Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shipment of Mummies!!

The Chazman had a ball helping me make the "MUMMIES" for his Halloween surprise for his classmates. It seems that the artistic genes are running amok in him as well.....that's a good thing!! He is already thinking about what he wants us to make them for a Christmas surprise. LOL

Since there are 24 Li'l Mummies that will be following the Chazman to school on Monday....I figured that I needed an easy way for him to transport them. I didn't want to just put them in a bag and say "Here ya go"!! Although (tapping chin) I do have an abundance of Wal-Mart bags under the sink. No No...they get used by the hubbikins to carry his lunch to work. Besides, I just said I didn't want to just put them in a bag, didn't I?  So..I dug under the bed and found the perfect size box. I didn't want to just put them in an old box either so I decided to make it look like a delivery crate. A little paint here....some drawings and doodlings there and "PRESTO" an old shipping crate.
I am always searching for vintage items and when I find ones I think I might use then I print them off and store them away. In going through my stash I rediscovered the "special delivery and air mail" labels...perfect addition....don't ya think?? Then I found a sheet of vintage postage stamps and OMGOSH, yes YES YES..I had some from Egypt. Not sure what I thought I was going to do with them when I downloaded but so happy I did.
I also had the heading from an old Egyptian mailing label. I really wander sometimes what in the world my mind thinks of at times or what's being whispered to me and apparently just following it's directions not questioning WHY!! OH Well....glad I did......this time.

I used twine to wrap the box with and added a cute "BEWARE" tag with big googlie eyes.  I mean....there ARE Mummies inside....ones with very stinky feet but we will let them figure that out when they open it and the Chazman gives them out..hehehe or should I be laughing Muahahahahaha (evil laugh) OK better just stick with the sweet laughing....I don't want someone running away saying "I want my Mummy". HA...I just couldn't resist that one...sorry!!!

Until next time.....Happy Halloween HUGS, Regi

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick or Treat...Smell my feet

I just love this time of year...Halloween is so much FUN!!! The Chazman's class is having a party on the 31st and he wanted me to "make" something for him to take. OF course, it couldn't just be cookies or cupcakes. I'm a good cook...I love to cook...cookies and cupcakes would be a good thing, ri iight?? He wanted me to come up with an idea that would be different and unique. One where his classmates would slap him on the back and say "WOW...Chazman...this is AWESOME". Hmmmm, after he made that statement he decided he might not want a slap but perhaps a shoulder tap or high five...that would work. He said some in his room could probably hit hard. OK I"m getting off on one of my tangents again...sorry!!! I sat down with my "idea book"...that's a big notebook that I keep ideas is. Well...I can't keep ALL my muse whisperings in my head. She already has it so full that my body has expanded to keep some of them stored. ANYWAYS....several years ago (about 20 to be exact) I had made some candy containers for a friend  to give as party favors at a Halloween party. They were a hit....well...who wouldn't like to take their "MUMMY" home. HAHAHAHA...I just couldn't resist...sorry...AGAIN!! The Chazman thinks they will be a hit this time too.
Isn't he a cutie? Soooo simply to make and I'm going to prove it to you. By request of a friend (one that doesn't want to be named...I think she plans on making them and wants her child to think she did it all on her own...LOL...I don't mind...I love to share) I'm going to do a tut for you. OMGOSH...a tut....on a mummy....get it????  Tut...Mummy.....King Tut!! OK so I'm quirky...ya knew that already...let's get started.

Here are the supplies you will need. Most you may have on your messy desk already. You will need.......
Card stock paper
Fine point marker
Watercolor pencils (small brush) or crayons
Crepe Paper (or creepy paper as the Chazman calls it)
Toilet Tissue holder
Assortment of Candy

Now.......... if you aren't one to save those empty toilet tissue holders (GASP...I can't believe that everyone doesn't) then no worries. You can make some using your card stock paper. A toilet tissue holder is a tad over 4 inches long...that makes a good mummy here's what you do..
If you do have ONE toilet tissue holder then place it on your cardstock paper and mark the length or if not then take a ruler and mark off 4 inches. 
Cut your paper and then roll around the empty holder or if no holder then just roll up until you think it looks like a toilet tissue holder. Imaginations people...imaginations!!! ^_^  You can tape the seams or glue them. Me personally...I would tape them...much faster!!!
Since this is a "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet" mummy then we need some stinky feet. I like to do one original pattern on cardboard (that way I can keep it for future use) and just trace the outline and fill it in where I need to. This is if you are doing several of something...which I am in this case.....24 to be exact. You are more than welcome to copy and save my pattern and use if you like. Remember..I like to share!! To make your original pattern, take your holder and place it on the paper and trace around the bottom. Then simply add some toes. I go over my pencil tracings with a fine point marker. Then I use my watercolor pencils to add some "age" around the toenails. For the eyes I just do a bubble (make sure you measure on the holder how big you need to make the bubble) and then draw my eyes inside it. I use my watercolor pencils to add some color to them. Crayons will work just as well for this...especially if little hands are helping you. 
After you have cut out the feet and bubble place the feet on the holder. I like to add a small piece of paper under the feet inside the holder to give it some support for when you add the candy. Don't let it come out on the side with the toes...they will be enough support for that side. I then take a piece of the crepe paper and glue it across the feet and up the sides of the holder. Turn over and glue on your bubble eyes. 
I know everyone has their way of doing things but I always like to give the right way  suggestions and tips that I have come across. Do not open the crepe paper...I mean...yes you have to open it but do not take the wrapper off of it. It is easier to use if you cut the center and pull the paper out like a tissue box. I pull about 3 arm lengths out when making one mummy...seems like a lot but wrapping a body takes some paper. Even the small bodies..^_^ Also, if you don't just happen to have any laying around, I found mine at Wal-Mart in the party section for .97 
Now back to mummy. Take the end of your long piece of crepe and fold into a triangle and put glue on it. Place just inside the holder off to the side. 
Now place the candy inside the holder. I put about 4 different kinds's really all up to you but you don't want it to heavy. Once the candy is inside then you take the crepe paper and wrap it twice around the openings...start the wrapping at the bottom and going up the other side to the top and back over. You can pick up the mummy while doing this but sit it back down once you have it started so that you can tighten the paper some around it. Be gentle!!
Once you have wrapped the openings then you can start to wrap the body. I wrap one time all around the holder with the crepe paper flat. You will have to twist the paper near the eyes. We don't want to cover up his do we? Once you have wrapped the body completely then you will take the crepe paper and fold it in half and start to wrap it again. The folding makes it look more like mummy wrappings. Keep wrapping until you get to a small tail that will hang over the top of the mummy.
Take some glue and apply to the top and then press the tail over and let it hang down the side. I like to cut it and make it look like old strips of wrapping.
Mummy should look like this...or close to it. Now he would be great to give like this but the Chazman wanted a tag with the saying "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet" on him. So I sat down and drew out a tag...a simple one and you are more than welcome (AGAIN) to copy and use mine. I ran mine through my printer so it is two sided. One side with the saying and one side with the cute scrapbook Halloween paper print. (the one behind the finished mummy pic) I also aged the is going on a mummy!! I just tied it around the mummy and it's that simple.
Don't ya think it's an easy project? Ok ok...maybe if you copy and paste and take all my babblings out then it would be but I just have to babble. I LIKE it...hehe!! Now...if you will excuse me I have 19 more mummies to make. Have FUN!!!

Until next time.....Happy Halloween Hugs, Regi

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spiders..Spiders Everywhere!!!

The Chazman and I just love this time of year....well....OK.... we love all the holidays but Halloween is one of the ones we really, really enjoy!!! Just a time to have FUN and an awesomely spooktacular time. We went to the storage shed this past weekend to get our box of Halloween decorating goodies and discovered it was way way WAYYYY in the back so we will wear appropriate clothing this weekend to go digging for it. That should be a scary time for sure!!!! I did have some things here at the house so the Chazman made me pinky promise yesterday standing outside waiting on the school bus that I would have our Haunted house up by the time he got home. Of course, my sweet angel added a BIG hug and a "Pleeease momma". How could I NOT do it, ri iight?

My tiny coven of witches enjoy this time of year because they get to come out of storage. Have to keep them dry and safe in case they go visiting another home ya know. They wanted to take front and center in the dining nook and would NOT be sat down any place else in the house. Li'l Ms.Vanity Voodoo would not hold her mirror in her lap any other place I sat her. I think their mischievous behavior was so they could keep an eye on the Chazman while he is doing his homework. Perhaps they say a little spell to help him remember what he is studying.
I love black feather trees for Halloween. I made 2 of them last year, one just being an extra. I'm so happy that I was able to use the extra one this year thanks to my sweet friend Wendy over at Bliss Angels. I was so lucky to have known the correct answer to a question she asked on her blog and this is what I won........
Isn't she just the prettiest Li'l good witch ever? Wendy makes some of the cutest ATC cards. Li'l good witch made a perfect tree topper too. She fits in perfect with our tiny coven, don't you think? Better say YES or they might just put a spell on YOU!!

My Resyculbinz town characters got to come out of hiding and Eton has been dancing all over the place. Of course, Mr. Felix  is patiently waiting to "pounce" on the Chazman and take his Halloween stash once he has some. Hopefully, since Sabrina decided to sit with them instead of the coven then she can keep both of these characters in check!!
If you look closely you will see one of the "Spiders" hanging about. Chaz loves creepy crawly things so "gulp" that's the only reason that spider is there. ANNNDDDD...we couldn't have just ONE spider..ohhhh NOOO, there are several hanging about.

Another leggy guest decided to plant himself (hoping it's a him....we don't want no spider babies hopping about) in our Halloween tree. This setting made a great graveyard happy my whimsical side is useful..hehe!!!

It's great to be able to make things that your child finds amazing. The Li'l mummy I made for him several years ago. He stills giggles when we say what I wrote on the sign "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet". The ghost faerie sitting on the tombstone with her black cat is one of my sculpts I made for myself about 8 years ago. My first attempt at flocking a cat...what a mess...a fun mess but still quite the MESS!! Most of you that come to visit here at the old Southern Ooak tree will surely recognize Goslynn the ghost child. (So much fun to be had with a old Christmas tree light bulb.)

Oh's more "SPIDERS" and I think this one will keep it's self in line a bit. Do crows eat spiders? Yes, I believe they I won't worry about this one as much. Maybe!!!
I love gothic looking settings so of course I had to have one here in our Haunted House!! I have to confess that a few of these items are new ones. We made a trip to the Dollar Tree to get a few supplies for the Chazman to make a shoebox diorama for school and well mommie got a few things too. Well...I don't usually buy things for me but WAIT...they aren't really for me...they are for our decorations that we ALL enjoy, so that's not so bad. The tiny votive glass holders and purple candles are new and the crows. The Chazman said last night that I might have to move the one from a top the clock because he was "creeping" him out. He kept looking at him thinking he was going to fly down and peck his eyes. Silly boy...what ever gave him that idea?
I think it's a perfectly good fair trade that the crow stays just where he is. I mean really, look at all the spiders hanging about.
I had almost forgotten about one of my Li'l witches until Chaz reminded me he didn't see her about. How in the world could I have forgotten about Li'l Whoopsie Oopsie. You remember her...the poor little witch that got stuck in her spell pot. Chaz felt she needed her very own spot. I really think he didn't want the coven helping her out of her dilemma...he likes her being stuck.....thinks it's funny. 
Yes...yes..there is yet ANOTHER spider web and spider. Aren't I a good momma....making sure Chaz has all his creepy spiders hanging about as he requested? I know they are only plastic but spiders really are one of my biggest fears. Funny ya think....just think about it....something so tiny can cause so much FEAR and I bet I'm not the only one. Matter of fact, I do have one friend that her fear of them might even be greater than mine. Her name is Jennifer over at Just Jingle and it seems that today she has been invaded by spiders too. Don't believe me...well just go take a l@@ksie for yourself. I can be brave about my fear...oh yes I can...I least I thought I could....until.......Chaz and I were sitting on the sofa last night watching GhostHunters and he made the statement that our faux spider webs might bring in some real spiders. I have been walking by and counting the spiders to make sure that the count remains the same. I so don't think that I OR the decorations will make it if I find an extra one.

Until next time.........Hugs and "gulps" is that a new spider???


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still Here!!!!

 I do apologize for my absence as of late. It seems that "LIFE" is just getting in the way a bit as well as my muse has decided to go on a hiatus of some sort. Those that know me, know that I normally work on one thing at a time but here of late I have my fingers in several different ones at once. That could end up being very dangerous or at least some what interesting...ri iight? I guess as artist we all go through these times.....times where we doubt ourselves...times where it seems we have no support...times where our muse has just simply up and gone "POOF". I need my muse whispering in my ear...really I do.
I can prove that I have been working on a few things, as you can see from my messy work station. No comments about the mess either. I know some that keep theirs even messier....not pointing any fingers..hehe
I am working on several tiny mermaid sculpts plus some new gypsy jewelry designs.
I have finally gotten a nice collection of leather and fabric belts so that I can start working on some of my wrist cuff designs. A few of the fabric ones will have bead work on them....some of the leather will have some of my clay beads and or medallions on them as well as both probably having some micro macrame'.

Of course it's getting close to Christmas time too so that means several new Santa ooaks in the works. I'm really excited because I'm finally going to do two that I have been waiting to do. I needed the perfect props to go with them and I finally found them this past weekend. Not going to say what they will be but here are the props.....
Well perhaps my muse did leave me enough inspiration after all...that is before she took off to where ever it is that she goes from time to time. I want to thank all my friends that have not forgotten me and continue to come to visit here under the old Southern Oak tree. I love your visits and your comments. I promise to be here to greet you....always!!!

Until next time...........HUGS,
Regi of my friends, Laurie over at Kottage Kreations, after reading my post here invited me to join in a Wednesday blog hop called "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Stamping Ground. I had never heard of it before this but am so happy that I know about it now. Why don't you go and check it out? I have to's fun seeing what other's are working on and "ahem" seeing that my desk is not the only messy one. Just click on Stamping Ground above and perhaps you will join in the fun too.