Thursday, March 22, 2012

MIA no more!!!!

I bet some of you thought perhaps I had been abducted by aliens....or perhaps my muse stuffed me in the closet and wouldn't let me out....or perhaps that I had won the lottery and moved to a tropical island.....or that "GASP" the dust bunnies under the bed grabbed me and pulled me into a dark hole. Nothing so sinister or exciting happened to me....we just moved!!!  ^_^

Here is my new work area and I LOVE it!! Look at all the windows and they go all around the room on the other side too. Natural light and so much inspiration!! I have two big closets that are housing my supplies and that's so nice. It leaves me more space out in the room plus it hides if it gets into a bit of a mess. You know how we can be sometimes. Don't deny it...I have seen some of YOUR work areas....LOL!!! My sewing machine is the little table sitting over to the right hand side of the photo...with the baskets sitting next to it. I normally have to put it in another room so it's going to be "AWESOME" to just push my chair over to it. It's sitting in front of one set of the closets with all my I can just pick out my material and start sewing. Which reminds me that I have a little monkey to be working on now that we are settled.

Such a stressful time we have been having with moving and the hubbikins trying to pass a 5mm kidney stone...OUCHIE!! I am glad to be getting back into a normal routine....if there is such a thing. Is there?

I have missed you all so much and am planning to come and visit with you and see just what I have been missing in your world.

Until next time...HUGS,


  1. Glad the move went well. You have a wonderful room to work in--such a blessing to have all that natural light and everything near to hand. Hope your DH is feeling better!

  2. Hi Regi! I love the light in your new room. And it is so TIDY! Swoon! Moving is exhausting, so rest up! :) xox

  3. Heyyyyy I am so glad you are back on line. I love love love your new space. Wish I could come play.
    Crossed Fingers

  4. Ohmygosh! You moved??? I had no idea! It looks like you have so much more room now, and your work area is simply lovely!!!! Lucky you!

    Please be sure to email me your new address, ASAP!! I have to update my records!

    Big hugs!