Sunday, February 26, 2012

Corsage with a secret compartment

I love all the art that I do and I like to mix it up so I don't get bored. I get bored very easily..HA!!! I have of late being working on some more fabric corsages but these hold a secret. Want to know what the secret is? (sitting silently waiting for one of you to say YES)

Ahhhh...YOU said yes...thank was getting way to quiet here. Have you ever gone somewhere and didn't really want to carry your purse just so you would have your lip stick or chap stick with you? If you are like me then chap stick or lip stick is a necessity that just can't be done without. I hate carrying my purse with me when we go to events, like sitting in the park and listening to good music or even walking on the beach. I mean..who would want to take a purse on the beach. won't have to....take a purse...I mean. My newest corsage has a hidden compartment that will hold either one lipstick tube or chap stick. 

This is the front...pretty..isn't it? Just say YES!! This is one of my fancy ribbon roses along with some cotton shabby roses. Vintage lace with pretty fringe hanging down. Pink pearls...oh so pretty!! You don't see the hidden secret compartment you??

Perfectly hidden from anyone...they will think you just have on a beautiful fabric corsage. It hangs nicely too when it's worn. The trick is the pin being attached above the corsage with some of the pretty pink pearls. Can you say pretty pink pearls 10 times without getting tongue tied? ^_^ tried didn't you?

Back to work on some pretty but a bit more plain ones. I'm trying to keep busy as life is throwing us some curve balls at the moment. So thankful I have my art to dive lets my heart and soul SOAR!!!!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not a Wordless Wednesday

I know that normally I do a wordless Wednesday post but since I have been absent as of late I wanted to do a not wordless post. ^_^  Also, please do forgive my absence as of late. I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with life. No worries...I'm a tough old bird!!!

I finally completed my little tiny dancer. She looks so pretty standing in her ballet slipper. Faeries love to find items that have some how lost their mate or match...however you want to say it. I do believe that when we do misplace something that the faeries so had something to do with it. I'm happy that Tiny found her a slipper.

Tiny stands at 6 inches (add 1/2 more to that for her feathery hair...hehe) She is permanently attached to her ballet slipper which is permanently attached to her spiral wire stand.

Her wings are one of my ribbon and beaded designs. The pearls on her wings were taken from a vintage wedding veil. I just love to reuse old items.....give them a new life that hopefully will last for even a longer time.

Her tutu is lace from the vintage veil with some of the pearls added. Her puffed sleeve caps are also pieces of the veil. AGAIN....I love to repurpose old items!!! Her sleeves are made from colorful wool yarn. The waist band around her tutu is some of the yarn braided and then attached to the skirt. Her necklace is made from some of the pearls, glass beads and a tiny crystal from the same veil.

Tiny has a strong wire armature underneath a fully sculpted body with the exception of her elbow area. The wire armature was wrapped in the wool yarn letting the hands be gently posed. She was hand painted using acrylic paints and washes. Her green eyes were hand painted onto tiny bone beads.

Now on to the next little faerie calling out to me.....until next time, HUGS!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I love this Funky Junky Redneck Dive!!!!

Now some might say that going to a Redneck Dive would be a bad thing BUT let me reassure you that this is SOOOOOO not the case with this Funky Junky place. When driving down Highway 59 in Foley, right in the middle of Uptown, next to Wal-greens, there it sits. Thought I would start off with the directions just so ya don't miss it. It would be a cryin shame if ya did!!!!!

Fish River Grill #2 is one of the best places to eat in Foley (the original one is located in Fairhope, AL) of course we have a lot of great eating establishments and I'm not taking anything away from any of them. It's just that to me when you walk into a place and are greeted by folks that make ya feel as though you just walked in the old family homestead for a meal, well it just goes without saying, it's the place to be.

The Fish River Grill's Hurricane Hamburger was voted the BEST in Baldwin county and we all know that there is "the best" and then as my Chazman would say, there is "the BESTEST", which this burger surely is. It's just one of the great items found at this funky junky  place. My favorite has to be the all you can eat each and every day...yes I said ALL YOU CAN EAT EVERYDAY fried catfish. Yum yum yummmmm, it's so good it might make ya slap your momma...but I wouldn't do that...she might slap ya back or ya might tell her I said to do it and she would be slapping me. (hehe)  I'm one of the true GRITS (girl raised in the South) so I know good home cooked fried catfish when I eat it. They cook it when ya order it and let's just say...with the pile they bring ya the first time, I doubt that you would be eatin a second helping but of course they will keep it coming if ya can. Not only do you get the catfish but you also get crinkle fries, fried okra, coleslaw and some of the best hushpuppies around. The grill has a special entree that comes with your meal too. It's called Swamp Soup and talk about something belly warming. It's fantastic. It comes in a small cup...HEY...ya don't want to ruin your appetite for that all you can eat fish now do ya?  The Chazman would not eat greens of any't make him...he wouldn't do it....couldn't pay him enough to even try em WELL that was until he ate the Swamp Soup ( guessed, it has greens in it and tons of other good for ya stuff)  Not only do they have the catfish all you can eat they have fried shrimp all you can eat too. So many good items on their menu...just try'll see. They have daily lunch specials too which include the swamp soup and a dessert. Just a great funky junky Redneck dive that will make anyone proud to say....I'm a redneck!!!

Oh yeah.....they have live entertainment too. We are blessed to have some very talented local artist (folks that play guitar and sing) in our area. Diana will even ask if it's to loud....she is one of the sweetest folks and she has some of the BESTEST folks working there too. Always smiling and talking and making sure that everything is just as you want it. Why in the world would someone not want to eat at Fish River Grill? Oh yeah...I'm not the only one that loves the place either....check out Urbanspoon and see what others have to say.

Until next time.....


Fish River Grill #2 on Urbanspoon

Question for my fella artisans...ppplease!!!

An artisan....I once read somewhere and with my memory can't remember where..."is someone that is impelled to make things. Those things may be functional or strictly decorative. They get restless if they do not create something tangible" 

Yeppers....that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell or should I say oak shell..hehe!! I love to just say the sounds so romantic!! me it does...stop that  giggling.  At least now we understand why some of us are restless..HA!!

My muse has been whispering so many wonderful ideas to me and I am so excited to get started on designing them for her BUT I need supplies. This is where my question comes in to YOU.  Where do you  purchase your supplies from? What kind of supplies you ask...well go ahead ask already.  Supplies as in clay, acrylic paints,faerie wing making items, glitter, those awesome clear beads without holes that look like bubbles (one of her ideas...I have to have bubbles..hehe) feathers, yarn and jewelry making supplies too. OMGOSH...just whatever you can think of that I might like, need or want. Your an know what makes us smile!!

Living in a tourist town you would think that we would have at least one craft store. Just one...that's not asking to much but nope we don't. That's why I need some ideas of where to shop online for supplies. Well...that and the fact that the closest place I can go is about a 40 minute drive and I have no vehicle so that would be a really long walk. Plus I would be carrying a big bag stuffed full of treasures and remember...I'm one of the ancient ones. ^_^

So...please if you will be so kind and leave some ideas as to where I can shop at. Lots of ideas AND the one that leaves the name of a site that I shop at will receive a surprise gift in the mail. Sooo (yes another sooo..hehe) leave a way for me to get in touch with you. 

Until next time..........Hugs, Regi  (already humming " A shopping we will go...a shopping.....)

Ohhhh, to say thank you ahead of time for leaving me some good ideas of where to is a bouquet picked just for you. ^_^

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Feather (Fae) and Alba (Barn Owl)

Nature holds so many wondrous creatures in her many places she calls home. The woodlands are a place that some believe can be enchanted and I whole heartily have to agree. Native Americans know it to be true as they call to their animal spirits. Our woodlands are filled with magnificent Southern oaks, old barns long abandoned and if you listen closely you can hear the soft beating of wings. The wings of Alba, the old barn owl coming in from his daily hunting. Now most barn owls don't live but a few years but Alba will soon be 100.  He is of course enchanted and will live a much longer life still, as long as he never lets anything happen to his little fae that lives not far from his old old barn deep in the old oak trees. One day a very large owl decided this little fae would make a tasty treat and Alba swooped down and saved her. This act of courage to save this tiny fae...Little Feather....made her give her heart away. Her heart belongs to Alba and with it a long life they can be together in the beauty of the woodlands.

Alba is a handsome fellow....don't you think? He sits right at 3 inches. He is one of my full clay sculpts made without the use of any molds. He has black bone bead eyes and is hand painted using acrylic paints. Little Feather is a tiny 2 inches and is also a full clay sculpt designed without the use of any molds and hand painted using acrylic paints.  She looks a bit taller with her hair of feathers. Her wings are made from feathers as well. She has a pretty half brass medallion breastplate adorned with tiny glass beads and bone beads. Her crown is made from the other half of the medallion. Alba and Little Feather are permanently attached to a polished and preserved piece of wood. This piece was a commission piece by a very sweet friend of mine for her new coming great granddaughter. I know that she will be very excited little Khloe to hear that you have made your appearance into the world.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

WIP on Owl and Fae

This is my current sculpt I'm working on. Owl and Faerie. Owl is a woodland Barn Owl and faerie is of the feathered fae clan. They are the guardians of the owls. I'm working on some feather wings for her at the moment and getting VERY frustrated. It's hard working with feathers...they just want to "float" away if you let them go. Silly feathers!!!  Ohhh and no worries about the feathers in the pic getting into my clay. They are under the glass I work on when I'm using my clay. It has been a bit overcast here so I have been sculpting in the breakfast nook for better light. I forgot about the feathers and had my hands full when I brought the glass and my work back into my studio area and just plopped it down.

What have YOU been working on today? A sculpt? Some jewelry? Perhaps a painting? Paper craft? This nosey inquiring gal wants to know!!!

Until next time........Hugs, Regi