Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dragon tales ummm I mean tail.

Wowzers peoples, please make sure when you are using the Amazing Goop that you are in a well and I do mean very WELL ventilated area. That stuff can make ya dizzy really, really fast. Don't know about YOU but this old gal is dizzy enough all on her own. ^_^

Since the "GOOP" was giving me somewhat of an issue I had to work on the dragon's tail in stages but I did finally get it completed. I added a few more small side scales to it to make it look a bit more dragonish!!

Can't wait to paint it. Well, ok I mean I will have to wait but ya know what I mean. Bahaha

The extra side scales made a difference if I do say so myself, yes?
The underside of said tail. Or I guess you could say "part of the belly of the beast". 

I've already opened up the back door and rolled out the windows so that hopefully today I will only be as dizzy as my normal state is without any further assistance. It's time to add scales to the body. Muahaha!!!

Until next time...............

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scales can be tricky!!!

OH MY but scales can be tricky little things. I'm not talking about the kind that we step on to see why in the world our clothes are starting to shrink either peoples. Bahahaha!!! I'm talking about the kinda scales that are attached to a dragon. YES....I said.....DRAGON!!

If you are one of my favorite peoples (thank you for always visiting by the way) that come to sit under the old ooak tree often then you know that I'm working on a project for a swap that I'm participating in. The EWWL Halloween Flea Market Follies swap.  So many talented folkes in this group!! Check it out when you get some time. NOT YET though...stay here and finish reading and then you can. ^_^

I'm working on the tail this morning since a dragon's scales overlap each other from the bottom to the top. Makes perfect sense too because I'm sure it would be VERY hard to fly if they were the other way around. No aerodynamics at all backwards unless of course it was a backwards flying dragon that is. Wait.....I'm getting way off my subject for today. Like I was saying before my imagination took flight (ohh I made a funny. Get it? Flight...Flying...Dragon?) I'm working on this dragon's tail piece. I decided to use heavy cardstock which I will paint once all the scales are laid down. I thought that perhaps YOU might be interested in just how I'm making the tail piece. I mean just in case you might want to make a dragon for yourself. It would be a fun project for a rainy day....just sayin!!

 First thing you have to do is decide what size you want the scales to be. My first one measures 5 x 5 and the remaining scales I'm using a 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 plus a few smaller ones for the tip of the tail. I'll probably use a 6 x 6 as the final one that will attach the tail to the body.

Take the square piece of paper and turn it facing you where the shape looks like a diamond. Fold the bottom tip to meet the top tip and crease gently.

Open piece back up and with still facing you in the diamond shape fold the bottom tip up to the center line you just made with the first fold. Do the same for the top tip.

Once tips are facing each other in the middle then fold bottom up to top. This should be easy since you already have your fold line there to guide you.

Now take left corner and fold over to meet the right corner. Crease along outer section gently. This creates the guide line you are going to need in the next step.

Open piece up. Easy so far, yes? If you do follow along with me from time to time then these steps probably seem VERY familiar to you from a past post. One where I showed you how to make a paper corner bookmark for your books. Love when you can do one thing for several projects. ^_^

Now take your finger and place on guide line and fold the left side over and gently crease. Do the same for the right side as well. Flip it over and you should have a tiny pocket. Open it up enough to fold the flaps inside.

Image to show what flaps inside should look like. 

Now at this point you have that bookmark I was talking about earlier but we are going to go one step further to turn it into a dragon scale for this tail.

Simply take the left corner and right corner in your fingers and push them together to form a scale.

I'm sliding each scale inside the previous one but not all the way in. It's starting to look like a dragon's tail!!!

Once I have the tail the length I need then I'm thinking of running a wire through the middle of all the scales before I glue them together so that I can bend it.

Now back to making scales. I hope you enjoyed this "How To" and can use it for either making paper bookmarks or even for trying to make a dragon of your own. Which ever you choose.....just have FUN!!

Until next time............


If you're new here and want to see what my item I received in the swap is and that I'm having to change then click HERE.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stop pushing that "Time" button ppplease

Ok.....I'm totally and completely convinced that "someone" has found a way to speed time up. To whom ever that someone might be........ppplease stop pushing that button!!!! Bahahahahahahahaha

Apparently, I'm still trying to get some kind of schedule in place with me working part-time, dealing with a health issue and keeping up with my "Therapy sessions". (that's my art peoples..hehe) I have finally decided that an old saying my great grandmother use to say is needed to be put in place to help solve my situation. "You can never find extra time, you have to make it". Wise woman she was.

I did squish around the clay some and have a torso and head and at this point my muse is having quite the argument with herself as to whether this ooaks will be a mermaid or a faerie. I'll just sit back and patiently wait until she decides.

Now....I have really gotten my creative juices revved up for a very cool and fun swap I'm in. I don't normally do swaps but.....well......I LOVE this group and have just been coolly sitting on the side lines and watching their work and just decided I wanted to join in. It's the EWWL Halloween Flea Market Follies swap and I tell ya there are some really amazing artist in this group. Cindy Tevis, one of the members had those of us that wanted to participate speak up and say so (hehehe bossy woman) and then she put us with another swap person and we had to send them an item we found at a flea market. Once we received our items we then had to "transform" it into a piece of art. Once we complete the pieces then bossy woman Cindy will generate another list which will tell us who our piece gets sent to. FUN FUN FUN!!!!  Here's the piece I found and sent to my swap partner. So excited to see what she does with it.

There so much in the pic but it's the lil chair I sent.

Here's what my swap partner sent to me and talk about my muse singing up a storm on it too. You'll see!!!

A rocking horsie....she really wanted me to have to "THINK" on this one. Bahahahahaha!!! Never one to walk away from an artistic challenge, I let my imagination soar.

Now seeing that it's for a EWWL (Halloween group) the first thing I did was paint it black. (just looking at that cute little wooden horse was NOT doing it for the imagination at all.) Of course, once it was black I thought Day of the Dead and how I could paint it up. Then I thought "Noooo, that's probably what someone else would think of doing". Y'all know I like to be different so that idea was out. It didn't take me long to think of just what this little rocking creature was trying to tell me it wanted to be. HEY....told ya I was different. (snicker snort) OMGOSH.....I made a funny there. Did ya get it? Snicker snort and it's a horse. OK okay....what was I talking about? I decided that this item was screaming DRAGON to me and so I'm going with that idea.

I've gotten my pattern made to transform it into a dragon and now am trying to decide if I want to use heavy cardstock and hand paint it OR if I'm going to use foam sheets and cut out each piece. Which will take some time since dragons are covered in scales. YIKES!! I had better hurry up and decide, eh? This piece has to be completed by June 25th so would that someone that has time all figured out pppplease push the slow down button for me. PPPPLEASE!!!!

Until next time.............