Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Friday Eve...YEA!!! is, I mean isn't Thursday the day before Friday? So that makes it Friday Eve and that makes the weekend feel so much closer. HEHE

I finished working on the little beaded memory wire fish bracelet. I think it turned out really cute. Trying to decide if I'm going to do a hemp bracelet to go with it. Ohhhh who am I kidding, I probably will. ^_^

Cute, ri iight? I think the bronze and blue look great together. I even added a tiny bronze seashell charm to the back.

I showed ya'll this one yesterday but I changed something on it and wanted to show you. I added one of my silver infinity clasp since the focal bead was a larger one than I normally use, it made it a bit heavier. I don't know if most know this but my bracelets will fit wrists size 7-9. (HEY...not everyone has a size 7 included) can do the clasp yourself. I mean...if I can do it, YOU can do it too. 
 I love how this looks like a true hippie/BoHo bracelet but it needed a little sumthin I added the hemp rope bracelet. It has a Tibetan bead and vintage pearl attached to match the pearl and bead on the memory wire bracelet. 
Looks very Bohoish and hippie!!!

Now I'm off to make some of my clay charms that I use when making my little paper gift boxes. I've been thinking about making a few and selling them in a set of three in my Etsy shop. What do YOU think?

Until next time............Hugs,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday workings!!!

Well.....I guess ya'll probably think that we have been having one heck of a time at the BBQ & Blues festival we went to on Saturday. Once again, please forgive for the delay in posting and Nooooo we haven't been at the event all this time..hehe  We did have a fun time, sampling oh so good BBQ, listening to some really awesome music and dancing in the rain. rained and rained and rained but HEY....didn't keep us from having an outstanding time.

It did rain the rest of the weekend and even Monday with a few sprinkles here and there yesterday morning. I like it when it rains and no I don't mean because it makes for good nap weather. Although, it does make for some really good napping but I used the time indoors to work on some beaded memory wire and braided rope bracelets. Matter of fact, I'm still working on some today.

This is what I'm currently working on. I so love blue and bronze hues together. It definitely reminds me of the sun setting over the ocean. This bracelet is going to have a focal piece of this cute lil glass fish bead. I'm not sure if you can see them but he has blue and bronze stripes.

Here's some of the bracelets I worked on the last few days and if you're interested, they are in my Etsy shop.

The last one is one of my twisted square knot braided rope ones. The big bead in the center is a ceramic bead and reminds me of a dragon's egg. I used one on one of the beaded memory wire ones too. I just love them.

I'm trying to decide if I want to make a few twisted rope bracelets to go with some of these. I love wearing several different styles at the same time. Yes, yes....that hippie bohemian soul does so love to come out. What do you think? Do you like to wear multiple bracelets?

Until next time...........Hugs,

Friday, March 14, 2014

TGIF...and it's BBQ & Blues weekend!!!

Happy Happy Friday to all and I hope you have plans for fun and adventure this weekend. I know that we surely do because it's that time of year again. What time you ask? BBQ and Blues time..that's what time!! It's a annual event here in Foley and is fastly becoming THE place to be. Music from 11am until 5pm. If  you are near here then stop on by to listen to some AWESOME music and oh some BBQ. Tickets are only $10 per person (10 and under FREE) and you get to taste all the BBQ you can eat. Yeppers, this event is a BBQ cook off to see who just really does have the best BBQ in the area. It will most certainly be a BBQ-licious time!!

Now for those that come to visit me I guess ya noticed that I have been missing for a week. No worries, all's good It's just been a rather stressful two weeks and last week I just needed some down time. Of course, ya'll that know me know me, know that I didn't just sit. My art is my therapy and that I do more of when I'm feeling down and blue. Since I did have several pieces of my shell jewelry made I had a sweet little week of sales. That cheered me up BIG TIME. Thank you to all that purchased ^_^   I have a 20% off promotion going on from now until Monday and to receive it all ya have to do is use the word BEACH at checkout. Since I did have a good week in sales, I'm currently working on some more pieces. ^_^

Here's one that I just finished and Boy oh Boy did it take me back to my hippie days.I have always loved hemp rope jewelry and I discovered I had some real beauty of some shells to make this piece with. It's bigger than any I have made so far. See................

The base is a scallop shell and inside is a broken Murex shell along with a glass vial filled with some of our beach sand. Yeah yeah...I'm an outlaw..hehe...NOT!!!  I get my sand from the shells once I clean them. Ya can't imagine how much stays inside of them when ya pick them up. Inside of the vial also are some pieces of coral and tiny shells and some tiny pieces of sea glass. The outside of the vial has two tiny barnacles attached.

I did one of my twisted square knot cords and this necklace can be worn at 20 inches all the way up to 38 inches. The closure is one of my twisted square knot ones so that you just slip it over your head and can wear it at different lengths. (everything from the 20 in between up to the 38)

I have also been working on some of my beaded memory wire bracelets and plan on getting several added to the shop by next week. That is if folks stop buying them before I even get them finished...hehe. That's alright though.....I just like that they are liked and are selling. Here's one that I have made two of so far and am patiently waiting on more wire to get here so I can make yet another one.'s time to get to work. I hope that you have a fantastic weekend. Get out and do something FUN!!

Until next time...............HUGS,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Do you know what BEACH can mean?

I hope that you are having a great weekend and a wonderful Sunday afternoon. We are spending the day just resting and trying to recoup from a very stressful week. Some days are the perfect ones to just stay in your PJ's all day, ri iight??

This will be a short post since I am "resting" today but I wanted to share with YOU that I have listed several new items in my Etsy shop. Since I love that you come to visit with me I also wanted to let ya know that for a short time.....until March 17th....that you can receive 20% off when shopping with me. That's what the title for today is all about. Do YOU know what BEACH can mean? It can mean 20% use it at checkout and start shopping!!!

Until next time........Hugs,

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top O the Mornin Thursday to ya!!!

Is this year seeming to just be flying by? I can't believe that it's really March already...ok...ok...I CAN believe it, I just can't beeeelieve it...hehe. Ya know what I mean!!!

I took down the Mardi Gras decorations and put up the St. Patrick day ones. Remember...we love to decorate around here. OK.....OK......I LOVE TO decorate around here. (the Chazman does so enjoy looking at them though)I haven't done anything for the mantel as of yet because....once AGAIN.....I'm out of ink. I think that my muse must come in here and print all kinds of things off and doesn't tell me. I KNOW that I couldn't be using it that fast. ^_^  I'm sure I can come up with something that won't require any printing....HUMMMMM!!  Perhaps a short and sweet visit to Pinterest today will give some inspiration.

Here's the things we do have up....Welcome to Regi's B&B

 The wreath, if you are a regular visitor here, ya already know was a past birthday gift but I so love redecorating it for the different holidays. It's amazing what great items you can find at the Dollar Tree. HEY...just sayin!!
 Mr Meet and Greet Bear is proudly wearing his Leprechaun hat and holding his lucky four leaf clover.

 Love our beads from Mardi Gras and they don't just get used for that Holiday either, as you can see.
 Well....this isn't the B&B but it is my kitchen and I couldn't leave it out of the decorations. Could I?
Mr Bear, of course, is wearing his sweet little hat and sporting even more Mardi Gras St Patrick's day beads...hehe

Have YOU decorated for this month's holiday? I would love to know what you do if you have. Inspiration can come from so many places. Speaking of inspiration...I think it's time for that short and sweet *snorting...yeah ri iight* Pinterest visit.

Until next time..............Hugs,

Pssstt....I listed some new items in my Etsy shop. Need a unique gift.....go take a peek!!! (A link to it is on the side bar over there)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy FAT Tuesday!!!

WOW....the weekend flew by and the parades were a blast. There are more parades today since it's FAT Tuesday but with the weather being overcast and the temp only at 39 (but feels like 34) we are just being couch potatoes today.

Yea....the mister even had the day off and I think he is enjoying just sitting and watching TV (even if it is through closed eyelids at times...hehe) and playing his solitaire game on his phone. The Chazman is still in that horizontal pause mode so that makes the house fairly quiet, which I'm taking full advantage of and working on some jewelry pieces. The first ones I did......earrings!!

 Cockle shells with aquamarine stone beads
 Cockle shells with bronze shell charms
 Moon Shells
 Dyed pearl, polished Jade stones, arc ribbed shells
Same pair as above but with shells turned around. Like having two different pairs in one. 

Once I start working on jewelry pieces I have a VERY hard time stopping. I blame it on my slave driver muse but to be honest....I just love making things. Therapy peoples....therapy!!!  After I finished with the earrings I made some more medallion shell necklaces.
 Three pretty scallop shells all in a row, coquina shell (butterfly), seed & bugle beads, rose quartz beads on a burgundy rope (20 inch) with stainless steel twist closure
 Three pretty scallop shells all in a row, coquina shell (butterfly) seed & bugle beads, glass beads and faerie glitter beads on a small twine brown rope (22 inch) with stainless steel closure.
 Pretty scallop with broken moon shell and two kitten paw shells on a black hemp rope (20 inch) with toggle closure.
 Pretty inverted scallop shell with natural coral and moon shell inside along with one of my wire bone fish on a natural twine rope (24 inch) with toggle closure.
Petrified mermaid tail (broken conch shell really) with two Swarovski crystals on a seed & bugle bead necklace (26 inch) with toggle closure.

As of this posting, these pieces are still available. It seems that I have some awesome friends that have been swooshing by and buying these before I can even get them in my Etsy shop or at Beach Reflections. That's a good thing though. ^_^  If you are interested in any of these please let me know by leaving a comment and your email address so that I can reply back. 

Now........I think since it's starting to sprinkle a bit and the house is so quiet that I'm going to put on a pot of tea and read for a bit. I might even sneak in a horizontal pause. 

Until next time..............HUGS,