Thursday, September 30, 2010

Would you Believe???

Would you believe that my absence for the past week and a half was due to the fact that my muse started singing so loudly that I had to stuff cotton in my ears and run and hide?  Or that a group of faeries came and whisked me away? Or how about that the dust bunnies grabbed me and pulled me under the bed?  Well, what do you think...which one could it be? My muse has been whispering sweet nothings to me.....the faeries are still all safe in the trees and OMGOSH if my dust bunnies ever get big enough to pull me under the bed...well...I think I would just move cause that would so mess with my head!!!

I want to thank all my wonderful friends that came to check up on me and please accept my apologies for having been away. For some unknown reason...well....actually I think I had the RA decided to flare up and raise it's ugly head. I normally can just push it aside but this time it kinda pushed me aside and down. I am feeling much better and am able to sit and sculpt again. Thank the good Lord!!! I go a bit bonkers well ok more bonkers when I don't get my "therapy" time.

This morning, I was able to start back to work on my Halloween tree and the ornies. I had been working on the tree topper and today I finished sculpting her. She has to be baked and painted and then dressed. Her papier mache cauldon has to be painted and some handles put on it. Here is a WIP photo to share.

It's kinda hard to see it but there is a tiny bat sitting on top of the glaze bottle. Witchie has to have someone help her get out of her terribly funny situation she has gotten herself into. I hope to have them painted tomorrow and some more pics to share but until then...............................


Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Monday???

Why in the world can't the weekend seem to last as long as the week does? I know...I know...the week has 5 days and the weekend only two but it could at least feel longer..Don't ya think??  It's not that we did anything spectacular this weekend. Stuck close to home...of course the hubbikins watched SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS all Saturday. We all know that the best team to watch is ALABAMA. this house hold it is. The DH is a "you can only pull for one team" kinda guy. I do love Alabama but I also love Auburn. I made the sad mistake of hollaring rooting for them when he was watching the game and OMGOSH you would have thought I slapped him off the sofa. He already turns the sound up so loud that you feel like you are in the stadium when he watches his SPORTS and after that I felt as though I was in a stadium filled to max capacity. I still rooted....more so....just to get at him and Yeah...I would so do something like that.

Sunday afternoon the Chazman wanted to go to the beach. He loves going. He loves the ocean. My lil merman. We found some wonderful treasures that kept being washed up to us as we wadded just where she swept the shore. Look close at one of the shells....on the top row..the photo does not do it justice. It looks opalescent and I so see a baby fae or baby mer laying curled up inside of it.The Chazman liked the first one on the top..said it reminded him of the creature of the Black Lagoon. Where does this kid get his overactive imagination...I will never know.  hehehehehe
The ocean is so calming to me.....I think sometimes that I should have been born of the sea.  Her waves would come roaring in......hit the shore and all your cares just washed away with them as she pulled them back out....never to worry about them again. Well...ok...we do still have our worries but it is nice to escape them from time to time.
I didn't get to work on any of my ooaks this weekend but that's was a good weekend. I am going to start working on the Halloween feather tree as soon as this post is complete. Here is a WIP pic for you...can you see what the tree topper is going to be? Think witch....cauldron and "Hey...I've fallen and can't get up"

Until next time....HUGS,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

31 prizes for 31 days...Have you interested????

I have been sneakly quietly following this wonderful group of Halloween artist for some time now. An awesome group and one that always makes me smile or shrek depending on the post for the day...hehe!!! It seems that they have gotten together and are going to start this amazing giveaway. 31 prizes for 31's treat time without the tricks. But....BEWARE ....for when you go I'm sure you will be wanting to go back for more and more. Artistic Halloween Queens

Until next time......HUGS!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 the day we will never forget and we shouldn't!!!

9/11....a day that will forever be in our minds. A day that will haunt us. A day that touched so many personally and for the rest touched our hearts as we reached out  A day that made hands of all shapes, sizes and color bind together as one.

A tribute from Budweiser. A commercial that only aired once. It wasn't made by them to make money or to profit in any way. Watch a touching tribute and remember....always remember that day...9/11.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Want a giggle this Friday!!

I don't have any ooaks to share today but I did want to give you something to start your Friday off with a giggle. Music and dance are two things that have evolved over time. I didn't realize just how much until I found this wonderful, wacky comedian that reminded me. I hope that he......brings back some memories....makes you think, "I can't believe I EVER did that dance....makes ya want to get up and dance right this minute. So turn off my playlist....push the play button on the video and enjoy your Friday!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vanity Voodoo, a Witchie Poo

There is nothing better than coming in from a midnight's flight and taking ones boots off. Awww, my little piglets can breathe. Ow Weeeee....that smell..that smell...that smell of stinky smells like a warm summer's night heat. Before I remove my hat and shawl...let me go take my mirror down from the wall........

Mirror, mirror in my lap
Answer my lovie, in a snap
Who's the Witchiest of them all
Me, you say....
What a very good call
Now, let's put you 
Back upon the wall.....

Vanity Voodoo is one of my ooaks from the Witchie Poo Series. I hope that you have enjoyed her WIP posts up til now. You can go back to some of the achieve post to see her from the beginning. If you have been following and have decided to do your own witch, I would love to see.
Vanity is sitting on a stool cauldron (she is permanently attached to it) Her legs can be gently moved if you so desire. 

Vanity is holding a real mirror. How else would she get an answer to her questions. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

Poor Vanity...holes in her socks. BUT what better way for her to enjoy that smell when she pulls her boots off. Peuuuuu!!!!

Until next time...............Hugs,

Vanity will be available in my Etsy shoppe. Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Even Monsters like Stories....

Eyes peeking out over the top of the covers....Owwwww....the closet door isn't shut all the way. "HEY MOMMIE", the little boy cried. Please come and shut my closet door, it's open. Mommie came right in....closed the closet door and kissed her little man on top of the head. A few minutes later, "HEY MOMMIE", the little boy cried. Please come and look under my bed, I'm sure there's a monster under there. Mommie came right in....bent down and looked under the bed. No monsters that she could see. She kissed little man's head and said a sweet Good-nite. Eyes peeking out from under the covers and ears listening so hard. "HEY MOMMIE", the little boy cried. Please please come look again...I know there's a monster under my bed. Mommie came right in but instead of looking under the bed again, she walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out a book. She handed her little man the book...turned on his bedside lamp and sat on the side of the bed and said, My dear little one, there is nothing to fret, for even monsters like stories I am willing to bet. If you hear him again simple open your book and read him a story and lull him to sleep. With a kiss and a hug mommie said as she left.....Sweet dreams my little man and say your prayers and remember even monsters like to have stories read.

The Chazman's doodle snack bag for the week. He informed me this morning that he could use one for a whole week. He would take good care of it. He promised. My sweet little man.

Anyone that knows me or follows my blog knows that I am wanting to write children stories. I think that I have finally figured out just what kind. Short stories that will help with their imaginations. The title of the series, "The Paper Bag Tales". Simple books with quirky illustrations and ones that only we may read but it's something that my heart really wants to do.

Until next time.....Hugs,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sale going on it my Etsy Shoppe!!!

Since today was a holiday for us here in the States and the Hubbikins and the Chazman were home....I didn't get to work on Vanity Voodoo. I can sit and do nothing and neither one wants to converse with me BUT let me start to work on something and I can't make either one shhhhhhhhush. Go figure!!!

I did however take some time to go into my Etsy shoppe and put some of my ooaks on sale. It's never to early to start shopping for Christmas presents or for a Santa to sit on the mantel. Maybe there's a birthday around the corner or someone that needs a "just because" gift.  Even if you aren't in need of that one of kind gift at the moment I do hope that you will keep me in mind. It so would not hurt my feelings if just this once you were to pass me around. Well....maybe not me...but my link to my shop. Just click on my Southern Ooaks banner with the roses on the right side bar.

If you haven't been to my shoppe lately, here are some of the ooaks you will find. BEWARE...some of them will capture your heart and pull on those strings.

Any purchase will be GREATLY appreciated and if you send one of your friends to my shoppe and they make a purchase have them let me know who sent them. A special gift will be sent to you.

Until next time.........Hugs,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Caution..Mature Lookers only!!! ;D


 Now calm's not really a hiney....well actually it just belongs to Vanity Voodoo. She is my newest ooaks in the Witchie Poo Series that I'm working on. For those just visiting my blog I am doing several WIP posts to show just how I make some of my art dolls. SO make sure you go back a few post to see the beginning of these WIP post.

Owwwww weeeeee..just look at the junk in her trunk. I have always wanted to say that I just never imagined I actually would get to..hehe!!  Since she is a wire armature that is wrapped in yarn I have to fill her out in some areas so that when I make her clothes they will hang right. WOW...wouldn't it be great if we could do that to ourselves...Yes indeedie.....I would be stuffing and unfluffing in several areas here. I will wrap her new hiney with more yarn because with her the yarn is going to act as part of her underpants.

 Of course, we can't forget the TaTa's now can we? After taking the photo I think I might need to make them sag a bit more. She is a voodoo swamp witchie but then again she could have done a spell to raise them. Muahhhhh!!!! There again...wish there really was a spell cause I know this ole gal would be doing some raising of her own. Just sayin!!! I won't be wrapping the TaTa's in yarn since she is going to be wearing a blouse.

I hope that in doing these Vanity WIP posts that it might help someone in making their own ooaks or art doll. If anyone should have any questions regarding making one please do not hesitate to ask anything. I have been making sculpts and dolls for a very, VERY long time and would love to share some of my knowledge. Just keep in mind though....I can not stuff or unfluff humans and I so can not find my book with my spell for the raising of anything!!!!

Until next time.......Hugs,

Saturday, September 4, 2010

One man's junk is now my treasure!!!

Saturday's are my day to get out of the house for a bit. Now keep in mind that I love to work in my studio during the week but it is nice to get outside....feel the breeze...ok ok when there is a breeze...and wonder around the city to see just what others are peddling. Peddling as in yard sales, garage sales, estate sales  and flea markets. The Chazman always seems to do the best amongst the three of us and he always has...even as a wee three month old. He learned at a very early age that his baby blues and angel face could and would get him alot. He came home with a big Wal-mart bag full of goodies and only spent about $2.75. I was very lucky to find some treasures of my very own today. Most will be combined into ooaks, of course!! 

Maybe a few will remain with me as in the beautiful linen napkin with the initial "M" on it and the cute lil Bearalicious Ice cream Bear. I collect Bears and have for many years and the more unusual it is....well...the more I love it. Yes..yes..I know...I am UNUSUAL....but that's a good thing, riii iiight??  The cute drink trivets will remain with me to. One day I WILL TEACH my menfolk not to sit the drink on the pretty little dollie but on the drink trivet that is even closer to them than the pretty little dollie.  I had to really rummage through some boxes to find a large zip lock bag full of all kinds of doll hair and a tiny bag filled with BRIGHT pink feathers. I feel in love with the base that has the wires coming out of it. You know that won't stay together for long as I see weebies holding up a wire with a note attached. (the cute lil baby was in some of the things the Chazman got so he gave her to me...he is always giving me lil gifts...such a sweetheart) The wooden bench, I can see two (not designed yet) ooaks from my Olde Folks series sitting on. The big pocket watch is my biggest treasure of the day. I designed an old watch maker several years ago and have been wanting to sculpt him but just couldn't come up with the right base. I do believe I have found it, don't you?

It was a very good morning. There really was a nice pleasant breeze blowing and there were treasures all around. Have you ever found a treasure amongst the junk? Share....tell us about it. I know we would all love to hear or at least reads about it. This afternoon we are going on a different treasure hunt.....treasures washed up from the sea. Our weekly beach walk. Hope you have a fun afternoon planned.

Until next time....Hugs,

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vanity WIP photos

Vanity is coming along quite nicely and I mean that literally. No spells and no Hocus Pocus...YET!!! The Chazman said last night that I should have called her Medusa....because of her hair. Thank goodness it is just lambswool and not snakes making her look that way. WHEW!!  Although with that being said, it might be that my muse was whispering through my child....a Medusa sculpt....hummmmmm??  Rest assured I will not use snakes....i can not stand them...they are pretty to look at but only at a far far FAR off distance I never hurt any of God's creatures to make my ooaks. NEVER...ever!!!

Vanity has a strong wire armature that I have made the elbow and knee joints somewhat moveable. I'm letting the glue dry where I attached her head....I surely don't what her head falling off....HUMMMMM....another muse whispering...listen....I'm hearing the saying "your head would fall off if not attached to your shoulders". Can't ya just see a sculpt saying that. OMGOSH...I can!! OK now what were we talking about? Oh yeah....after her head is secured I will begin to wrap her in yarn. As I go I add a bit of fluff here and there to fill her out a bit. Once that's done I will begin her costuming but that's for another post.

I thought maybe doing some WIP photos and details on this ooaks would help someone that has never made one at least give it a try. Go ahead....try'll like it....Muaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Oops, I think it's time to go....a feel a spell coming on.

Until next time....Hugs,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mirror, mirror in my lap

WIP photos of a new Southern Ooaks in the Witchie Poo Series. This is Vanity...can ya guess why?????

What has your muse been whispering to you lately? Mine is past whispering....LOL....there are so many Halloween ghoulies just waiting to come out and play. Are you doing any Halloween characters? Tell me about them if you are. Halloween isn't far let your ghoulies come out and play.

Until next time.....HUGS,