again and again and ..........ya'll get the meaning!!!

Until next time............Hugs, Regi

Monday, January 30, 2012

Relaxing weekend with inspiration!!!

This was one of those....just sit back and relax....kinda weekends. Nothing planned (limited budget ya know) and not really anything happening around town. We decided that after the Chazman and I slept most the morning away HEY...it was a Saturday....AND....apparently we needed the extra sleep!!! So sweet to sleep in late every once in awhile. Now, where was I? Oh yes...our relaxing Saturday. We decided that we would go back down to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. I love this area...it's the way the beach and surrounding areas were before anything was built on the beach. I know that I have told you about our beach walkabouts there but I don't think that I have really told you about this amazing "natural" area.

I'm not talking about a small area either....well...if you look at our complete coastline then perhaps it would be. It covers 7,000 acres of natural beauty. It stretches from Hwy 180 (Ft. Morgan Road) in Gulf shores all the way down to the opening of the Fort Morgan Historical site. This stretch of road is a wonderful drive, since it is a peninsula....that means most the way down you can see the ocean.

See what I mean....surrounded by the ocean. At the very top or the end, however which away you look at it, is the historical site of Fort Morgan. I promise that we will go and visit there soon and take some photos to show you. It's a really awesome place and the last time we went we had someone following us around. Not someone that could be seen either. BUT...that's for another day.

The wildlife refuge not only has a wonderful beach area but it also has some amazing hiking trails. Trails that run through some amazing saw palmetto trees as well as magnolias and our famous big old oak trees. All are natural to the area and none were planted, although at times when looking at them you might think that someone did plan the trail out and plant them. Mother Nature was this trails designer. There are some raised wooden boardwalks along the way. These trails take you over marsh land and we all know what loves to live in the marshlands. Gators baby...gators!!! Seems we may have another photo trip to take....down to the trails.

Saturday though, we went to the beach area only. Walked for about 2 miles and found some shells and feathers and something that we aren't quite sure what it is. It's bone we know and I have to admit that it has my muse singing up a store to use it somehow.

Most of the shells we find are broken pieces but that's alright. I can always find a way to use even those. Tell me what YOU see with this one broken shell and then I'll tell you what I see!!

Well...what do you see? Just a shell or something else? I see an angel wing. I'm thinking of doing a clay sculpt and painting with this one. Perhaps a small angel (clay) kneeling down on that small piece at the bottom and her wings being painted inside the shell. I just love that I live where I have so much inspiration just laying around waiting to be picked up and seen.

We found several more broken shells that are already telling a tale themselves as well as some seagull feathers. The Chazman is collecting them and wanting us to make something together with them. Perhaps some dragon wings??

 I'm falling in love with the tiny odd shells or housing that is left behind by barnacles. We are getting quiet the lovely collection. I love these tiny ones attached to one of the shells we found Saturday. This shell would look pretty sitting in a bowl with sand and a few other small shells.

Now let's take a test...see who actually reads my post and who just looks at the pretty pictures...HAHA!! How far did I say we walked? No fair going back up to look. Of course I would have no way of knowing if you did...so go ahead!! ^_^  Yeepers....we walked 2 miles and me being the old ancient one that I am, we had to stop and rest a bit. The Chazman would tell you it was so he could play in the sand...such a sweet boy he is. So I think I will just go with that. We stopped to let the Chazman play in the sand...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! While we were sitting we took out the binoculars so get a better view of what was out in the water. Several oil rigs....I think the hubbikins counted seven in just one area. The lighthouse of course (I showed you that one in my last walkabout post) Pelicans, seagulls, sand pipers and those funny birds that look like big ducks that dive down and swim under water for at least a minute or two looking for a tasty fish or jellie.  OMGOSH....he came up with one. Thank goodness for binoculars. After getting up and walking on for awhile longer and turning around to come back we got to see the dolphins. First it was just three of them.....slowly swimming along. Then about 5 minutes after them came a pod of about 7. One of them flipping his tail each time he came up. It actually looked like he was trying to get the one in front of him wet. Well, ok they are already wet but ya know what I mean....looked like to siblings playing.  Each time we have gone on our walkabouts these characters have showed up about the same time. I could sit and watch these playful creatures all day. See why living on the coast is such a soul replenishing experience filled with inspiration.

Ohhh me...I almost forgot to tell you about another beach character that we had a bit of fun with. We were walking back to the opening to leave and I just happened to look down at a small indention in the sand. Remember, we are at a wildlife refuge so there is no telling what we might be blessed to see. I borrowed the Chazman's walking stick and gently poked at what I thought was a dead crab. OMGOSH...he so was NOT dead. He bounced up and up came those pinchers. I took the stick and gently started touching them and he would make this little chirping sound and "click click" at us. That was his indention and he was going to protect it. I would move and he would turn and follow me...the Chazman would move and he would turn and follow him. We started giggling and he started chirping again. We didn't bother him for long but it was amazing watching him....watch US!!

Until next time...Hugs, Regi

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Li'l man has a muse all his own!!

I'm so proud of my Li'l man and those that visit here often know that already...ri iight? He is more of a character than I am and just as quirky. That's a good thing!!! Really...it is...a....very....good...thing!! Since he is growing (and way to fast I might add) he is discovering that he has a muse all his own. Talk about EXCITEMENT!!!

He is taking art in school and loves it. Seems like he has a really cool teacher that might be a tad bit on the quirky side himself. I love art teachers...they always walk their own path but never mind sharing or taking others along. Last week they worked in water colors and salt. Yeppers...I said SALT!!! Chaz told me all about how they used it before he showed me his art. Very interesting.....very interesting indeed. They drew what they wanted in pencil and then painted it with the water colors and while the paint was still wet they sprinkled certain areas with the salt. It has really a cool effect and one that I want to try myself. OMGOSH...it would look awesome on one of my water color mermaid doodles. That's getting off track now...this is about the Chazman.

Chaz loves monsters and dragons. He has always loved quirky monsters and dragons...can't imagine just were he gets that love from though. (l@@king around) I really thought when he was explaining what they did that his art would certainly be one of a monster with crazy punk hair and four arms....but I was wrong.  He did a dragon and what a magnificent dragon he did.

He loves all types of dragons but his favorite are the winged ones. Didn't he do a great job? I want to get it matted and framed. I just LOVE it!!! Can ya tell? ^_^   He said that he wished he had put more salt on the wings to give them more depth. OMGOSH...my nine year old talking about art and depth. So Proud I am!!

Here is a closer look at the wings. I really wish that they would show up better on here. You can see the difference in the coloration but what you can't see is the glimmer effect it gives them. 

My Li'l artist with his own muse.....so proud....and happy!!!!

Until next time............Hugs, Regi and the Chazman

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blooms have been whispering

Mother Nature really is throwing some curve balls at us. Some very strange weather for sure. I guess most know that I live in Alabama and am very proud to say that I am one of the true Southern GRITS. (girl raised in the South) Our state has been hit really hard with the weather in the past year. Those horrible nasty monsters (tornadoes) that hit Tuscaloosa and her close by communities in April and now the one that hit Birmingham and her surrounding areas the beginning of this week. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.

One thing that Mother Nature has done here that is far from any monsters she can throw at us are the beautiful flowers we have blooming. Some are breathtaking and right outside my studio windows. I have those large Southern Camilla trees and big huge Azalea bushes and they are full of shining little faces. (that's blooms people...blooms ^_^) While sitting here gazing out the windows this past weekend my muse and those shining little faces began to whisper to me.

Still in the WIP (work in progress) stages but she is getting closer to completely revealing herself to me. I hope to get her painted and dressed today. I attached her wings last night. Do you remember the beaded butterfly wings I was working on several months ago? Here...let me joggle that memory some.......

 Ahhhhh...now you remember, ri iight? I did finish them and they are finally going to be part of a fae.  Not the one I had originally planned for them but we all know that our muse likes to totally confuse us at times. At least my Li'l mischievous one does. If yours doesn't....DO NOT TELL ME!!! I would like to think that it happens to all of us quirky artist...it's a sanity issue. ^_^

Until next time...........HUGS, Regi

Monday, January 16, 2012

Beach Walkabout!!

What a wonderful weekend this was. What an adventure in seeing what mother nature gives us each and every day to ponder, admire and be amazed by. I think we have started a weekend adventure theme...one that will fit perfectly into my New Year's resolution of getting healthier this year. (Treadmill during the week and beach walkabouts on the weekends....perfection...pure perfection)

Saturday morning we took a stroll on the Gulf State Park Pier. It's a whopping 1,540 foot long pier and one that gives you a nice little stroll. It was rather blustery here on Saturday but that didn't keep us from enjoying looking out over the ocean and smelling the wonderful salt air. The hubbikins had to keep his hoodie pulled up....bald heads get cold very easily apparently. There were even a few folks fishing but most had just gotten there so no luck as of yet. I was so upset with myself that I forgot my camera. Yep..the pictures above are borrowed. Next weekend I will make sure I have it. There was one pelican that seem to think the pier was his total domain and it well of course could be. You could walk almost close enough to touch him but I so wouldn't advise it. Did you know that they "clack" those big old beaks? I do mean "CLACK" as in "yeah yeah come stick your fingers close so I can clack and crack them". OUCH...no thank you!!! I have to admit though, the Chazman and I stood and watched one for a good bit. The Chazman would walk to the left and the pelican would turn his head and watch him....then the Chazman would go to the right and the pelican would do the same. This went on for a good bit and I so wish that we had the dang camera...then the Hubbikins said "I could take one with my phone". Well DUHHHHH honey..take it then...take it!!!! MEN!!!

Pelican finally had enough peek a seek and waddled his way around to the side of the pier. We left him alone for now but wait til next weekend when I have my camera...."Clack...Clack"..ummm I mean click click!!

It's fun looking over the sides to see if you can see any fish. One person told us they catch everything from string rays to sharks. We didn't see any of these frowning but we did see plenty of jellyfish. There are so many different types of jelly fish and we seem to get several varieties come visit our area...but these....I had never seen before. They are called cannonball jellies because when looking down on them they look like cannonballs bobbing in the water. I don't know if that's really why but that seems like a very plausible explanation to me. ^_^  Very strange creatures....they would come up to the surface and then go back down and drift away. Hubbikins camera phone couldn't pick them up good enough but at least he thought about it THIS time and tried.

We so enjoyed our time on the pier Saturday that Sunday afternoon we decided to go down to a part of the beach that most don't go to. It is located close to Ft Morgan and is so worth the small drive to get to it. A friend had told us about it and Saturday we went to try and find it...we did...and Sunday was the time we went back to explore. I took my camera this time.

Isn't it beautiful? It's part of the wildlife sanctuary and part of the historical site of Ft. Morgan....an actual fort. There were only about 6 people on the beach and yes I know it was a tad bit windy and chilly but I would have thought more would be there. They say it's quite in the summer too but to be warned, because of it's out of the way location there are some that enjoy the sun in their birthday suits. I guess I will have to walk out and yell "CHILD PRESENT..COVER UP PLEASE" LOL or better yet say even louder "OH YES GAME WARDEN....WE LOVE COMING HERE". Which do you think will get their dressed attention faster and before you ask..nude sunbathing is NOT allowed. (sorry guys)

We walked a long way and found a few interesting shells. They say that in the summer you can find some of the bigger shells right off the shore. There is a small sand bar about 5 ft off the shore and that has created a small pond in between so the shells get caught there. There might have been some there yesterday but it was to cold to even think about checking....even for this polar bear. I saw a few strange things I didn't know what they were so I didn't pick them up. Next time I will because in coming home and googling a bit I discovered that they were sea beans. I want them!!!!

This is a picture of something we found I so do not want. This is one of the cannonball jellies that we saw Saturday at the pier. I hate that the poor critter was washed ashore and not alive when we found it. We did put it back in the water hoping it wasn't dead but it was. A moment of silence was taken. While we were standing there in silence I had this strange feeling that I needed to look up and out. OMGOSH....I'm so happy that my muse told me to do it because right there about 15 feet out were two dolphins. I tried taking a pic but my lilttle camera just doesn't have the lens power. Here is my pic and one borrowed from someone that was lucky enough to get a good shot in the same spot on a different day.
These two were so entertaining. Apparently they were fishing and would come up just enough to see their fins come up out of the water but then all of a sudden they would JUMP up and you could see all of them. It was awesome!! We sat down and watched them and the Chazman and I giggled and clapped for them. I realized then that no matter the difficulties that we are going through right now...GOD has put us in a healing place and I'm so thankful and blessed for that.

While watching these playful creatures my vision was taken to a rather tall and slender "something" far off from the shore. There are several oil rigs off the point but I knew that it wasn't big enough to be one of those.
You really can't see it to well...the sun was shining so brightly and again I don't have the bestest (Chazman word) camera in the world BUT at least I have one.  We did have the binoculars so I took a peek through them and this is what I was seeing. (yes another borrowed photo)
I never would have thought it was a lighthouse but there it was. I guess I should have figured since it is on the point of our island. I love light houses!!

Now I could go on and on about things we saw but I think this walkabout has been walked enough for todays post. Thank you for coming along.

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th!!!

Evil Kitty with Zombie eye....RUN!!!!!!

Noooo not really...come back here...it's alright...I promise!! See..Ms Peaches isn't really a zombie kitty...she just likes to play like one..hehehehe

She was the first one out the door this morning when the Chazman went out to get on the bus to go to school. She usually walks with us down the driveway but today she just enjoyed sitting in the ivy and watching. Watching out for Zombies I'm sure...muahahahahahah....noooo wait...I'm kidding again. No Zombies here...I gulp hope!!! 

I couldn't believe how chchchilly it was here this morning....29...yeppers...I said 29. I know for some that's nothing but for a place where flip flops are the norm....well....do you know how hard it is to wear your flip flops with socks? Ms Peaches was purrrfectly comfortable but then I would be too if I had a luxurious fur coat on. HA Wouldn't that be a pretty picture? Me in a fur coat (would have to be faux though) and flip flops with socks. I could start a new trend. Nahhhh...I'm weird enough as it is.

It seems that there are other "living" things outside that aren't being affected by our tiny cold snap either. My trees are budding out and they are starting to look marvelous darlins...simply marvelous!!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 13th!! Remember it's just another day....really....I promise. Wait...what's that sound.....I hear shuffling feet and moaning. OMGOSH....I can't believe it...it can't be!!!
It's Zommmmmmmm.....gotcha!!! 

Until next time..........Hugs, Regi

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Four little mermaids swimming on a......

Well...well..well...I had planned on getting more things done that just four plates but at least they are complete. I guess I shouldn't complain...it could have taken so much longer I suppose but the ceramic fish really soaked up the paint and the layers dried much faster than say painting on paper...so really...I shouldn't complain!!! So I'll stop complaining...hehe!!

I think they turned out pretty darn good, if I must say so myself, but I surely hope I don't have to say so myself...hopefully someone else will say it too. Hopefully!!!

I do believe that these cute fish plates will make a perfect whimsical "beachy" theme decoration in any home. Sitting on a table by the door to catch those keys we all seem to lose misplace from time to time. A shout out to my sweet friend, Stephanie for that idea. She is a really fantastic artist...not a whimsy like me...click on her name and take a walk through her world. Now what was I talking about....ohh yea....the mermaid fishy plates.....they could also sit in a bathroom with some cute little nautical soaps or even sit on a dresser and hold that loose change. Perhaps even out by the pool to put your earrings or necklace in before you take that dip. I'm sure you could come up with some cute ideas too. So take a look and let your imagination soar!!!! Oh oh ohhhhh...if you click on the pic you can see it much better...so go ahead...CLICK!!!!

Each plate measures 7 1/2' from nose to tail and 6 1/2' from tip fin to bottom fin. Nice size...not to big and not to small. I sealed each one in an indoor/outdoor sealer. The mermaids are my own design and I'm planning on using them for several more "beach" theme items.

Now it's time to settle my muse down and start sculpting some mermaids before she has me putting her in a mason jar for awhile. I will poke holes in the top...she will be fine!!!

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2nd Fish plate with Mermaid

I'm having fun painting my fish plates. That's what I have been working on...all....day.....long!!! HA  With this dreary, wet weather it's taking the paint a little bit longer to dry in between stages. It's been really hard to resist the urge to go take a nap too because of this delay and of course the dreary, wet weather. (Yawning)

I hope you like this one too AND thank you for all the wonderful comments on yesterdays post. It's good to be designing and being busy again.

I think these will make cute and "beachy" change holders or jewelry holders. I'm putting several layers of sealer on them so they will be able to withstand either one or something completely different. Tomorrow it's on to another plate. ^_^

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Muse singing!!!

I just love Mondays!! Don't you? OK stop the laughing...I know most folks don't like Mondays because it means that their weekend is over. I do LOVE my weekends too.....always finding adventures for the Chazman and us to enjoy BUT I love Mondays because the house is quiet and my muse can sing til her heart is content.

This morning she was singing about shells and mermaids and then all of a sudden she was singing about a tea party with faeries. My muse has problems focusing at times (apparently..she is a good bit like me..hehe) but at least she is full of ideas today...LOL!!!

With her songs brought some digging in my treasure trove of goodies. I really liked her song about shells and mermaids and of course the one about the faerie tea party. I'm thinking of doing something cute with the shells....perhaps a merfolk peeking out or a baby mermaid resting peacefully. The fish plate I do believe will have one of my mermaid paintings. The tea cup...well.....I feel a faerie coming to visit that just loves to sit inside the cup and have a conversation or two.

I think that my week will be a full one of designing and working. The above will surely keep me busy but I'm also working on some of my fabric critters as well as some fabric flowers. Busy busy busy...I LIKE IT!!!!!!

Until next time.....HUGS, Regi (ohhh yes....and my muse)

I completed one of the fish plates. Do you think it's to busy? Should the mermaid be smaller? Not sure I like this one. I need input people...INPUT!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm alive!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year's beginning. We surely did because we stayed home..LOL!! Living in a tourist town kinda keeps us at home on some occasions...not all...just some. We will be getting out for sure next month to go to all the Mardi Gras parades. I love Mardi Gras...so festive and so much FUN!! I will be posting more about that later on in the month though. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am alive and kicking. Well perhaps not kicking but alive. (so much better than the alternative ^_^)

I am working on some designs and hopefully will be posting them soon. What are you working on....nosey inquiring minds want to know? My muse is whispering so much in my ear that I'm a bit confuzzled on just what to do first. I just hate that...don't you? Well...I had better get back to work ummmm play...ohhh ya know what I mean.

Until next time..............Big HUGS, Regi