Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sculpting again..YEAH!!!!

It seems like it has been FOREVER (said like in the movie "The Sandlot" when the kids were talking about the big dog..hehe) since I have touched the clay. I decided this morning that today I was giving the squishy stuff some of my time. My muse has really been whispering about mermaids of that's what I decided I would work on. This isn't a mermaid with flowing locks but a merchild....old enough to be discovering her world. Her hair is still in tiny little ringlets and she loves chattering with the fishies. Here are some WIP photos and keep in mind that I just started her this morning.

I know some of you must be saying "OMGOSH....this woman is slow"...LOL!!! I do take a good bit of time on my armatures. I start with twisted wire and then put it in the shape that I want. Then I wrap the wire with white florist tape. As I'm wrapping I am also building out the shoulders, hiney and such. I have discovered that I don't have to use as much clay when I actually shape the armature a bit more. Once it is all taped, I apply a thin layer of white glue. Ya know....plain old school glue!! Works wonders!! This gives the armature added strength plus it gives a better surface for the clay to adhere to.

Now I'm going to start applying clay to the armature and bring my little merchild to life.  Until next time..........


Thursday, March 22, 2012

MIA no more!!!!

I bet some of you thought perhaps I had been abducted by aliens....or perhaps my muse stuffed me in the closet and wouldn't let me out....or perhaps that I had won the lottery and moved to a tropical island.....or that "GASP" the dust bunnies under the bed grabbed me and pulled me into a dark hole. Nothing so sinister or exciting happened to me....we just moved!!!  ^_^

Here is my new work area and I LOVE it!! Look at all the windows and they go all around the room on the other side too. Natural light and so much inspiration!! I have two big closets that are housing my supplies and that's so nice. It leaves me more space out in the room plus it hides if it gets into a bit of a mess. You know how we can be sometimes. Don't deny it...I have seen some of YOUR work areas....LOL!!! My sewing machine is the little table sitting over to the right hand side of the photo...with the baskets sitting next to it. I normally have to put it in another room so it's going to be "AWESOME" to just push my chair over to it. It's sitting in front of one set of the closets with all my I can just pick out my material and start sewing. Which reminds me that I have a little monkey to be working on now that we are settled.

Such a stressful time we have been having with moving and the hubbikins trying to pass a 5mm kidney stone...OUCHIE!! I am glad to be getting back into a normal routine....if there is such a thing. Is there?

I have missed you all so much and am planning to come and visit with you and see just what I have been missing in your world.

Until next time...HUGS,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Newest fabric corsage with secret compartments.

Taaah is my newest secret compartments (notice the s on the end) fabric corsage. Did you notice the s on the end of the word compartments? I thought you would. ^_^  I decided that we sometimes might want to carry our chap stick and some money with us and leave that purse at home or locked up in the car.

I'm such a clever gurl!!! Oh yes I am. Hehe!! I made this corsage out of a beautiful hankie that some how had one end torn to pieces. Not sure how it happened....kinda OMGOSH..MS PEACHES, I'm going to get you cat. I really shouldn't fuss at her because the end of the hankie was hanging out of the little basket trunk I keep them in. I mean...what self respecting cat would pass up the chance to play with a silk hankie when it moves every time she walks pass. I should thank her because there would have been no way that I would have cut it if it hadn't been damaged.

I used felt for the biggest flower and added one of my vintage beaded buttons. (thank you Liz...I so love all my old buttons you sent to me) Also attached to the felt flower is a pretty black goose feather. The small blue flower is from an old tattered silk hankie with another one of my vintage buttons sew in the middle.  I love repurposing items and the older the better.

Now...on to the next corsage...perhaps a secret compartment for that charge card you never want to leave home without. ^_^

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi