Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope that you have many things to be thankful for today....well...not just for today but for each and every day. I have learned over many years that's it's best to always look for the good we have in our lives, the blessings we ARE given each day and not dwell on the things we don't have. Count each of your BLESSING today and give thanks!!!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving from me to YOU!!!

I want to share some of my vintage paperdoll images. HEY...they could come in handy when the little ones at the kiddos table get finished eating before YOU do. It will give them something to entertain themselves with if only long enough for you to eat that piece of pumpkin pie with a little peace and quiet....hehe

Until next time..........HUGS,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bump de Bump de bump!!!!

I guess ya'll have figured out why there hasn't been a post for a few day, yes? I told ya I was addicted and please help me...cause I just can't STOP!!!   For those just visiting today for the first time...I am addicted to making ornaments...just so ya know..hehe

I have had some commission orders for them and that has kept me busy and that's a GOOD thing!!! That I had some orders not keeping busy. I'm always busy piddling and a potching doing sumthin!!! (one of those Southern sayings)

One of my best friends and the mother of my godson contacted me and wanted me to do a special ornament in remembrance of her twins (a boy and girl) she had recently lost. This one was hard to do, thinking about my sweet friend having to deal with the sadness and loss of her precious little ones. She is a strong woman and even though the loss hurt, she knew that God decided to call them back home to be with him. I love you Ber!!!

Next, I had a request for a group of angels. I love making my angels. I'm getting to use some items that I have had for some time now....just sitting in a box....covered in dust. It feels so good to be able to share some of my treasures with others. A good bit of my images come from one AWEmazing site, The Graphics Fairy. (like my favorite and most requested angel face) If you're looking for vintage images please make sure to go and check out Karen's site.

Another wanted Santa....lots and lots of Santas!!! I'm really happy with how this grouping turned out. They are so beary cute, eh?  HeHe  The last one is for "Baby's First Christmas" and I love the little vintage baby image I had.

This one I'm making to hang on our tree. (I can of course make one for YOU too...just sayin) I love candy canes and was told the story when I was young about what it represented this time of year. I know it's hard to read on here so here's what the ornie says:

Look at a Candy cane, what do you see?
Stripes that are red, like the blood shed for me.
White is for my Savior
Who's sinless and pure.
"J" is for Jesus
My Lord, that's for sure
Turn it around and a staff 
you will see
Jesus my sheperd
was born for me

Have you ordered YOUR chenille bump ornies yet? Ohhh I'm just, I'm not actually. ^_^

Until next time.........Hugs,

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yes Yes...I'm still working on my ornies. I just can't STOPPPP!!!

No time for many words today...I'm working working working...hehehe  Hope you're having a great afternoon. Thank you for stopping by...I so LOVE my friends coming to sit under the old ooaks tree.

Now....some pics to share and then back to work!! (my muse is such a slave driver these days....geez)

Quick...while the slave driver isn't looking...hehe...if you see any here you would like to have, they are for sale. One reason I'm so busy busy busy...I have some orders..YEAH!!! They are either $4 or $5 each (depending on some of the items used with them) I ship Priority mail (small box $5.80) so that there is a tracking number and insurance provided. Several will fit in a box!! OK slave drivers back...have a good one.

Until next time.........Hugs,

Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm having soooo much FUN peoples!!!!

I can NOT believe that I haven't been making the chenille bump ornies all these years. Why...oh why...did I put them away? I'm so happy happy I got them back out to play...hehe

Thursday nights are football time for the mister...which means HE has total control of the remote and we WILL be watching football!! I don't mind especially since my addiction to making my ornies is back and is not going to be dealt with for sometime. HEY....I could be addicted to a whole lot worse, ri iight??  I made quite a few last night while saying "go go go" (had to make the mister at least think I was watching) and here they are:

These three new little angels will be added to two I did yesterday...which will make five little angels..hehehe  I had a request for five angels...YEAH!!! I love that someone loves my art so much they ask if they can purchase it. Makes me feel like my therapy isn't a waste. ^_^

This lil Rudolph is the same one...I didn't make two because...well...I need another ink cartridge so I can print off some more of the vintage images. Good reason, eh? He will hang on the tree or stand up to be used in a Christmas scene. Until I can print some more of this image off...the Chazman has claimed this one as his own. If anyone is interested I plan on getting a new cartridge this weekend so I can make some more. He is $4 plus travel fare. (I accept Paypal...just message me if interested in Rudolph or any of my ornies)

Wouldn't this one be just perfect for a couples first Christmas together? I fell in love with the postcard and just had to find a way to use it. Again....once I can print off some things, (not having any colored ink really really stinks) I want to make a paper banner to say "Our First Christmas 2013".

This Santa has been out gathering snow for Mrs Claus. He doesn't mind..he would do anything for Mrs. Claus. Besides, it gives him time to smoke his pipe and enjoy the new fallen snow.

Most of my ornies I'm selling for $4 each. There are a few that will cost a little bit more due to some of the items I'm using with them. In this group it would be this last Santa. He is holding a real glass vial filled with vintage MICA flakes. He is $5.

Now as a gift for anyone that adopts one of my ooaks (one of a kind sculpts) from my Etsy shop, I will give them four of my ornies for a Thank You gift. If you purchase one of my jewelry pieces then I will add one of them as a gift.

Until next time.........Hugs,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

WARNING: Glue gun glue is HOT HOT HOT!!

YOWIE.....glue gun glue lives up to it's name...HOT HOT HOT!!! I think I get more on me than I do the project I'm working on. HEHE and OUCH!!

I worked on cutting out the rest of my vintage Christmas images (yes I found some more I had been hording hiding) yesterday and started putting some together. These are the simplest ornies to make and look so cute hanging on a tree or wreath or swag or whatever. If the Chazman would stand still long enough I might would even hang one off his ears!!

A few I made as pairs...I mean you can't have a snowball fight with just one and some snow people (that's the political way to way snowmen cause all aren't MEN..hehe) just look even better with Santa hanging with em.

Aren't these two just adorable? They are both armed with a big snowball (glass bead) and ready for the next round. I love how the little girl one is eyeing her opponent and he just has no clue that she has her snowball ready to fly!!

Let's all sing along with this one...."There she is.....Miss Snow person queen". ^_^  OK yes, I've probably had my quota of coffee for the week day. I just loved the snow woman wearing the pretty Christmas tree as a crown and thought of a story of she and Santa delivering gifts and trees to all the animals in the forest. Yes, yes...I know you are thinking "Hey Regi...there are already trees in a forest". I mean decorated ones. ^_^

Now every tree, wreath, or swag (giving you ideas of where you could use these sweet vintage ornies) needs an angel or two. I so wish that glitter would show up better in photos. Pooh and bother!!!! Both angels wings glitter so lovely in the light.....they really do!!

Now this Santa didn't want a partner...he felt he could stand alone all on his own. For some reason the song "I'm to sexy for my" just popped into my head. Yes yes wayyyy to much coffee!! For this Santa I made a felt hood and small felt cap. The wagon is one of my vintage images and it too has red and green glitter that isn't showing up in the photo very well but it's there. Honest!!

Now...I'm off to make some more. I'm addicted to making these and now I so remember why I haven't made any in such a long time. It's because once I get started I don't want to STOP!!! I could also make some for Easter.....St Patty's Day....Valentine's and ohhhh so many holidays more!! Muahahahaha!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,