Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm so head is spinning!!!! HeHe

Do you remember this song? Some of you probably don't since it was recorded in 1969 but I remember it AND before you go and be thinking "WOW....Regi sure is old". I was only 11.  Now you're also probably wondering why in the world I posted this to begin with. It's because I spent all day yesterday cutting out my tags for my jewelry and shell designs and got EXTREMELY dizzy in doing so!!! Yea Yea....I know...I'm dizzy all the time but doing all that cutting and turning of the paper well, it just made my head spin. (it also reminded me of this song)

They turned out really cute, ri iight?? It was the seahorse that had my head a spinning but it was well worth every single seasick feeling. Ohhhhh...I made a funny. Did ya catch it? Cutting out seahorses and getting sea sick...water. Ohhh never mind..hehehe   Now what was I saying...oh talking about the tags. I used recycled cardstock. I found a cute seahorse and just did the outline and then as you know, cut it out. I'm old school plus the mister won't let me buy any of the cute stamps that I could have made these with. Mean Man!!  The shell card came from an image I had saved on my computer some time back. I think it was from a card that was stamped (see..I could really use some of the cute stamps available....MEAN MEAN MAN)  I'm always looking at images and saving the ones I might use down the road.  On the back of the shell card I wrote....

This item is a true (ooak)
One of a kind
Designed by S Regine Moore
using natural shells found
on beach walks here in
Gulf Shores, Alabama

I like how they look on each piece. I'm going to take just a few items to Beach Reflections to begin with, to see how they do. I still have to get some glass containers to do the hermie habitats this afternoon and will get everything delivered to the shop by (fingers crossed) Monday.

Today is going to be a squishing of the clay day. I'm trying to decide just what or who I'm going to have coming in or going out of some shells..hehe

Until next time..........keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes!!!


Thursday, January 30, 2014 happy that Mother Nature finally remembered!!!!

Happy Happy Thursday and thank you so much for stopping by to visit. I have a fresh pot of coffee on and am more than willing to share a cup or two. The more you help me drink means the less I will drink. I get a bit wacky...ummmm...ok ok...wackyER the more I drink..hehe!!

Please excuse me for there not being any post for a bit. I think it's been almost a week...YIKES  My only reason for not is that we have been dealing with some VERY uncommon weather in our part of the woods or should I say beach. My studio area is in the back of the house and which use to be the back porch that ran the length of the house so it's a fairly large room and that makes it hard to heat. Well....I could keep it warm but then I would be roasting the Chazman and the mister in the front part of the house. Can't be a doing that now can I?

As you can see in my first photo we have SUN and you won't be able to see the icicles hanging off the branches for much longer I imagine. happy that Mother Nature finally remembered where we live. I know to most this is just how winter is but not here. Some of my friends that have grown up in the area said they can't ever remember it getting like this so ya can just imagine how things worked (or didn't) here. I will say that I'm so thankful that we do live in this area because when times get hard the community acts as a whole and does what it needs to do to help one another out. There were some places that opened up with volunteer employees that came in to fix hot meals for the emergency teams having to stay out in the weather and work. Others brought hot chocolate or coffee out to them. I'm so proud of our police, firemen, city emergency workers, utility workers and everyone involved in keeping us safe for doing their job without any complaints. It's a good place to live.

I do NOT like the cold but I have to admit that the ice made some beautiful designs that sure sent my muse into overdrive!! The trees looked like they were covered in diamonds. Ohhhh how I wish!!! Hehe

 Callie and Boo did not want to stay inside just because of the ice either. Of course I made them until they both started howling so loudly that I finally gave in and let them see for themselves.

See...these silly cats enjoyed playing in the ice...such goofs. Callie was really cute because every time they would step in a place that would crunch she would hiss and jump straight up and then back up and stalk it. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't take a photo...sorry!! They only stayed out for about 5 minutes and then wanted back in and did not ask to go back outside for the rest of the day. Imagine that!!!!

I did bundle up and came back here to work some yesterday afternoon. I mean ya'll know that my art is my therapy and a girl can only go without her therapy for so long. I mean really!! I couldn't work on jewelry or sculpt because my fingers just didn't want to work right...dang I worked on making some cards to put on the pieces I'm making to place in the shop "Beach Reflections". I'm so excited about so excited. I'm planning on making the sales tags somthing that can be kept as a souvenir too. Still in the planning phase.

I hope that YOU have had a great week without to many mishaps or temper tantrums by Mother Nature. I hope that you will stop by again soon too. I love when you come to visit!!!!

Until next time.....keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes,

Friday, January 24, 2014

What is that funny white stuff falling from the sky???

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it even possible. Not sure I do even though I DID see it. I did...I did!!! It was sleeting/snowing in our little Southern coastal town this morning. Oh was. The Chazman and I were on our way to school, stopped at a red light and this funny white stuff was slowly drifting down from the sky. There wasn't much but it was enough to get the Chazman VERY excited. I think I was in shock and wondering if I had socks thick enough that I could still get my flip flops on...hehe!!

Not long after I got home, the mister called to ask if it was snowing here. I told him about our SHOCK and EXCITEMENT and he said that it was snowing and sticking good over in Mobile. Hmmmm...snowing in Mobile, Alabama and sticking!!!

I asked him to take a pic and send it because otherwise......folks.....just....would...NOT....believe us. Proof's the proof!!! He sent an email about 30 minutes ago and said that it was still snowing. Unbelievable!!!

My big girl, Callie just went to the door and wanted Ooooouuuttt (yes, she sounds like she says out) and to my amazement I can hear the sleet...hard to see but you can hear it just a crackling!! Cool beans or should that be frozen beans? Bahahahaha

Since it is so chilly (34 feels like 24 and before any of my Northern friends say anything...I know that's not as cold as ya'll and no where near your temps but to's freakin frrrrrreezing..hehe) I'm inside working on those necklaces still. fingers don't twist so good when they are cold. ^_^  I have a cup of hot tea beside me and I will twist a bit and then take a drink and hold the mug to warm my fingers. It feels so so good. Anyhow, I have three finished and three more to go. Here are the three that are complete.

Black hemp rope with natural hemp, two faceted violet jade beads, Tibetan charm holder, scallop shell with broken murex shell (mermaid key) and silver wire.

 Light rose hemp rope with white tatting thread (twisted square knot used), two moonstone beads, Tibetan charm holder, scallop shell, three wing oyster shells with moonstone bead.
Light rose hemp rope with dark rose hemp rope, four rose quartz beads, Tibetan charm holder, two scallop shells, two coquina shells, silver wire.

Ohhhh...someone is knocking on the back door. Hey, it's Miss Callie...yes she knocks on the door. HeHe Seems she had enough listening to the crackling sleet.

I'm going to make each necklace unique since I am using shells found on our beach walks. After I finish the other three then I'm going to make some paper seashell tags to go on them. I want folks to know what kind of shells and where they were found.

Since it's going to be a bit chilly all weekend then I plan on making some of my turtle clay charms and a sweet friend, Debbie, that is involved in our local turtle hatchlings was kind enough to give me some of the dates they hatched on. I'm going to put that on the back of the clay charm and use some for necklaces and perhaps some hemp rope bookmarks.

Sooooo, are YOU staying warm today and busy? Would love to hear what's happening in your neck of the woods or beach or mountains or plains...hehe  Thank you for stopping by today...I always look forward to your visit.

Until next time.................keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between those toes,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blustery Tuesday indeed!!! truly is a blustery day. I have little fingers knocking on my big picture window and arms waving at me from the ancient ones outside.  Not real ones of course but those tiny little fingers (branches) on the Kumquat tree and the long strong branches on the big trees. I love to see the branches swaying back and they are doing a dance and begging me to come and join in. imagination is in full swing today!!!

Yesterday and early this morning, I worked on some shell medallions to make some more necklaces with. I'm so loving going through my shells found on our beach walkabouts. As ya'll already know, I really love the broken ones best. I guess part of it is because with my VERY vivid imagination I see so much more than a little broken shell. I feel so BLESSED to have been given this gift even if to some it makes me seem a bit weird/different/strange but like my son tells me "'re different with a side of AWEsome".  I can live with that. ^_^

If you look closely on your next beach walk, ya just might find some of the wing oyster shells that Mother Nature washes up on shore. They don't look like much to most but WOW....put them together and you will be amazed at what you will see. Like this little grouping.......

The big shell is a scallop shell. Lovely colors in this one. Those tiny shells (the dark ones and the pearl) are broken wing oyster shells. I did not break any of these and look at how perfectly they fit together and once you see it? A mermaid tail!!!

Scallop shells come in a variety of colors....from light to dark. I thought this dark one would make a great background for more wing oyster shells. Stacked on top of one another they almost look like a pretty flower. The bead is a moonstone but to me, I think it looks like a shiny untouched pearl that would surely be hidden in a mermaid's treasure box.

This lil broken beauty is what's left of a moon shell. Ohhh the stories it could tell us if only we could hear. The tiny shell poking out like a hankie in a pocket is called a kitten's paw.

Can ya tell I really like the scallop shells? HeHe  Ya have to admit that they do make for a pretty background piece. This one is not really as dark as in the photo. It is more of a light grey. The broken piece in the middle I believe is part of a murex shell. The Chazman thought it looked like an old fashioned key of some sort. Perhaps the key to a mermaid's treasure box? Indeed!!

Now I don't always use just broken shells. The whole ones we find are lovely too and I found some that were just the right size for a necklace or two.

Two scallop shells in the same color hues....perfect!! The bigger one had a few tiny holes so adding the smaller one was....well.....just what it needed, yes?  The pretty butterfly that has landed on top are actually two coquina shells. Now here is one of the times folks will think I'm a bit looney. Yes, yes I know you already think that....but at least it's with a side of awesome, ri iight??  I know you have seen these little shells, the ones that come in on the waves and immediately try and bury themselves. I would took seeing how they are apparently a favorite snack for the little sandpipers in the spring and summer and the plovers in the winter. Now the reason I said that some will think I'm a bit looney is that I will NOT take any of these pretty shells unless they are open and empty. I figure once they are open that they have served their purpose that Mother Nature had intended and are ready for a new jewelry!!!

This beauty is a fighting conch shell. It measures about 2 1/2 inches. For some reason I saw pearls with this one and as you can tell that's what I used. These are the last of my vintage pearls from a 60+ year old wedding veil I had.

Now...I bet ya can guess just what I will be doing the rest of the morning. Turning these pretties into necklaces. After that I will be making another necklace holder because my first one has filled up fast!!

Thank you soooo much for stopping by to visit. I do hope that you will come again and often. Bring some friends next time....the more the merrier, yes?

Until next time...............keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Quiet Monday!!

Thank you for stopping by this beautiful Monday morning (or afternoon). I so love when you come to visit!!!

It's a quiet Monday here...the sun is shining...the birds are singing and I'm enjoying my time working on some shell jewelry pieces.

 The earrings are done. So happy happy that I have some that match so well.
 A pretty scallop shell with a glass vial with sand and a tiny cone shell inside. There is also a small scallop and barnacles attached. So love my beach walks and the treasures I find.
Here is an auger shell or perhaps it's really a unicorn horn with a small aquamarine bead. Pretty silver wire looped all around and a tiny glass vial filled with sand and a tiny lil auger shell.

The earrings are finished but I'm still working on the necklaces. They are on hemp rope (I want to keep the piece as natural as possible) and I still need to do the twisted square knot binding at the tops. 

Again, thank you for stopping by. Please leave me a comment and an email addy so that I can send a reply back. Best way to make new friends and I love my friends!!!

Until next time..........keep a shell in your pocket and some sand between your toes,

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Happy Friday!!!

Good Afternoon!!! So happy that you stopped by for a visit. Aren't you glad it's Friday and the weekend starts soon? I know that I am...I love my weekends. The Mister and the Chazman are home and I like that!!!
(another 3 day weekend for the Chazman so he was very excited that it was Friday)

I have been working on some beach theme jewelry and a necklace holder and before you even ask....yes, I made it using paper towel holders...hehe. So many things you can make with them and I plan on doing a few more "How To" posts on some new projects soon. You basically make these the same way as the bracelet holders except for a few small differences.

Instead of using a toilet tissue holder for the base, I used another paper towel holder. Looks like the base is longer, doesn't it? One of those optical illusions because they are both 11 inches long. I bet you see those strings hanging down too, don't cha? Well...those are one of the other differences with the necklace holder compared to the bracelet holder.

For the bracelet holder...the bracelets will just slide problem but since necklaces can be different lengths and I didn't want to make the holder really TALL then I had to come up with some way to attached the necklaces without to much work in getting them off. Very simple.....I poked a hole near the opening that attaches the base to the holder and then poked another near the end. I ran a piece of cording through the first hole and came out at the end hole and then tied a good tight knot in the middle. Then I did the other side the same way. All I had to do was place the necklace over the holder, let part hang down in the back and then tie a simple bow. You can hang more than just three on each side just try and keep the sides balanced.

I used all paper on this holder....a vintage postcard print for the base and base holder and a metal tag print from my Colorbok collections scrapbook papers. You can get these from Wal-Mart or any supply store I feel sure. I like Wal-Mart though because they put them on sale a good bit. I LIKE sales!!! Oh and I did not misspell is with just one o in book. HeHe  Around the base.....I always like to add an embellishment to help hide the hot glue. To this one I added some large burgundy hemp rope and two natural seashells.

I'm working on a design to hold earrings now and will post that as soon as I get it completed. I just love making my own jewelry holders. Don't you?

Until next time.............keep a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Thursdays!! (it is Thursday, ri iight??)

Goodness...I had to recheck my calendar to make sure it really is Thursday already. I would be sooo lost without my calendar. I would be even more lost if I didn't mark off each day on that calendar. Yes, Yes..I'm getting a tad bit forgetful...just ahhhhh...what were we talking about it? HeHe

I have been trying to recoup from walking on the beach this past Sunday. Now I LOVE to walk on the beach but I have to make sure that I don't take a 3 hour trek without resting in between again. Me old bones are letting me know that I seriously abused them AND now they are abusing me right back.

We did find some beautiful shells on that walk. Not any big ones but several small ones and lots of broken ones but ya'll know just how much I love the broken ones too.

Nice little lot Mother Nature gave, yes? There were several that had the natural holes in them and those make perfect earrings, IF I have matches to go with them in this bunch. I do believe I have one or two. Some great twisted broken ones that will look amazing in a glass jar or in the hermies (clay hermit crabs) habitats. You remember the lil hermies, ri iight? Well, here's a photo for those that haven't seen them or have forgotten. Geez!!! hehe

Now some of the shells that we found Sunday and some of the ones that most seem to walk on past are actually my favorite ones to find. The big broken ones that look like wings.....angel wings. I know that everyone can look at something and see something completely different but if you take a close look then I'm sure you will see the broken wing too. I helped a little bit so that you would see it.

I want to make a few of these and put them inside a shadow box frame. Two shells, one looking at the front side and the other painted on the inside with a few pretty white feathers. NO no, no angels or faeries were hurt in obtaining the feathers...they were a gift. I have a poem that I wrote that I will place in between the shells.

Tis short my stay
on this warm, sun soaked day.

To hear Mother Ocean's roar
and know that soon I must soar.

Soar up into the sky 
so calm and blue
but I'll leave
behind something
just for you.

You that gets to walk 
on the warm, white sand
A broken shell to be
placed in your hand.

Look closely 
and you will see
An angel wing tis
what it be.

Until next time..........Hugs,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A lil saying is coming to mind!!!!

Oh yes it is...the saying "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring" HeHe and he really is too. He loves to sleep in (when he can) when there's a storm outside and MAN OH MAN is it ever storming. Way too wet to go outside so what better way to spend the morning than to snuggle down and sleep, sleep, sleep. Of course, some of us just can't do that (muah for one) but it is to wet to go outside so for me.....well.....I'm going to snuggle down and READ.

I thought for YOU...since you're here anyway....that I would link up some of my old post on "How To" things that you might want to do. I the weather's bad or you are just looking for something to do with your hands. (working with your hands.....therapy in it's best form)

So let's get started and I hope you find one or two that you will like and hopefully want to try. The first one is for those old belts just "hanging" (hehe) around. You can make some really cute wristlet with them that can be worn by male or female. I made some for teenagers and both genders loved them.

If you are one that would like to try making a clay character yourself then here's my "How To" on making hands for one. It's a simple way and one that works really well for me. I hope this helps you want to perhaps try to make a character of your own. I guess I need to do one on making a head...hehe. There are some really good ones you can find on google. 

Now this is one for Christmas but it's still one I wanted to share with you. It's "How To" make a reindeer. I made these a few years ago for the Chazman's classmates one year and they LOVED them. I still have some of them come up to me and tell me they still wear them. Makes my heart feel so good.

So there's a few for you to try and if you would like a few more just take a wander under the old Southern Ooaks tree. I'm sure something will catch your eye. Have a wonderful Saturday and come back again real soon.

Until next time.........Hugs,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Oysters, oysters everywhere!!

Good FRIDAY morning to all. So happy you stopped by to sit under the old Southern ooaks tree for a bit.  Be careful and don't step on all the oyster shells lying about. Not that you could really hurt them...they are tough little shells but they might put an ouchie on that footsie. ^_^

While digging through my shell stash the other day, I found some oyster shells that I had totally forgotten I had. I LOVE oyster shells and I have to admit that they kinda remind me of well ummmmm ME. Ya know, kinda rough and weathered on the outside but smooth and pretty on the inside. HeHe Well...that's how I feel!!

I made some cute little mermies the other day but in looking at them I thought "Hmmmmm, they need something else", yes, that was the thought I had and I did something about it. With the help of an oyster shell I turned them into cute little ring holders.

Cute, ri iight??  Mother Natures perfect little holder, well, with a tad bit of help from muah!! The lil mermaid face one has already been claimed. HeHe  I will be putting the other two in my Etsy shop. I plan on making several more of these plus when I get some new oyster shells and some are big enough, I'm going to be making some soap dishes. I'm sure my muse will probably come up with a few other items too.

Until next time...........Hugs,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mermaid muse is a dancin!!!!!

Good Morning!! I hope that the day started off great for YOU. Each morning that  I wake up then my morning definitely starts out great. HEY...I'm getting old. ^_^

I didn't get to post yesterday because I was busy working on some necklaces and ummmm well, I ummmm, kinda started reading a new book and well ummmm couldn't put it down..hehe!! I love to read but that's not what this post is about.  It's about showing you the necklaces I made. (with my mermaid muse happily dancin about)

Pretty, yes? It's a scallop shell found on one of our beach walks in Gulf Shores. Well, ok, it's actually two scallop shells found on the beach walk in Gulf Shores..HA!! The bigger one, I just fell in love with the colors that Mother Nature herself gave it. The deep red or rust and the light and dark pretty. Since it was a tad bit broken I decided to place a small scallop on top of it...with the same beautiful colors. It's attached to 26 inch hemp rope with a Tibetan charm holder with silver twisted wire running through the shell. Mother Nature placed those holes in just the perfect place, eh? It has a circle and bar closure.

This one I made using one of my broken moon shells found on a walk at Fort Morgan. It's attached to a 24 inch hemp rope on a Tibetan charm holder with silver twisted wire and hemp rope. Another one painted by Mother Nature. She so has the eye!!

Here's one of the olive shells that washes up already polish to perfection. (found at Gulf Shores) It's on a 24 inch hemp rope that has a barrel clasp closure. It's attached with hemp rope to a Tibetan charm holder and has a silver Tibetan turtle charm attached as well. This olive shell is a tad bit, I mean just a smidgen over 2 inches.

I think today I'm going to make a few pretty hair barrettes with some of the scallop shells. They are just so pretty and well....I think would look even prettier placed in someones hair. I mean, mermaids can't have all the lovely shells for just their hair.

Until next time............Hugs,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who stole my warm beach weather???

Good Golly Miss Molly....who stole my nice warm beach weather? It's 20 outside but feels like it's 11?? I truly think that some how Mother Nature has forgotten that this is the South and here it's suppose to stay warm enough to still walk on the beach. Ohhhhh, you could go for a walk today but ya might feel as though your skin was being peeled away from yer bones. Ok that might be an over exaggeration..hehe...but it's so NOT beach walking weather.

Since the weather is too cold to go outside and the Chazman is home sound asleep, (yes yes, the school board closed the schools today because of the cold weather...a first I think....shaking head) which means the house is quiet so I have been doodling. As I've told everyone before I call it doodling because well..that's what it is. Simply lines that create a doodle that hopefully looks like a drawing!!

Of course, living at the beach and the fact that it's cold outside and I can't take my walk today I figured I would doodle a few that could take that walk. Meet Charlie and Carey....two siblings that so enjoy life and the adventures it takes them on. I have been wanting to do a children's book (or two) and I believe I have come up with my two main characters. Brave lil souls aren't they? Braving the chilly morning air.

I'm also working on some of my beach themed jewelry pieces...two necklaces. My camera batteries went "POOF" before I could get a WIP shot of them but I will have one for you the next post as I have those batteries charging as we speak. Hmmmmm, wonder if my orbs are messing with me again (looking around) I guess I will snap a few shots to see when I can. If I have completely made you scratch your noggin about my orbs, just take a peek HERE and you will understand...I promise!! Ohhh and it's kinda a long post but read it anyway..^_^

So happy you dropped by today for a visit and I hope to see ya again real soon. Have a wonderful and WARM Tuesday!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

Monday, January 6, 2014 hearties, tis anuther shipwreck!!!

What a great weekend....two walks on the beach. I'm so happy happy, oh yes I am!!! Of course, I'm paying for it dearly today too as my knee is so swollen I can hardly bend it. Dang it all.....hate to be getting old..hehe

Yesterday we went down to Fort Morgan. We love to go there because it's part of the Bon Secour National wildlife reserve. I love the name Bon Secour....just rolls off your tongue.....the reason I really like it is because in French it means "safe harbor" and that's exactly what it is. It's an ecosystem which serves as a refuge for endangered and threatened plant, fish and other wildlife species. It's also a hot spot habitat for our migratory birds ranging from our ospreys, herons and seven species of hummingbirds. One of our endangered species that lives among the sand dunes and sea oats is a cute lil fella called the Alabama beach mouse. They are small and very, very FAST. I have seen them but have never been able to get a picture of one because as soon as I get my camera up and's gone!! Another endangered species that loves the shoreline along the reserve are the green, loggerhead and Kemp's Ridley sea turtles. So much wildlife living in one area that we are so blessed to be able to glimpse into.

Would ya just look at those big bird feet tracks? 
HEHE...there's the big bird they belong to too. Wonder if this is Hank?

I'm sure you're asking how in the world can we even get close enough to glimpse into it....well....the area that we can not walk in is posted and as far as I know....everyone abides by just the signs. We are allowed to walk on the beach and oh my, what a stretch of beautiful almost uninhabited beach it is. (most of the time)

One of our local photojournalist, Michelle Carroll Stancil was at Fort Morgan about 21 hours ago and captured some amazing shots of a new shipwreck that Mother Nature has uncovered after so many lost years. The Islander one of our local papers (online version) did an article on it which includes Michelle's photos and just what this mystery ship may be. If history and shipwrecks interest you, please take the time to read.

I posted the above so that if you did go and read (YOU did, didn't you? hehe) that you will see just how fast Mother Nature can reclaim a treasure. These are some of the shots I took yesterday on our visit there. No where near as good as Michelle's but I try with my lil camera. ^_^

Amazing what a day can do at the beach, eh? It was a beautiful day even if it wasn't a full sunny day. The sun was peeping out here and there and it reminded me of something my grandmother use to say, "The angels were sweeping and the gates were open".

I was hoping to find a whole bunch of shells too since not many folks wonder up and down this beach. I found a few of the big broken shells that look like angel wings to me and I'm thinking about painting a few with what I see.

We walked for about an hour and then drove over to where the ferry picks up folks to take them over to  Dauphin Island. The ferry was closed but we love to sit and watch the pelicans and sometimes the dolphins playing in the bay. No dolphins yesterday but there were some pelicans sitting on the pier post apparently doing the same thing we were.....just relaxing and enjoying the view.

We sat for about 30 minutes (hoping to see the dolphins) and on our way back up the short trail we discovered a cute little creature eating his dinner. Oh yes, we kept our distance!!!

It was a great afternoon spent together doing something we all love. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and I would love to hear all about it.

Until next time............Hugs,