Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Peoples!!!

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls....BAHAHA!!! I love vintage postcards and just had to share this one with all of you. What says Happy Halloween more than the moon and a black cat, I ask. Ok perhaps a witch or mummy or even that crusty old man Dracula but to me these two are what pop in my head. ^_^

I do hope that if you have a black cat as a family member that you will keep him/her inside tonight. It's sad but some folks hurt our furbabies that just happen to be the symbol of Halloween. Piwacket is not fully black but she is enough so as always she will be inside. Of course, she stays inside all the time anyways so she won't know the difference. Ri iiight??

The Chazman was VERY happy when I picked him up yesterday at school. His volcano was a bubbling hit. HAHA!! He loves when they have projects where they get to make things and what's more up a boys alley than a volcano that has to erupt. I so wish I had taken pics of him working on it but he said that I couldn't, so I didn't but really wish I had. Ho hum!! I did get to take one of him yesterday though. Yea!!!

 It's "Say No to Drugs" week and they showed their team pride yesterday. RTR Babyboy!!
He didn't paint pink snow peoples..hehe. That's what happened after the lave flowed.

He did a good job, yes?  He did the work...I did "help" a little bit but he did the majority of it and was very proud of himself. I was PROUD too as he's showing that he has the artistic genes as well. I know with them he will always be able to calm himself by doing something with his hands and mind. Just hope his muse isn't as pushy and vocal as mine. Bahahaha

Like I said...I didn't get to take WIP photos but I can tell ya how he did it, just in case you might need to build a volcano one day too. (or someone you know might need a wee bit of help making one)

Materials Needed:
heavy cardboard
old pie tin
soda can
heavy duty tape
hot glue (supervise please if young hands using)
white tissue paper
Decoupage glue
Sponge brush
Acrylic paints
paint brushes
Christmas pine tree garland

Ingredients for Lava:
red food coloring
liquid dish detergent 
baking powder (not soda but powder)

The Chazman started with cutting out a piece of heavy cardboard from a box we had on hand. This he used as the base for the volcano. He then took the pie tin and turned it upside down and criss crossed cut about three long slices in the center. (make sure if a kiddo is doing this that they wear gloves during this stage or you do this part...the tin can cut) The slices were then pulled under to give a nice tight fit for the soda can to rest in. Before placing the soda can in you will need to cut the top...this is where the lava ingredients will go. I added some tape around the edges so that the Chazman could work without getting cut. the can in the middle of the pie tin. Using the heavy duty tape, tape the tin to the cardboard base as well as running some of the tape down all of the sides of the can and attaching it securely to the board as well. When finished you will be able to see what looks like a pyramid with crystal clear walls but remember.....we are making a volcano THIS time. Now the FUN begins!! Chaz took the cardstock and crinkled it up and then opened it back up some and hot glued (SUPERVISED of course) it to the tape. He did this until all of the clear walls were covered. He would crinkle each piece making what looked like boulders or rocks poking out all over. Some areas he let have a smoother look.  Make sure that the hole in the top of the can is not covered while doing this step. Chaz built up around the hole like a volcano would actually be. He chose Mt Jefferson in Oregon as his inspiration and had a image pulled up to look at as he was building it. Once he was satisfied with how this part looked he took the decoupage glue using the sponge brush and begin at the top spreading the glue over the boulders. He then placed a sheet of tissue paper over it and did this all around the volcano and the base. Applying glue and then tissue paper. He would push it in certain areas to help form the mountain. Once all was covered in tissue paper he applied a thin layer of the decoupage over the entire piece. It was set aside overnight to dry.  The next day the Chazman began painting his Mt Jefferson. The reason he used the white tissue was so that he would have the appearance of snow. He used a dark green and light green on it to make the mountain look as though it was covered in trees. He used a tiny bit of brown to hit up the peaks a bit to make it look like rock sticking out from the snow. Once the green paint dried he used white paint to bring the snow down the mountain. He took the pine tree garland and cut it into small pieces (trees) and bent the bottom end up at an angle. He then hot glued these to around the base to make it look like a forest. He really thought this out and I'm sooo proud of him. 

We found the "formula" searching online and of course we had to experiment with it some to make sure it worked. HAHA!! For the size of soda can we used (12 fl oz) the final lava potion was this: (take another can to measure because if this project is being transported you do not want it in an open container. I put all the liquid ingredients in an empty bottle with a twist top...the powder I put in a baggie) 

Fill can to about 1 inch from top of can with the vinegar. Add about 4-6 drops of food coloring and then 2 tablespoons of the liquid detergent. When you are ready to make the eruption simply add about 3 tablespoons of the baking powder and the lava will begin to come up up and flow!!!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday work!!

Good Morning peoples!! Hope you're having a good middle of the week. Only 1 day, 12 hours and 19 minutes remaining until Halloween. ^_^

I decided to start working on some of my Christmas gifts. Those that come and sit under the old Southern ooaks tree know that I make most of my gifts for my nieces and nephews and "gulp" great nieces and nephews. Nooo, I'm not niece was just really, really, really young when she had them...Bahahaha!!

I'm starting with my sweet niece Lauren. No worries that she will see this as she never comes to sit under the old ooaks tree. Not that she doesn't love my art...she does. It's just that she is a 17 year old that is doing her own thing these days. Just my luck though...she will THIS time. If so, all I can say is "Merry Christmas...I love you".Ohhh and "Surprise".

She really likes the steampunk look so I thought perhaps a necklace....a monocle necklace....a steampunk monocle necklace. Get the idea? Hehe...I think ya might.  I must admit that I got the idea when I was making the monocle for the witch ooaks I just finished. I had an old pair of reading glasses that finally decided to break on me and you know how much I love repurposing items so I just had to use them for this project. Add that to some watch pieces and we come!!

Whooooo's this cute lil fella? Isn't he a hoot? Bahaha..I love how the pieces kinda speak to me and this lil owl just kinda jumped out from all the pieces. He will be the focal on the monocle.

I'll be adding other watch pieces and natural gem stones around the edges of the eye piece. Since it's a reading glass lens then she might even be able to use it for reals. Wouldn't that be awesome!! I can't decide if I'm going to put it on a chain, a piece of leather cording or ribbon. What do YOU think?

Until next time.........Hoots (ummm I mean Hugs),

Monday, October 27, 2014

It's almost Halloween!!!

Happy Monday morn to ya!! OK...I've been a listening to my Celtic music, can ya tell?  ^_^

It's hard to believe that Friday will be October 31st. Time truly is acting like a witch right's FLYING!! Ok ok perhaps I've also had WAY too much caffeine this morning whilst listening to my Celtic music. What can I say, I'm a real WITCH if I don't get my coffee. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

Do you do anything special on the 31st as far as dinner goes? The Chazman loves for us to have Halloween themed food that night. It's something I started with him when he was about 4. He was very, VERY scared of anything Halloween until then so we kinda played it down. That was HARD peoples as much as you know I love this time of year. I love my Chazman man sooo much more though so it had to be done. (sigh)
He was asking me this morning what I had planned for this year's dinner so I guess I had better come up with a few things. Yes??

How about some Twice baked mummies?

Perhaps some Tarantula tacos??

Or one of our favorites...mummy dogs!!

Here's three easy and yummy ideas from the Betty Crocker website. I have done all three of these in the past and let me tell you....they were a hit. Pssst....they are easy and fast to fix too which I'm sure YOU will need if you have little ones begging to get out and start Trick or Treating. We don't want them going out with grumbling, empty tummies though......for two being that it's not healthy and two hopefully, fingers crossed, they won't eat so much junk ummm I mean candy if they are full. Yeah, I know...RIIIGHT!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sabrina....the year 1692

It was a cold snowy day in January, the year 1692. Several good friends had gathered to show off their new hats. They loved spending time together and they all loved making their hats. Some visits were spent sharing whatever new hat had been made but some were spent out in the forest gathering herbs and plants. On these gatherings you could hear them singing and dancing, enjoying their time together as a group.They were a very talented group that had learned to treat Mother Earth with respect and in return she had given them the gift of using her herbs and plants to heal and restore others. Village folks from miles around knew of the ladies and would come bringing them gifts if they would in return help them with whatever ailment they were experiencing at the time. The ladies gladly helped....they were pure at heart and extremely giving.

One of them suggested at the next weekly meeting that they should have a name for their group...something that reflected one of their loves. Hence....The Black Hat Sisterhood became into existence. Established in 1692 this sisterhood stood strong and is still in existence to this day. Just look around might just know one of us them.

Little did these loving, caring women know that in the next month that terrible trials would begin. The famous Salem Witch hunts. How dare anyone think that things they did not understand make another a witch. If being able to do what they did for others and they were witches then so be it. They would continue to practice and help in whatever way they could but they knew from this day forward that it would have to be done quietly. Due to the witch hunts taking so many innocent lives as well as true witches, the ones that were able to go undetected were blessed with stronger powers. One of the original witches, Sabrina, of the sisterhood was blessed with time travel. And time travel she does!!

Sabrina is finally complete. If you have been following along then you see that something is missing. Yes, her goggles. I decided since she had the unique monocle that she would be quiet happy with that. I plan on doing several in this series, as the original was a group of ladies and will use the goggles with one of them. Have you been following along with the WIP post on Sabrina? If not then here are some past post to see just what went into designing and making her. Click and here Enjoy!!

Welcome back from visiting those past post...hehe!! As you can see from reading that ideas can change on a whim. A muse's whim that is. Bahahahaha!! I start out with ideas and as I'm working on the design of the piece it will change. Most of the time, it's to improve it and some of the time I think it's just to irritate me. ^_^

Sabrina, as you know has a strong wire armature and recycled round light bulb as her base. Those were covered in clay and then her face, neck and shoulders were hand sculpted. Her face and eyes were painted using acrylic paints. Notice the clock pieces and numerals on Sabrina's face? That marks her as one of the time travelers. Her eyes and lips sealed with varnish. Her hair is wool dyed the dreadlock look this yarn gives. Ya man...luv the dreads!! Her jewelry (necklace, earrings and monocle) are all some of my own designs. Steampunk is so much fun to do. Her hat was handmade and attached is a moon charm with watch pieces as well as a tiny glass potion bottle filled with.......magic!! (sand peoples sand) She sits on a pine wood base block that I washed in orange and black acrylic paints and then wood burned the letters into. This piece sits right at 11 inches from base bottom to the top of her black hat. I signed and dated the bottom.

Please keep in mind that these are collector items and not toys. They will keep for many many years if handled properly. My pieces are unique and truly one of a kind. I may do a series of some but never will two pieces be the same.

Until next time...............Hugs,

And HE thought dog was MANS best friend!!!

In a place filled with mist and the smell of the sea a very old, grumpy and cold hearted man awoke to a horrible realization. He sat up scratching his noggin and felt a terrible dread. Oh could he even begin to understand what had happened to him. The last thing he remembered was being out walking with his faithful companion, Beau, his very large and handsome mastiff. Beau had been chasing the neighborhood cats. One of his dog's favorite pastimes and one he always allowed. They both really hated those cats. Nothing but smelly, lazy, independent creatures that cared for nothing but themselves. He really didn't like those nasty little powder puffs. No....not al all!!!

Godfrey sat for a minute more and stood and started calling out to his Beau. No response from the large mastiff was heard but in the distance he swore he heard several hisses and meows. He followed the sounds because he just knew there he would find his dog chasing those darn cats again. To his surprise though, once he walked out of the mist and closer to the sound he was surprised to be surrounded by thousands upon thousands of cats. Some stalking, some preening, some play fighting and some just looking at him as though they knew he was THE man that owned that obnoxious beast that plagued them for so long. Godfrey was in shock at the sight and slowly started to panic. He dropped to his knees and called out for anyone....ohhh come and tell him what was happening and just where in the world he was.

After some time passed and no one answered his pleas, Godfrey got up and sat on a small stool he found and with his hands on his head knowing that he had somehow been doomed he felt a warm caress and then another and yet another until he was feeling warmer inside than he ever had in his life. He raised up and to his surprise there were several cats all which were giving him warmth to soothe him and calm his nerves. He was shocked...totally and completely shocked. How could these creatures whom he had help torment for so long be giving him all this love.

Out of no where an Archangel appeared. A beautiful being who walked directly over to Godfrey and touched his shoulder. Pain immediately began in his chest, shoulders and back. He just knew this was truly the end. To his surprise a warmth began to fill him. His heart became light and filled with strength and might. She spoke to him as she began ruffling feathers that had appeared on his back. Feathers....was she being cruel...was he to be a giant playtoy for these cats. He so wouldn't say he didn't deserve it after all his mean years but why give him such warm, strong feelings to only take them away and replace them with of all things....feathers!! She smiled at him and spoke "Godfrey, I am Ariel, the protector of the environment and animals, you fell and into the ocean you went along with Beau as your walk took you on to a bad part of the pier. Beau is where he should be now and you, I cradled in my arms as you sank further to the bottom. Once the bottom was reached I realized that inside a once grumpy, hateful old man was really just a man who had been hurt beyond reason and had simply closed his heart to all around him except for his dog. Now there is nothing wrong with loving a dog, as he is truly man's best friend as everyone knows. God made sure that each soul knew that....hence his name spelled backwards for the creature. That showed me that there was still love in that heart and I wanted you to become one of my guardians". Godfrey was aghast at what this angel was saying and trying hard not to sputter and stutter as he asked, What is to become of me now a guardian and a guardian of what? The angel said that since dog was protected by his maker that she had to do a little extra protection of her some of her beloved creatures so when the right person passed from this world and showed her that they still had some love in their hearts she made them one of her protect in his case....her cats. The feathers she explained were not a curse but strong wings to aide him in his flight when he was needed to return to earth to protect or even to return one of her cats that had spent their nine lives out in that realm. As she turned to leave him she whispered "Cats ARE very independent creatures but they are filled with unconditional love, so treat them with such and go and protect my sweet, hearted guardian".

Godfrey is one of my one of a kind sculpts. (ooaks)  He has a strong wire armature that was wrapped in tape and plushed out with fabric and stuffing. His head, hands and feet were sculpted by hand then detailed using acrylic paints. His feet are covered in handmade felt boots. His clothes are handsewn  His sweater and hat were made from a baby's booties. (I love repurposing once loved items) his vest from felt and his pants old pair of khaki pants. His wings are made from natural feathers that have been sprinkled with gold angel dust. (that's glitter peoples..hehe) He is sitting on a covered wooden thread spool (well the cats have to have something to scratch on) that is sitting inside a ceramic cat bowl. He and his charges (four cats) are permanently attached to the bowl. The cats were hand sculpted and detailed using acrylic paints as well. One is giving Godfrey some loving, one is laying in his lap playing with a ball of yarn, one is climbing on his pants leg to grab the end of that yarn and one is purring and preening) This piece sits right at 9 inches from the base to the tip of his wings.

Before anyone ask....yes...I plan on doing a dog guardian as the future. Until then...............


Sunday, October 19, 2014

A beautiful Fall Sunday morning!!

It is indeed a beautiful Fall feeling Sunday morning. What I want to know is......WHO moved me during the night to a different location? Bahahahaha!! Not complaining and I have the windows open so I can enjoy the crisp, coolness for however long it's last. That should be until around 11ish and then......Welcome back to the South!!

I'm feeling a tad bit better today so I'm hoping that I'm FINALLY on my way to recovery. Thank goodness!! I do believe I look much better than yesterday. What do YOU think? Be honest now...hehe

I love the AMC Walking Dead Dead yourself ya hadn't figured that out yet....had ya?  Here's the link if anyone else would like to play with it. Click Here!! Ohhh, go ahead...ya know ya want to and no one will know...unless you share yourself. Don't go yet though, ppplease, wait until you have finished visiting. YOU know I love your visits!!

I was able to work on Sabrina some yesterday and early this morning. She has her beautiful dreadlocks (really they are pretty wool yarn) and is attached to the wooden block. She has her earrings on and all she is lacking is her unique witches hat. I mean she can't be a part of "The Black Hat Sisterhood" without her black hat now can she?

Such a pretty little witch, ri iight?  If ya don't agree then remember the saying "If ya don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all". I mean I can take the criticism but not so sure Sabrina could and she is a witch. Bahahaha

I told ya'll yesterday that I was redoing the goggles and not going to be doing the spyglass but replacing it with a monocle. Well......I have the monocle completed and I really like how it turned out. See.....when some of our projects don't turn out the way we thought the new ones can turn out to be even better.

 Steampunk spy spider steampunk!! There is an actual piece of clear plastic in the center of the monocle. The focal point is the spy steampunk spider. I will go more in detail about it with Sabrina's story so make sure you come back to visit. (yeah yeah.....I'm tempting you so that you will come back. I'm badddd!!!) I'm going to attach this to the chain that is already attached to the moon on her hat. Ohhhh, wait......I haven't shown you that yet. Guess you will just have to come back to see THAT too...hehe!!

Today, I'm hoping to work on the goggles. I have my pattern (as I showed in yesterday's post) done and just need to cut the pieces of the leather out and start assembling it. Fingers crossed these goggles turn out steampunkish!! I'm hoping that the pattern works out with this one too because I already have that other Sister ooaks bouncing around in my head and she is going to be wearing goggles too. It's the steampunk witch coven....bahahaha!!

Until next time............Hugs,

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Oct 18th!!!!

WOW....I can't believe that I let a whole week go by without coming to sit under the old Southern ooak tree. I must confess that I'm dealing with a few tiny, minor health issues BUT I'm strong and will be fine...eventually!! I think perhaps I might even venture out a bit today. Do you think anyone will notice I'm a tad bit under the weather? Bahahahaha!!! Not to bad for a woman that turns 156 today, yes?

I have been attempting to work on the Black Hat Sisterhood piece and must tell ya that the clay spyglass and goggles did NOT work out the way I planned. That's alright though because my overactive imagination muse has plenty of other ideas.

I'm still going to use the clay lens as I think they will look good once painted and the lens attached. The pieces that fit around the lens is going to be made with cardstock and that pretty piece of leather. The nose piece (fingers crossed) will be made from watch parts. Instead of the spyglass, I'm going to be making a monocle instead and of course it will be steampunked too. ^_^

Now....since it's my birthday today (but shhhhh, it's one I want to pass on by cause I'm getting OLD peoples) I thought I would share one of the Chazman's favorite treats we make this time of year. Okay, okay....we start making this time of year all the way through Valentine's. They are called "The Forgotten" cookies and you will soon learn just why they're called that. Bahahahaha

Ingredients you will need:
2 large egg whites, room temp
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
2/3 cup fine sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Non humid day (yes, ya read that right. These will not make if rainy or extremely humid)

Yield: 4 dozen (if ya make them as recipe calls. You can make them larger)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside for now.

In large mixing bowl, beat egg whites til foamy. Add the cream of tartar and beat until fluffy. (DO NOT overbeat peoples)  Add sugar slowly, about 3 tablespoons at a time. After at least half of sugar has been added, add the vanilla extract. Continue adding remaining sugar. Meringue should be shiny and tight. If you this point you could add any one of the following:

1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup finely chopped walnuts
1 cup crushed peppermint
3-4 drops of food coloring

If you do want to add any of the extra ingredients gently fold them in at this time. 

One teaspoon at a time, push one teaspoon of meringue from tip of teaspoon and with the back of another teaspoon place onto baking sheet. Leave 1-inch space between cookies. (They will NOT spread out but stay in the original shape) You use the two spoons so you do not touch cookies. Owww, what a gooey mess you'd be. So follow directions!!! ^_^

Place sheet in oven and turn oven off. read right......turn oven OFF. Leave the cookies (undisturbed...that means NO PEEKING peoples) in the oven for at least 3 hours or overnight. 
(yeah riiight, like that's gonna happen....hehe) Cookies will be crisp, dry and ohhhhh so yummy!!

Now you know why they are called The Forgotten cookies, eh? The Chazman has names for them at different holidays....BAHAHAHA!!! Halloween they are called "ghost poop" cookies (adding the chocolate pieces makes them even more poopy...hehe) Christmas time they are called "Angel cookies" (without any added ingredients) Valentine's they are called "Cupid's cookies" (add the crushed peppermint) Mardi Gras time they are called "Jester cookies" (separate meringue into three bowls gently and add purple to one, green to one and yellow to one) I'm sure that you can come up with even more add ins. All I know is that I have to keep a close watch over them when they are in the oven because apparently I haven't taught the Chazman just what undisturbed means. ^_^

Have a wonderful Saturday and until next time............Hugs,

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Monday the 13th!!

It's Monday yet again peoples. I hope that you had an awesome spent having some fun adventures (ones that you can talk about and even some that so need to stay put in the weekend and NEVER be talked about..bahaha) OR just resting. So happy that you came to sit under the Old Southern ooaks today....luv your visits.

I  F I N A L L Y finished with Sabrina's eyes....all the layers and layers of paint and clearcoat. I do think they turned out so good and l@@k so pretty. I really like making eyes this way but for future reference if you ever follow along and try some of the things I do....DO NOT....make the well to deep. Takes F O R E V E R to fill in. I know, I know, I stated in past post that I was patient and (STOP LAUGHING) I am but goodness it took two days to fill those greens in. ^_^

In between waiting on each layer to dry (Did I mention that it took a long long time? hehe) I worked on her steampunk jewelry pieces. Love steampunk!!!

 Thinking I might actually like a pair of the earrings for myself. Bahaha!!
 Close up of her necklace. I even put a lobster clasp on it. Well...she might want to take it off AND if she does then ya better.....RUN!!!!
This piece is going on her the front and center. I'm going to attach a small green potion bottle that's filled with dragon teeth dust. It's really beach sand.  What did ya think it was peoples? Like I would give away my dragon teeth dust...ppplease. Her steampunk spy glass I'm currently working on is also going to be attached to her hat on the chain as well. Her goggles will be going on top too. I got the spyglass and her goggles sculpted yesterday and baked last night and plan on working on them as soon as I'm finished with this post. 

Remember this is a WIP image....they will look good once completed....I hope!!! I'm ready to get this piece completed because I already have a few others "flying" around in my head wanting to get out. BAHAHA!! Did ya catch that funny there? Flying...witches. Ok ok I know I'm weird but ya gotta luv me, ri iight??

Until next time....Hugs,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gonna be a Steampunk Saturday

Happy Happy Saturday peoples!!! It's going to be a beautiful day. I have the windows and back door open and the cool, crisp air is AWESOME. Of course, it won't last long. It's the South and Mother Nature thinks it's suppose to be summertime here all the time...BAHAHAHA!!!

It's going to be a steampunk day here under the old Southern ooaks. Sabrina is all baked and I plan on starting on her eyes today. It's going to take some time adding all the clear layers to them after I get the iris painted so I have to be very, very patient. Stop laughing....I am and can be patient....I.....hope!!!  I worked on her hat yesterday while she was baking and cooling and here's what I have so far. (plus a few of the items that are going to go on the hat too...maybe....perhaps)

I really like how this turned out. I made it the same way I did my Mad Hatter hat a few years ago. Of course, this one is bigger than that one....hehe!! I wish that I had done a How to for ya'll, just in case you might want to make one too. I can TELL ya what I did and post a pic of my pattern....that should help, eh?

You can make so many different variations with these hats. Make them out of foam....out of paper (pretty paper).....cover them in fur....the ways are limitless. For the base I used heavy cardstock but you can use an empty cereal box. should be empty. I have been known to need one and dump the contents in a ziplock bag....oh yes I did!!!  For this particular hat I used the above pattern. The brim measures 4 inches across and the top portion measures 3 inches. The band is 2 1/2 inches on the ends and the more curve you give it the more height you will have in the front of the hat. Just play with it until you get it the way YOU want it. I did add a bit extra around the band and cut out tiny tabs along the top side on the paper (side that will go against the brim) so that I would have something to glue to the brim for support. I did the same thing with the top hat circle too. You can glue or tape it together. If I'm going to be using pretty paper as the outside of the hat then I use glue. For this one though since I covered it in velveteen fabric I taped the hat together to make sure it held and gave it some extra strength. I then glued the fabric on the cardstock and even stitched along the top portion (don't take glue to the edges if you are going to do this...makes it VERY hard to stitch) and then stitched together the brim top portion and the piece for underneath (so my cardstock wouldn't be showing) Not hard at all....just a bit time consuming but it's so so worth it....ri iiight?? For the tulle around the brim I gathered sections and then whip stitched them to the brim. I'm hoping to get it detailed today. I'm planning on making a pair of steampunk goggles to go on the hat top too. I mean a witch can get dust in her eyes from flying on her broom. Safety ^_^

Do you love this time of year? I know I sure do. Halloween is such a FUN time. I love vintage Halloween even more and try to pull it into my decorations. Do you have some little ghouls ummm I mean girls you plan on making special Trick or Treat bags for? I have some cute vintage paperdolls that you could add. I mean what little girl doesn't like paperdolls?

Hope you enjoy these and (looking around and whispering) it's quite alright if YOU cut them out and play with them too. Just sayin....I won't tell a soul. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Friday, October 10, 2014

WIP on The Black Hat Sisterhood ooaks

Happy Friday peoples!! I've been working on my newest ooaks the past few days and wanted to share some WIP images with you. Hoping to get her face detailed this afternoon as she's in the oven baking as we're conversing at the moment. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by YOUR visits!!!
Since this is just a bust and I knew it would take a good bit of clay for the size it needed to be, I had thought about doing a foil armature for the clay to attach to. I love using foil and then wrapping it in floral tape and then sealing it with glue for my larger pieces but I was really afraid that it would make the head a bit to heavy. Don't need an ooaks that seems to nod off now and then from a droopy head. If you have been visiting with me under the old Southern ooak tree for some time then you know that I LOVE to use old items......items that have lived out their original purpose but aren't ready for the trash pile just yet. Yes,'s man's trash is another man's treasure...BAHAHA!! I remembered that I had these small round used light bulbs and felt that one would be perfect and light (no pun intended..hehe) enough to make a great skull for this witch. 
This is how she looks sitting on the block. I'm very happy with how the bulb worked out. I did this a bit more human than most of my sculpts but I think she still has my whimsy style.
I'm going to do her eyes a bit different than I normally do. For my smaller pieces I normally use a bone bead as the sclera (the white part) and then paint the iris and pupil after baking. I have actually made some clay eyes and baked and painted them before I put them in a sculpt as well. I like both methods but wanted to try something different with this one since it's probably one of the biggest heads I've sculpted. I love looking at How To videos and saw one a while back (a long while back and can't seem to find now or I would share link with you) where an artist used clay and made an indention in the center. She then painted the iris (indented center or well) and slowly added clear varnish layers building the iris up giving it a more realistic look. This is what I'm going to try peoples.....keep those fingers crossed that it works.
Be careful now....this lil witch might HEAR what you're saying....BAHAHA!!! Most the time you can't see the ears because of the hair but like most things that are never seen, I add them because I know they're suppose to be there. I'm also going to make a pair of dangle steampunk earrings for her to wear and she needed ears for that. ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Decorations going up...slowly!!

Good Morning Peoples!! Welcome to the old Southern Ooaks tree. So happy you took some TIME to come and sit for a spell.

I spent yesterday putting up some of our Halloween decor. Normally by now I have all of them up but since this mummy (yeppers, spelled correctly because with the way this kidney infection is effecting me I feel like one) is having to move slowly and rest a good bit then it might take until the weekend to get them all up. I thought I might share what I do have so far though....since you did come to visit. ^_^

Love my "Happy Hauntings" banner. I made this one last year and I'm hoping it will last for a long time. If I can keep Piwacket from trying to attack it perhaps I can. Bahaha!! It's printed on cardstock and was so simple to make. If you would like to make one for yourself  here's the link I found it at.  Have FUN!!    The bow in the middle I made from ribbon from the Dollar Tree (gotta luv Dollar Tree) and a piece of orange burlap I already had. There's a pesty old crow in the middle and thankfully he can't yell CAW CAW CAW either. I'm sure Piwacket would enjoy it though...and eating him. Ewwww!!!  Can ya imagine the mess and all the feathers. Hmmm, I could use some feathers. Nahhh...glad it's not real. The skull was one my sister left when she moved and I'm sure it was totally by accident that it did get left behind and being the good sister that I am AND if she ask for it back then I will take it to her.........on my next visit which will be AFTER Halloween which means I can and am gonna use it this year. BAHAHAHA!!!  You can put a candle on the inside and I plan on doing just that and lighting him up at night and turning all the lights out and just staring at him. Yeah, yeah...I'm weird like that.  Like I stated earlier, I haven't finished yet and that's why the three candle holders are empty. I need to make a Dollar Tree run and by some black and orange votive candles to go in them. (along with a few other items. Rubbing hands together and doing an evil laugh)

I love using my ooaks in my decorating so when something doesn't sell it so doesn't break my heart at all. Although, my witch with her skellie candelabra has been spoken for but not going out until closer to Christmas so she is very happy to join her other quirky characters this year as part of the decorations. I plan on removing the items on the very top and having an assortment of crows sitting up there and I want to move all my teapot collection and put different glass containers there with all the creepily, spooktacular items there that we all love at Halloween. Like perhaps Fur of werewolf or Arsenic-Poison or Bat droppings (everyone needs some good tasty bat droppings) and even some dried bat ears (YUM). The crystal decatur is going to have red juice in it and a tag that states "Vampire Blood". Again....still decorating!! Come back to visit and I'll share some of the labels with you and a great recipe for Transylvania Dirt". Don't know what that is? It's ok....just come back to visit and find out. ^_^

Love Halloween cause you can just let the cobwebs run WILD. hehe 
This lil guy has a very special place in my heart. He's dressed in the very first Trick or Treat costume the Chazman wore. I so enjoyed making it and still love to see it. So can't believe he was ever this small though. 

Had to show a close up of this part of the phone table. I keep my cat teapot out all year but love adding it in with the Halloween decorations. (it's circa 1920)

The corner on the other side of the sideboard. I plan on putting another huge web ummm I mean I plan on not clearing the cobwebs away here either. Bahaha!! One of my witches along with some Halloween signs I have made over the years. Still decorating and I know I have a few more signs to hang. If I can just remember where I put them. 

Well...that's all I have so far and probably not going to do anything today as I kinda over did it yesterday. I am planning on starting the steampunk witch bust though as I'm sitting here in my work area enjoying the nice Fall like weather we are having. It won't last long but in the South when the humidity is low...we enjoy for as long as we can.  

Until next time...........Hugs,

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Whoodoing the voodooing on this old gal??

Morning peoples!! I have a question and someone had better answer it....ummm ppplease ^_^   Whoodoing the voodoing on this old gal? Can ya ppplease stop? I promise to not do what ever it was that I did do that caused you to do that voodoo. HEHE  I feel as though someone has a poppet of me and has lit a fire in my kidneys. Not fun....not fun at all will NOT stop me from starting my next Southern ooaks. No indeed!!!

I really don't think any of YOU have a poppet of me....well....perhaps one someone but she would be making me feel warm fuzzies not warm kidneys. (Ri iiight Dragonlady?) I'm not one to lay around and it is best to keep busy, yes? My grandmomma always said that keeping ones mind on other things could help keep any pain at bay ya might be a feelin. It works....most the time!!

I love this time of year and carousing all the sites to see just what other folks have come up with to celebrate Halloween. I never copy anyone else but ya have to admit, you sure can find some awesome inspiration out there. I found one site that had painted signs and fell in love with this one in particular. I've seen it a good bit over the years but it really grabbed my attention this time.

 Sign can be found HERE if interested ^_^

I do like the whole sign but it was some of the words that JUMPED out at me. "The Black Hat Sisterhood  Est. 1692". You do know the importance of the year, yes? In February of that year is when the famous witch trials in Massachusetts began. so sad that so many were accused that truly had no idea just why they were thought of as witches. Really sad that folks did not realize that like everything in this world there can be good and not just evil. OK....I'm getting of on a tangent....sorry!!

Seeing those words jump out at me was what truly inspired me for my next ooak piece. That along with the fact that I just finished the Glenda piece and her hat was the last piece I worked on and I LOVE making witches hats. Oh yes I do. This is not going to be a full witch sculpt since to me the important focal point here is....of course.....THE HAT!! It's going to be a witch's head with her hat. A pretty witch....a steampunk witch.Which means steampunk hat!!! Yeppers....that's what I'm seeing in my imagination at this point. I've started on the base already. Amazing what a plain old 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 block of wood can be turned into. Not finished with it just yet but thought I would show what I have so far. Love sharing ya know. ^_^

 Some orange acrylic paint rubbed into block and then wiped down. Added some black acrylic paint to detail and wiped down most of it.
Wanted a primitive look so I got brave and used my wood burner again. Didn't burn myself THIS time.

Today, if I can sit long enough then I'm going to start on the witch head. I do hope my muse and clay will cooperate and decide to be the pretty witch I see in my head. 

Until next time..........Hugs,
Regi, the Poppet ^_^

Ohhh and of course my newest side kick is right by my side I believe she always will be. Life without a cat is not much of a life.....well....for me anyways!!!