Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding garters!!

If you have been visiting (HEY..thanks by the way) then you already know that one of my nieces is getting married in 16 days. (that's counting today...I never am quiet sure how to do's 12-15-12) You also know that I did a pencil/pen drawing of her and the lucky guy on vellum to lay over one of their wedding invitations as a wedding gift. I still have to get a frame for it and probably will when I go buy that garland and those crystal balls. ^_^

I also promised to make her wedding garters for her. I finished them today and I so hope she likes the  shabby chic fabric roses because that's what she got....or is ever you want to say it. HEHE

This will be the one that she keeps. I wish the photo had come out better but it's really getting dark here due to clouds moving in that apparently are going to be bringing rain in that the weatherperson so did not even warn us about.  HA!! It will wait and the bottom will drop out in about 40 minutes. That's the time school gets out and I walk up and get the Chazman. Thank goodness we like to "dance" in the rain. ^_^   Now..what WAS I talking about....oh yes....garters....I used sheer white linen to make the fabric roses and used pearls and tiny glass beads along with a Swarvorski crystal to make the leaves.. The middle flower has a blue crystal to represent "Something Blue". My muse wanted me to add a bit of  faerie to it as well so I used a tiny silver dragonfly. Sooooo hope she loves it!!

Now here's the one that the lucky guy will be throwing...tossing....flipping....whatever it is they do with the garter after the wedding. At least I hope he throws, tosses or flips THIS one. I did one single rose for this one that matches the roses on the first one.

Now...on to the next project...trying to finish Santa and Li'l Miss LuLu ^_^

Until next times....HUGS,

Decorating complete...I think ^_^

Happy Friday Morning my sweet friends!! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend here at the coast and we sure are hoping the weatherperson is right. Gulf Shores is having their annual Christmas parade tomorrow and the Chazman is excited. Heck fire...who am I kidding....I'M EXCITED...I LOVE parades!!!!

I finished the decorating yesterday. Yea, me!! Well....I used all the decorations I had but have to admit that I really want to go and buy some garland and some crystal balls. Nooo...not letting my gypsy soul out..hehe. I want the clear ones so that I can paint them. I want the garland to put around the front door outside and a few other places in the house. It kinda looks NEKKID!!  I haven't bought any new decorations in...OMGOSH...years. It's been YEARS people...years!! I think I just might have to go and buy some...a few anyways.

I showed you apart of the kitchen yesterday when showing you my little bear holding his mistletoe but didn't have everything up so that was as far as ya got. HAHA  Soooo, I guess perhaps I should show you the kitchen today. I collect Christmas mugs and have a very nice collection going, if I must so say myself. Please excuse the dark paneling....we live in a well worn but very loved HOME. The landlord said that I could paint over the paneling and she would even buy the paint but it's going to take A LOT of work but I might break down and do it. MIGHT!! Owwww, I'm getting off my post topic aren't I? Let's go peek at the kitchen.

My cozy little nook in the kitchen looks, well...cozy!! If you click on the picture you can see it a bit bigger. The wreath on the wall holds mugs that represent all my boys 1st Christmas and my hubbikins. (one his mom gave me that he painted when he was a little guy) The one mug hanging on the wall by itself is Santa's very own mug. HEY...Santa has to have milk in a mug to wash down the cookies ya know. The hubbikins says it needs to have something a bit more warming in it than milk but I will not be responsible for Santa walking off the roof or running his reindeer into a chimney. ^_^   See the little tree on the table? It has my copper Christmas cookie cutters hanging on it and there is a Christmas bowl filled with my plastic Christmas cutters. Hanging on the wall above some of my mugs are more cookie cutters. The Chazman and I love to make cookies at Christmas. Ok...that's not the complete truth...we love to make cookies anytime. Cookies are gooood!!

My little mug collection....I LOVE it!!  I started collecting them on the Chazman's first Christmas so I need to find one for this Christmas.

Now for the Chazman's room. I want to add some of the new garland that I'm going to buy because I haven't bought any new decorations in this shelf. It looks NEKKID too right now. Chaz made the sock snowman last year at school. He is the snow rider...HAHA!! The motorcycle he is riding is one that the hubbikins made Chaz a few years ago. AWESOME, ri iight?  See the necklaces hanging in front of the stockings? The one on the right is a Mardi Gras one but the one on the left is a Christmas one and the Chazman is hoping to add to it after we go to the parade tomorrow. They throw these necklaces off the floats and he is hoping to catch one...again!!

The Chazman's closet door is where we hung his wreath and a BIG stocking. Hummmm, I'm noticing that somehow there are quite a few stockings hanging about. Hopefully, Santa will fill them all. I better put my name and the hubbikins name on at least one of them...we still "BELIEVE". that all the decorating is done, until I go and buy some new decorations because it's been years since I have I'm going to work on my niece's wedding garters and then Li'l Miss LuLu and Santa. I hope that you have something FUN to do today. Enjoy your weekend...I know we will ours!!

Until next time..............Hugs,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas ^_^

Ummmm (taking in a deep breath) orange slices, cinnamon and ginger simmering on the stove....what a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!! Our house is starting to look a lot like Christmas too!!!

I started decorating yesterday in hopes that I would get it all put up by the time the Chazman came home from school. Since I seem to be moving in sloth mode though, it didn't all get put up. He is my sweetheart and hugged me and thanked me for what was accomplished though. Just LUV my lil guy so much!! I'm going to finish today. Oh YES I am. I can..I will...have no fear!!! hehe

Santa greets you when you walk in the front door. I painted him about 20+ years ago and so far the jolly ole elf is holding his own. ^_^  Pssssttt (looking around) on the back of this I painted a Thanksgiving cornucopia. Well....I did and haven't used it in years because I keep putting it in the Christmas decorating box instead of the Thanksgiving decorating box...HAHA...guess I need to just put it in the closet so I can use it for both. 

Once you walk in the front door, you are walking into what some have named "Regi's Bed-n-Breakfast". Yes, I have a bed set up in the sunroom. already know I'm a quirky soul but it works!! I love to sit in the wicker chair in the corner and read...peaceful and quiet.

Here's a close up of the Christmas tree under glass. It belongs to the Chazman and he is so proud of it. His Uncle Chip gave it to him when he had just started walking. Chaz would walk over to the table it was on and just stare at it for the longest time and have the biggest smile on his sweet lil face. His uncle asked if he liked it and when Chaz turned and smiled at him that's all it took. The tree became his. It was a music box but had stopped working long before Chaz got it but he loves it just the same.

Here's the other side of the B&B (hehe). I so need to make a pretty fabric screen to put in front of that a/c don't I?  I wish I had some Christmas would look so festive on my table.

This setting is next to the door that goes into our family room. Santa is smiling to welcome all of our guest!!

Here's our family room. One big room makes up the dining area and the den. I love how our little Christmas corner turned out. Really love all the handmade Chazman ornaments that are beginning to fill up the tree too.

This is the door that goes from the family room into our kitchen. HOLD IT....that's as far as you get to go because I didn't get to the kitchen yesterday. I did get my Santa Bear and two little Santa's in there but there are more decorations to be added. Ya'll will just have to wait to see those on another visit. ^_^

I have Daddy's Santa sitting on the mantle. I have to sit and smile when I walk pass this particular piece. It's very special to me and just brings back very fond memories of Christmas in the past.

I just love this cabinet...I love it BEARY much..HAHA!! I love my hubbikins for letting me turn this into a curio cabinet. Why, you ask? You's really a gun cabinet and it was given to him several years ago by a gentlemen who's father had lived next door to us. Handmade cabinet by the man's father and he gives it to Joseph for helping him move some things. Joseph told him no because he knew it had to be special to him but he said that he had several more at home that his dad had made over the years. I'm glad that WE have it.'s time to go add some orange slices to my "OOHH so good smelling get in the mood" spices simmering on the stove and to finish putting up the decorations. My muse keeps buzzing around my ear reminding me that I still have three Santa pieces to finish. ^_^

Until next time...........HUGS,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little under the weather..ahhhhemmmm!!!

Not to much to post about today. It's raining and just a blah day which makes already feeling blah even more so of a blah day. So...BLAHHHHH!!! HEHE...not complaining though, at least the good Lord let me rise and almost shine today. ^_^

My muse apparently was feeling the blahs herself as she didn't bounce around and whisper in my ear so I just didn't do to much of anything today except to rest. I did manage to visit a few blogs this morning, that always makes me feel better...seeing what everyone else is up to. The Beading Gem's Journal had a cute post today about bookmarks. I LOVE making bookmarks of all kinds and she showed some cute ones today. I am always reading something (actually will have a few books going at a time...I know...that can get confusing but my mind is a jumble already so no worries) and am always losing misplacing my bookmarks. I decided to try and make the cat and mouse that Pearl had shown today. (Just for my use) The artist name is Marcsi and she has a cute Etsy shop called TuranianWalk.

Aren't these cute? Marcsi used a heavier wire but since the ones I made are just for me then I used my thin memory wire. Hard to work with for bookmarks but I had some and I so need to use it. ^_^

If you go to Pearl's post then you will see that mine are a tad bit different. I didn't want to copy Marcsi's work but I did like her idea of a cat and mouse.

Once I did the cat and mouse, I thought about making a heart you can see, I actually made two heart ones. I do believe that I'm going to get a heavier wire and make some for Christmas gifts. Not to bad for thinking on my own in a BLAHHHH mood, eh?

Until next time..........Hugs,

Ohhhh, don't forget to go visit Pearl at her blog and Marcsi at her shop. Pearl always has some amazing post!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!

I hope that everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! I know that we did. It's always fun to go visit family but it's always good to come back home too. The Chazman was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday and claimed this morning that he was coming home from school, eating a snack, doing his homework and going to bed. HA!!! Like that will EVER happen. What WILL happen is that he WILL come in and get a snack and he WILL do his homework but instead of going to bed he WILL play a PS3 game. That's what will happen...I can gairruntee it!! (yes yes I know I spelled guarantee have to say it like it's spelled then it will sound like Troy from Swamp people..hehe)

I have been doing laundry and working on....Can you guess what? Yes a Santa. How in the world did ya know? HAHA  It feels like I have been working on these forever but that's alright...I really like it!! It's nice taking a break here and there from working on them. Today the break time is laundry and tomorrow it will be putting up our Christmas decorations. That might turn into a very longgg break..hehe!!'s my messy table filled with SANTA..hehe

Until next time..........Hugs,

Psssttt.....I have been working on a pencil/pen drawing too. I need to practice on human characters but I think my niece will like this. She is getting married Dec 15th and sent me two invitations instead of one, so I figured she was "hinting" at me. ^_^  I did the drawing on vellum and I placed it over the invitation. Do you think she will like it? I pulled up a photo of them and then started drawing. I hope so but shhhhhhhhhh....she NEVER reads my blog so I don't know why I'm shhhushing you but just in case...Don't's a secret!!

Don't they make the cutest couple? YES, they do is your answer..hehe

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May today be filled with thankfulness, love, family and friends. Make sure to tell everyone important to you how thankful and blessed you are to have them in your life. Just like I just told YOU!!!

Until next time.........Hugs,

Remember today is GOBBLE TIL YA WOBBLE enjoy...hehe

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Santa has entered the building...the gallery that is!!

Well....Santa has traveled down the street to visit the Trim-A-Tree event at the Foley Performing Arts Gallery.  Six of them made the trip this afternoon and three more will make it one day next week. LuLu was sad because she and her Santa didn't make this trip but I'm working as fast as I can Li'l Miss...hehe!!!

There are so many talented artist in our area and if you live close by or are planning a trip to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach then make sure you stop by there and browse for awhile.

I also took a few other things the mermaid and child, the merboy with his fish and the faerie dancer plus several pieces of my jewelry. Fingers crossed that everyone has a good year selling!!

This sweet little faerie was already at the gallery and they had put her up on a shelf. It seems someone decided to pick her up by her wings. WHO in the world would EVER pick up a faerie by her delicate wings? They apologized and said they sure hoped that I could fix her because everyone loved her bright shining eyes and the way the light reflected off of her wings. They also have put my pieces in a glass case so that people can't man handle them. That made me happy....I was almost afraid to leave my new pieces...almost!!  My sculpts can last for a very long time IF taken care of. I have pieces that are over 12+ years and have traveled several different times to new homes and still look like I just designed them. I was able to fix her wings and she is now safe and sound sitting on my shelf in my bedroom where she will stay. I think she has been traumatized enough.

The Chazman wanted to look at the pieces in the glass case and he noticed that the Mad Hatter had apparently drank wayyyy to much tea because he was leaning over on the glass. I asked Josep to please take him out and let me see what was going on. The Chazman said that dormouse must had tried to make an escape and had tipped them both over. ^_^  I'm guessing that's not what really happen but again, someone had probably tried to pick him up by the teapot. BARBARIC PEOPLE!! Sorry, I just get so upset when others don't have respect for a piece that someone has put so much time into. Calming down now..ahhhh!! It was just that the teapot had been pulled off Hatter's hand and it was an easy fix. I have my mother's teapot collection and Hatter is going to be sitting among them. He and Dormouse can enjoy their tea in safe surroundings's on to finishing up the other three Santa pieces, plus do my baking for tomorrow's festivities at my youngest sisters house. We split the cooking duties part this year is the green bean casserole, homemade mac n cheese and the desserts. Notice that has an S on the end as in more than one dessert is to be made. I love that my family loves my cooking. I hope that YOU and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those that live outside the United States....I hope that YOU have an awesome Thursday.

Until next time...........Hugs,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Li'l Miss LuLu is patiently waiting....

I am currently working on a piece called Santa and Li'l Miss LuLu. I have Santa wrapped up in his long johns and I am going to dress him as soon as I get finished with this post. Well...I might work on the sofa that goes with this piece AND then work on Santa's outfit. Ya never know....^_^

I do have LuLu, the little toddler, finished and wanted to share her with you. She turned out adorable. It seems that one of my favorite Christmas movies made a big impression on this little gal. Remember Ralphie in The Christmas Story and those dang, cute bunny pj's? Yeepers, LuLu is wearing bunny jammies.

Completely ADORABLE, ri iight? I told ya!! LuLu herself stands right at 5 1/2 inches but her bunny ears makes her 7 inches.

Here she is sitting down, patiently waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Look....I even put feeties in her jammies. Hmmmmm, wonder if I could make me some bunny pj's with feeties? Oh.....sorry, did I type that out loud..hehe

LuLu even has a bunny tail. I mean what cute little bunny wouldn't have one? She is going to be sitting in Santa's lap so you won't be able to see her cute little tail (on her jammies people) but I had to add it....I know and now YOU know it's there.

Side view

Now, won't Santa be sooo surprised when he comes down the chimney and sees this cute little face staring at him.

Now....back to working on Santa, noooo the sofa, noooo Santa...ok, perhaps both!!! ^_^  Until next time,


Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa has taken over my Etsy shop!!!

Finally, I was able to post to my Etsy shop. I hope that you will consider coming to look, possible buy and perhaps even share my store with your friends. See you there!!!!

Santa on a Candlestick...a Belsnickle!!
Santa and the Velveteen Rabbit
Santa and the Vintage Wicker Sleigh
Santa and Chester, the marionette
Santa and the Polar Bear
Santa and JJ (the Naughty Nice Book)

More Santa's to be coming soon. Until next time........HUGS, Regi

Vintage toys for Santa

Remember these guys from the other day's posting? I have been switching back and forth working on Santa and then painting these clay vintage toys. I have the elephant, tiger and the Elf in the box painted so I thought I would show them to you. Ready? Here comes the toys............

Al....the elephant pull toy. 

Aubie...the tiger pull toy

These little guys will be either peeking out of Santa's bag or sitting in front of muse hasn't told me which yet. ^_^  Don't ya like their names? Can't imagine where I came up with them from..hehe!!!

Elsie.....Elf in a Box

This cutie is Elsie. She is a "Elf in a Box". Santa will be holding Elsie in his hand, ready to put her under the tree for that good little boy or girl. I mean, who doesn't like a jack elf in a box!!!

Any one ready for some cookies....yummy chocolate chip, peanut butter or Hershey's kiss?  If the answer was yes,then go bake us all some, will ya?  HEHE..sorry, just couldn't resist. My muse made me do it.
These NOM NOM's are going with another Santa I'm working on. He will be holding his plate of cookies in one hand and a cookie in the other.  I have had this little china plate for almost 30 years and decided now would be a perfect time to use it. OK OK....I had it put up in a box and had totally forgotten about it until I found it looking for something else. It is perfect for the piece though. Santa and cookies just go together like peanut butter and jelly!!

I guess it's back to working or playing or both actually. Such a grand life it is....being an artist...that gets to relive her childhood playing with clay and dressing up characters. 

Until next time..........Hugs,

Oh yes.....I have been trying to post to my Etsy shop and it just ain't happening so if anyone is interested in any of the Santa's I have made so far and would like to purchase, please send me an email and we will discuss travel arrangements. ^_^  That is until Wednesday afternoon....they are all going to the gallery and can be purchased there. HUGS

Sunday, November 18, 2012

OMGOSH...look what my muse is making me do!!

My muse is keeping me jumping with all the Santa ideas she is throwing at me but that's a good thing. I'm on a roll and loving it!! Here are some WIP photos of my newest Santa and Li'l Miss LuLu.

Santa, of course!!

Li'l Miss LuLu

Here's some WIP photos of some antique toys and a tricycle that will go with another Santa piece after I finish with Santa and Li'l Miss LuLu.

Ya might not be able to figure out what these are until I finish putting them together and they are painted. The little box with the A on front is a "Elf in a Box". Directly behind her are pull toys....elephant and tiger. Can't imagine where I got that idea from...hehe  (ALABAMA and auburn perhaps)  The larger piece on the front is a tricycle. I hope it turns out once I get it painted and detailed because it took several hours to get it put together. ^_^

Until next time..........Hugs,