Thursday, July 8, 2010

Helping Hands Needed....

It's amazing how I can just sit and stare out my windows.....time just floats on by at an amazingly faster pace than I realize. So much nature to laugh watch with amazement and to want to just jump on and catch. Well....not me...I don't feel that way but Ms. Peaches sure does. LOL  She has found the perfect place to sit and watch out the windows herself and I'm sure her feelings aren't quite the same as the ones I have about all the amazing creatures playing........just out of reach. Thank goodness!!!!

Ms. Peaches and I love to just sit and watch all our wonderful outdoor friends. The squirrels are just as curious....the will come on the porch and sit and stare at US. One even comes up the steps to the back door. I do believe it would come in if I opened the door. We have tons of the big, beautiful Southern Oak trees in the yard which means we have tons of the acorns that fall...the reason our yard is the perfect place. The birds and squirrels share the bird bath but not at the same time of squirrel in it's right mind would ever be caught socializing with a bird!!! We have just about every kind of bird that calls Alabama home here too. This week we have been getting a daily visit from a small Herring. He is getting braver with each visit as he too loves to come and sit under the awning on the porch....that is until one of the squirrels wants to come and visit.

I wish I could have gotten the little squirrel in the photo too....I would have sworn she was shaking her fist at the Herring.

Life is good here but it's hard at the same time. That's the meaning of my title. I have a favor to ask of my friends that I have made here....the ones that have been such amazing supports without even knowing it. Not asking for handouts but I am asking if you would please send friends to my Etsy shoppe. We are having a very difficult time here. I so need to sell some things so that I can contribute......just be able to stock my kitchen would be great. (This hard time is a great way to diet...that's for sure..LOL) To say thank you to those that can...will and do send buying customers to my shop, I will be sending you a thank you keep in touch.

Until next time............HUGS!!!!



  1. GREAT SITE!! I can't wait to explore more!! I am your newest FRIDAY follower!

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  2. I do believe that is the first time I've seen a cat riding a horse! LOL

    I know how difficult things are these days for so many of us. I do hope you get lots of sales, off to take a look see!
    hugs lynn