Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come take a Magic Carpet Ride.....OWOH


How would you like to take an adventure on a Magic Carpet ride and never leave home? Visit other countries, meet new people, learn about new things and possibly find a few kindred spirits along the way? It's possible thanks to Lisa Swifka of A Whimsical Bohemian. She had a small dream...she wanted to find a way to unite people through their blogs. It won't cost you much, only a comment posted to the blogs you visit. Let the person know that you stopped by. Make sure you leave them a way to venture back to you for some of the blogs you visit will have give-a-ways.

So much fun to be had....reach a part of the ride....One World One adventure that could lead to a lifetime of friendships. If you would like to be a part of this wonderful carpet ride simply go to the OWOH banner on my side bar...all the details are listed there. The adventure started January 25th and  continues til February 15th. You don't have to be an artist to be a part of this. Give-a-ways can be anything, music or books for an example. Something my Grandmother use to say, "the best gift we could give someone else is a gift that we would love for ourselves".

Since you stopped by to visit me on your Magic Carpet Ride there are treasures to be found. Yes I said treasures as in more than one. For those that follow me, you know that I am an artist that doesn't have just one form of art. My biggest passion are the ooaks (one of a kind sculpts) that I design. So, the first treasure will be one of my ooaks. Who better to pass along to one rider than Lovie, one of my whimsical Faeries. The second treasure is one of my Steampunk jewelry pin and earring sets. All I ask of you is to leave a comment and let me know you flew in for a visit, which treasure you would like to receive if you are chosen and a way for me to find you. On February 14th at 9pm Central Standard time, I will place all the names of those that came to visit in a glass vase and let my "keeper of the treasures" pull the names of the winners. (the keeper is my 7 year old...who is very excited about this adventure) I will post and notify the four winners on February 15th.(if you are one of the lucky winners please contact me once I contact you....if I haven't heard from you within four days then Chaz will draw another name from the fishbowl. I thought four days would be a good time limit...I don't think any of us stay awhile for four days...hehe)

I hope that you will continue to follow me long after our Magic Carpet ride is over. I'm one that if you follow me then I will follow you. So go now, enjoy the ride, make new friends all over the world. Remember, it's
One World One Heart.

Until next time,


**Note added January 30th:     I am having the most fun on this wonderful adventure. I have meet some really amazing folks...seen some awesome artist works (yes yes a few kindred spirits there for sure) and traveled to places that I never thought I would ever see...thank you to everyone that is a part of this!!!!! 

I know that most everyone is adding new treasures when they reach 100 post but seeing how I have gone well over more comments than I have EVER gotten on one post then I wanted to add a new treasure to be given away.  It's a way to say thank you for coming for a visit and I so hope that each of you will drop back by often. The door is ALWAYS open.

This is my newest item to be given to one lucky winner. (well to me you are all winners!!!) I love making my faery pouches and thought I would make one just for this event. Hence the hearts on the pouch. The stone is a polished river stone from here in Alabama. It fits just perfect in your hand so you can rub away. It's a "worry" stone. The string with the beads hanging on it is the counter. You see, I believe that when things get hard then we have to ask God to take over and he will if we ask. However, seeing that we are only human, some of us tend to take them back or just don't know when it's time to ask for that help. Each time you rub the stone just move one bead down on the string. If in one day you have moved all seven beads down the string then it's time to turn everything over to HIM!!!!!  Good luck and again...thank you for swooping by my place on your magic carpets.

Note added February 2nd:   WOW...I'm so excited about everyone coming over to visit and since I have passed well OVER 100 post then I'm adding a new treasure to my giveaway items. One lucky winner from the Chazman draw on the 14th has the chance to win one of my original designed needle felted sewing buddies or in this case a sewing budette.
This lovely is Flopsy. I designed her pattern several years ago to make "Babies First Wabbit" shower gifts. I love to make my needle felted characters and I not only make them for the young ones but also for the "little girls" in US.  Some of my NF characters I make into sewing buddies or budettes which ever they tell me they want to be. There are so many of us that love to sew, felt and design that I thought this a fitting final offer for this wonderful OWOH event. Flopsy sits (attached) to a spool of thread. Her blankie will hold a pair of scissors, thread cutter and she even has a pouch to put your thimble in and could stick some of your needles through. Her carrot is of course a pin cushion. (Please note that the sewing notions will not come with this gift...they are there to show where to place them) Look at those beautiful Blue could anyone resist? The bottom of the spool of thread is signed and dated with this special event mentioned. I hope that the one that wins her will enjoy your sewing time even more.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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