Monday, September 29, 2014

It's definitely a Monday!!

Happy Monday morning.....NOT!!!! Ok to YOU I do wish a happy Monday but for seems I ate some bad chicken livers yesterday and am paying the ultimate price. BLAHHHH!!! Don't like being sick, not at all, especially when it's the way my grandmother use to put it, "both ends be a running for the hills". Yeah, probably to much FYI...sorry!!

I was able to work on Glenda yesterday BEFORE I ate the livers and she now has her petticoat and poofy skirt. (yes yes hide those witchie necessities she might need....hehe and yes, your comment post counted. Silly dragonlady)

She be a styling, ri iight? I'm working on making some eyelashes for her. Not sure they are going to work out but if they do then I will share a how to. Just in case some of my artist friends are in need of making some themselves......remember....I love to share. Hopefully, I can get her dreads put on today and work on her fancy witch hat I have planned.

When I was downloading these two images to share with you it seems that another image was snapped. Now I only took these two and no others so it's a bit puzzling to me. I always put my camera back in the desk drawer so that Piwacket doesn't decide to get to curious and check it out. HaHa   It's of the top of my desk but it seems that "someone" wanted their pic taken. Do you see them?

I know that we have some spirits here with us and thankfully they are sweet, kind ones or have been for the past two years. If you come to visit often under the old Southern ooak tree then you have seen an image of several orbs that were intrigued by Christmas decorations I had been given last November. If ya don't remember or haven't seen them then just click HERE. I have always had at least one with me since I moved out on my own some....well....we'll just say a good long time ago...bahahaha...and as long as they behave then I don't mind having them about at all. It seems my Chazman can sense them as well so hopefully they are just guardians to us and who wouldn't want a guardian watching over them?

Until next time..........Hugs,

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oak Trees and Witches....what a combination!! ^_^

Good, Happy Saturday morning peoples!! I hope today is going to be a good one for YOU. I'm helping out at Beach Reflections today. Love being there, meeting so many wonderful folks with a few funny and hilarious characters thrown in...hehe!! HEY...I'm one of those too so I can call others's a compliment....most the time. ^_^

I was able to get some work done on Glenda Glitch yesterday and also on one of the (looking around) secret props that I haven't shown ya'll just yet. (and not going to show you now either...snicker snicker) Her pantaloons, peasant top and necklace are complete and she's one happy witch. I hope this afternoon when I get home that I can get her petticoat made and perhaps even her poofy skirt. Stop laughing....yes....the evil witch likes poofy skirts. She wants a poofy skirt.....she gets a poofy skirt. I don't want her to be turning me into a frog now. (Hmmm....there are a few others that I might like her to do that too though..HAHA)

It's hard to see in the photo but the bead on her necklace matches her shoes. Bahaha!!

Remember the oak tree medallions I made a while back? Well....they have been added to my Etsy shop. Look over on the right sidebar, yeppers over there and you'll see a link you can click on to get there. I'm going to be adding more new things in the next few weeks so visit there often. It's getting close to time to start buying those Christmas gifts ya know. All of my jewelry comes in one of my little paper gift boxes. Ready to give. (or keep..hehe)

Until next time...........Hugs,

Friday, September 26, 2014

BAHAHA...ever made bra and panties for an ooaks?

Good Morning Peoples!! Well, well, seems my muse talked me into doing something I don't think I have even done before. Yeppers, she talked me into making Glenda some unmentionables...hehe!! I guess even witchie poos like to know they are dressed pretty underneath their clothing even when no one else gets to see. Of course, YOU get to see...bahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Black is definitely her color. 
She even wanted her matching black socks on. 

In showing you these you can see how I do any joints that I leave non clayed. I needed to be able to bend her elbows so that she can be holding her props. I wrapped them in thin yarn so that it gives the joints a bit more strength. 

I LOVE how her eyes POP out at you. Green is such a good eye color for that. (secretly wish I had green eyes) Is she giving her crooked smile look or grimace look or is she talking outa the side of her mouth? Hmm, talking to someone or something? We shall see......we shall see.

I'm going to work on her pantaloons and peasant top this morning and hopefully get to her skirt and under skirt this afternoon. (maybe even get to adding her dreadlocks too) More WIP images to come so plan on coming back to visit under the old Southern ooak tree, please. 

Until next time...........Hugs,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy...what day is it? HeHe

Good morning peoples!!! Happy....ummmm....Wednesday!!! I was going to say the other but it's kinda been run into the ground, yes? I hope today is one filled with joy, love, adventure and HOPE!!

I've not been able to work on the Glenda Glitch as I've been helping out at Beach Reflections this week. Do YOU know about Beach Reflections? Well, if ya don't.....then where in the world have ya been peoples? HeHe  It's a great little beach themed gift shop in Gulf Shores, AL. Recently it's become two awesome shops in one. Beach Reflections and The Blue Mermaid. Some really awesome things to be found there and if you come visit their facebook page and see something you want that has been posted but don't live close by then you can simply send them a comment and they can send ya an invoice and then as soon as it's paid your item (ya know, the one you just had to have) will be shipped that day. Yeppers....we're that fast!!! Come visit in person or through Facebook. They just got in some really cute HOPE bracelets that would make excellent Christmas gifts. Numbers 1-15 are $14.95 and #16 is $19.95.

I'm hoping to work on Glenda some this afternoon after I get off from helping out at the shop and picking up the Chazman from school. I'm sure she is tired of being nekkid...hehe!!! I have plans for a pair of black pantaloons and peasant top. Haven't decided if she's going to have on a pair of black hose or not. What do YOU think?

Until next time.............Hugs,

Sunday, September 21, 2014 muse has even been a changing.....ME!!!!

Good morning peoples!! WOW....Mother Nature has been in a tezzie here lately, hasn't she? In the past month we have had TWO computer monitors zapped by one of her serious leaking sessions. (that's a thunderstorm case ya didn't know) I have to admit that the first one was a bit of a dinosaur and we were blessed that it lasted as long as it did AND the second one was WELL found at a yard sale for $5 and ya really can't beat that. (even if it did only last about two weeks) The mister and the Chazman went out yesterday to try and find another $5 one and OMGOSH...they DID!!! This one came from the thrift store and *giggle giggle* is exactly like our old original dinosaur but HEY, it works and that makes me happy happy!! Happy that I can once again thrill ya'll with tales of my muse. Plus, I have missed YOU!!

She has been a busy lil thing too in more ways than one. (shaking head) First, the newest witch ooaks where the witch WAS going to be a sweet Glenda (like the one from the wizard of Oz) has turned into Glenda the Glitch. HEHE....that suggestion came from one of my human muses, Johanna. Thank you thank you!! I'm not going to give to much away just yet as I want to make sure you come back to read the final posting of their story. Come back everyday to keep following along with their WIP images too though, please!! I will show some WIP images now to catch you up to just where I am at the moment. (so much can happen in a week..geez)

Apparently LuLu wanted center stage for this shot. Lil Diva!! Glenda seems to be wondering why she's in the back ground herself.
Notice Glenda's hand behind her back? What's up with that??
 Candy corn, candy apple, popcorn ball, Abba-Zaba candy bar (vintage candy...ya'll are probably to young to remember it. HEY...even I'm to young to remember it. hehe) and some peanut butter taffy.
Purrrrfect goodie stash in purrrfect bucket.
 LuLu stands from the bottom of her foot to the tip of her bunny ear at 6 inches.
Bahaha..looks like she has her tongue stuck out in this one but it's a piece of fur from her hood. She does actually have her mouth a little open and if you look close (in person) you can see her teeth and tongue.

Now you know where little Miss LuLu got her cute bunny pj's from at Christmas time. It was her Halloween costume first. ^_^   I'm really happy with how she turned out. I must admit it was FUN making the candy and pumpkin too. I found this design looking through some links of vintage candy containers. It wasn't a trick or treaters carrier in the images but an actual candy container. I think it turned out just purrrfect for LuLu!!

Today, I'm going to be working on Glenda and even though she has (looking around) turned out to be more like the wicked witch of the west, she's still going to be dressed in style. HEY...I already had my material picked out for her costume when Ms Muse decided to change her from good to ummm not so good. Oh well, even bad girls like to look good. (no pun intended there) WIP images as she comes along in future post. for what my title means....that my muse has even changed....ME!! Most that have been coming to visit under the old Southern ooak knows that for several years I have been just letting my hair turn it's natural grey. Most thought it was actually frosted which was a good thing for me but I KNEW it wasn't so back to the grey issues. HAHA!!  Several weeks ago I decided that I didn't want to be grey anymore (or rather my muse whispered in my ear I didn't) so I colored it. WOW...what a difference it made and WOW...what a shock looking in the mirror every morning at first forgetting that I wasn't grey. It's back to what my color was when I was younger and I do like it but "THE MUSE" thought I still needed something apparently and we went and got a haircut. WOW again.....I look like a completely different person and I must admit that I really do like it. I now match my whimsical, quirky inside self. Want to see the transformation? For once I'm glad my muse was pushy. Well...she and my friend, Ricki but she pushes in a loving way not the bossy way. ^_^

We have a new member of the family now too which is why this post has taken me about 3 hours to complete...haha....when it shouldn't have taken more than thirty minutes but ya gotta luv on them when they want it. You know how cats can be. ^_^  Yeppers, we have a new little kitten and when I say little I do mean L I T T L E. Her name is Piwacket Jinx Purrsalot. (the Chazman helped name her. Can ya tell?) She will be called Piwacket though and is already coming when she hears her name. She is a black tortoise shell and has these HUGE ears and six toes on her front feet. I have already been warned that since she does have those "thumbs" that she will be able to get into cabinets, drawers or just about anything we can get in to. What FUN!!! Thank goodness I have my big glass cabinet to keep all my ooaks in. Even I have a hard time opening that and the handles are high up on the doors. She's looking at me right now and I can just hear her thinking "Yeah. right mom, just keep on thinking that. hiss hiss hiss".

Well....the little Pi has gone to sleep so I think now's a good time to start working on my witch. I hope that ya'll will come again and soon. So happy to be back under the old Southern ooak!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ahhh....story is a changing!!!

Good Sunday morning peoples!! I hope today is filled with sunshine, cool breezes, some sand between your toes and a treasure trove of Mother Nature's bounty. That means get out and enjoy the outdoors today. Vitamin D and vitamin Sea are good for a soul.

As ya'll know I helped out at Beach Reflections yesterday and I must say...I'm so enjoying meeting all the interesting folks coming in. (waving at my new friends from Mobile) I'm going to be helping out again tomorrow too so come on in and visit and SHOP...make me look like a good luck charm peoples. ^_^

While sitting in the shop yesterday my mind kept going to my newest sculpt and I must admit that I do believe this witch is more on the dark side than just a sweet little old hag giving away candy. I don't want to give to much away at this point but let's just say.....there is a twist to this piece and I don't just mean the twisted lollipop I'm using as one of the props. Bahahahaha!!! Once I got home I did a bit of tweaking on her face. A new snarl smile, a bigger nose (all the better to smell little children with my dearie), a pointed chin and of course a mole or two that will have a few hairs that need trimming. that a snarl or is she speaking out of the side of her mouth at someone.....or something??

I'm going to get her hands done today and hopefully start on the trick or treater this afternoon. I want to get them baked so that I can get them detailed and their costuming started. Oh what a great day it's going to be and before you say "Regi....ya need to follow your earlier advice" be assured that I will at least enjoy some vitamin D throughout the day. Ya'll know I have to get up outa dis old chair and dance every now and then. 

Until next time.........Hugs,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

WARNING: Nekkid images..hehe

Happy Happy Saturday peoples!!! I'm very glad that you stopped by today but I do hope that you will not sit in that chair all day. It's the weekend...GET UP and do something FUN!! WAIT WAIT....not just yet. Didn't ya want to see the NEKKID images....hehehehe!!

I worked on the witchie yesterday and YES YES as much as I truly wanted to, I didn't change her face. *Looking around* I was kinda afraid what she would do to me if I did....I mean...she is a witch. BAHAHA!! I think the rest of her turned out to be the old hag person she was meant to be. The Chazman even commented "WOW Mom....great job...she even looks old and'd ya do that?" I smiled (and giggled) and told him thank you and of course did NOT tell him that all I had to do was look in the mirror....perfect old model.

HAHA..told ya she had the perfect hag old person body. looking at her....those are kinda perky tata's for a woman of her age. Think she uses a spell to keep them UP? I need to learn it myself. ^_^

How bout them shoes peoples? I can not wait (ok ok yes I'll have to wait but ya know what I mean) to get them painted and detailed. HEY...even old witchie poos like to have some style.

I'm helping out at Beach Reflections today and will work on her hands tonight. I LOVE to make hands..especially old folks hands. Yes...I look at mine as a model then too..hehe  Thank goodness there is some benefit to getting old. Do you like to make hands? I did a tut a good while back if you're interested in seeing it. Just go HERE and if you have any questions.....just ask away. I'm going to leave the area in between her shoulders and hands free of any clay and just wrap it in thread. That way I can bend the arms at the elbow for any pose I need her in. (still playing with perhaps making this a dark witch in some way...just haven't fully decided or as we all know the real reason muse hasn't told me yet..hehe)

Until next time.......HUGS,

Friday, September 12, 2014

THE CLAY has spoken....hehe!!

Happy Friday peoples!! This has been a fast indeed. I'm happy that the weekend is almost upon us as I'm helping out at Beach Reflections tomorrow and am sooo excited to see all the changes they have made. If in the area.....YOU...should pop in to see all the new items available. Easy peasy to find, 1210 Gulf Shores Parkway....that's on Hwy 59 and the shop sits right in front of our Little Zoo that could and has MoJo's on one side and Zooland mini golf on the other. could just make it a day of FUN and shopping, don't forget the shopping!!

I worked on Glenda yesterday and this morning. My muse had some serious debates with me on how she was suppose to look. I at first wanted a cutie pie witch (I mean really...Glenda from the Wizard of Oz was a beauty) but it seems that my clay (and muse) had some very different ideas. I let it sit overnight so I could ponder on just what direction I wanted to go with this one and after sitting here this morning and being stared down by the piece....well....this is what I'm going with....hehe. (yeppers...the clay won out)

She may not be a pretty witch but at least she is a sweet, smiling old witch. At least for the lil trick or treater I hope she is....we will see, won't we?? She's a sweet old lady offering a HUGE lollipop, what's evil about that?

I hope that you have an awesome day and do something FUN or relaxing or creative. Just do something!!

Until next time......Hugs,

Now I hope my clay and muse let me keep my idea on the bunny costume....hummmmm!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A day for remembrance and quiet!!

It's hard to believe that 13 years have passed since time seemed to have stood still for so many. Disbelief that something of that magnitude could happen, so many innocent lives lost and for what? Today marks the day that we all stop and take time to remember all those that were lost, those that walked into danger to try and save their fellow man. To those that lost loved ones, neighbors, coworkers and are still mourning...I keep you in my heart, thoughts and prayers.......every single day!!

Since it is a quiet day today to reflect I'm going to sculpt. I know that I have said countless times before that I consider it "My therapy" and it truly is. It gives me time to just let my mind lose all track of time and just let my inner peace come out. Of course, with my very vivid and over active imagination (my muse whispering in my ear) that peace doesn't last for long.

Yesterday I finished the armatures...all wrapped up like mummies they are. WAIT....I thought I was doing witchies. Oh yes, yes I am...whew...thought my muse had changed ideas on me. HAHA!! How do you make your armatures? I like to do a strong wire shape and then wrap it in floral tape and put a little umph here and there (that's boobies and tushies peoples) and then coat it in white glue and let dry.

While I was waiting on these two lovelies to dry,  I raided my fabric stash to pick out materials for their costumes. This witch is going to be quite fashionable....I mean....she is a candy witch which means she is a good witch....hopefully.....the muse is still whispering "I'll get you my pretty bahahaha".  For the little trick or treater I'm thinking of doing one of my ooaks from a time back. Do you remember Lil Miss LuLu? No...well click HERE and refresh those memories please. Now do you remember? Still need some refreshing...go HERE then. Isn't it fun traveling back in time? If only we could do it for real but that's another story or stories...hehe  Anyways, she first came about from my love of Ralphie and his Christmas present from the Movie A Christmas story. No no, not the "You'll put your eye out" BB gun but his bunny costume. LOVED it!! She came to mind this time though in thinking about my boys and past Halloween times. I always loved to make their costumes when they were little and normally tried to make them where they could wear them as pj's afterwards. NOOOO, I never made mine wear a bunny costume although any of them would have been adorable in it. Just sayin!!! This time though she won't be dragging her bunny around but a nice big old candy container......trying to decide between a vintage pumpkin look or a vintage cat. That's still being tossed around. What do you suggest?

Now, let me end this post so that I can start to sculpt. Come back tomorrow for some more WIP images and if you have any questions about how I do things....just ask....I love to share!!

Until next time........Hugs,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Happy...ummm..what day is it?

Ohhhh....I'm just kidding. I know what day it is cause I marked off my calendar this morning. (scratching head hoping I haven't missed marking one off cause then I REALLY don't have a clue what day it is..hehe)
Happy Happy Wednesday peoples!!

I have been working on a few things at once to get them finished so that I can devote all my time on my newest witchie sculpt....Glenda. (plus my muse is buzzing around and about to get swatted with the fly swatter if I don't) Don't ya just hate when yours does that? OK OK humor me and say "Of course it does Regi". Thank you.

One of the things I can check off my finished project list are some macrame ooak tree medallions. I had fun making them and will probably put them in my Etsy shop here in the next few days. Perfect jewelry piece for fall, yes?

 This is one has a hemp rope necklace that measures 24 inches. The medallion itself measures 5 inches, that's from top of medallion down to roots hanging down. Wooden beads along with bone beads are on the hemp rope with tiny bronze beads and caps (to look like acorns) are on the medallion.The next image is just so you can see the tree a bit better.

This one is on a hemp rope that measures 24 inches as well with the medallion being 5 inches from top to roots. The hemp rope has wooden beads and two large Tibetan beads. The medallion has wooden beads.
 This one has a hemp rope that measures at 18 1/2 inches with the medallion being 4 inches from top to roots. The hemp rope on this one has bone beads, wooden beads and Tibetan spacer beads. On the medallion there are bone beads and wooden beads.
This one has hemp rope measuring at 24 inches and the medallion is 4 inches from top to roots. The hemp rope has bone beads, wooden beads along with Tibetan spacers. On the roots are two bone beads and a tree of life charm. 

Now my second project that I can mark off my list is my ooaks "Godfrey the cat guardian". I think he and his little charges turned out just purrrrfect. Don't you? ^_^   I will do a separate post about him in a few days that will tell his story. I love writing my little ooaks stories. 

Now, I can get started on the newest witchie and make this muse shhhhhhush for awhile...hehe or should that be Bahahaha? I hope that you will come back to visit and follow along with this one as I'm working on it. Ya know I luv when ya visit!!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Time to get back to work :)

Welcome to the old Southern ooaks tree peoples. I have MISSED ya'll so so much. Did you think perhaps my mermaid soul took over this summer and decided to swim out in the ocean and not come back? Well, she tried but thank goodness my Boho, gypsy, hippie souls were able to snatch her back. Sometimes it pays to be a little bit on the weird side...hehe

Please forgive me not being under the old tree to greet you this summer when you stopped in for a visit. I do hope you did find some time to wander around and see some of my past post though. I was absent due to helping out some friends with a shop they opened in Gulf Shores....Beach Reflections LLC. I have had a blast in helping out....letting my designer come out in rearranging the store and meeting so many amazing folks. I have even learned through several of our locals of places I had no clue were even here. (Thank you Tammy for telling me about Mobile Street) The shop is combining with another well known local shop keeper, Beverly from the Blue Mermaid. It's going to be a great union if I must say so myself. Good luck ladies!!

Now that I won't be needed as much at the shop I can get back to my own designing and sculpting...WOOHOO!!! (I'm still available if ya'll need me though Diane and Fonda...always) My muse has been whispering up a storm and if I don't stop, listen and start to work on some of her ideas.....well...I'm afraid of what might just happen...hehe. A trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday has me ready to start....are you ready to follow along? I sure hope so....I love when you visit and comment. :)

A strange assortment of goodies, yes? I was very happy happy happy that most everything was 40% off. LOVE sales...oh yes I do. I restocked on clay and some wooden bases for my ooaks, some glitter for mermaid tails, some tiny potion bottles, a flower (yes, just muse told me to buy just one) some wire for armatures, some cool Halloweenie ribbon and some cute lollipop ornaments. If the gals at Hobby Lobby had any clue that I was in the Christmas aisle looking at ornaments for a Halloween sculpt they probably would have walked WAYYYY around me. Bahahahaha (witchy cackle) Now that I said that YOU are probably sitting there and wondering just why I was doing that too,  ri iight?? muse is thinking of two witches at the same time. Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz and that mean old witch from Hanzel & Gretel. This is going to be one VERY interesting sculpt....very interesting indeed. Yes, yes...I will be doing WIP pics along the way so make sure you drop in and often.

Now (rubbing hands together) let me get started. Until next time.............