Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick or Treat...Smell my feet

I just love this time of year...Halloween is so much FUN!!! The Chazman's class is having a party on the 31st and he wanted me to "make" something for him to take. OF course, it couldn't just be cookies or cupcakes. I'm a good cook...I love to cook...cookies and cupcakes would be a good thing, ri iight?? He wanted me to come up with an idea that would be different and unique. One where his classmates would slap him on the back and say "WOW...Chazman...this is AWESOME". Hmmmm, after he made that statement he decided he might not want a slap but perhaps a shoulder tap or high five...that would work. He said some in his room could probably hit hard. OK I"m getting off on one of my tangents again...sorry!!! I sat down with my "idea book"...that's a big notebook that I keep ideas is. Well...I can't keep ALL my muse whisperings in my head. She already has it so full that my body has expanded to keep some of them stored. ANYWAYS....several years ago (about 20 to be exact) I had made some candy containers for a friend  to give as party favors at a Halloween party. They were a hit....well...who wouldn't like to take their "MUMMY" home. HAHAHAHA...I just couldn't resist...sorry...AGAIN!! The Chazman thinks they will be a hit this time too.
Isn't he a cutie? Soooo simply to make and I'm going to prove it to you. By request of a friend (one that doesn't want to be named...I think she plans on making them and wants her child to think she did it all on her own...LOL...I don't mind...I love to share) I'm going to do a tut for you. OMGOSH...a tut....on a mummy....get it????  Tut...Mummy.....King Tut!! OK so I'm quirky...ya knew that already...let's get started.

Here are the supplies you will need. Most you may have on your messy desk already. You will need.......
Card stock paper
Fine point marker
Watercolor pencils (small brush) or crayons
Crepe Paper (or creepy paper as the Chazman calls it)
Toilet Tissue holder
Assortment of Candy

Now.......... if you aren't one to save those empty toilet tissue holders (GASP...I can't believe that everyone doesn't) then no worries. You can make some using your card stock paper. A toilet tissue holder is a tad over 4 inches long...that makes a good mummy here's what you do..
If you do have ONE toilet tissue holder then place it on your cardstock paper and mark the length or if not then take a ruler and mark off 4 inches. 
Cut your paper and then roll around the empty holder or if no holder then just roll up until you think it looks like a toilet tissue holder. Imaginations people...imaginations!!! ^_^  You can tape the seams or glue them. Me personally...I would tape them...much faster!!!
Since this is a "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet" mummy then we need some stinky feet. I like to do one original pattern on cardboard (that way I can keep it for future use) and just trace the outline and fill it in where I need to. This is if you are doing several of something...which I am in this case.....24 to be exact. You are more than welcome to copy and save my pattern and use if you like. Remember..I like to share!! To make your original pattern, take your holder and place it on the paper and trace around the bottom. Then simply add some toes. I go over my pencil tracings with a fine point marker. Then I use my watercolor pencils to add some "age" around the toenails. For the eyes I just do a bubble (make sure you measure on the holder how big you need to make the bubble) and then draw my eyes inside it. I use my watercolor pencils to add some color to them. Crayons will work just as well for this...especially if little hands are helping you. 
After you have cut out the feet and bubble place the feet on the holder. I like to add a small piece of paper under the feet inside the holder to give it some support for when you add the candy. Don't let it come out on the side with the toes...they will be enough support for that side. I then take a piece of the crepe paper and glue it across the feet and up the sides of the holder. Turn over and glue on your bubble eyes. 
I know everyone has their way of doing things but I always like to give the right way  suggestions and tips that I have come across. Do not open the crepe paper...I mean...yes you have to open it but do not take the wrapper off of it. It is easier to use if you cut the center and pull the paper out like a tissue box. I pull about 3 arm lengths out when making one mummy...seems like a lot but wrapping a body takes some paper. Even the small bodies..^_^ Also, if you don't just happen to have any laying around, I found mine at Wal-Mart in the party section for .97 
Now back to mummy. Take the end of your long piece of crepe and fold into a triangle and put glue on it. Place just inside the holder off to the side. 
Now place the candy inside the holder. I put about 4 different kinds's really all up to you but you don't want it to heavy. Once the candy is inside then you take the crepe paper and wrap it twice around the openings...start the wrapping at the bottom and going up the other side to the top and back over. You can pick up the mummy while doing this but sit it back down once you have it started so that you can tighten the paper some around it. Be gentle!!
Once you have wrapped the openings then you can start to wrap the body. I wrap one time all around the holder with the crepe paper flat. You will have to twist the paper near the eyes. We don't want to cover up his do we? Once you have wrapped the body completely then you will take the crepe paper and fold it in half and start to wrap it again. The folding makes it look more like mummy wrappings. Keep wrapping until you get to a small tail that will hang over the top of the mummy.
Take some glue and apply to the top and then press the tail over and let it hang down the side. I like to cut it and make it look like old strips of wrapping.
Mummy should look like this...or close to it. Now he would be great to give like this but the Chazman wanted a tag with the saying "Trick or Treat...Smell my Feet" on him. So I sat down and drew out a tag...a simple one and you are more than welcome (AGAIN) to copy and use mine. I ran mine through my printer so it is two sided. One side with the saying and one side with the cute scrapbook Halloween paper print. (the one behind the finished mummy pic) I also aged the is going on a mummy!! I just tied it around the mummy and it's that simple.
Don't ya think it's an easy project? Ok ok...maybe if you copy and paste and take all my babblings out then it would be but I just have to babble. I LIKE it...hehe!! Now...if you will excuse me I have 19 more mummies to make. Have FUN!!!

Until next time.....Happy Halloween Hugs, Regi

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  1. TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!! Seriously! How cute are these?! They will be a great hit!

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  3. What a cute idea! I'll have to try it sometime. I love halloween because everything is so cute and festive!

  4. OMG - 24 of these cuties? You do win Best Mom award! Good thing I was just a stepmom, heehee. I'll have to remember to keep Grandson off of your site so he doesn't get any ideas :D

  5. Tehehehe, girl, you are completely bonkers of course, but the tutorial is great! I love the mummy. Might just have to make one for myself.

  6. SO CUTE the MUMMY and the TUT-E! Love the share!

  7. That is too cool. I think I will bookmark this idea for next year. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm your newest follower!