Saturday, February 27, 2010

You never know who you just might meet!!!!

For the past several weeks there has been a weekly event called "Follow Me Friday".  Yes, it's on Fridays and yes it makes you follow other bloggers. It's a great event that brings folks together that normally would never see or even know about one another. A few weeks ago,I was fortunate BLESSED to have come upon a blog that  I don't think I would have found any other way. It's called Mommy's Memorandum, and the host of this amazing blog is Julee Morrison.

Julee is one awe inspiring woman. A "cool chickie" is what she would have been called in my time. LOL  She is the mom to 6, yes I said SIX, wonderful children yet she finds the time to keep up a blog that offers notes on the love of family, moments of madness (which I think goes along with family at times),random thoughts,chaotic comedy (another family issue I think but a good one), everyday tips and some awesome recipes (like the BREAD one she posted about this past week), and last but not least some fantastic giveaways. Julee doesn't just do giveaways. She finds something that interest her...something she finds exciting...something that she believes others would need nooooo others would want to know about. She finds someone that has a talent and she puts them out there so others can see just what she saw in them. 

Julee has become someone that I immediately felt like an old friend with. She gives me encouragement and the mindset that I can do anything. Now some of you are shaking your heads and saying "Yeah...RIGHT" and it may sound kinda old fashion or even cliche but it's true. Let me explain a bit.....I discovered Julee's blog by being involved in the Friday Follow event about two weeks ago. She was having this giveaway, The Activators, which I thought that Chaz (my 7yr old) would just love. I posted a comment as such. Then with the spirit of the event she commented back on one of my post, Chocolate and Mint, and here is what she said:
Seriously? Why are we not working together. Contact me...let's get you featured on Mommy's Memorandum!! offer to be a featured artist and that was only the beginning of what this special person has given me. Julee gave me the confidence to put myself and my craft out there for others. She told me of a quote by a famous artisan that is what really made me believe I could do it.  The quote was this, Michelanglo once said of a piece of marble, "I saw an angel and I set it free". Julee has the eye to see something in others and then the gift to help others see it also. So you see, she doesn't just do giveaways....she promotes, encourages and believes in the person or people that she features. The confidence I gained from her lead me to open my own Etsy Shoppe, which I am so excited about. She still encourages me each and every day. It's not only me either. Julee believes in others with artistic talents...shares them with the world through her blog...encourage them to start their dream or even to continue it further. She doesn't just do giveaways, she offers something of interest and she offers something of herself.

Go look beyond what you normally would search never know who you just might meet!!!!!

Until next time....


Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Follow Me Friday time again!!!!!

TGIF....I LOVE my Fridays, especially the last seven of them since I have been involved in this great event called Follow Me Fridays. It's hosted by Rita of One 2 Try, Tami of Hearts Make Families, and Lynn of Midday Escapades. It's a wonderful way to link fellow bloggers...find new fellow bloggers and make some really GREAT friends. It's easy to's how YOU can join the celebration:

  • * Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below. Only need to add on one blog to be seen on all the blog hops.
  • * Follow the Friday Follow hostesses listed in the first 3 slots.
  • * Follow as many blogs as you like
  • * Comment on the blogs telling them you're from Friday Follow
  • * Follow back when you get a new follower through Friday Follow
The Blog Hop is the same at each of our three hosts blogs so you do not have to add your blog at each site.  Just one - but you can follow each blog.  Follow a few or follow them all.

The list is new each week. The links do not carry over. Please link up each week for new participants to find your blogs. The list is only open to add your blog links on Fridays. It will be visible all week to visit the blogs listed.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Now come and join in the fun...see ya'll there.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I finally did it.....

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Born with a crayon in one hand and play dough in the other. Always busy drawing or making a character. For over 30+ years all of my designs and characters I have been giving away as gifts to family and friends and that always made me feel good. In the back of my mind though I have always had the dream of selling. I was given the opportunity when my ooaks were given display time at the Harrison Brothers Hardware Museum gift shop in Huntsville, Alabama during the Christmas holidays. What an honor and it gave me that first push to want to venture out more in the selling aspect.

I have been blessed with family, friends and a few Sisters of the heart (YOU know who you are) that give me encouragement to push on closer to my dream of being in a specialty shoppe or even one day having my own place to showcase not just my art but other artist's as well. I have been involved in two very special events the last few months, one being the OWOH (One World One Heart) sponsored by Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian and Follow me Friday sponsored by Rita of One 2 Try, Tami of Hearts Make Families and Lynn of Midday Escapades. From the Follow Me Friday event I was found by a very special friend, Julee of Mommy's Memorandum that believed in me so much that she did an article on me and had me as the Featured Artist of the day. From all these events, it brought new friends....more encourgement and that final PUSH to make me stop just dreaming or talking about having a store but to actually do something about it.

Thank you everyone!!! I finally did it!!!! I opened up an Etsy shoppe. It's not big but it's a beginning. I am so excited, nervous and a tiny bit scared but am so looking forward to my newest adventure. I hope that you will come and visit....keep me in mind when you are looking for that one of a kind and or unique, whimsical gift. My shoppe can be found at

Until next time....


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nine Lives Spent!!!

I know that some folks think that when I talk about having a muse, they, well kinda think I might have lost my mind am just using that as a way to express myself.  I really do have this little inner voice that whispers to me and most of the time we are in perfect harmony. I have been designing some bunnies since Easter is close at hand and started on one a few days ago. I worked on the face of what was going to be a faery, The keeper of the dust bunnies" when out of the blue my bunny ears turned into cat ears. There was no more seems that my muse was playing games with me. As I just let the new design take over I realized that this was the actual design I was suppose to sculpt.  I have been talking to one of my good friends, that has the heart of an angel when it comes to animals, about kittens. There are so many furry babies that need a loving home and this angel, Brenda, loves them and keeps them until she can find their new homes. We have all heard the story that a cat has nine lives to live but we know that's not true. They have one and it should be one where they are loved and cared for.

I think the part of the whimsical approach to this sculpt was due to a new friend, Jeannie that does the cutest and  funniest post every Saturday. She calls it Caturday. I'm so addicted to this post every weekend. OMGOSH......if cats could really talk I'm sure most of the captions for this adorable photos would be what was being said. So happy that Ms. Peaches can't talk!!!

Those of us that already have a cat that rules the house lives with us know that female or male, cats can be real DIVAS. This is where my sculpt took look at the humorous side of the cat. This little gal was a true DIVA all nine lives and as she slowly makes her way up the silver lining to that cathouse cat place in the sky she is still that same little diva.

Piercing green eyes and thinking "Just where am I going to get my nails done now" look in her eyes. 
All decked out in her finest for this "Nine Lives Spent" trip. Angora pink bodysuit....wool sweater with Swarvoski crystal buttons. 
Even her new wings are made from silk threads with tiny crystals hanging down.

Until next time,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow Me Friday Time Again.

 Hi there...Welcome to my place if it's your first visit...I'm an artist that lives in a very whimsical world of characters and I love designing them.I also design  jewelry, needle felts, tshirts and paper art. For those that this isn't your first time then here's a big HUG because you are one of my old friends. NOT that I'm calling anyone old mind you...just meaning you have been here before. Ok I need to take my foot outa me mouth and tell you about what's going on today!!!!!!!

Fridays are always such a great time for everyone....the week has wound down...and it's time to relax and do something FUN!!!!'s Follow Me Friday time again. I found this wonderful fun thing to do several weeks ago. Please excuse but my fibble mind has forgotten where....WHAT were we talking about?? OHH yeah Follow Me Friday. LOL  It's a great way to meet fellow bloggers and discover new things or just chat with some old friends and see what new things they are up too.

Here's how YOU can join the celebration:

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The Blog Hop is the same at each of our three hosts blogs so you do not have to add your blog at each site. Just one - but you can follow each blog. Follow a few or follow them all.

The list is new each week. The links do not carry over. Please link up each week for new participants to find your blogs. The list is only open to add your blog links on Fridays. It will be visible all week to visit the blogs listed.

 Our hostesses, Rita @ One2Try, Tami @ HeartsMakeFamilies, and Lynn @Midday Escapades realize the time required to participate in Friday Follow. Due to the overwhelming number of entries each week, they understand everyone may not be able to follow every blog including ourselves. To keep it fun, follow what you can at your own pace.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Have an awesome time ya'll and until next time,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

SO excited.....Featured Artist Today!!!!!

I am soooo excited. I am the featured artist on this wonderful blog site, Mommy's Memorandum. Julee over there, at this awesome blog, honored me with this special day. You really should go and take a peek...not just
because today is my day over there....LOL....but she has some fantastic giveaways going on. With this being my time at her place, I'm participating in one of the giveaways.  If you follow me then you know that the jewelry bug has bitten my hiney BIG time (bitten me BIG time not that my hiney is BIG....oh wait it is so let's not even go there...hehe) That bug has just taken over my studio of late. I am offering one of my Natural bracelet and earring sets. Go....take a peek...let me float on cloud nine for a bit. Did I tell ya'll just how excited and honored I am?

Until next time.....


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fire and Ice.....

I LOVE the color red....could be because it symbols LOVE or that it's such a Firey color that just gets your blood boiling (that gypsy soul coming out) and of course it's also one of the colors of my favorite college team...ALABAMA!!!! Which ever it invokes in you I hope you enjoy seeing my latest piece in the Gypsy collection.

Until next time....


I have some exciting news but you have to check back tomorrow to find out what it is........LOL!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For the Gypsy in you!!!

Firelight flickering....smoldering hot
Dances the gypsy til the moonlight drops. 
Wrist and ears adorn with jewels...
Can't you hear gypsy calling to you?

Chocolate and mint.....this is one of my pieces in the Gypsy collection. The bracelet is made from a deep chocolate brown hemp with turquoise beads, glass beads and sterling silver beads. The earrings are on silver medallion pieces using the same glass and silver beading. 

Purple and Pink Haze....another in the Gypsy collection. The bracelet is made with sterling silver hand made links, pink and purple quartz stones wrapped in the same silver wire. A very unique and most definately a one of a kind piece. The earrings hang from silver heart medallions with the same pink/purple quartz stones wrapped in silver wire.

I love making my gypsy's not hard when you have a gypsy soul. I hope that you enjoyed looking and please remember me if you ever need or want that one of a kind piece of jewelry or even if you just feel the urge to dance in the moonlight!!!!

Until next time.....


Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Fish Bowl Winners!!!!

It's official now....the names have been pulled from the fish bowl. The winners have all been sent an email requesting their snailmail addresses so that I can send their treasures made from my heart for this awesome event. So without any further are the four winners in my OWOH giveaway:

Crafty Moose Crafts  / Winner of Lovie the Love Bug Faery

Chris of Ruby in the Kitchen  / Winner of the SteamPunk pin and earring set

 Jodaeo Designs / Winner of the Faery Pouch and worry stone

RaggedyAnn of Raggedy Stitcher's / Winner of Flopsy the Sewing Budette

This has been a wonderful event and one that I hope shows all of us that we are all not so different. No matter where we live or where we are in our lives at this moment, we all share a common might be journals of our lives or maybe even a bit of each of these things. There is one thing that does bind us and that is that we each have taken some time out of our lives to sit down and write about something that means something to us and to share it with others. Thank you for being YOU. Please keep visiting the blogs you found interesting...and keep in contact with any kindred spirits that may have been found. Keep the ride going!!!!

Until next time....


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is your name in the Chazman Fish Bowl?

No Fish will be harmed during this drawing...thank you

The time is coming to a close....all Magic Carpets being put back where they belong. It's been an awesome adventure and one I would not have missed for anything. One World One Heart was an event that led me to some wonderful blogs.....some amazing artist....a few kindred spirits and some folks that I hope become friends for a very long time to come. Thank you Lisa so much for all of your time...patience and that dream you had four years ago. I hope this is an event that will carry on for many more years to come.

Is your name in the Chazman fish bowl yet? You have until 9pm central time to get it in there. After that I will be cutting up all the comments, folding them up and placing them inside the bowl so that Chaz can draw out four lucky winners for my treasures from the heart I made especially for this event. WOW...I can't believe all the visitors I had....I hope that you will all come back from time to time....ya know us Southern gals love our visitors. The door is always open and a fresh glass of Sweet iced tea awaits you. My whimsical world was truly blessed with each and every one of you that came, commented, read and followed. Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my HEART!!!!

Until next time.....


Saturday, February 13, 2010

the Princess and the Unicorn...

Have you ever wondered why not many folks have seen a Unicorn? I say "not many" because if you truly believe then you just might catch a glimpse of one deep in the Enchanted Forest.

Every Unicorn born must have a guardian. This guardian must be of royal blood and of pure heart. A faery Princess. She raises him from the tiniest of creatures, no bigger than one of our sewing thimbles. The Unicorn is taught all the ways of it's magical and mystical world and how it is the protector of this realm. Once this wonderful and magical creature is full grown it becomes a magnificent strong, animal with the most tender of hearts. The circle goes full round with the faery becoming tiny like the thimble but always by his side. She is the tiny glimmer you see on the horn.

The baby Unicorn is one of my fully sculpted ooaks. His horn is a natural seashell from the Alabama coast. His mane and tail are made from doll hair. His dark eyes are glass seed beads. He has been hand rubbed with an acrylic paint whitewash and then detailed using Fine Mica gold powders.(My muse is whispering that a sculpt of this tiny creature fully grown is coming in the near future.)

The Princess Faery is one of my soft yarn bodies. Her face, hands and feet are sculpted out of clay. Her eyes are tiny bone beads painted using acrylic paints. Her body is wrapped in a white feathery yarn. Her dress is hand sewn from a dark green velveteen fabric. Her flowing pink hair is made from a feathery yarn with a garland of tiny glass beads and one of my sterling silver dragonfly charms. Her crown is made from sterling silver wire and tiny glass beads. Her wings are made from silver fillament pieces gently wired together with dangles of real pearls and sterling charms. She and her baby unicorn sit on natural moss and are attached to a dark wooden base.

As always, thank you for stopping by and sitting a spell with me. I hope you will come back for many more visits as I am always adding new characters to my whimsical world here at Southern Ooaks. If you would be interested in adopting this piece please contact me by email. Until next time......


Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Follow me Friday time...YEAH!!!

MckLinky Blog Hop

This is such an awesome event and it makes Friday's even more fun!! If you would like to participate just go to my side bar and click on the Follow Me Friday Banner.  It's a great way to meet fellow bloggers...see what their interest are (might find there are more out there just like YOU) and just learn about some things that you never even knew about. Have that cup of coffee or hot chocolate ready and go make some new friends. Remember to let them know you are stopping by from Follow Me Friday!!!!

Looking forward to reading YOUR post......


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paper Art....

I have been on such an adventure the past few weeks. The OWOH (One World One Heart) Magic Carpet Ride. If this is your first time visiting my blog then please go click on the January Archive post..find the OWOH post and enter to win one of many treasures I'm giving away. The event doesn't end until February 15th so you still have plenty of time. Now go get on that carpet and RIDE!!!!

I have discovered some very talented artist on this journey and have found several kindred spirits. Thank you Lisa for bringing so many of us together.

Several of the blogs I have visited are about paper art or crafts. I have to say that the paper bug has bitten me and bitten me HARD!!! I started digging through some of my art stash to see if I had anything to work with. Well...what do you know...I did!!! I had enough to make two bookmarks. I haven't done any paper crafts in a very long time and I see why it's so popular and there are so many artist doing it. Now...I just need to save up so I can go and buy some paper supplies...LOL!!!

The two bookmarks are going to be for two of the Chazman's main teachers. His homeroom teacher and his speech teacher. I think for not having done this in a very...very...very long time that they turned out fairly well. I'm not feeling quite so much like my normal ding-a-ling self either...I came up with a really cool saying for the backs.

I think that the teachers will like their special Valentine's gift from Chaz and it will be something that they can use for a long time. I want to thank all the wonderful paper gals out there that inspired me....Thank you Thank you and now I want you all to turn around...bend I can kick your hiney's for 
getting me involved in yet another art form.....LOL!!!!!

While I was working on the bookmarks I was baking a faery and baby unicorn. Please check back as I will be posting some photos of them soon. Until then...


P.S. Ya'll know I would never kick anyone's hiney......right????  xoxoxo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Jewelry Designs with the Gypsy and Faery in mind!!!!!

** I am riding the Magic Carpet in the OWOH event....please click on the January Archive post to enter for one of my treasures from the heart under the OWOH post.  Good Luck and enjoy the ride!!!

I am a true Gypsy at heart....always have been and always will be. It tends to come out and take over at times and this was one of those times. Of course, the faery dreamer in me tends to dance right beside the gypsy so here is what that dance brought to you.

I found the most wonderful medallions at an estate sale several years ago and have been hanging onto them. My muse must have remembered where they were and started whispering to me....Can't you just see the gypsy dancing around the campfire wearing these? The bracelet is made from a dark almost black hemp rope with crimson and black beads intertwined in the rope design. The medallion has a antiqued look to it. The earrings have tiny coin medallions along with the same crimson beads and black glass beads.

These beautiful crimson beads were found at the same estate sale. The woman over seeing the sale gave me a box with these all jumbled up inside. She said that it had belonged to her grandmother and she knew that she had not worn them a very long time ago. They had some how gotten broken and placed in the box and long forgotten. I tenderly took the necklace apart and remade it into this lovely bracelet and earring set. Again, I know you can see the gypsy dancing around. The bracelet looks so elegant with the beading dangling on your wrist.
I love shells....reminds me of walking in the sand...listening to the ocean sing her calming song. Possibly just catching a glimpse of a mermaid's tail as she splashes back into the water. I used natural jute in making this design and placed the shells as I twisted and twirled the rope. The earrings dangle to just below your jawline.

Of course the faeries had to have their own pieces of jewelry in this dance. This is one of my special faery pieces. The crystal medallion hanging on the rope is actually a viewfinder to seeing faeries. Garden faeries. You hold it up and look through it and you will magically see the way a garden faery sees the world. All the beautiful colors and shapes....all the other faeries dancing around in it's prism lights. Attached to the hemp roping is a faery counter. Each time you see a faery you gently pull a glass bead down the thread. This piece can either be a key chain or a bookmark. That's what the  twisted/curled wire is for. It allows the crystal/counter to hang on the outside of your book. Just in case one of the faeries sits upon your book and listens to you read. They love to hear stories!!!

Another one of my faery pieces. This is a pin and earring set. The pin holds a moonstone bead between two sterling silver coverlets. There are tiny glass beads wrapped around the purple silk ribbon on the pin. A tiny sea shell is attached to the pin by a sterling silver dragonfly. Is it really a shell? Could it be a unicorn horn? Just believe it so and it will be which ever one your heart desires.

Thank you for stopping by to see some of my new work. I hope you will stop by often as my muse has really begun to whisper. Until next time.....


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Newsflash.....No online store but my designs are for sale.....

I have been designing for well over 30+ years. Dolls, sculpts, jewelry, t-shirts and wall hangings. Up til now I have always just given my designs as gifts to family and friends.  I feel that now is the time to branch out...spread my wings...let everyone know just how quirky and whimsical I am....LOL!!   A true artist!!!

If you should find anything here on your visit that you have heard whispering to you 'Take me home" then please by all means contact me.  Now....go look around...and keep those ears OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!