Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Jewelry Designs with the Gypsy and Faery in mind!!!!!

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I am a true Gypsy at heart....always have been and always will be. It tends to come out and take over at times and this was one of those times. Of course, the faery dreamer in me tends to dance right beside the gypsy so here is what that dance brought to you.

I found the most wonderful medallions at an estate sale several years ago and have been hanging onto them. My muse must have remembered where they were and started whispering to me....Can't you just see the gypsy dancing around the campfire wearing these? The bracelet is made from a dark almost black hemp rope with crimson and black beads intertwined in the rope design. The medallion has a antiqued look to it. The earrings have tiny coin medallions along with the same crimson beads and black glass beads.

These beautiful crimson beads were found at the same estate sale. The woman over seeing the sale gave me a box with these all jumbled up inside. She said that it had belonged to her grandmother and she knew that she had not worn them a very long time ago. They had some how gotten broken and placed in the box and long forgotten. I tenderly took the necklace apart and remade it into this lovely bracelet and earring set. Again, I know you can see the gypsy dancing around. The bracelet looks so elegant with the beading dangling on your wrist.
I love shells....reminds me of walking in the sand...listening to the ocean sing her calming song. Possibly just catching a glimpse of a mermaid's tail as she splashes back into the water. I used natural jute in making this design and placed the shells as I twisted and twirled the rope. The earrings dangle to just below your jawline.

Of course the faeries had to have their own pieces of jewelry in this dance. This is one of my special faery pieces. The crystal medallion hanging on the rope is actually a viewfinder to seeing faeries. Garden faeries. You hold it up and look through it and you will magically see the way a garden faery sees the world. All the beautiful colors and shapes....all the other faeries dancing around in it's prism lights. Attached to the hemp roping is a faery counter. Each time you see a faery you gently pull a glass bead down the thread. This piece can either be a key chain or a bookmark. That's what the  twisted/curled wire is for. It allows the crystal/counter to hang on the outside of your book. Just in case one of the faeries sits upon your book and listens to you read. They love to hear stories!!!

Another one of my faery pieces. This is a pin and earring set. The pin holds a moonstone bead between two sterling silver coverlets. There are tiny glass beads wrapped around the purple silk ribbon on the pin. A tiny sea shell is attached to the pin by a sterling silver dragonfly. Is it really a shell? Could it be a unicorn horn? Just believe it so and it will be which ever one your heart desires.

Thank you for stopping by to see some of my new work. I hope you will stop by often as my muse has really begun to whisper. Until next time.....



  1. Your pieces are beautiful! I can hear the gypsies and the fairies singing and dancing together!

  2. These are so beautiful, I think my favorite is the moonstone pin and earring set- just luscious!

  3. Thank you Stephanie...for the compliment and for visiting. Come back often!!!!

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