Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's a Mermaid Tale ummm I mean Tail!!

I was so surprised yesterday when I received a phone call from Joseph at the Art gallery. He said that a woman had come in and specifically wanted one of my jewelry pieces. So happy that he couldn't see me because I was dancing all around, waving my arm (couldn't wave armS because I had to still hold the phone..hehe) Then he said "Nooo, she acutally wants three"...seems SHE was standing there listening to him and I began dancing all over again. I asked which piece were we talking about and Joseph said my mermaid tail charms. I told him that I was so excited and to tell the sweet, AWESOME customer thank you and that I would start on them right away. He giggled (Hmmmm...could he see me?) and said to make it six instead of three.

I worked all afternoon and into the night and then some this morning. Isn't my mermaid tail tree purty? Ohh yes it is...if I must say so myself. ^_^  BUT, I don't have to say it myself because YOU think so too...don't you?  I used my fine MICA powders after I sculpted each one and before baking. I love MICA anything that magical, mystical appearance. Of course, we all know that mermaids are real...ri iight?? Shhhhhh....never give their location if you are blessed enough to see one..we need to keep their secret.

I attached them to an ocean themed tag. It's printed on card stock paper, tied with a pretty aqua silk ribbon and if they remove the charm carefully then they will have a pretty bookmarker.

On the back of each tag is one of my business cards. I don't want the person that purchases one to forget who the artist do I?  Here are the other 5 tails...

Weather permitting, the Chazman and I are going to walk to the gallery this afternoon and hand deliver these little beauties AND since it's just across the street we are going to go to Stacey's Pharmacy. They have an original old tyme soda fountain and some of the best hand scooped milk shakes around. We might even make it a lunch date...they have wonderful chicken salad too. Yummmmm!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Regina these are so beautiful! Congratulations on the big sale! That is great news. It feels so good, doesn't it?!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See?? I told you things would pick up! Those are soooo pretty! And the tags are pretty snazzy too! Congrats!

  3. I'm so proud of you! Your hard work is paying off. Your a gifted, talented, wonderful person and I love you.. I'm so proud to say your my "older" sister :0)