Friday, July 31, 2015

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Well this old chickie didn't make the June EWWL Horror character challenge deadline BUT it doesn't mean I'm not going to finish this piece.

I had put him/them in my art cabinet and had kinda forgotten about them with everything else that's going on but every time I passed by it I had this overwhelming feeling I was being stared at. Oh yes....he/them was giving me that "Finish us NOW or pay artist person". Bahahahaha

Yesterday and today I have been working on his block base. Painted it orange and then dry brushed black on edges and then put a light coating of orange glitter paint over that. Why does glitter not show up in images on here? LOVE glitter even for horror items!!  I placed black and white old movie poster signs on each side. This was for a vintage horror character and the first time I saw the movie it was one of the black and white ones so I thought it very appropriate. I added a coating of varnish to protect them. The top of base is one of my gold scrapbook papers.

Now today I'm hoping to get most of him/them costumed. I'm getting really tired of being stared at!!!!!

Until next time........

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thank YOU!!!

I want to thank YOU for being one of my prayer warriors this summer. It's been a rough summer and I would NOT have made it through it if I hadn't of had YOU in my corner. Some are smiling and some are shaking their noggins at me. I haven't told many but perhaps to strengthen some of those prayers and because I trust those that visit under the old Southern ooak tree I need to explain a bit more.

In May I had to make a trip to the ER. I thought it was a BAD case of food poisoning. Those that know me know that it must have been bad for me to make a trip to the ER. Argg!!! I normally just suck it up or cowboy up as my Daddy use to say. That wasn't happening this time around. It seems it wasn't food poisoning but a bad case of colitis. While I was there they did a CAT scan on me. Funny but no cats were involved. I had this picture of them letting hundreds of cats run all up and down me....Bahahaha!! Anyway, they discovered that I have a rare SAA (splenic aortic aneurysm). Yeppers, a time bomb waiting to go BOOM!! Yes, I'm joking and probably shouldn't be but I have to at this point. I've cried too much about this. Stressing even more is the last thing I need to be doing. Still waiting to be sent to a surgeon for this but at this point they just aren't sure how to handle this that will give me the best chance at survival. I think I would rather NOT have known about this!!

Due to the colitis I had to go to a GI and he decided to do a colonoscopy and EGD on me. What FUN that was peoples!!!  The colonoscopy found polyps but they were benign. Thank the LORD. Unfortunately the EGD was another matter. Biopsies came back that I have Barrett's. It's where the cells of the esophagus start turning into intestinal cells. Those cells can become cancerous....adenocarcinoma. Yep again, I'm a bit worried and scared. They will do a EGD every year to monitor cells and hopefully catch any that become cancerous.

Now I have PROOF that I'm one very weird person. SAA is rare and Barrett's is normally a man's disease. Geesh, pooh and piffle!!!

I had to stop working for a bit and that's really hurt us especially with all the medical bills coming in from all of this and I know more is coming. We have insurance...good insurance but that still doesn't cover it all. Before you say anything I'm not asking for anything. Well, ok maybe I am. I've listed a variety of my one of a kind and unique art in my Etsy shop. For those of you that visit here I wanted to offer a special discount coupon you can use. At checkout use code HELP4REGI and you will receive a 20% discount on your purchase. If you are one of my neighbors (live in Foley, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach) and send me a message before you purchase I will remove the shipping cost and deliver to you personally so that I can give you a BIG "Thank you" hug. I LIKE hugs!!! If not from here don't panic when you see shipping. I ship everything Priority mail and it will arrive within 3 days to you. If you don't want me to ship that way and just send regular mail then message me and we will figure out new shipping for you. YOU must message before you purchase though. ^_^

I'm wanting to go back to work but for now it's going to have to be part time so pppplease keep your fingers crossed that I can find something. I have a family to help feed and one is 12 and is eating us out of house and home...literally!! Bahahahaha

Again, thank you so much for helping me get through all of this. Your continued prayers and healing thoughts are GREATLY appreciated peoples.

Hugs and tons of love,

Just click on sidebar to go directly to my Etsy shop. Hopefully, I will be adding some new items shortly. I'm thinking Halloween and more Christmas!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hairy chest men...Oww La La (snicker snort)

Happy July 1st peoples!!! I hope that you are making BIG plans for the weekend coming up. Plans that include family, friends, BBQ and sparklers. ^_^

I'm slowly coming along with Dr.J and Mr.H. His underpants are completed. (couldn't let him be NEKKID now could I?)

His face(s) are painted but I'm still going to do a bit more to them I do believe. Perhaps some blush for the doctor and some green (green with envy) for the mister. My muse is whispering that perhaps I should make a monocle for the doctor. Should I?

The doctor is going have on a high collared Victorian lace shirt and the mister is going to have an open shirt. (He's such a devilish gent ya know) Since the mister's is going to be open I thought his hairy chest should be showing. Now I do so love a man with a hairy chest...oww la la!! But Mr.H.....well....not so much. BAHA!!

I'm going to work on his ummm their hair this afternoon after I get home from work so I did a few pieces that need to dry so they will be workable by then.

The doctor's hair will be a stylist smooth look but the mister's hair is going to be bit of a mess. Yet another challenge in this challenge.

Until next time............