Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I hugged the mailman....AGAIN!!!

I think my lil neighbor across the street is starting to think that the mailman and I have something going on!! @_@ Although....before she would come outside and always look down but NOW she always tries to get my attention with a big smile and a friendly wave. Makes ya wonder, huh? Thank goodness we don't get our milk home delivered. Ya know the old saying when things happen. "It was the milkman"  LOL  OK.....maybe that's just an old Southern thang..hehe

I was so excited to receive two more of my OWOH thank you gifts. Ohhhh dear...just two more to go and then no more mailman hugs. ^_^  I always wait until the Chazman gets home to open them....he gets almost as excited as I do. Keyword there being....ALMOST!!! The first one he opened was of course the one in a box. (Kids mind....box means MORE goodies) OMGOSH....what a wonderful surprise when he opened it up. It was from Pat over at The Wigglebutt Blog. She is an amazing clay artist....really......she is AWESOME!!! The Chazman and I have been following along with her for some time now.....we adore her dragons. I love all of her work but those darn cute little dragons will just steal your heart away. Now that I have made ya want to go and visit with Pat, let me show you what was in our box.
Look at all the "goodies". I have been collecting items to do some Geisha ooaks with and Pat has added to that collection with the big medallions on either side of the card with one of her darn cute little dragons. Can ya guess who snuck off with that!!! The card not the medallions..hehe!! She sent us some of her clay big leaves and some smaller ones. Two beautiful clay hearts...one with a world on one side and the words "One World One Heart 2011" on the other. Yep...the same person snuck that heart too and of course ALL of the candy Pat had put in the box. (Thank you for thinking of the Chazman Pat...it always warms my heart when someone sends him something too)

The next one he opened was one I have been patiently waiting on. Well ok I have been patiently waiting on ALL of my OWOH gifts...who wouldn't...huh huh!!! This was the gift I received from Betty Lee over at Artists & Crafters Supply Community. 
  Two body butter bars (try saying body butter bars 10 times really fast...gonna giggle) of my very own...which means I will have to hide them when I'm not using them. They smell just like Baby powder. I LOVE that smell....so clean and fresh. I can even put them in the sweet lil bag that came with them to hide store them when I'm not using them. There was also a wonderful lip butter.  I already know that the Chazman will be taking it from me though. Poor baby is just like his momma (that's ME) he has dry skin and very dry lips. This one is all natural and unscented which he told me real fast like, that it was telling me that it was his because that was the perfect MAN lip balm. OMGOSH...get out!!!!! ROFL Thank you Betty Lee for OUR gift.....we will both enjoy it!! Now if I can just find a good hiding spot.

Until next time................HUGS, Regi


  1. Oh, what wonderful goodies! How fun that the two of you open them together!

  2. Great gifts yet again, you lucky girl!
    I think we need to know a little bit more about this mail man.......... I don't suppose you could take a quick pic of him when he next delivers, eh? ;-)

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YOU got the dragon! curses!

    Love the sound of baby powder soap - ingenious!

  4. My you have been lucky this year! I think your little neighbor wants in on the gift-getting action...or maybe she just needs a hug, LOL!

    I've been following Pat's blog for some time now & I seriously heart her dragons!

    Enjoy the body butters/lip balm, too!

  5. Wow! You really got lucky this year! Look at all those wonderful goodies! Hope you're having a great day! We have sunshine...glorious sunshine! Love it!

  6. Such fun goodies! A few years back I went crazy with QVC (after winning a lawsuit;) The UPS man told Hubs he better take away my credit card!

    To me, it's the ONLY way to shop!

    And, no, the 'milkman' isn't just a southern thing {ggg}