Saturday, August 15, 2015

No more Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde :(

Let's all take a moment and just shhhhh!!! (tapping fingers on desk for moment to pass..hehe) It seems that Piwacket (my pesky at times lil kitty) decided that poor Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde did not need to be completed.

Do NOT let the shining angel light fool ya peoples!!

I came into my art studio.....well, that's what I call it but it's really my back room that serves as laundry room, art studio, computer room, reading room....yesterday morning and found the gruesome discovery. OMGOSH....gruesome it was too. Poor him/thems (affectionately named by my friend Johanna) was laying on the floor with *GULP* their head laying over to the side and bite marks and pieces chewed completely off. Horrible I tell ya peoples...simply horrible. Needless to say, him/thems was put to rest. Dang kitty!!!!

Now if you come and sit under the old Southern ooak tree then you know that I'm a member of a really FUN group called EVeRy WiTcH WaY LaNe. Psst...they also have a blog so go and visit AFTER you finish reading my post of course. Each month we have a challenge and August's challenge is to pick our favorite Halloween catch phrase, saying,quote or poem. Patrick even said that we could write our own poem if we so chose to and well....that's what I did!!!

Hocus Pocus Nooooo Pocus Hocus
Ohhh me Ohhhh my
What spell did I cast?
I turned my poor cat 
into a frog at last.

I love my cat and NOT
this dang frog.
This thing ribbets and
belongs in a bog.

My cat, my cat, my beloved pet
This major mishap has my
stomach upset.

I need that spell book
I need it right NOW
Oh wait, how did I forget
The spell book is under 
my foot, my pet.

I've got it now
The spell that I need
Hocus Pocus and abracadabra
Turn that frog back into my cat
Ohhh me Ohhh my
NOW it's a bat.

Not only did I write my own poem but I also did a tiny witch sculpt to go along with it. Meet Tabitha and her cat ummm I mean bat. Muahahahahaha!!!

Tabitha sits right at 6 inches from the base of her spell books to the tip of her wings. She was completely hand sculpted from clay. Her face detailed using acrylic paints. Her hair is pulled wool yarn. Her bodice is clay, her skirt is tulle and her sleeves are black lace. Her hat is made from felt with a tulle bow. Her wings are some of my embroidered ones made from a black silk scarf, wire and has beads on the tips and bottom of wings. Her books were made from clay and then painted. Her wand is made from a tiny piece of wood. Her poor cat ummm bat was sculpted from clay and then dry brushed with black. Cat/bat's eyes are black beads. 

I had so much fun with this challenge and am hoping that I can participate in many more in the future.....without any mishaps. Bahahahahaha!!!  Please follow along with this fun group as at the end of each challenge the pieces are put on the blog for sale. Yeppers, YOU could own a unique piece of Halloween art peoples. There are some amazing artist in the group and a range of mediums are used. 

Until next time..............Hugs,

P.S. For those that know, keep me in your prayers as this Tuesday is my appointment with the surgeon. I must admit that I'm a wee bit nervous. Okay....okay...I'm a BIG bit nervous. ^_^


  1. Hmmmm, I think Tabitha put a spell on my post. I have NO clue why it did some in white background. Hmmmm!!!!!!!

  2. My prayers are always with ya'! Great post! Still sorry about Mr. Hims/Thems!