Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An ending and a beginning!!

Ready for a new year to begin? Sure hope so cause it's only a day away!!! Some might be sad but then some might be glad but like always...where there is an ending there is a beginning. A time to start anew.

A brand new journal without any writings on the pages.....your journal.....make it one that at this time next year when you go back and reflect it will be a journal you will cherish and be proud of. No worries if a few pages aren't what you would want to share because as a new year begins so do new days. Each day being a new page to rewrite something not so good the day before or just to make sure you do better on this day. So, bye bye 2014 and HELLO 2015!!!

What are you doing to leave 2014 behind? Me? I'm finishing up Christmas gifts of course..hehehe!!! I'm making a new years resolution that I intend to keep. STOP laughing...I am going to...keep it that is...STOP!!! BAHAHAHAHA My resolution is that I'm going to make my gifts all throughout the year. A very good friend (yes YOU, Johanna) suggested that we get a rubbermaid tub and place gifts throughout the year in it so that next year this last minute "CRAZINESS" won't happen. Ummmm....perhaps the craziness on my end will still be here but at least gifts will be made and not add to it, yes?

The mister took our great nieces and nephews gifts to them this past weekend. Noooo, the Chazman and I didn't go this trip as I was a bit under the weather and he felt he had to stay home and take care of me. Such a good kiddo!! I made each one a gift with the exception of my oldest great nephew. STOP that laughing again. I'm not old. My niece just started really really young. Bahaha. I got him a big tub of soldier men to plan out battles with. I mean, HEY, he has two sisters. ^_^  They loved them I was told and that makes me happy happy happy indeed.

Now, I just finished with my sister's kiddos gifts and am thankful that my oldest niece in that krewe is headed to NOLA tomorrow and can hand deliver them. I talked to my youngest niece and told her that "Noooo, I didn't forget her" and her gift would be coming shortly. She was excited as it would give her a gift to open after Christmas. Hmmmm....another idea my smart friend (yes..I mean YOU AGAIN Johanna) that it might be nice to start giving a gift or two after Christmas. It would be a great way to lift spirits. At least I think so because right after the holidays when everything is put away and the house looks NEKKID well I could use a picker upper myself so I know others could too. Anyways, here's what they are getting.

Pretty natural starfish painted pink with sparkle sealer.

Handmade Monocle necklace

 Handmade wool bracelet.

Handmade rose quartz necklace

Now, the three images below (please forgive the quality as I took a pic of the pics on my computer as I already had these boxed up) are my own designs for my  youngest nieces Monster High dolls. WOW..those are some tiny waisted dolls. I did enjoy making these and am going to make more outfits to be put in the rubbermaid box for her next year gift. Each one has it's own hat to finish the piece off. Runway models!!!

Now that I finally can put 2014 behind me I need to decide just what 2015 will bring as far as my art goes. For me personally, I'm starting a new part time job on the 5th that can turn into a full time position come summer. I'm so excited peoples. I have plans (BIG PLANS) for this new year and this is going to start me on that path.

Until next year................Hugs,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Love you?

Beginning note: If you are my Lauren and are starting to read this then STOP and go no further...ppplease!!!

Just what is steampunk? Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that brings together the 19th century and the workings of futuristic machinery. Steam powered machinery and the use of brass, wood, working gears, leather and a whole lot of imagination bring this genre to life. Think of it as an earth alternative but in the 19th century. To get my imagination flowing I like to go to two of the best classic novels that really explore this unique and different way of thinking...."The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells and "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Vernes. Both get my muse to singing!!!!

I started with the gears and pieces along with a lens from a pair of reading glasses. I just let my imagination go wild and whimsical and we all know just how wild and whimsical that can be.

Why the reading lens I bet you're asking. I wanted to make a monocle. Monocles were widely used back in the Victorian era which was in the 19th century and once you add the watch pieces and gears then you've designed something that fits perfect into the steampunk genre. It amazes me sometimes (and some have called me weird because of this) that I can "see" different objects within other objects. Like when I poured all the gears and pieces out on the desk and whooooo should show himself but a wise old owl.

A wise old perfect is that for a monocle focal point? Peoples who read the written word are just like the wise old owl. OK...maybe not just like a wise old owl but it can help the mind to expand if you pick  up a book and read. HEHE  If you haven't read the two classics I mentioned above then please do...they are both excellent tales of adventure.

I'm going to attached the monocle and some other items to a long silver chainmail necklace to keep within the Victorian era. I love the long necklaces they wore back elegant and pretty.

Here are all the pieces I've made to go on the necklace and with the way I'm making it more items can be added in the future.

Here's a close up of the monocle. As you can see I attached a pair of silver angel wings to the pieces and then added the owl on top of those. At the (left) bottom of the monocle I made a nice collection of watch pieces and gears. On the other side there is a Celtic cross with faux diamonds (if you did NOT pay attention to the first sentence and are still reading Lauren, sorry sweet girl...wish they could be real) and hanging from the cross is the letter "L" charm and a dangle made using a larimar butterfly bead (Larimar is believed to awaken feminine power and soothe emotions) a moonstone (Moonstones are believed to protect, bring good fortune and passionate love and are best called upon during a full moon) a Swarovski crystal (just because I thought it was pretty..hehe) and a falling time watch charm. We all need to let time fall as we need it too.

The next piece is one I'm sooo happy that I found. Found it at Hobby Lobby believe it or not. I was really surprised at all the great charms they have. I could have bought so much more if only I had the money...hehe. I like this key because it reminds me of the skeleton keys they used in the Victorian era for those beautiful homes they lived in. Lauren lives in NOLA where so many of those beautiful homes still stand so I thought it even more fitting, yes? Attached to the key is a dangle that holds a amazonite bead (amazonite is called the "Hope" stone and is believed to bring luck, promote kindness and balance) a dragons egg (which is a debride quartz that is believed to bring peace, harmony and balance) a prehnite bead (prehnite stones are believed to connect will and heart) and a tiny glass vial filled with wish dust (glitter....just cause it's pretty too)

The last piece to go on the necklace is a leather bound tiny journal with a fleur de lis attached to the top. (Go Saints)  I mean she will have a monocle and she might just read something that she wants to jot down and remember. The journal will let her do that. I added another watch charm to pull it together.

Here's the necklace all put together. I think it turned out VERY steampunkish and I love the length. It will allow Lauren to pull the monocle up and actually use it. (without choking herself in the process. Aren't I smart?)'s on to the next project to get finished so I can get this piece and that project in the mail to arrive to my beautiful nieces by Christmas.

Until next time...........send me wishes that time is on my side and that Lauren did NOT read this post...hehe,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Laid back Sunday afternoon....indeed!!

Happy Happy Sunday peoples. I hope that you have had a great weekend and are just having a laid back, restful afternoon.

I'm so excited and hope that this week flies by. Noooo, wait.....I can't wish that cause I have way to many projects I have got to get finished by weeks end. I need the week to go by kinda pokey like. Now I'm in a quandary. Do I want it to fly by or poke along? Hmmmm, poke along I guess but I'm still VERY excited about this coming Saturday. The Chazman and I have been invited to a Christmas ornament swap and they do the swap by playing dirty Santa. It's going to be soooo much FUN!!!! Bahahahaha...practicing evil laugh for when I take someone else's gift and ya better believe I will cause I know they are gonna do it to me too and more than once I'm sure.

I have been painting the ornaments that the Chazman and I are taking. I did one of my silly fish (Bubbles) and crab for him to take.

For mine I did one of my mermaids. She is still drying but will also have one of the hemp twine ribbons tied to the top and the sand and shells on the inside.

I have so enjoyed painting the glass ornies this year and I plan on going to Hobby Lobby after Christmas and buying several boxes of the ornaments so that I can paint some all year and do sets of certain themes to be ready for next year. Sooooo, if you have any in mind that YOU might want just give me a hollar. ^_^ Ummm, perhaps I should add...not want as in I'll give them to you but would like for me to paint so that you could buy. hehehe

Now....I have got to get my hiney in gear and get those family gifts made. Y'all can all just call me Whootie (as in night owl) for the next week as that's what I'm gonna have to be to get all of these done. Wish me luck....pppplease!!!

Until next time.............Hugs,
Whootie  (hehehe)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bout there y'all.....the cave remains!!!

Happy Happy Tuesday peoples!! I hope that you had an amazing weekend and even an awesome Monday. Yes, I know, you're sitting there shaking your head thinking "Regi....who likes Monday and who ever has an awesome Monday?"  Just think of it this way....if you awake on a Monday safe and warm in your bed then YOU made it through another weekend and we all know what can happen in a weekend. ^_^

I had a good weekend since I helped out at my favorite little gift shop (Beach Reflections and the Blue Mermaid) on Saturday and then started putting up my Christmas decorations on Sunday. I'm a bit late getting them up this year but at least I'm about there y'all. Finished with the exception of the Chazman's cave and then it's all done. YEA!!! I have to get a few more garland strands and then I can do his. So happy happy that my child is like me...weird ummmm I mean festive...hehe!! that I have everything done, how about your annual Southern ooaks Christmas tour. I have old new things this year thanks to a wonderful friend that remembered me. (Thank you Sharon) I love having friends that keep me in mind when they come across treasures that someone doesn't want anymore. They know that I surely can figure something to use it for. (and I always do) ^_^  So let's begin...shall we!!!

HO HO HO...Welcome Welcome to this old humble home!!

This is a Santa I painted years ago but revamped him a bit this year. What better way to greet my friends and family than with Santa. His stare and look are saying "Have you been good this year?" Answer honestly now or are you one of those that your letter would read:

Dear Santa,

I've been good all year. Oh okay, most of the year.
OHH okay, once in a while. 
OHHH never mind.
I'll buy my own stuff.

Once we close the door (which is by the way...always opened to my friends) I have my vintage planter sitting by the door and it's filled with goodies in the top basket. Those that know me, know that I'm beary fond of my bears...hehe...and I really love using them in my decorating. This Ted E and his snowman offer my visitors a gift choice from the items in their basket. Nothing fancy but made from the heart....some of my card tags and chenille ornies and even one of my oyster/moon/scallop shell ornies to choose from. Come visit!!!!

Now our front room that you walk into when you enter is lovingly called "Regi's B&B" and I love to sit in this room and read. So comfortable and calming. The Chazman lets me use his vintage tree under glass in here and well I'm trying to figure out a way to get him to leave it with me when he moves out one day...hehe. His aunt and uncle gave it to him when he was just learning to walk. We would visit and at Christmas time they would have this out on the coffee table and he would immediately go straight to it. His uncle wants everyone to think he's this tough "I don't care for humans" but he is really just a big old softy. He gifted this to the Chazman that year. Since I have the angel at the head of the bed I used the pretty clear lights and the red for around the little tree. When Chaz saw it he said "Hey did it for "Naughty or nice". I hadn't even thought of that but we'll go with it. I like it!!!

 See my little reading it!!!
 Other side of the "B&B"
See...I really do love using my Bears. I  have ummm let's say lots and lots of them. Once ya love a teddy ya always love a teddy. See the wooden rocking horse? My Daddy made that and all of the grandkids really enjoyed using it too. (even when they got big...hehe) It's the Chazman's as Daddy gave it to him when he was little and Chaz is just as sentimental as his mommie and says he will always keep his grandkids can enjoy it too one day. (in the far far FAR away future)  
 This little tree was one of the treasures a friend gave me last year. It's has the fiber optics and is so pretty when lighted.
This door takes you into our family room from the B&B. I loved making this wreath and YOU could make one too. Just click here for my "How To". Simple and easy to make...just time consuming...a little. ^_^

My ribbon netting is my old new decorating item as well as the cute candy and large ball ornaments. These are the ones my sweet friend, Sharon, brought to me. 
If you visit with me each year for the tour then I'm sure you noticed that we don't have the tall, full tree like we have had in the past. finally bit the dust BUT we enjoyed it for many years. This year we bought a live tree and OMGOSH, I love the way it makes the house smell. Piwacket does too for she is practically living behind it..hehe. Hopefully though, I can find another pretty full big one after Christmas on SALE. This little tree would not hold all my ornies but at least we have a beautiful tree with the ones it would hold. The Chazman and I are HAPPY!!!

This Santa is hanging over our sofa and hanging from the little Santa clothes pins I painted are two of my favorite Christmas cards from one of my bestest buddettes. (luvs ya Johanna)

Now, if ya come to visit be very careful who ya walk under the kitchen door with cause that little Ted E is holding mistletoe and we all know what you're suppose to do when walking under mistletoe. Noooo, it's not sneezing....hehe!!!

 More pretty ribbon from Sharon!!!
I LOVE to bake and this time of year my little cake plate stays filled. I made a delicious chocolate cake with apple caramel frosting. Yum yum yummy!!!
Have ya noticed all my mugs? I collect them and love them all but especially the vintage old Santa ones. 
 More pretty ribbon from Sharon!!!!
Our little cookie cutter tree..hehe. The Chazman and I love to make cookies and it helps keeping them close by not to mention they make a great decoration too. 

Now...that's the tour for this year. I still have the Chazman's cave to go and then it's time to get my hiney in gear and get to making gifts. Ppplease remind me next year to start early. ^_^

I do hope that YOU and yours have a wonderful Christmas and remember what this time of year really means. A time that we as Christians commemorate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Celebrate and be kind to one another!!!

Blessings, Peace, Love and Hope,

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pretty Pretty Peacocks

Good Morning peoples and WELCOME. I love when you come and spend some time under the old Southern ooak tree.

I finished the special order of hand painted peacocks on the glass Christmas ornaments. I think they are going to look lovely hanging on a tree with lights shimmering off of them. I really enjoyed painting a pair of these beautiful creatures. What a unique item to be a collector of, yes? That's who these were ordered for. Perhaps I can talk Shannon into sending me a picture of the tree.....we would all love to see it I'm sure. If she does I will post it here in an update. (good way to get you to come back...hehe)

Today I'm going to work on a steampunk I started planning over a month ago. YIKES....has it been that long already peoples? Do you remember the piece? I did get the main focal piece started for it A wise old Steampunk owl.

I need to go to Hobby Lobby (ohhh poor me...a trip to Hobby Lobby...snicker snicker) to get some more watch pieces to use for the monocle that the owl will be a part of. Yes, you read right. I'm making a monocle necklace. A FUN piece for sure.

I hope that YOU have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend. Do something creative if you get the chance....make some gifts. Nothing better than a gift given that's been made from the heart and with your hands for that special person.

OMGOSH....I still have to put my tree up too. Good grief how did December sneak up on me peoples. ^_^


Thursday, December 4, 2014

OMGOSH...It's WHAT month???

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving that was spent with family and friends. Of course, if it was spent in perfect quiet times then that can be good too. No matter who is with us I know that we all have things to be thankful for and that's what that time of year is for. I'm thankful every day and tell the good LORD every day too.

We went to the big easy, New Orleans, to be with my little sister and her family. We had plenty of food to eat and man oh man by the third day of turkey I think we were ALL very happy that it had all been eaten. Of course, what did we eat for dinner the first night it was gone........fried chicken...hehe!!

I do believe that I'm falling in love with this old city and all of it's charm and characters that already call it home. Even the Chazman is falling hard and fast. Might be a place to consider in the future as both Chaz and I are definitely characters ourselves and would fit in perfectly. My sister had to work every day except for Thursday and on Saturday everyone was happy staying inside and chillin.....well....everyone but me. I drug the mister out and about and walked the city and walked and walked and walked. Yeppers, we kinda got lost a few times but at least it's an interesting place to get lost in, yes?

We went to Jackson Square in the French quarter where the local artist have their paintings hanging all around and some of the local musicians play and the street performers entertain. ^_^  I think I could have sat on the curb and watched all the peoples for hours and did sit and watch for a spell. A spell I do believe might have been cast as for a small bit of time I was taken back in time to see just what the square might have looked like back in the beginning. (I LOVE history) If you're not familiar with Jackson Square you really should read about it some more...very interesting.

The main focal point of the square is the beautiful St Louis Cathedral. It was closed the first time we went to visit but this time it was open and oh my....what an amazing piece of art all in itself.

It was so peaceful inside and even though there was no mass going on everyone was being very respectful. Well, almost everyone that is. One person's cell phone started playing a VERY loud song and I have to admit it was quite comical watching that person try to get it to turn off and saying "Oh my Lord, please forgive". I had to walk out to keep from giggling to loud. Like I said....very entertaining place indeed!!

Now that we are home I have been working on some commissioned glass ornaments and have them all finished with the exception of just three more that I will be painting as soon as I leave from under the old Southern ooak tree this morning. ^_^ The first ones are of some strong personalities that I so hope that I captured for their human. no not those bad guys but the breed. Take a look.......

I think I did a good job of capturing these two boys. I have to admit that their humans sure are brave souls. Having two male bullies in one home that aren't related by blood. I'm told they are happy, happy boys so that's good. They haven't seen these yet and I'm hoping they like them. (fingers crossed)

Now my next piece took me several tries and I'm not sure I'm really happy with the end results but the friend I painted it for loved it and that's the most important thing. Black cats are VERY difficult to paint peoples!!

I could NOT get  Smith's eyes closed to look right so I painted them open which I should have done to begin with and it would have saved me from muttering several words that I really shouldn't have been muttering......even to myself. (blushing)  Like I said though, she was very happy with it and that makes me happy.

As I said earlier I have the peacocks to paint and then one more cat and I'm going to have to say NO (I hate to say NO...I really do) to any other request for a bit so that I can get my family gifts made. Two nieces have requested certain gifts and I like to make things I know they want. One is the steampunk piece and the other is for clothes to fit her Monster High dolls. Those are just two....there are still MORE I have to make as well. YIKES....what month is this? I have got to get me hiney in gear.

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes peoples,