Monday, March 7, 2011

Arggg.I'm getting OLD!!!

I know that I haven't been posting as much as I usually do and the only excuse I have for am feeling the old age bug. Yep...that old age bug has bitten down and hard. Arggggg....I hate it...ok wait a sec, we aren't suppose to hate so let me rephrase...I really, really, REALLY dislike it. This nasty little fellow has been laying dormant for awhile and I'm hoping after his short (very short) stay this time that he will be gone for another 10+ years or so. So I'm sure your asking what kind of nasty lil critter this bug is....ri iight?

I have had issues with one of my eyes for far back I can't remember not having them BUT (and I stress BUT) I haven't had such a flair up in years. I don't like keeps me from designing and I really DO NOT like that at all. I guess I could still try but OMGOSH talk about coming out with some whimsies for sure.....hummmm maybe I should try it. ^_^

I have been attempting to work on some of my flower/ribbon corsages and although this one I have been doing over the past week...I finally completed it. YEAH ME!!!! See there ya nasty bug..I can still SEE to!!!! With this one I used my mermaid clay face bead. I have been collecting some vintage ribbon in blues and purples and they were just screaming to be they were. A friend a few years ago sent me a few beautiful sea glass beads that she had tumbled so one of those was used as well. What better way to use a sea glass bead than with a mermaid. Also used were some of the vintage pearls from the 80 year old wedding veil, along with some glass, silver and crystal beads. Some natural sea shells too.
I added some tiny barely 1 inch dangly earrings too. Tiny silver, vintage pearl, glass beads and crystals were used. Just the perfect little accent to go along with the pin. I think she turned out swimmingly...get it....swimmingly...mermaid...HAHAHAHAHA.  She can be found in my Etsy shoppe.

I have a few other pins I am working on. Those that saw last Wednesday's post will know which clay face beads I am using.  I also am working on a design for a gallery event down here too. I will post some WIP photos as I go with it.....perhaps they will help someone else in their clay endeavors. This little nasty critter may slow me down BUT he won't stop me.

Until next time..........HUGS, Regi


  1. you can pack that in for a start... no talk of age and getting older .. it is banned... okay now Regina beautiful pin and earings very cool

    Hugs wendy

  2. Hi Regi! You are one of the youngest peeps I know! Your battery just needs a little recharge. :) Love the new piece, and I am sure that by tomorrow you will be revving around giving everyone what-fer! :) xox Pam

  3. Now listen here, girl, as long as we can still get excited about certain television shows, we are not old!!!
    Gosh, the mermaid pin is beautiful! You incorporated so many gorgeous elements. I love it.

  4. Hey Regi, she is beautiful. I am not sure what is going on. lupus has hit me so hard this month that I am down more than up. I have heard from others that they are flaring worse than ever too. I don't think it is old age. LOL
    Sending healing energy your way.

  5. I have read every one elses comments and agree with them all about the age thing and your pin is alittle joy

  6. aging......I'm facing it too so that may comfort you, your pin is beautiful!

  7. Beautiful work- I LOVE the colors in this, so deicate and fresh and her expression turned out perfectly! I'm sorry you're not feeling well- hopefully by the time I get up to your next post, I'll find that you're better.
    In the meantime BIG ((((HUGS)))))

  8. Now that bug better go away, I have it too. Let me just say for the past year my eye on the left has gone for good. I'm not old either. I refuse to believe that! We can continue to create no matter what! Keep up your beauty creating and bite that lip girlie!

  9. She's gorgeous! Oh, I pray your eye thingy gets better soon. Although I started wearing 'old lady' glasses when I was 39! Now I have a pair in every room, my purse, the car - you name it!

    As long as you and I can work, though, right?