Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faerie muse came out to play.

Another sunny day but man oh man is it a tad bit brrrrrrr outside. OK ok...I'm sure it wouldn't feel that way to some of my friends (the ones that live in cold places...another BRRRR) but here....this weather just doesn't happen often....THANK GOODNESS!!! I mean do you know how hard it is to wear your flip flops with socks. HeHe

I worked on a few things yesterday for an Easter theme. I want to make some bracelets and pins for kiddos and I'm sure some adults ^_^ will like them too. While some were baking my faerie muse decided to come out and play. I'm so happy she did....I have missed her!!

I love springtime...all the flowers blooming. The faeries in my garden love it too because they love to tend to the new blooms...make sure they grow into beautiful flowers. That's where the inspiration for this piece came from. Hanging on a 18 inch bronze chain (with a 2 inch adapter) is a metal pansy with a pearl inside. Attached to the pansy is a bronze medallion with a pearl and hanging from that is a beautiful pearl dangle. The dangle is made from three strands of 80 year old vintage pearls. I found these old broken clip on earrings at an estate sale some time back and I think they work perfectly for this piece. One man's junk surely is another's treasure!! I have put this piece in my Etsy shop. I hope that if you need a small gift for someone special that you will come and see what my different muses have had me doing. I have FREE shipping....just sayin!!

Until next time............Hugs,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mermaid Inspiration

SHOCK....another sunny day here today!!  It's so nice to see that brilliant orange orb in the sky smiling down on us. Ahhhhhh.....taking a moment to shut my eyes and let the warmth of the sun coming through the window fill my soul. OK...enough of that...let's talk MERMAIDS!!

I finished the two bracelets that I made the clay mermaid head charms for. They turned out MARVELOUS darlins....simply marvelous!!

This one has a center rope of olive green and the tie pieces are with flecks of blue. I love using yarn in my macrame pieces...adds so much charm and makes them a bit unique and whimsical. This one has glass beads going around the twists and the side dangle pieces have attached natural shells, dyed pearls, glass beads, clay mermaid head and a sterling silver star fish charm.

This little beauty has a center rope of natural hemp and I used the mohair yarn for the tie pieces. Glass beads run around the twist on the bracelet and there is a small dangle off centered of a polished aquamarine stone with three glass beads. The side dangles have a clay mermaid head charm, a tiny glass vial filled with sand from our beach and tiny sea glass pieces inside as well. Dyed pearls and a sterling silver star fish charm finish this piece.

I'm enjoying making these so much. I think I'm going to make a few kiddos bracelets as well. Any suggestions perhaps? Just leave me some love (that's comments people..hehe) and share some ideas with me.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's do the TWIST!!!

HALLELUJAH.....the sun is a shining this morning!! It's actually a perfect morning....the sun is shining...there is a light breeze blowing...the birds are singing and there's a squirrel peeking in my window. WHAT??? Oh yes there is....staring right at the kitties fast asleep in my laundry basket.  Oops...there it goes.....I moved. I wanted to get a photo but apparently it must have been a very shy squirrel.

I finished the dragon bracelet yesterday. I think it turned out rather AWESOME if I must say so myself. Hopefully though, you will think so too so I won't be the only one that thinks so. HAHA!! I think the dangle from her mouth with the dragon egg bead really adds to this piece.

I also embellished the mermaid head clay charms too. I'm currently working on a bracelet to use one of them with. I used dyed mohair yarn to make their hair. One I added a rainbow crystal, tiny dyed pearls and a tiny piece of sea glass. On the other I used a polished river stone and some dyed pearls. This is the one that will go on the first bracelet.

I'm also going to use some natural shells on these bracelets along with some other trinkets. Remember, mermaids love baubles AND trinkets. ^_^

I'm really enjoying my "twisting" therapy. I really don't think anything else in the world relaxes me or let's me escape for awhile more than my art. How about YOU? What therapy session are you doing at the moment? I love to read my comments that you leave about what you are up to.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy busy lil bee...that's ME!!!

Happy Monday to all!!! We are experiencing dark skies and rainy weather here today. I have to say thank you to Mother Nature though as she stopped long enough this morning for the Chazman and I to walk to school. She must have needed a laugh because she let me get all the way to my back gate and then dropped a bucket of rain on me head...hehe!!! At least she kept my lil man dry. He still is not feeling great but went to school...fingers crossed that he last all day. (the nurse has called once already but said to let him stay until at least 11:30 so the absence wouldn't be counted against him....double fingers crossed)

Yesterday he wanted to get out in the sunshine (yes..there was real sunshine yesterday...just not today) so we took a short beach walk. It was around noon so I really didn't think we would find many shells. BOY..was I wrong. We found some great shells. Inspiration was flying everywhere....for reals!!! We were greeted by one of the locals, Hank. He flew ahead of us to lead the way. Oh yeah..for those that don't know...Hank is one of the local Herons that LOVES to have his photo taken.

We of course followed him...I mean it would be rather rude if we hadn't. I sure am glad we did because he lead us to the shell honey pot.

Just look at all those shells. Hank was doing the "Happy Joy Joy" dance for us...hehe!! We thanked him and off he flew to go and lead others to the oceans treasures washed ashore.........that or he flew over to the ones fishing not to far down....hoping he could grab a snack. ^_^

Purty...aren't they? I just adore shells...really I do!! I even love the broken ones. There was quiet the assortment yesterday to be picked up. Twisted ones, fan shaped, spirals and even some mermaid scales.
I already see some sea dragons coming out of the spiral ones and some mermaids laying on the fan ones. I so LOVE our Salty Life!!

After the beach we headed back home and I started twisting again. Is there a macrame annoynomas? I might need to find a local support group. It's addicting....very addicting. Here's the latest Bohemian bracelet...I'm calling it "Pansy and Pearls". Why you ask? Ohh go on and ask!!'s because it has a metal pansy and vintage pearls on it. HAHA

I'm making all my bracelets to fit a small wrist up to a larger wrist. If you have the smaller wrist then you can cut the end knots and retie them. I have a larger wrist and so hate when I can't find a bracelet to fit so that's why I'm trying to make these for just about everyone's wrist size. Hey...I LUV ya all....really I do!!!

After finishing up the bracelet, I decided to make some of my mermaid head clay beads...which was a good thing because I had not baked the four little turtle charms from the other day. I still have to add the embellishments to these but here's a WIP photo.

Now...while those were baking I started on a new twisted square knot bracelet. I used white cording as the middle piece and white hemp rope as the tie pieces. It's going to have a dragon charm on it with a dangle of pearls and a dragon egg bead. (dragon egg beads are made from quartz)

I'm going to get this finished up today (in between doing laundry) and then start on a mermaid inspired bracelet. Like I said....I might need a MA (macrame annoynomas) support group!!  ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Got the rainy day blues!!!

OK....I don't really have the rainy day blues because with the rain means we stay at home (of course even if it wasn't raining today we would be at home because of the Chazman...he is feeling better but not enough to want to get out of bed.) BUT since I am at home I am twisting the time away.

My mermaid muse decided to come out and play. Mermaids love shiny baubles and this bracelet has some shiny baubles...hehe

It's hard to get a really good photo with a rainy day but I think you can see the mermaid inspiration in it still. I used some of my sea green yarn as the middle cording and some of my dark green hemp to do the twisting with. I added some glass beads in different hues of green around the of my silver Koi fish charms and on the side dangles more glass beads in hues of green along with some of my sterling silver starfish beads and one of my rainbow crystals with faux diamond spacers. "Shiny baubles...everywhere....shiny baubles take me to the mermaid's liar." (ok I know that was bad but I just couldn't resist...hehe)

I'm working on some more bracelets....some more double stranded with beads sewed in with some of my vintage military buttons and one with pretty faux diamonds and pearls. OH YES....I am enjoying staying home.

Until next time.............Hugs,

Friday, February 22, 2013

Some one catch Father time...ppplease ^_^

Father Time is suppose to be an old guy....ri iiight?? I think someone forgot to tell him that, seriously!! Someone really needs to catch him and nail his robe down for awhile. ^_^  Pppplease!!!

I need to ask for your forgiveness AGAIN for not having posted all week. The Chazman is sick yet again. This kiddo is normally healthy as a horse but this school year has just really taken a toll on him. He was home Monday with what we thought was just his sinus issues (which can be bad, I know) and a small fever. He went to school Tuesday and Wednesday. Got up yesterday feeling horrible and couldn't swallow so to the doctor we went and he has strep. Feeling a bit of a sore throat myself today BUT I am woman..hear... me ummmm....meoww.....hehe.

Since I have been sitting with the Chazman most of the week (yes..he wanted his mommie close by...all the time) I have been twisting some rope. I twisted four bracelets that I also needed to complete by adding other embellishments to them. I  have finished  with two of them and here they are:

The first one I call "The Black Rose" (hmmmm...wonder how I came up with that name...hehe) I twisted two separate twisted square knot bracelets and then sewed the wooden beads between them. I used my twisted square knot closure on the back so that it can be adjusted to fit a small wrist or a larger wrist. I want to make sure that just about anyone can wear and enjoy my jewelry pieces.

The second one is one of my unisex Bohemian bracelets. This would look great on male or female. I used a washer as the center focus piece and then did the twisted square knot in a few variations. The closure on this one goes in the front. This bracelet wraps around your wrist with the Celtic cross hanging in the front. It really looks great on. Again, it is adjustable to a small or larger wrist.

Both are listed in my Etsy shop and I even have FREE shipping for the 48 states. If you live else where I will gladly ship to you...just convo me before you purchase so that I can get the best and least expensive shipping cost for you. finish the other two bracelets so that I can twist somemore. It's going to be a weekend at home since the Chazman isn't well so hopefully I can get a few more made.

Until next time...........Hugs,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm so twisted...hehe

Hope everyone is having an AWESOME Saturday. I am so hooked on macraming at the moment that I literally feel TWISTED!!! That's a good thing though...I so need something to keep me distracted and this is doing it.

I made another feminine Bohemian macrame bracelet yesterday and did some bead work on it as well. I used some of my white cording and some pretty green yarn with flecks of green and blue in it to do the twisted square knot with.  Now most would not think of using yarn in macrame but I have been doing it for years. I think it adds to the pieces it is used in...what do you think?

You can wear this with the heart facing the top of your hand or you can wear it in the other direction. Either way looks quite lovely. There are two Swarovski crystals on the sides of the heart. They look so pretty when the light hits them. I strung clear glass beads to wrap along the twist of the bracelet.

I told ya'll in yesterday's post that I was going to make some of my turtle charms. I used one for a simple necklace which I added a piece of polished sea glass as well. It's on a bronze 18 inch chain with a lobster clasp. I also added 4 additional inches so that you can make it longer if you wish. A tiny bronze shell is attached to the attachment chain. (hehe....don't know why but that just sounds funny to much caffeine perhaps?)

I'm going to be working on some more twisting this weekend....I just can't get enough!! I'm also going to work on some molds so that I can make more unique clay charms. I have my mermaid soul flowing pass and she is wanting to play too. The more the merrier I always say.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Ohhhh do you remember the post where I offered a friendship bracelet to the 5th comment? Well...I didn't get 5 commenting so I chose the first person (which I will always do during the year when I offer these gifts and don't get the required number of post) The winner was Nicole and she had 3 options to choose three latest macrame bracelets. She chose the "Mother Earth" bracelet and I will be mailing it out to her on Monday. Thank you Nicole for always showing the love!!!!

Mother Earth

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bohemian soul has taken over!!

Good Morning!! I hope that everyone has had a great morning so far. Our weather is a bit breezy for this time of year (45) but no complaining because the sun is out...the birds are singing...the squirrels are a chattering and Gabie and Pumpkin are doing their best to see it all...hehe

Now that I'm not working on little monsters my Bohemian soul has decided that she wants to come out and play. I'm so happy that she did!! I have been working on some of my macrame designed jewelry and am so loving the creative juices flowing through me. It's perfect therapy for me right now and I'm blessed and thankful that I have a muse that guides me...especially when I need her the most. Now...what were we talkin about? Ohhh yes (hehe) jewelry. I found one of my MANY unpacked boxes and when I opened it LOW AND BEHOLD there was some of my macrame cording and hemp. I was actually looking for something else but I feel that I was lead to this particular box so I took advantage of it. Which means I stopped looking for the original box and brought this one inside instead. I have always liked making the twisted square knot. It's a simple knot but one that can be made to look manly or very feminine. My first bracelet took to the very feminine side.

I used some of the deep red cording that has a small bit of deep purple running through it. Did the twisted square knot of course. I had these pretty charms just sitting and waiting for the right piece and this piece was it. A pretty bronze rose is the center piece with tiny bronze beads on both sides of a tiny glass faucet bead. On the left I hung a small dangle of two bronze beads on the sides of a glass black bead and to the right I did a dangle of bronze beads with the glass black beads and a very pretty glass flower bead with the deep red . I made a twisted knot closure so that all you have to do is slip it over your hand and then pull the knotted ends. I covered the closure with some of my ribbon trends....pretty butterfly!!

This piece was calling for a bit smaller feminine touch.  I used some of the light yellow (almost looks beige) roping for the center cord and some of my small hemp rope for the twisted square knots. They always twist so pretty when the center cording is thicker. Don't ya think so too? ^_^   I put the dangles on the side of this piece...some bronze glass beads along with some very pretty hues of green glass beads. Simple yet pretty!!

Today I'm working on making some of my turtle charms that I'm going to need to make a few bracelets with. I love our sea turtles here and love using them with my pieces.

So what are YOU working on? I love to read my comments about what's going on in your art work, so please take a moment and let us know. You might end up being someone's muse and give them some inspiration. I know I sure hope that I am doing that!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope it's a great one for all and if not....then I hope it swims on by really really fast!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creative Pay-it Foward

In January one of my VERY talented artist friends, Shirley Harris, posted this on her Facebook page.  

2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward: The first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in the the next calendar year, a gift. It could be anything-it will be a surprise-and it will be hand made by me. There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer in their facebook status. Make sure you message me your address. This is going to be fun!!

I love to receive surprises in the mail and am so blessed to have friends that do send me surprise gifts from time to time and when it arrives it is usually at a time that I so needed it to happen. I simply could not resist the urge to pay this forward on my FB page as well. I didn't play along just to receive gifts so much (OMGOSH..who am I kidding, I already said I LOVE to get surprise gifts in the mail) but as a way to send gifts out to some of my fellow artistic friends. I had four friends that took up the challenge and I am so excited to be sending them something from me. I'm very excited to receive my gifts too and as a matter of fact....I have received two of mine already.

My sweet friend Janice sent this beautiful handmade gift to me when the Chazman and I were battling that gnarly, nasty flu bug. It came at the perfect time to pick our spirits up. Oh yes, the Chazman gets just as excited about receiving packages in the mail too.  (I tell him it is to both of us) She called it the "HEART IN A HEART". We unwrapped the pretty tissue paper and there was the cutest lil burlap heart with a tiny red rose on top. I was so happy with that, that I didn't even notice that it had something inside of it. The Chazman did though!! Inside the burlap heart was a beautiful paper art heart on a pretty ribbon necklace. We hung them on our Mardi Gras-Valentine tree so we could look at them and enjoy them together. They will both hang in my studio once I change the Holiday tree for next month. Thank you Jan!!

I have followed Shirley Harris's work for awhile now and I just love her whimsical art work. Talk about someone so surprised when we opened the box from her and found this AWESOME plague. I can hardly wait til spring gets here and I can hang it on my front door. Chaz is convinced that Ms. Shirley had us both in mind when she painted this for us. The ladybug and the chick are mine and the frogs are his. Thank you Shirley!!!

Now....I want to apologize for it having been several days since I have posted. Technical difficulties in life have kinda gotten in the way lately!! If you come to visit often then you know I have been working on the monster goodie bags for the Chazman to take to school tomorrow for Valentine's Day and that has taken up a good bit of my time as well. However....I finally finished getting them all put together this morning. Talk about "up to the last minute". Whew!!! Chaz is excited and wished that this morning was tomorrow morning so that he could take them to his classmates...LOL He is sure that they will really like them because we added some cool the handmade friendship bracelets....the Heart Pop ring.....Sweet Tart mini hearts.....Fun Dip and a pencil. I tied the tag on the bag without knotting it so that they can open it without tearing it. I'm excited about tomorrow getting here myself...I want to hear how they went over. I had a big bag that I did a few little tags for and that's what all the small bags will travel in. Fingers crossed it isn't raining in the it is now!!! Not complaining about the rain though...the Chazman and I love to dance in it!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Friday, February 8, 2013

Teacher's got a different bag ^_^

Good Morning!!! It seems that our walks to school in the mornings are "OUR" time to talk about things and our time sitting at the table in the afternoons playing Farkle. (yes yes we are hooked BIG TIME)  Chaz said he was really liking the goodie bags but really didn't think Mr. H (his teacher) and Mr. S (student teacher) would like the friendship bracelets. He was so cute once it came out of his mouth because he looked at me with the strangest look and started back peddling really fast. "Ohh no momma...they WOULD like them but I don't think they would wear them." He was so afraid he had hurt my feelings. Such a sweetheart...I'm telling you and any girlfriend in the future had better thank me for doing such a good job raising this southern gentlemen..hehe!!  Although, hmmmm...he has made a point and given me something to ponder on.

I thought about making them a bracelet out of twine or hemp but then thought that perhaps they might not be that kinda guy. NOT saying that in a negative way at all.....I dig seeing a man wearing a hemp bracelet but the look isn't for everyone. Now what can a man use everyday that I could make and still make it using my twine? AHHH HAAAA....a keychain!!

Another simple but AWESOME project. (if I must say so myself..hehe) Using the same macrame twisted square knot I tied making the friendship bracelets...I made these key chains.  I didn't want to put glass beads on these so I used one of my sterling silver starfish charms and one of our natural shells found on one of our beach walks. I do believe they will be surprised when they open up their monster bags. Of course, the heart POP ring and sweet tart hearts could surprise them too but then again....even us adults like candy!!!

Until next time............Hugs,

I had an Ahhh Haaa moment a little while ago and realized that Chaz is changing classrooms and has another teacher he needs to remember plus his sweet speech teacher. So here's what will be in their Valentine's goodie bags.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Catch that MONSTER!!! takes some time to round up 25 little monsters but I did it!!! All the bags are completed and ready to have the goodies placed inside. Chaz decided that he wanted each bag to have the same thing inside so no ones feelings got hurt because someone got something different than them. Ahhhhhh, isn't my little man just the sweetest. YES HE IS!!! ^_^

Here's what the kiddos will be getting on Valentine's Day from the Chazman. Each bag will have a "Heart POP ring"....a little tissue paper bag with 3 sweet tart candy hearts inside and a handmade friendship bracelet.  Chaz decided that he really liked three of the sayings the best so I made tags yesterday. The ones he picked for the bags were (1) Have a MONSTER of a day!! (2) I only have EYES for you!! and last but not least (3) You're so COOL it's Scary!! I think he picked out three good sayings. The friendship bracelet was one I thought about yesterday after Chaz and I talked about the bags on our walk to school yesterday and him saying that he wanted all the bags to have the same thing in them. As soon as I walked in the door, I immediately started making them. They got the Chazman stamp of approval when he got home from school yesterday. Soooo, that's what I will be doing for the next few days...I'm sure!!

Simple little bracelets using the macrame twisted square knot...some glass beads and finishing it off with a sliding square knot closure. The candy will be gone in seconds but this bracelet they can keep and remember their friend....the Chazman!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Psssttt.....if you are my 5th person to comment on this post then I will make YOU a friendship bracelet. Of course it will be a bit more grown up. ^_^

Monday, February 4, 2013

Who loves paper bags? WE DO WE DO!!!

Thank goodness the Chazman headed off to school this morning. OK OK that's not entirely true....he drug his feet on our walk to school and said that he didn't want to go....wanted to stay home with me...not leave me all alone. almost worked too but I know that after missing a week with that gnarly, nasty flu bug that he didn't need to miss anymore. The thought was ohhhh so sweet though...ya gotta admit!!!

Sorry I didn't post any this weekend. Hope YOU  had a good one!! We were trying to rest and recoup so we could be ready for this week.  The Chazman and I played several games of Farkle (with real dice and everything..hehe) and UNO. He and I love to play games even if he does seem to always beat me. I do mean always too!! While we were playing he asked if I would make something special for his classmates for Valentine's. Of course, he knew I would....all....twenty-five.....of....them!! HAHA   Our budget is a bit tiny this month so I started looking in our stash to see just what I had available. Here's my list of items I found to make some really awesome (Chazman's word) goodie bags.  PAPER BAGS, GOOGLIE EYES, CRAYONS, GEL PENS, WATERCOLOR PENCILS, YARN and TAGS and oh yeah....glittery hearts.  I drew some monsters on a piece of paper (that's what Chaz wanted) then after his approval I started putting them together. What fun!! He sat and played with his science kit goo and created (a BIG MESS) while I worked. I drew on all the bags first. took awhile too. Then I took one (of many) and started decorating it. Here's three of them. takes time to do these peoples and I'm just hoping I can get them all finished by the 14th. *GULP*

I'm going to punch a small hole on the top left side of the bag and tie a tag with multicolored yarn to it. I have some cute sayings picked out that are of course Chazman approved. ^_^

Have a Wild Valentine's!!
I'm CRAZY about you!!
You're so COOL it's scary!!
I only have EYES for you!!
Hope it's a MONSTER of a Valentine's Day!!

I have been buying candy for over a month to use for Valentines and I'm so happy that Chaz wanted these paper MONSTER bags. (kiddos will love these much better than candy in a baggie..I hope)  I'm thinking of making some of my small paper boxes and putting some of the candy hearts with sayings on them inside them. Perhaps a trip to the Dollar Tree and buy some pencils to go inside too. I love making the Chazman happy and he loves making his classmates happy. It's going to be a HAPPY Valentine's for sure!!

Until next time............Hugs,
Regi, Chazman and the lil monsters!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Holiday Tree is up!!

Well....we might be fighting that gnarly, nasty bug here but nothing and I mean NOTHING was going to make me break my promise to my Chazman about our Holiday tree. I promised him when we talked about doing this, that it would be changed out to it's new holiday the first of each month. A promise to your child is one that needs to be kept.

HAPPY FEBRUARY BY THE WAY!!!  February is a month with several Ground Hogs Day which is tomorrow and Super Bowl Day which is Sunday (yes to some that is a major Holiday..hehe) There's Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day which we are celebrating with our tree. There's also Ash Wednesday and President's Day too. So many possibilities!!

A friend gave me a beautiful mesh ribbon wreath for my birthday this past October (thank you so much Shannon) and I have it hanging on my front door....sooooo...naturally, it is going to get decorated. ^_^  It is such a pretty wreath and I'm going to try and keep it looking that way and what better way than to use a pretty Mardi Gras mask and party horn and oh yes.....a few Mardi Gras beads that we caught in the past.

The Chazman got to choose which Holidays we had the tree represent this month. He picked very well I do believe. I wanted to pull the two together so I made two of my Mardi Gras paperdolls holding pretty glittery hearts. As well as making some cute little Valentine's paper tags and heart clothes pin holders.

What would Mardi Gras be without the laughing and sad jester's? We added those to our tree too....of course we had to separate them so no trouble would be cast at the bottom, one at the top. HA!!

There is tinsel with happy carnival faces and strands of Mardi Gras beads all around the tree. We love it!! So happy that we decided to do this.

The Chazman has a special strand of beads that actually have the jester beads on it. The tree kinda overwhelmed it so we found a place that it would be seen and enjoyed. A new addition for this month to the tea party gang.

So that gnarly, nasty bug may have me down but so not out. I kept my promise to my little man and he is smiling brightly. He made my day when he told me that "I was the bestest mom in the world....cause I was making such AWESOME memories with him". Now that is the bestest medicine a mom could get when not feeling well. ^_^  

Happy February and until next time.............Hugs,