Sunday, April 26, 2015

April showers huh??

Happy Sunday peoples!! Thank goodness that we can see some blue skies today as yesterday was a very stormy and WINDY kinda day. I totally understand the saying "April showers" now. I love showers now don't get me wrong. I'm one that loves to dance in the rain and even stomp in mud puddles from time to time. Nothing better than walking on the beach with a light drizzle either but when that wind starts to whipping and thinks it might be a mini hurricane force.....well...that's a totally different subject all together.

As I was sitting in my reading chair by the window (and yes yes I think I might have been actually dozing a wee tiny bit) all of a sudden this HUGE crash sounded right outside the window. It was already storming and the wind was blowing a good bit so I thought perhaps a branch had hit the window. I jumped up and pulled the curtain back and OMGOSH and Good Golly Miss Molly.....there laying in two pieces was our chimney. I think it actually took a moment or two for it to register in my wee brain just what I was looking at.

No one was hurt....thank the good LORD and it seems that no other damage was done to the house. The wind actually pushed the chimney away from the house and our big tree that was there caught it and carried it to the ground. It did hit our chain link fence but only dented it a little. I'm just so thankful that no other damage was done. I called our landlord and told her what happened and her first words "Are ya'll alright?" made me feel good that we came first. (some landlords aren't like that ya know) She and her brother came out and took a look and said that they would get someone out to get up on roof to make sure no other damage was done. Ppplease keep your fingers crossed that everything else is alright. It's not a working fireplace and hasn't been for years so I'm hoping there is no structural damage and they can just cap it off and be done with it. If it's worse then it appears and we have to move....well....I just don't know what we will do. Prayers and fingers peoples......please!!!

I'm so nervous and haven't been able to sleep and I'm afraid by tomorrow I'm gonna be a full fledged zombie. YIKES!! Just giving those that are around me fair warning. ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,

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