Saturday, February 13, 2010

the Princess and the Unicorn...

Have you ever wondered why not many folks have seen a Unicorn? I say "not many" because if you truly believe then you just might catch a glimpse of one deep in the Enchanted Forest.

Every Unicorn born must have a guardian. This guardian must be of royal blood and of pure heart. A faery Princess. She raises him from the tiniest of creatures, no bigger than one of our sewing thimbles. The Unicorn is taught all the ways of it's magical and mystical world and how it is the protector of this realm. Once this wonderful and magical creature is full grown it becomes a magnificent strong, animal with the most tender of hearts. The circle goes full round with the faery becoming tiny like the thimble but always by his side. She is the tiny glimmer you see on the horn.

The baby Unicorn is one of my fully sculpted ooaks. His horn is a natural seashell from the Alabama coast. His mane and tail are made from doll hair. His dark eyes are glass seed beads. He has been hand rubbed with an acrylic paint whitewash and then detailed using Fine Mica gold powders.(My muse is whispering that a sculpt of this tiny creature fully grown is coming in the near future.)

The Princess Faery is one of my soft yarn bodies. Her face, hands and feet are sculpted out of clay. Her eyes are tiny bone beads painted using acrylic paints. Her body is wrapped in a white feathery yarn. Her dress is hand sewn from a dark green velveteen fabric. Her flowing pink hair is made from a feathery yarn with a garland of tiny glass beads and one of my sterling silver dragonfly charms. Her crown is made from sterling silver wire and tiny glass beads. Her wings are made from silver fillament pieces gently wired together with dangles of real pearls and sterling charms. She and her baby unicorn sit on natural moss and are attached to a dark wooden base.

As always, thank you for stopping by and sitting a spell with me. I hope you will come back for many more visits as I am always adding new characters to my whimsical world here at Southern Ooaks. If you would be interested in adopting this piece please contact me by email. Until next time......



  1. She's as beautiful as she is magical, Regi! We're on the same wavelength - after I finish these angels, I'm moving on to fairies.

  2. Regi,

    They are both wonderful! Fantastic work!

    I would definately be interested in seeing the full grown version, I am a unicorn freak =)


  3. Gorgeous work! They look absolutely great together, & I enjoyed reading the story.

  4. Both are Awesome...You work is truly magical..and the story you gave us is great..Thank you so much...

    Have a Happy Valentines Day...

  5. Just beautiful and love the stories!