Sunday, July 31, 2011

OMGOSH...Beads beads everywhere

I think I am about to go cross eyed here....LOL  I have been beading the faery butterfly wings all weekend. Ok well that's a lie...I have been beading ONE of the wings all weekend. I hope to have it completed tomorrow so I can start on the other one and then actually get to work on the faery sculpt that goes with them. I know some of you are thinking "Hummmmmm...Regi sure is getting old and slow" and there is a tiny bit of truth to that statement. A TINY BIT!!!! What's taking so much time is that I am removing beads from an antique dress and using them for the beads. I don't know if you know this but back in the day (and NOOOO I am not saying I remember it from experience, so shoosh) when a dress was sewn and hand beaded they put each bead on individually. I am not complaining at all....just explaining why it's taking some time to get my wings done. I'm trying to just take off the beads I need for this project for now. I want to take some of the fabric of the dress with the beads attached and make a witch's outfit with it....but that's a post for another day. So what creative endeavor have you been up to this weekend?

I also wanted to let all my friends that come to visit me here at the old Southern oak tree in on a secret. For the next week anyone that wants to purchase any of the items I currently have for sale in my Etsy shoppe, I will take $10 off the listed price. Just send me a note through Etsy before you buy and I will make the change for you and note that the item is for purchase by you only. I am doing it for this week only. The reason being (1) that I love all of you and (2) the Chazman seems to have gotten to big for his britches....literally!!! I need to buy him some school uniforms and the proceeds from any sells are going to go for that. Pass it along to all your friends. I would greatly appreciate it and so would the Chazman. Poor dear doesn't want to wear his birthday suit to school...hehe!!!

Until next time................Hugs, Regi (and the Chazman)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What happens on Saturday nights?

My good friend, Jeannie, over at Jeannie's Happy World has this awesome post she does every Saturday. She calls it Caturdays!!! I so look forward to each and every Saturday knowing that I am going to get a real giggle out of her post. Today though I not only giggled but almost snorted by sweet tea out my nose and mouth. Yeah...Yeah...I know that's not a pretty picture and not very ladylike but HEY that's what almost happened. Honest!! 

Most of you have seen our Ms Peaches in some of my past post and photos. Tell me that this photo does not look just like her. Not to mention that this is exactly how she looks when getting her bath. I always thought her holding up her tiny paw was to get a high five that she was taking her bath like a big girl BUT now I know that's not what she has been doing at all....LOL!!!

Until next time..........HUGS!!!!

P.S  Thanks for the giggles make my world happy too.

Friday, July 22, 2011

WIP it Friday

Those that come to visit me here and sit under my old Southern ooaks trees know that I love going to estate sales, yard sales and antique/flea markets. Yes..I will openly admit that I am one that is very addicted to the "treasure hunts". On my adventures my muse is always looking for items to use as bases (and you had so better not get in her way when she is doing so because she takes her treasure hunting very seriously. Picture a female Capt Jack...hehe and be thankful that there aren't any planks around to walk)

In looking through some of my craft cubbie spaces, I found one such base from a past estate sale treasure hunting adventure. My muse started buzzing around and just couldn't get hold of herself. (she had better be happy I couldn't either...swatting at ear....pesky lil fae) I had completely forgotten about this one. It's a vintage porcelain piece of a hummingbird and a flower. My muse started whispering in my ear (yes I was still swatting at her) that a tiny lil fae would be perfect standing on top of the hummingbird trying to smell the flower. (ok..yes..she had a great idea so I stopped swatting at her.....for now) Here is the base that caused such a stir   and swatting session:

I have started working on the wings for the lil fae and decided to do some of my fabric ones. I love making these. I have the sewing completed on one of the wings but still have the bead work to do on it. I designed a butterfly wing for this one.
I guess you know what I will be working on this weekend. It's a rainy day today so it's the perfect time to sit curled up in my sewing chair and finish the other wing. What are your creative plans for the weekend?

Until next time.......HUGS!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Opinions Needed!!! Please

My muse has been whispering of late that perhaps we should design some small, wee creatures. (or as she actually put it..shrinky dink them.) What do you think? Would folks want smaller ooaks to display? Would collector's collect wee ones? What DO YOU think?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweetly Singing

I'm sweetly singing to my artist, Regi.  Yes...oh yes I am...very sweetly!!! I know you are sitting there with your mouth open wide thinking "Oh always hollar or consently whisper in her ear".  Most of the time, that's exactly what I do.'s my job after all but for now she requires sweet songs. I promise that she will return and I hope that you will come and visit us often.

Sweet musings,