Friday, June 17, 2011

My...How time flies!!!

To all my friends that come to visit me here often.....I want to humbly apologize for being away from the old Southern ooaks tree for so long. times does fly on by. I hadn't realized that it has been almost a month since my last posting. I don't really have an excuse for it but perhaps a few reasons that I think most will understand. School is out...which means my Chazman is home with me everyday and I'm LOVING it. Summertime is here which means spending more time outside and I haven't found a way to drag this big old dinosaur along with us. My last reason being one I hate to admit but I know that I am among friends here so it's alright to tell...I have been having a few issues with my eye sight. No biggie and it seems to come and go and I'm getting a handle on it but...well...I have decided that it just plain old STINKS to get old....LOL!!!!

I had been working on a Man in the moon and mermaid sculpt which I did complete the Man in the moon and have him listed in my Etsy shoppe. Ok...ok..... I knew someone was going to ask the question.."Where is the mermaid?"  I feel like a complete ding-a-ling and only because I love everyone here and I know that surely I'm not the only artist that has done this or in my case didn't seems that I forgot to place the wire to attach the mermaid to the moon. Talk about a V8 slap to the noggin!!! So I decided that instead of the clay and fabric mermaid I was going to do with the moon that I would do a needle felt and fabric mermaid sitting in a shell. For those of ya'll that really know me and before you ask....YES...I have the box of band aides sitting close by. ^_^

So far only one stuck finger and it.....wasn'!!! I really love the paisley fabric for the tail and I'm thinking of doing some bead work on it as well. That piece of fabric had my muse singing mermaid before I even thought of it. So happy I have my muse....even if she can be quite annoying at times but shhhh..don't tell her...ppplease. 

So what have YOU been up to while I have been letting time fly on by. I have missed you all and will be coming to visit with you more too....I promise!!!!

Until next time.......HUGS, Regi


  1. I am loving that tail you have created! I can't wait to see this one finished!

  2. I am glad you have posted again, I kinda missed your funny posts. I think your mermaid is going to look great, your fingers might not, but hey, whats a drop or two of blood in the name of art?
    PS Finally, Supernatural is back on our screens, woohoo!!!

  3. nice to see hear frome you!!

  4. Oh I have MISSED you! So glad you're back, and I totally understand about it being harder to blog while the children are home.
    I LOVE the mermaid- that fabric is so perfect- can't wait to see the bead work!

  5. Your mermaid is nakey-nake, lol!!! At least you gave her pretty boobies! :D I know, I'm weird!

    I know how you feel about time just flying by - it's crazy!!!! Enjoy your summertime! On the beach is the best place to be!

  6. Your moon is fabulous and the mermaid look awesome also. You are quite talented and I love both always. Just a moon and mermaid person along with fairies and dragonflies.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comments.
    Smiles, cyndi