Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still Here!!!!

 I do apologize for my absence as of late. It seems that "LIFE" is just getting in the way a bit as well as my muse has decided to go on a hiatus of some sort. Those that know me, know that I normally work on one thing at a time but here of late I have my fingers in several different ones at once. That could end up being very dangerous or at least some what interesting...ri iight? I guess as artist we all go through these times.....times where we doubt ourselves...times where it seems we have no support...times where our muse has just simply up and gone "POOF". I need my muse whispering in my ear...really I do.
I can prove that I have been working on a few things, as you can see from my messy work station. No comments about the mess either. I know some that keep theirs even messier....not pointing any fingers..hehe
I am working on several tiny mermaid sculpts plus some new gypsy jewelry designs.
I have finally gotten a nice collection of leather and fabric belts so that I can start working on some of my wrist cuff designs. A few of the fabric ones will have bead work on them....some of the leather will have some of my clay beads and or medallions on them as well as both probably having some micro macrame'.

Of course it's getting close to Christmas time too so that means several new Santa ooaks in the works. I'm really excited because I'm finally going to do two that I have been waiting to do. I needed the perfect props to go with them and I finally found them this past weekend. Not going to say what they will be but here are the props.....
Well perhaps my muse did leave me enough inspiration after all...that is before she took off to where ever it is that she goes from time to time. I want to thank all my friends that have not forgotten me and continue to come to visit here under the old Southern Oak tree. I love your visits and your comments. I promise to be here to greet you....always!!!

Until next time...........HUGS,
Regi of my friends, Laurie over at Kottage Kreations, after reading my post here invited me to join in a Wednesday blog hop called "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Stamping Ground. I had never heard of it before this but am so happy that I know about it now. Why don't you go and check it out? I have to's fun seeing what other's are working on and "ahem" seeing that my desk is not the only messy one. Just click on Stamping Ground above and perhaps you will join in the fun too.


  1. REGI!!!! About time you showed your face on here, lol. I am so glad you posted again. I love the look of the two props, I can't wait to see what you are going to make with them. Hurry up, girl! Big hugs xxx

  2. Glad to see you back! We all have those times and thoughts, but thankfully they eventually pass. Those are intriguing props & I can't wait to see what you sculpt to go with them!

  3. Welcome back!! I think it's just par for the course to have those times where we just putter and stare off into space. Filling up the creative bucket. :) Which looks like what you have done! Can't wait to see who/what goes with the props. :) xo

  4. Hiyas Sweetie! Stuff happens, and no one knows that better than I do! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you're back and have your talented fingers in lots 'o pies, lol! I know the Santa OOAKS will be amazing!!

  5. Haa! I am right there with you girlie =) I have been off in space way too often. Life gets in the way and seems to be taking over way to much than I care to see. It gets worse by the day, but I really haven't been in the mood to create lately. I guess I need some sprinkles on the brain from your muse fairy. Can't wait to see whats in store for us Regi!

    Oh, you really don't want to see my messy studio AT ALL. I wouldn't even have the nerve to put it out for all to see. I really mean that 100%!!


  6. p.s. Here is a challenge you might relate to:

  7. The muse is resting up for the whirlwind of creativity coming up! Enjoy the quiet for now! Your stash is pretty exciting I must say! Thank you for your kind words on my comments section of my blog! *smiles* Norma

  8. Well I see you rose to the challenge. I guess in your line of craft, you have to work tidy - but really, it IS tidy..have you visited my desk. Ulp!!

  9. Wow you are tidy. I am looking forward to seeing what you make. Those props look interesting too.
    Have a great day

  10. Thanks for popping by to visit. It's good to hear from a kindred spirit. I have an inkling what your props might be, but no telling!!

  11. loved seeing your workspace and what finding out what you will be working on, love those props!
    have a great weekend, Debxx

  12. Regina, It doesn't look like your muse is gone at all. Do I see some fabulous clay creations coming in the near future with your props?

    I'll be waiting with anticipation!
    hugs Lynn

  13. Welcome back! You can see that I haven't been around much lately, since I"m only now commenting on your post. I've been blog hopping only a couple times a week so if it's not at the top of the list, I miss it! I have been trying to look more actively for my faves which is how I found this post today....
    BTW, if you see your muse, would you ask her to call mine, 'cause mine seems to be gone as well!

  14. Always love to see your creations around the holidays! Can't wait to see what you're working on!!

  15. Thanks for coming over to take a peek at my new craft room!! And welcome to WOYWW! I just started it a few weeks ago, and I'm having so much fun peeking at other people's worlds!

    BTW, I'm a hippie too! Woot woot! My artistry is more music based, but I'm learning the whole scrapbooking/cardmaking thing and having fun with it! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Limp Bizkit version of Behind Blue Eyes you posted on here. I've never heard them do it before...awesomesauce!