Friday, September 25, 2009

WIP pics of Fall Santa

Some wool....a block of foam....and one very sharp, SHARP felting needle and your only limit as to what you can design is YOU. A very good friend asked if I used a leather glove when I felt. I don't...I should...I need to. I'm one that likes to feel the wool being worked and I can't do that with a glove on. YES, I do get stuck quiet often and YES it really really hurts..LOL!!! I've been very lucky that just the tiny tip hits my finger but believe me that's enough. I do have to confess that I do wrap several band aides around my fingers to at least help with the ouchie but I can still feel the wool being worked ;)

As with most things, I probably start my felting out a bit different that most. If it's a big ooaks then I have a wire armature underneath. For the small ones, like this one, I just felt a tiny underfelt. I get the basic form I'm trying to achieve and then start adding more wool.
Here she is...can you see her? This is going to be one of the forest creatures that is with the Fall Santa ooaks I'm working on. She is a spotted flopsy earred rabbit. She is in the sitting position because she is being loved by the old man himself. He will be holding her, or attempting to hold one of his arms. I still have a good bit more to do on her but I think that she is coming along nicely.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Magus...the Magi/Wizard

Magus, the Magi/Wizard is complete. He was originally one of the Resyculbinz clan but I think that he has inspired a collection of wizards and healers series. When rummaging through all my stones, gems and crystals, I came across a box of crystals that I friend had sent me some time ago. She even went to the extent of bathing them in the moonlight for me. For those that aren't to familiar with crystals it is believed that "bathing or cleansing" them periodically will remove any negative energies that have been captured in them. It also rejuvenates the crystal's healing properties for future use. They can be bathed by holding them under gently running tap water and if you are using the crystals healing powers then this is something that should be done on a regular basis. The BEST way to bath or cleanse them is by leaving them out in a safe place in moonlight overnight – a full moon is ideal for this. Even an inside windowsill that will get the moonlight would be fine. The powerful lunar rays will clear all crystals thoroughly. This is of course how you would cleanse the one's Magus is holding. Simply let him enjoy a night sitting in the window on a full moon.
Magus is holding a large clear quartz crystal that is topped by a small rose round cut quartz. The clear quartz is believed to help aid in ear and hearing problems. The rose quartz has healing properties of calming, heals emotional problems and feelings of vulnerability. Around his neck is a necklace that is made from man made beads and the center bead is made from amethyst, a beautiful purple crystal that is a member of the quartz family. This crystal will calm overactive emotions. Attached to the amethyst is a sterling silver PEACE sign. This let's everyone know that Magus is a healer.
I made a wrist band of cut crystals for Magus to wear. There is deep blue celestite, a wonderful enlightening, uplifting stone whose properties help to allay anxiety, fear and worry. It can open up a connection with the Universe, the Angelic realm and assists those who wish to astral travel. On the physical side it helps the digestive system and can speed up the elimination of toxins from the body. There is also a rhodochrosite, a beautiful pink crystal which is excellent for helping one accept life's ups and downs, strengthens courage, heals past life traumas and is a wonderful tool for meditation.
With life's stresses and pressures who couldn't use a Magus sitting on a shelf watching over them. This ancient one would love to come live with you.

Price: $90 plus Travel Fare

Sunday, September 20, 2009

WIP pics of Santa from the pumpkin ooaks

I decided to take a break from winding and winding and winding the yarn around Magus...whew just talking about it makes me head spin...LOL!!!! I put the beard and hair on the Santa for the Santa and the pumpkin ooaks I'm working on. All that lovely white hair....wish mine would go ahead and turn completely...give this old gal some wisdom strands instead of just "old" looking strands. Hummmm, wonder if I could glue some new hair on me..hehe!! OMGOSH....what a mess that would be. A mess for a mess.

I have all the wonderful fabrics picked out for Santa's costuming. Still trying to decided what creatures I want to needle felt to put with him. I'm sure muse will let me know when I get to that point. She always does!!!! Hugs, Regi

Magus is coming along....

My muse started singing way to loudly that she wanted big feet exposed on this ooaks. I just had to let the toes curl over the wooden stand. Magus is such a chubby, tenderhearted soul that it seemed appropriate...LOL!!! Someone once asked me if the light bulbs would break. As you can see in the WIP pics they are well protected. I wrap them in green or brown florist tape...give a good coating of craft glue all over......then comes a covering of batting...then a body glove...and for this chubby Magi an all around covering of yarn...20% of which is Mohair so it feels so good. Magus is adorning "Sprinkles"..the color of the yarn. It has beautiful hues of greens, purples, violets and blues. Such a beautiful aura that Magus must cast. Now I'm off to finish this lil ancient one. Hugs, Regi

Saturday, September 19, 2009

WIP pics of Magus, the Wizard Magi

OMGOSH...he kinda looks like a beatnik...LOL!! As you can see I finished with the face painting and the EYES. His hair is all done and his tiny chin beard. I used feathers...I love to use feathers. They look so airy and fluffy and when the character is sitting and a breeze blows on them you would think that it had come to life. You might have just seen it move and out of the corner of your eye you caught a glimpse. But you know it was just the breeze and the feathers, of course. Or was it????
I'm working on his body today. Applying the batting to fill him out. Then making a full body glove to cover that. I have all the materials picked out to make his outfit. He is going to be holding a healing crystal and a staff. What well respected Magi wouldn't have his staff. Next will be his hands....hummmmm I think that I will make those first and then work on the body while they are baking and cooling. I see big chubby hands...they would have to be to contained all his mystical powers he holds. Oh yes and what about the feet. I have two ways being "sung" to me. One is just big old feet and toes, the other is soft felted boots.
Like I've said before....designs are always changing!!! Check back soon for more. Hugs, Regi

Friday, September 18, 2009

Magus, Wizard Bulb'z

Every mystical, magical town needs a Magi, or wizard. This is Resyculbinz one and only. He is an ancient one and quite shy. So to be able to capture a glimpse is a magical moment in time.
These are WIP pics of Magus before he is baked or painted. Look...I remembered the ears...LOL!! He is made from Sculpey clay and is designed without the use of any molds. I was going to do his eyes a bit different and had them done but I saw on a friends profile page a character similar so I decided to change Magus up a bit. Ya'll know me, I like to keep mine unique and quirky and like no other.
I'm going to put him and Santa in the oven to bake and hopefully get them painted and have their hair done by this afternoon so I can start on the hands and feet. Check back to see how they turn out...I'm excited because I never actually know myself until I start on them. I learned a long time might start out with a design in mind but it never stays that way. Each character has a mind of it's own and I have a muse that is constantly singing. Hugs, Regi

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two new ooaks in progress

Santa LOVES Mrs. Claus's pumpkin pies. She sends him out to pick some of the best from the beginning of the fall harvest. Santa looks forward to this time as he gets to breathe in all the wonderful fall smells...the just turning crisp air....the ground as it absorbs the falling leaves. The sounds of all the tiny creatures scurrying about gathering for their winter storage. He sits amongst the pumpkins not just to pick one but to enjoy all the chatter of the forest creatures. You see, Santa is a forest man as well as the bringer of gifts. Well, he can't spend 24/7 in the cold and with a bunch of can he? ;)
The above pic is of Santa's head before he is baked and any painting is done. OOPS...I forgot his ears...he has to have ears to hear all the scurrying about. Good thing I posted a WIP..LOL!!
He is one of my Bulbz' tell the truth..most of my small chubby characters are. I'm thinking of incorporating one of my needle felt creatures into this sculpt. My muse is singing LOUDLY on this one. Check back often to see his progress.


Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 a day to NEVER forget....

Today is a day that most Americans reflect on with so many different emotions. I think a part of each one of us died on that day. I didn't know anyone personally in the towers but my heart ached for those that lost their lives that day as if I did. I think that horrible event made all of us connected. There were no strangers amongst us. People reaching out to help in what ever way they could....a city of heroes emerged. To the families that lives were changed forever on that day I send my thoughts and prayers, my hopes and longings that one day they will find peace in their lives. I know that they will never forget and I know the pain and loss will be with them always but I hope they know that they will never be alone. May today's memories of that day eight years ago not only remind us of the lives lost but of the Unity of a Nation that was reestablished...that we are not strangers to one another but connected and we should not let that connection be broken....that WE all stand side by side, eyes looking upward..not at what could bring us down but what could lift us up!!!!

A moment of silence, remembrance and pray to send to all the ones lost that day, to all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, spouses and children left behind, to all the ones that didn't give up the search and to those that continue to keep our FREEdom free. May WE always REMEMBER 9/11. God Bless us and keep us and always walk beside us.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goslynn..the Ghost child Bulb'z

What do you get when you add......a block of wood, a burned out Christmas tree light, some wire, tape and a very vivid imagination? A Ghost child from Resyculbinz, of course. I am having so much fun designing the bulb'z characters. I love having the gift of "seeing" something just trying so hard to emerge out of old or used items. In this tiny bulb I saw a playful ghost...Goslynn.A tiny flower from her grave behind her back she's what binds her to this earthly realm until she decides....a ghost, a spirit, no more she wants to be. So hush, be quiet and you might just get to see......our Lil Darlin Goslynn and her furry bunny Peave.

Goslynn and Bunny Peave stand from base to tip at a tiny 8 1/2 inches tall. Goslynn's body is a tiny light bulb that is covered in a pink taffeta material. Her face, hands and shoes are made from Sculpey clay. Her face and eyes are handpainted using acrylic paints. Her shoes are washed in acrylic paints to give them that worn leather look. Her arms and legs are wire wrapped in virgin wool yarn dyed pink. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool. Her dress is handsewn using pink Taffeta. Her sash is tye dyed silk with a tiny sterling silver dragonfly sewn to it. A tiny crystal is placed on the sash above the dragonfly. Her stand is a wooden block hand painted. G is for Ghost is painted on the front.
Goslynn and Bunny Peave are up for adoption. Adoption fee is $60 plus travel fare. Each of my ooaks comes with a signed COA (certificate of authenticity) Thank you for looking and check back often as new townsfolk are coming to Resyculbinz on a weekly basis. NOTE: Artist will not be held responsible for any mischief that Goslynn gets into once she comes to live with YOU!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I can not believe that I let so much time go by without a post. Well, actually I can...LOL!!! It has been one wild ride around this homestead the past few weeks...almost like a whirlwind swooshed in and decided to stay awhile. We lost some wonderful friends this past weekend...ohhh noooo...not that anything happened to them...they are just moving on with their adventures in this life. Alot of packing, cleaning and just listening seemed to whirl pass so fast to get them ready. A new job took them to another state and a beautiful, tiny babygirl has been added to their family. They already had a smart and very energetic son so with the two I'm sure their lives are going to be so full of wonderful tales to tell us old friends when we see each other again. We will miss them, never forget them and feel blessed always that they touched our hearts if even for a short time.

As these neighbors were moving away, new ones moved in right next door. A mom and two beautiful teenage girls. Thank the good Lord that Chaz is still a wee one and girls...well...they aren't high on his list right now...LOL!!! I'm sure we will have a great time getting to know one another as time goes by. adventures...isn't life grand!!!!

That nasty old flu bug has come and gone TWICE to poor lil Chaz in the past few weeks...that or it just didn't fully let go the first time. I hope that everyone is taking precautions against is not something to mess around with and with fall just around the corner (well for us Southerners anyways...I know for others, it's already here) this is only just the beginning of this nasty lil critter making it's way into our homes.

Chaz is back at school today...YEAH...and was so excited about feeling better and getting to go. I really LOVE his teacher he has this year. You can really tell the "seasoned" teachers from the ones just starting out. She really keeps the children's interest and that keeps them wanting to come and learn each day. For us parents....she is just as great. She sends home a lesson plan for the week....which I was very thankful for with Chaz home fighting this flu. We knew what to study and do to keep him up to date. This is a great First grade adventure!!!!

Since things are back to normal (let's keep fingers crossed for just a day or two longer) I'm back working in my studio. "G is for Ghost" is the current ooaks in progress. I hope to have her completed this soon...if she will "show" up for them....LOL!!!!!!! SO many ooaks planned....just doesn't seem to ever be enough time in the day.

Hugs to all, Regi