Monday, April 30, 2012

Salt Life for me!!!

It was a very interesting weekend and it was all due to living the Salt Life!!! Now that we live in a coastal town I can not imagine living any place else. So close to nature and all she has to offer. Mother Earth is amazing ^_^ Of course.....there are some man made times that get added into the mix as well. I mean...where else can you have a job and get to look out at an emerald green coast, smell the salt air and witness so many breathtaking things going on around you and know that as soon as your job is complete that you can walk down to the warm white sand and just sit and listen and watch!!

Saturday was nice....we only had one unit to clean and once finished we were going to go to the beach but the Hubbikins wanted to get home and see what in the world was going on with our old Betsy (that's our vehicle in case you are to young to know what that means..hehe) I won't go into detail because frankly my dears I have no clue as to what he did or what in the world Betsy is up to. That's his job!!  I pulled weeds in the flower beds that wrap around the house. I have some very interesting plants!!  Sunday's schedule had us down for cleaning two units and we decided that it had been long enough since we had gone to the beach and just sat and enjoyed we did...after we cleaned the two units of course.

With it being a bit late in the afternoon after we finished cleaning, the beach we went to was not crowded at all. It wasn't just because of that but also that the water is still pretty dang cold. Not for the Chazman though and if he goes in then that means I go in. Brrrrrrrrrr.....I couldn't decide if my feet and legs actually got use to the water temp or if they just became numb from the cold. ^_^   The ocean was letting Chaz have a grand time as it rolled in and pushed him over (not under...just over and over he tumbled) This merboy loves the ocean. I do believe that his baby blues get even bluer with a hint of emerald in them when he is in her element. Several times he did get a bit choked up, coughing water out but that was only because he was giggling so much in all the fun he was having. While we were splashing and playing we looked up and to our surprise there were the Blue Angels flying overhead. We love going to the Pensacola Naval Museum where the angels are stationed at and to actually get to see this amazing squadron flying was awesome.

We thought our day was made by seeing them BUT Mother Earth/Ocean was not going to be outdone by any means. She decided to show us her flying squadron. wasn't fish jumping out of the water...HAHA...but a group of Manta rays catching the waves and coming close to shore. Have you ever seen a Manta ray? Beautiful dark angels gliding through the water or as the Chazman put it....giant water bats. It was AMAZING!! It was kinda eerie too that they showed up right after we saw the Blue Angels. The Angels fly in a team of six and we counted six Manta rays in the group. Makes you wonder, huh?  I can't believe that I didn't have my camera with me but I did find on youtube someone that did have a video camera handy on the day they saw some. (Manta HERE)

See how great it is to live the Salt Life. Arrrggg me maties...I wouldn't a nare be a livin anywhere else.

Until next time...............Hugs,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spikey Update

Happy Friday morning to all....I hope you have some fun adventures planned for the weekend. We are hoping to spend the afternoon at the beach after we clean a unit in the morning. I so need a beach walkabout!!!

Do you remember little sleepy merchild? Well....if not click HERE and you can reread the post about him...LOL  I made a change to him last night. I have been playing around with vellum papers and discovered that butterfly wings look like mermaid fins. For reals...I kid you not!! Just to prove it, I made Spikey some new little fins.

Perfect fins.....don't ya think? 

Until next time.............Hugs,


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother and child...Mermaids

A mother's love knows no boundaries and that doesn't just exist in our human world.  Deep near the ocean floor in a well hidden cave surrounded by a beautiful coral reef sits a mother...cuddling her tiny son. She waited so long for this little miracle to arrive and she will protect him without hesitation. There aren't any creatures of the deep that will harm a the merfolke are the protectors of all living things of the sea. However, small merbabies and even toddlers seem to be enthralled with the bubbles that the whales spout for them...just to hear them giggle. This can be one of the happiest sights to behold until one of the little ones gets a tad to close and gets trapped in one of the bubbles and bounces toward the surface. The whales start to sing a song to the mother what has occurred and as fast as she can swim...she is after her little one before he breaks the surface. The whales swim behind her, ready to give her a boost should the bubble actually break the surface. This isn't the first time that little Chaz has been caught inside a bubble. If you look closely at his mother's fin then you can see a tiny piece bitten off. That day she was able to burst the bubble and hold Chaz close in her arms but as she descended back into the water something tried to grab HER. You see...the only creature that would harm a mermaid would be one of the sky creatures.

Mother and Chaz are one of my smaller ooaks. (one of a kind sculpts) They sit right at 4 inches. The base is one of my shell base designs with natural shells collected on one of our beach walkabouts. (and a few colored ones from the local souvenir shop) They both have a strong wire armature underneath a fully sculpted clay body. They are both painted with acrylic and fine MICA powders. Their blue eyes are some of my new designs. I have discovered that it is so much easier to draw them on paper, use my water color pencils and then take a picture and load it into the computer. Mother's hair is soft lambs wool that has been braided. (you can gentle move it over to cover her ta-ta....if you wanted to) Chaz's hair is also lambs wool that was cut into small fibers and then attached. See his little pointy piece up front.....a sea horse must have licked him there when he was born. ^_^

All the shells are natural shells...the colored ones I bought at a souvenir shop. I just can't bring myself to paint them completely.

The fan shell that makes up her chair is one of the ones that we found on a beach walkabout. They are such delicate shells and I love when I find them whole. The sand on the base is my own mixture. (it makes great snow know...that funny COLD white stuff that some places get)

Thank you for stopping by the old Southern Ooaks tree and sea today. ^_^  I always look forward to your visit. Until next time.......................


Monday, April 23, 2012

An AWESOME weekend!!

What an AWESOME weekend we had!! Of course, you already know that it started out with me getting new batteries. I'm so easy to make happy, aren't I? HEHE  I said that I was going to work on my newest mermaid ooaks today but instead decided to tackle the dreaded laundry monster and read. It's a rather blustery day here in our little coastal town. It's 63!!! It feels like a nice crisp fall day, perfect for tackling monsters and reading.

The Chazman had a blast at the ballgame on Saturday....we all did. There weren't many folks at the game which was a HUGE surprise as so many folks LOVE the Mobile Bay Bears. I think perhaps the weather had something to do with it. It rained almost all day here in Foley but when I called to make sure we could take a bag in with us (towels, blankets and such) I was told that Mobile had not gotten even a drop of rain. YEA!!! We were excited and headed to Mobile. Chaz loves driving through the tunnel that takes you under the Mobile Bay. I must admit that I do too.

You can roll your windows down just a tat and swear you can hear the water rushing overhead. Of course, it's just the traffic echoing in the tunnel. Not sure I would really want to hear the water. YIKES...that's a scary thought!!

As soon as we got to Hank Aaron Stadium and made sure Chaz had what he needed, to do all the things that his high AR points had awarded him with (SO PROUD) Daddy and he raided the souvenir shop. I didn't think they were ever going to come back outside. The Chazman found what he wanted (something that some of the kiddos last year had and they had sold out of them then) and came bounding out the door smiling from ear to ear.

He now feels like a true Bay Bear fan....bear claw and all...LOL!!! Right behind them coming out the door was none other than "Teddy" the Bay Bears mascot and yes yes...the Chazman HAD to have a pic with him.

Notice the red wrist band on the Chazman? That said that he made the "Home run" with the AR points. He got his ticket free....a  hot dog, chips and a Dr Wham plus he got to walk on the field...go in the dug out and get a commemorative baseball. He had a blast on the field...not sure if it was walking on it or talking with his friends.

The game was awesome as the Bears have some fantastic players. Trevor Bauer pitched and about a fast ball. Most of his pitches were 95+mph. It was cool getting to see how fast they were pitching on the scoreboard. We had great seats too...right on the homeplate/first base side. I so wouldn't mind going to a few more of their games this year. I do believe one or two of these players will be moving up to the Arizona Diamondbacks real soon!!!

Sunday was a cleaning day and it was great  having the hubbikins and the Chazman with me. They are so much help and with all three of us each taking a task then we get the job done in no time. We had 2 units to clean in the same complex so when we got to the second one we decided to take a little break and sit on the balcony and drink some tea. (yummmm...good old Southern Sweet tea) While we were sitting there we were being thoroughly entertained. A pod of dolphins were playing in the bay....jumping and following some of the boats going by. I tried to get a shot of them but my little camera isn't the best in the world. Not complaining by any happy I have one...but down the road I want a better with ZOOM!!

I happen to catch one of them jumping..I's hard to see but that little blip under the bubble is a is...I kid you not!! Isn't the water a beauty. Love when the greens and blues just POP out at you.

It's a breathtaking view from these units. Do you see the really light green in the photo? Those are sand bars. Some of them you can stand up and the water only comes about to your knee or thigh. The dark area is the channel that was dug out for the boats to travel on. Our other entertainment was a group of pelicans that had obviously found a school of fish. They would circle around and then dive bomb straight into the water and come up with a fish. I could have sat and watched them all afternoon. So much inspiration just waiting for me to sit and rest a spell so I can see it. Not only am I getting paid to clean but my artistic soul just soars with all the input it's being given. was YOUR weekend? A great one I hope. Thank you for stopping by today and until next time........


Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have Batteries!!!

YEAH....I have batteries....good ones....rechargeable ones....ones just for my camera!!! I'm home long enough to take some WIP photos of the mother and child mermaid ooaks I'm working on and change clothes so we can head to the baseball game in Mobile. Hope the rain stops....keep your fingers crossed for us that it does..ppplease. ^_^

Here are a few photos for you......I still have to paint and apply hair, which will probably be on Monday. Tomorrow is a work day. I hope that YOU have a awesome weekend....I know we far!!!

Until next time....HUGS,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Still no batteries

Today is Friday...Woo Hoo!!! Don't we all just love our Fridays? I know we do because it means the time to relax is almost here. Yeah....ri iight....relax...HA!!! Friday means it's almost time to get busy and have some FUN and ADVENTURES. It also means that I will be able to buy some camera batteries tonight. I feel so lost without my little camera. My muse has been jumping up and down (well ok..I'm not sure she really has been but I can just imagine that she has) because we haven't been able to show you any WIP photos on our newest design. Hopefully, tomorrow I can show you some photos. Mother and child are turning out...well...adorable, if I must say so myself. Which right now I have to say so myself because YOU can't see them. ^_^

The hubbikins is taking the Chazman and me out to eat tonight. It's been F O R E V E R since we have been able to do that so I am excited. He said last night that he is thinking about Longhorn Steak House. Owww, I love steak and I think they have a special right now with steak and crab stuffed mushrooms. Nom Nom Nom!!
I think that I am going to convenience him that we need to go there. How you ask? Well....this is a family blog so perhaps I should just let you ponder over that one..hehe!!

Tomorrow is going to be a treasure hunting adventure in the morning. Yes mams and's yard sale day. I have been working both Saturday and Sundays the last few weeks with my new job but I have this one off. Plus with some other life "not so fun adventures" that have been happening, we haven't been in several months so I'm hoping to find some new treasures to work into my art designs. Not just my sculpts either. I'm getting back into making my cloth characters and my gypsy/mermaid/bohemian jewelry. Keep those fingers crossed that treasures be a plentiful!!  Tomorrow night we are headed to the ball field. The Hank Aaron Baseball field to be exact over in Mobile. The Chazman (I AM SO FREAKIN PROUD OF HIM) was awarded the "HOMERUN" in the accelerated reading program at school. Each student had goals to meet for the prizes.

First Base: A free ticket to the game
Second Base: One amusement wristband 
Third Base: BayBears Commemorative Baseball
Homerun: Free hot dog, Pepsi and to take part in the parade around the actual bases

He is sooo excited and so are we. Love baseball....and the peanuts and the fun you have in between some of the innings. He won the home run prize last year too and we had a blast so we know we will this year too.

Sunday is a work day for me and I think my crew (HEY...I have a cool) is going with me. If the units aren't to messy and we get finished with them early enough then we are going to head to the beach for the afternoon. I think it's going to be a great weekend. Ow ow owwwww, maybe the ocean will throw us a few trinkets while we are there. Ohhh, it's going to be a GRAND weekend for reals!!!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday WIP without photo..argggg

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!!! See how up and cheerful and happy I am...arggggg!!! LOL  I don't know what is going on but I just can't seem to keep camera batteries. I mean...I can keep them. I can keep them in a drawer, in a charger, in a box but they don't last but for perhaps one time of shooting photos and that's just a bunch of malark. HA..I sound like a Dr. Suess book. ^_^

I will just have to give you a WIP update without photos. Well....I can show you the base of the WIP I'm doing now. guessed, it's one of the shell bases I did some time ago.

Such a beautiful mermaid chair....perfect for cuddling with her merchild. I have the armature made for the mermaid and a tiny one for the merchild.  My muse is telling me that she wants the mom holding her child in her lap....a tender moment. The child's face was completed yesterday and today I will be working on the body for it. (So hate I don't have photos to show today..ARGGGG!!!)

I am happy though....happy that YOU stopped by to visit with me this morning. Have an awesome day and until next time..........


Monday, April 16, 2012

I captured a mermaid!!!

Beach walkabouts are always so calming and most days, the ocean gives up plenty of treasures. The storm from the night before had washed up tons of seaweed and shells galore.. The afternoon was a lazy one, with a nice tropical breeze swaying the seagrass. The sand felt cool under my feet as I walked along the shore picking through the treasures. I noticed that one particular section of seaweed seemed to be slowly making it's way back to the waves rolling onshore. I cautiously made my way over and with a reed I had found earlier, started moving the seaweed back to see what was wanting to get back out to sea. Talk about someone jumping a foot up in the air......OMGOSH.....was I ever surprised to find a tiny mermaid staring up at me. I carefully picked her up. Poor thing was completely exhausted. I sat down on the sand to see if she was hurt, thankfully she was just tired. I politely told her my name and she replied in kind. Pearl. She asked if she could come home and spend a few days to rest up before I returned her to the ocean. You see....she had never met a human before and was just as curious about me as I was of her. Ri iight?? At least she knew that we actually existed!!!

Pearl is one of my fully sculpted clay ooaks. She has a strong wire armature underneath. She is a tiny 3 1/2 inches...that's of course from her curled tail to her crown. She is hand painted using fine Mica powders mixed with acrylic paints. Her hair is lambswool. (sheared) Tiny pearls adorn her wrist and are also attached to her clay shell top.

Pearl sitting in her temporary home away from home puts her at almost 6 inches. If you have been visiting then you know all about her glass base. If this is your first time just wander back a bit and you can read all about it.  Keep wandering around and you will find all kinds of whimsical characters that live here under the old Southern Ooaks tree.

Pearl wanted to say Hello and to ask that in the future on any beach walkabouts that you might go on, not to complain about the seaweed that washes ashore. Instead, carefully look through it as so many tiny creatures travel by it. Baby sea turtles, tiny little fish and even seahorses. She also asked that if you do find a seahorse, kindly ask him to wait a bit offshore so she can get a ride back out to her world in a few days.

Until next time..............Hugs,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going to the Condos!!!

It's Saturday...which means it's time to head to the condos!! WooHoo....white sandy beaches....the smell of the fresh salty air...the waves crashing on the shore...and the time to feed my laughing little feathered friends!!!

STOP!!! That's not the complete truth..hehe!! It is time to head to the condos but so not for relaxing. It's time to do my cleaning thang. Yeah yeah...I know. I'm probably one of the few folks that actually loves to clean. At least I do have the scenery of paradise while I do it and I can smell the fresh salty air and even hear the waves crashing on the shore. Working and getting inspiration...can't be beat!! I thought before I left that I would show you some more WIP photos on the captured mermaid I'm working on.

If you stopped by the old Southern ooaks tree yesterday then you will notice I did a few tweaks on her face. I love the cutie pie whimsy face.

Sorry about the bit of fuzzy here. I think Flower was a bit camera shy in snapping a pic of her wee little hiney.

I'm hoping to start painting her later today. Just depends on how messy the condos are that I'm cleaning today and how long I decide to stare out the windows while cleaning ^_^.  Perhaps I will encounter the pirates again this weekend or maybe get to see the dolphins playing in the bay. Ohhh...the life on the coast....playing or working for this mermaid/gypsy/bohemian soul. Until next time..............


Friday, April 13, 2012

Captured Mermaid....WIP

It's Friday....Friday the 13th....Does that scare you? Not me.....I call it Friday the 3th, the lucky day!! Perhaps if I think of it that way then it really will be a lucky day. LOL

As I stated in my last post, it seems that my muse is focused on mermaids for some reason. I love mermaids so I don't mind that she wants me to keep designing them. I thought I would share some WIP photos with you today on my next mermaid.....the "Captured Mermaid".

I'm using another one of the bases that I designed some time back. I found this cute little brandy sniffer at an estate sale several years ago and guess my muse decided it was time to use it.
It's filled with some of my sand base material (German glass, school glue and white paint...there..I gave you my secret sand potion...but...shhhhhh...don't tell anyone) Permanently attached are some of our treasures found on one of our beach walkabouts...some coral, fan shells and two tiny shells from the souvenir shop.
Ohhhh...I so wish that I could resculpt myself like I do my ooaks.  A tuck here...a nip nips...chunks there...I would have to take out chunks...ROFL!!!  I'm hoping, if my muse doesn't change her mind, that this little mermaid will be peeking out the top of the glass.
I'm very happy with how her eyes turned out. Isn't she a cutie pie? I think I still have some tweeks to do with this but I'm liking her whimsical style.

Thank YOU for stopping by...I love my friends coming to visit. Have an awesome weekend and keep an eye out for all the inspiration that is shared with us each day!! Until next time............


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spikey the L'il merbaby

Spikey is one small merbaby but he thinks he is 10 foot tall and shark proof...hehe!! We have all heard the saying in our human world of "he came out running" but in Spikey's case..."he came out swimming". He loves adventures but with being such a small guy and still a baby he runs out of energy extremely fast. That could be because he seems to have only one speed at which he goes and that is "WIDE OPEN". I have a feeling if I hadn't been able to capture him...trying VERY hard to stay awake I might add...sitting in his shell that we wouldn't have ever gotten a glimpse of him.

Oops...I think he saw me but still those beautiful green eyes of his are still trying so hard not to close. LOL!! 

His base is one that I mentioned in my last post that I had designed some time back. The two fan shells are ones that we found on one of our beach walkabouts. The small sand dollar really was a treasure from the sea...we don't find them that small and in perfect shape very often. The other little shells are real but found at one of our local souvenir shops. Hey....I love shells and ocean doesn't always give up her bounty...^_^

Spikey is one of my fully sculpted ooaks with a strong wire armature underneath. He is hand painted using acrylics mixed with fine MICA powders. His hair is doll hair. (Love the dark hair with the green eyes) His tail is curled wire. He is a tiny 2 1/2 inches as well as his base being a tad bit over 2 1/2 inches.

Here are a few WIP photos of the piece. If you ever have any questions about how or even why I do things..just ask away...I love to share!!

My muse must have mermaid on the brain these days because she is whispering for me to do another one. I must admit that I do believe that in a previous life I must have been a creature of the sea...and that's alright by me. Until next time.............


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WIP Resting mermaid

What are YOU working on today? I's so nice outside and my mermaid soul is so wanting to go take a dip in the ocean or lay out on the sand and soak up some sun. My muse whispered in my ear though,  that I would so much more enjoy sculpting a mermaid instead..ri iight!!!  HA!! I've learned that I can't mess with the sculpting has begun.
I'm using a base that I designed some time ago. It has been sitting here on my work area for some time so I guess the muse decided it was time to do something with it. ^_^   I have the wire armature completed and wrapped...waiting on the coat of glue to dry.

I'm trying a new way to do my eyes....fingers crossed it works. It's a technique that a friend uses at times so I thought I would give it a try. Thank you Johanna!!! I used my watercolors and drew up some eyes on paper and then printed them off. This way I can do a set and just change the size to what I need. Also, I found some great eyes on contact sites too....thinking they might work as a good base. (I'm having some issues with my eyes so this might be the way I start doing my eyes....we will just have to SEE. HAHA...I made a funny...get it!!) These are just WIP eyes so don't panic...they will look better once completed.
Now then....I think since my armature is having to set up to dry AND the sun is shining so brightly AND there is a light breeze blowing, I'm going to sneak outside to soak up some sun. DON'T tell the muse, please!!!

Until next time.............Hugs,

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a MONDAY!!

Life here lately has been one heck of a roller coaster ride....I must say. Not that I'm complaining because along the way there have been some doors opened that I have gladly stepped through. One of which is my new weekend job. Cleaning condos at the about being in my element!! I bet you thought I was talking about being at the beach....didn't you? Go ahead and admit did...HAHA!! I actually meant the cleaning part believe it or not. I LOVE to clean...and to clean and get PAID for it.....well...that makes it even much better. My little sidekick went with me this Saturday and WOW...he was a huge help. I told him when he helps me that he will get paid too. He liked that idea....liked that idea very much. One of his jobs was to sweep up the sand on the balconies (into the dust pan...not off the balcony...hehe). He even moved any furniture to sweep up under it and put it back in place. Tell me I'm not raising this Southern boy right!!! There was such a great breeze blowing that I let him keep the doors open while he was outside working (didn't tell him...but it was a way to keep my ear out too...I mean...he is a boy...and we all know boys do tend to get a bit curious) All of a sudden he started yelling and I do mean YELLING "Pirates....Pirates, Mom....I see a pirate ship". I ran outside and sure enough....right there.....outside....was an honest to goodness pirate ship. I kid you not. Here...see for yourself.
Awesome...ri iight?? I had no idea that we even had pirate ships sailing the ocean blue here. This 65 ft beauty is called the American Star and it host.......yes...say it....Pirate adventures!!  I want to check into it for the Chazman as they let the kiddos dress up in pirate outfits....learn some pirate lingo (Argg..true pirate lingo maties..not the salty sailor talk..LOL) have a battle and hunt for lost treasure. You will never guess where you ask permission to step aboard is....are you's called Skull Harbor. Kid you not and just to think that if I wasn't cleaning...we would never have discovered this awesome way to have a new adventure.

Not only am I getting to work on the weekends this summer but I'm working in a place that gives me so much inspiration for my art. Taking a break and getting to stare out the windows at the ocean, the people, the pirate ships..hehe and the seagulls. So much that just let's my imagination soar. I LOVE IT!! 

The weekend was a great one but now it's it's time to put some of my inspiration to work and get busy sculpting. Hope YOU have an awesome day and thank you for stopping by to visit matie!!!!!

Until next time.........Hugs,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jada and Pearl

Deep on the ocean floor, sits a tiny, young merchild named Jada. Her bright shining green eyes and beautiful green/purple tail is why her momma named her that. Jada means precious green.  Her golden ringlets will one day relax and give her that flowing hair that most mermaids are known for. Today,  Jada is happily bouncing in her shell. Not many know that the shells the merbabies are born in will remain with them for life. With each stage of their lives it will become exactly what they need at the time. First their crib...then a bouncing chair....then a place to hide precious treasures they discover. Finally, it will become their own young ones crib. Jada is discovering that she has a unique talent....she can control the fishies. least this one little fish that has been swimming around since her birth. Her momma told her that this was her very own companion and that she would stay with her throughout her lifetime. Jada hadn't picked out a name for her little companion until today. She whispered that she would love to have some pearls of her her momma had. little fishie swam to return with a string of beautiful pearls in her mouth...just for Jada. Jada was caught a bit off guard that fishie did as she asked and then she started to giggle. Little fishy just gave herself a name....Pearl!!!

Aren't Jada and Pearl just as cute as can be. Love the chubby little cheeks of young ones. Just makes you want to pinch them..hehe!!  If you read my previous post then you know that Jada has a very strong wire armature wrapped in tape and sealed in glue. She is one of my fully sculpted ooaks. From base to tip of her ringlets she sits at 4 1/4 inches. I did individual scales for her tail and then applies fine MICA powders before baking. I just love the sheen it gives fish scales!! Pearl also has a strong wire armature underneath her fully sculpted clay body. She also has a coating of fine MICA powders as well. The string of pearls are vintage...they were taken from an old wedding veil. I love re purposing items. Her shell is a natural sea shell that has been attached to a spiral wire base. Jada is permanently attached to her shell. She is a collector's item and not a toy so handle her with care. You never know what she might tell Pearl to do if you don't. ^_^

Thank you for coming to visit the old Southern ooaks tree today. I hope you will come back again soon. Until next time........HUGS,