Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time is FLYING!!

OMGOSH...I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. Where in the heck is the time going to? Seems like I was just sitting here doing the mermaid tail post. I need it to slow down a bit...ppplease!!!! ^_^

I guess it's going by fast because it's summertime and thank the good LORD that it is. I love this time of year. The Chazman is home with me....we get to go to the beach more and our little town has so many things happening. But really...I want to enjoy all this and not feel as though I'm traveling through time at a rapid rate of speed. LOL

With it being summer that means that we have more tourist here and that's a good thang!!! It also however means that we are hopping on the weekends to get the cleaning done between one group checking out and another checking in. We have started taking our bath suits with us so that when we finish cleaning we can head on down to the beach. I mean..we are already right there at we should go..ri iight??

Since I posted my mermaid tail post last week I have gotten another order...YEA...WOOT WOOT!! I love making my ooaks and jewelry but I really love making them AND selling them. The order was for two mermaid tails and a seahorse charm. I think they turned out swimmingly...HA!! Get it...mermaid tails...swimmingly...ok you get it. ^_^

It's so hard sometimes to capture the true colors in things when taking a snap shot. The first tail is green with a bit of teal in it....while the second one is a darker green with a bit of blue.

Cute Li'l fella, huh? This is for a little guy and I hope he will love wearing it. My charms look good on ribbons, hemp rope, leather necklaces and chains. I don't supply those because it seems everyone wants something different. I have been thinking of doing some of my hemp rope chokers and doing smaller mermaid tails and seahorses for them. Also...some ribbon ones. Just have to get my pickle jar filled up..LOL!!

Now the person that placed this order has been my mentor when it comes to putting myself out there. She has guided me and helped me and PUSHED me when I needed that little nudge. She has given me a wonderful opportunity to do some work at home and get paid. Imagine...sitting in front of this little box and getting paid. LOVE IT!!! Ohhhh...what's my friends's Julee and she is one of my heart strings. Some of you might know her from Mommy's Memorandum  and if you don't know about this awesome chick and her blog, you really need to check her out. Fantastic reviews, giveaways and just plain old good stuff to know.

I'm working on several different projects and promise to give more details later....but...for now..I'm being pushed out of my chair by the CHAZMAN!! ROFL Seems my computer time is over and his is starting. Guess I have to share, huh? ^_^

Ohhh before I go (Chaz had to run to the bathroom before he started playing) here's one other project that I completed. One of my sealife medallions that I make with shells we find on our beach walkabouts. This one has a beautiful fan shell with a grouping of barnacles. The starfish is clay and the backing is clay. The glass piece is seaglass that a friend sent me.The earrings (seaglass) I made to match. Shhhhh...this is going to Julee as a thank you gift. She so deserves it!!!!!

Until next time........HUGS,



  2. Too cute for words! The little seahorse is adorable and the set you have made for your friend is just gorgeous, I love how you have incorporated the found seashell.

  3. Everything is soooooo pretty!!! I love, love, love those mermaid tails! So brilliant! YOU ROCK!

  4. Awe, you made me cry. You are so beautiful! My girls and Li'l Man are going to be so excited when this arrives! I will treasure the shell and know that it binds me to you....always! Thank you! xxoxo